Hunter Biden and Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine?

After reading this article in the New York Post nothing can seem improbable any more.  So between bouts of smoking crack cocaine and indulging in demented sex with state funded prostitutes Hunter Biden managed to find the time to find funding for US bioweapons labs and hook them up with his friends at Burisma, the Ukrainian petroleum corporation.

This story which the Russians are trumpeting is corroborated in the e-mails found on the infamous Hunter Biden laptop.  You know, if nothing comes of these revelations then there truly is no hope for this country.  If our citizenry is so brain dead that they aren’t outraged to the point of revolt by these revelations then there’s no reason to think they ever will.

Our government is run by crooks.  And they’re not even smart crooks.  They’re caricatures of stupid gangsters.  But if we permit all of this then we’re an order of magnitude more stupid.  Words fail me.  Bring on the deluge.

How Well Does a Bio-Weapon Age?

COVID-19 has been banging around for a couple of years now.  When it first hit the street, it did a number on Europe and North America but less damage in Africa, Asia and South America.  In 2021 the “Delta Variant” began killing off significant numbers of Brazilians and Indians.  And after the vaccination of the entire world the virus is still taking its tithe.

I decided I wanted to take a look at what’s going on to have something to compare to what the Great Half-Wit Liar had to say last night.  First off, he said that the great unwashed who haven’t been vaccinated are the Great Satan.  Apparently, they are filling up the ICU beds that otherwise could be used for the victims of amateur silicone buttocks enhancement mishaps.  But he also wanted to clarify that vaccinations are highly effective.  And that he would make sure that the private sector would be unleashed to punish anyone who didn’t get vaccinated.  And he also said we’d all be wearing masks again.  And, once again, if we do all the things he asks we can go back to our normal lives.

Put all that together and you have a totally incoherent set of claims and requirements.  If vaccines are highly effective why are vaccinated people wearing masks?  And if they’re highly effective why did the Delta Variant cause a spike in cases and deaths?  And if they’re highly effective why are vaccinated people catching and transmitting COVID?

And finally, why should we believe that he’s going to let us go back to our normal lives after he told us that same exact thing six months ago?

So, that’s all part one.  Joe is trying to make this thing happen and the biggest threat is Florida.  If Florida manages to ignore him and return to normal life it will be the biggest thumb in the eye to his presidency since the Kabul Catastrophe.  So, I assume Joe will go after DeSantis hammer and tongs.  Ron, you have my full sympathy and prayers for success.

Part Two:

Assuming that COVID-19 was a bio-weapon that accidentally got out of the lab, what is its future?  Well, so far, it’s doing pretty well.  It kills about ten times as many people as the common flu.  It tends to kill the same people who usually die from the flu.  It just kills them more efficiently.  It is harvesting the very old and the chronically ill.  It overcomes those with less ability to manage the respiratory tract symptoms.  The fact that it kills the old and weak explains to me why it attacks first-world countries harder.  I’m guessing there aren’t as many ninety-year-old Nigerians or Ghanaians.  For that matter the third world probably doesn’t have as many chronically ill people.  They tend to die earlier there.

So, this bio-weapon isn’t an extinction event but it is killing millions of people.  And the first major variant is still lethal in the same way as the original strain.  And as has been noted about corona viruses, the mutant strains are not well protected against by a vaccine for the original strain.  What about the Mu Variant?  Maybe it’s just as virulent and just as hard to protect against as the Delta Variant.  In that case we’ll see another spike in the winter.  And unless the COVID mutations start losing their potency we’ll see this COVID season happening every year and carrying away ten times as many people as the flu virus.

What would that look like?  Well, it might resemble our world back before we had antibiotics.  Back then pneumonia was much more serious situation.  The mortality rate was probably from ten to a hundred times higher than it is today.

Or it might trigger the medical community to make the same effort they did during the AIDS epidemic and find a reliable treatment that allowed most of the old and sick people to survive the onslaught of COVID.  I would assume that is the preferrable route for us to take.  But with Dementia Joe calling the shots maybe it’s too much to ask for.

But the other thing to remember is that these viruses do tend to mutate away from high lethality.  If that occurs then COVID might end up being a flu-like disease and would go back to being a background part of the human epidemiological environment.

Let’s see what November brings.  If the deaths shoot back up to a couple of thousand deaths of Americans a day, then COVID may be a permanent part of our lives.  In which case I’d say don’t bank on living to ninety anymore.  You’d be bucking the odds.

Have You Seen Tucker’s Interview With the Chinese Virologist?

I just saw this today.  This woman, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, says she is a virologist and that she has proof that the Wuhan virus is not a naturally occurring virus but a man-made construct.  She further claims that the scientific community knows this but is complicit because of their sympathies with and ties to China.  And finally she claims that the virus was intentionally released.  It will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere or not.