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“I had to deal with the newer engineers that, in my opinion, didn’t have the skills needed to design quality work.”

Don’t get me started!

But, here’s a news flash: a just-out-of-school EIT or brand new engineer isn’t really expected to have any sense, just like a just-minted 2nd Lt. There are supposed to be competent superiors to mentor them through the know-everything-but-understand-nothing phase. Problem is that, increasingly, the mentors are non-existent.

I see so many plans where it is blatant that the designer hadn’t a clue for practicality, cost or effectiveness.

One of the my main gripes is that engineers used to be primarily involved with engineering. 90% of their time is currently used in government guidelines, government forms, government bureaucracy and government compliance.

I’m retired now but still have a few clients that I do things for on an hourly basis. One of the things is reviewing a US Gov grant for a public works storm drainage project to alleviate hurricane flooding. The multi-million dollar grant is coming from a covid money distribution to the State I live in. Other than being a legit public project, there is just so much wrong with that.

So Now a Federal Agency Says Lab Leak Most Likely Cause of COVID. Duh!!!

So it’s official.  But unless you’re seriously mentally deficient or part of the coverup who is still saying it was just a natural occurrence?  No one.

But those two categories still contain millions of Americans.  And other than those two categories who still doesn’t realize that we paid the Chinese to produce this very thing by “gain of function” manipulation of bat corona viruses?

Our government had COVID  built in a substandard biological containment facility.  It got loose and they lied about its origin for years.  And yet we elected Joe “Mask Up” Biden and let him lock us down for another full year.  It’s a sad state of affairs.

Why Did COVID Happen?

Lately there have been all kinds of stories coming out about how COVID happened and even discussions about how to prevent another lab leak.  What hasn’t been explained is why it happened.  Maybe you’d say it’s because the United States was paying a Chinese virology lab to experiment with gain of function on bat corona viruses.  But I’d say why were they doing it?

I think the answer is that this is the American germ warfare program.  After the United States signed on the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) in 1975 we were supposedly out of the germ warfare business.  But the CIA doesn’t take no for an answer.  So instead of being in the business of making bio-weapons, instead we’re in the business of protecting against bioweapons!  And how do you do that?  Why by making bioweapons!

And just to make sure that the whole world can get in on the fun we farm out the tinkering with viruses and bacteria to fun new places like Wuhan, China and Kharkiv, Ukraine.  Places that are far from the prying eyes of regulators or responsible government oversight.

The way I figure it, the US government is in the germ warfare business and intends to stay at the forefront of it no matter what we think or even what happens.  If they were able to get past responsibility for the COVID outbreak then nothing short of a full-blown world-wide small pox epidemic is going to make a difference.  And even that will be blamed on Russia or an “act of God.”

When more details of the “warp speed” roll out of the mRNA “vaccines” become known I wonder if we’ll find that they were just another part of the biolabs program that we run.  If so, we’re not getting our money’s worth.  The auto-immune responses that are causing things like myocarditis are awful.  If this is the level of competency we can expect then we are probably doomed.

I guess my only question is what pathogen will they unleash on us next?  Neo-bubonic plague?  Hyper-transmissible ebola? Or something more fun like gorilla pox?

Whatever it turns out to be we’ll know that our tax dollars are hard at work keeping third world virologists gainfully employed and CIA spooks out of trouble.  After all, while their minding their gardens of deadly micro-organisms they’ll be too busy to spend time spying on American citizens.  They’ll have to leave that to the FBI, IRS, ATF and the rest of the busy civil servants that we pay so handsomely and who earn their daily bread by keeping us squirming under their thumbs.

But it does make you think.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just let the Chinese or the Russians or the North Koreans attempt to murder us on their own and let Pfizer start from scratch on the vaccines they’re going to kill us with too?  I don’t want to sound unpatriotic but the pretense that we’re not creating the bioweapons ourselves is a dreary exercise.

Mob Rule or Oligarchy; Potato, Puhtatuh

Going all the way back to Plato and Aristotle, Europeans have theorized and even attempted to set up the optimal form of government.  Aristotle divided all governments into one of three forms, each with its deviant version:

The distinction between correct and deviant constitutions is combined with the observation that the government may consist of one person, a few, or a multitude. Hence, there are six possible constitutional forms (Politics III.7):


Form                     Correct                 Deviant

One Ruler             Kingship               Tyranny

Few Rulers           Aristocracy         Oligarchy

Many Rulers       Polity                     Democracy

I suppose we could make a case that our government has slipped from a polity into a democracy that Aristotle would consider a deviant form of government in which mob rule corrupts the correct governing of a state.  But many contend that we had long ago slipped into an oligarchy that is controlled by the combination of the managerial class inhabiting the federal bureaucracy and corporate boardrooms.

Be that as it may, the outward form of government is portrayed as a democratic republic or representative democracy.  But if an oligarchy has effectively captured permanent control over the federal government, then regardless of appearances, we are living under a regime that will not respond to our wishes or protests.

And this is not a surprising occurrence.  Every historical instance of democratic rule has eventually devolved into some form of tyranny.  Athens was overthrown by an oligarchy and Rome became essentially a military monarchy.  I guess it was inevitable that eventually a powerful faction would decide to impose its will on a state as rich and powerful as the United States of America.  The vast wealth was just too tempting.

But for us who remember the almost paradisical conditions that existed while the oligarchs had not yet consolidated their control over the levers of power it is problematic to know what to do going forward.  Many have just given up and now adopt whatever dictates and fashions the oligarchy and its servants dictate.  They do what is necessary to survive in the hive.  Some people call these individuals “bugmen.”  It’s a galling existence.  At any point it might be necessary to allow yourself to be denounced because of your sex or race.  You may even have to take a demotion in order to satisfy the diversity, equity and inclusion caprices of your employer.  But you’ll do it to keep the stock options you’ve been given and the connections you need to get your kids in a “good school.”

Of course, your children are also at the whim of the weirdos who run these good schools.  If things go poorly your son or daughter may end up as your daughter or son.  Which is another way of saying psychologically broken, sexually mutilated and permanently sterile.  And there is a very high probability that they’ll be taught to hate you and your ancestors for being the wrong color.

As you can see joining the hive is not without its sacrifices.  And perhaps in the long run is a dead end for all but the true aristocracy.  Then, the question is are there any alternatives?

Currently, the workaround most people resort to is moving to a Red State that resists the worst of the Left’s interference.  Ron DeSantis in Florida has of late become the champion of Red State resistance.  And consequently, hundreds of thousands of people have moved to Florida over the last couple of years from places like New York.

Another alternative is leaving for another country.  This is a much riskier proposition.  In most cases other countries are unsatisfactory to Americans because of economic and cultural concerns.  And in fact, few places provide even the freedoms we still seem to enjoy here.  Places like Hungary or the Czech Republic seem promising.  There are signs that they value freedom and traditional culture.  But it would still be making yourself a stranger in a strange land.

And finally, you can do nothing and hope that the country will somehow free itself from this subjugation we find ourselves living under.  There are no historical precedents for this.  But there are some circumstances that might provide some hope.  Poor management and incompetent leaders are contributing to a relative weakening of the United States with respect to the other larger powers in the world.  If America’s economic position should seriously deteriorate then it is very possible that the coalition that keeps the oligarchy in power could disintegrate and that would leave open the possibility that a different coalition could gain power and restore the freedoms that made the United States a desirable place to live.

Of course, this weakening could just as easily destabilize the country just as the military weakness of Rome destabilized that empire’s borders and allowed the Germanic tribes to overrun the western half of the empire.  Our ruling elites have flooded the country with tens of millions of refugees and by delegitimating their police forces they have reduced the big cities to free-fire zones, where chaos reigns supreme.  This environment may make it impossible to restore competent authority in large swaths of the country.  If that happens leaving these areas for safer locales or even different countries may not be a choice but necessity.

It’s pretty hard to know which choice to take.  Maybe the best advice is, keep your options open and wait for a tipping point to know which way to turn.  But one thing for sure, don’t depend too much on any government.  Have some good friends who have your back in an emergency.  You’ll need them.

So, we may be living through another laboratory experiment in the devolution of a democratic society.  Aristotle would not have recognized the trappings of our system as related to the Athenian experiment (although the Greek columns standing in front of our federal buildings would have looked familiar) but he would understand the transition from republic to oligarchy.  Maybe he would have blamed it on giving women the vote.  He mentioned that they shouldn’t be allowed to do that.  Apparently, he was ahead of our time.

Who Calls the Shots?

When you consider the freak show that makes up the elected leadership of the federal government you may wonder how it’s possible that they have successfully gained permanent control of the United States of America.  I’ve wondered about it myself.  From what I’ve read people like Joe Biden are just placeholders for the powers behind the scenes.  Apparently, the corporate lobbyists are the ones who decide what will be in these omnibus bills that shovel billions of dollars into the coffers of defense contractors, social media companies, big banks and boondoggles like the “green” industries.  In concert with the bureaucrats at the Pentagon, the Intel agencies, the Department of Energy and various other groups, policy is decided upon by these shot callers behind the scenes and then when everything is decided they hand a script to actors like Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnel and Dementia Joe to tell us poor schlubs that we’ll just have to wait for the bills to be approved before we can find out what’s in them.

The actors make sure they get their cut too but in reality, they are a miniscule part of the puzzle.  Nancy Pelosi will have some number of millions of dollars but a Raytheon will pocket many billions of dollars.  Now granted they actually produce things like missiles and other weapons systems but the sheer scale of the contracts is stunning.  And what exactly does Goldman Sachs produce?  For that matter what has Pfizer done to earn the billions that the government shoveled at them?  Produced medicines that don’t prevent COVID but give young people heart attacks?  Any way you slice it, the government is run by a partnership between the bureaucrats and government contractors who have a gravy train going that they’ll never let stop.

So how does this end?  I guess the only way it ends is badly.  The people who run things have bought off and faked enough votes to keep themselves permanently in office.  The only thing that can stop them is the collapse of the United States.  In other words, things have to fall apart so badly that the average man on the street fears what’s happening in his life more than he fears the US military shooting him in the street.  That’s a state of anarchy.

That might sound like an exaggeration.  But if you think back to the George Floyd riots American citizens stood back and watched as the United States government tacitly allowed riot and arson to go on in the largest cities in this country.  There were almost no examples of people fighting back.  The one famous example, that kid Kyle Rittenhouse, is notable because he was arrested and charged with murder by the authorities.

I have to assume things are going to have to get much, much worse than that before the citizenry of this country takes matters into its own hands.  So don’t be fooled by the pathetic losers who play at being leaders on television as they occupy the supposed seats of power in Washington.  The real shot callers are quite a bit smarter and infinitely more invested in the decisions that are made.  They’re powerful, well-organized and they have every branch of the United States government supporting them.  And I think they’ll be around for a good long time while our country continues its descent into banana republic status.

That statement about there being “a lot of ruin in a nation” is especially true of a place like America.  We will stand helplessly by while the feds strip away our rights and then come for our material possessions.  It’s the frog in the pot.  Bring it slowly to a boil and it’ll just sit there and be cooked.

In fact, the only thing I can think of that would end the whole arrangement would be the crash of the US dollar.  After all, this is all about money.  If the dollar were no longer worth the paper it was printed on, all those corporations would have to go elsewhere to pay for their luxurious lifestyles.  And they’ll gladly go.  Money is money.  And maybe that’s the best thing that could happen to us.  But what a pathetic statement that makes about us as a “free” people.

December 26th 2022

And just like that it’s over.  All of Camera Girl’s hard work has been expended and all the splendiferous foods have been eaten and all the children have gotten their gifts.  And we wake up on Monday morning and groan from the food we consumed and begin to straighten up the kitchen and the house and cart away the imperial ton of wrapping paper and boxes and put away the good china (of which one plate didn’t survive the exercise, requiescat in pace) and shake out the table cloths for the birds before they go in the washing machine (the tablecloths not the birds).

And we talk about all the moments we had with the kids and the grandkids.  And they are remarkable things these moments.  And we agree that it doesn’t get any better than this.  Spending time with the people you love and being relaxed and happy doing it is the pinnacle of life.  All of the hard work that went into the meal was repaid with interest by seeing the guests enjoy it.  Watching the young children playing together and sitting with the older children and talking about their lives and interests is the culmination of decades of work and is enormously gratifying to a parent and grandparent.

I was having a conversation with one of my sons-in-law.  We were talking about the uncertainty of conditions in the world for regular people and he said some things that told me he understands what’s important.  He said the only certain thing in the economy is that if you have a skill that people need, you’ll be able to survive.  And I said that’s true and I added, “No one is looking out for us anymore.  We have to depend on ourselves and each other.”  And he agreed.

And afterwards I thought about what I had said off-hand.  It’s true.  The government has abandoned us.  We’re looking out for each other or no one is.  If something happens to one of your family you may be the only thing between him and homelessness and death.  The government can’t be bothered.  The Canadian government, always ahead of us on the edge of progressivism, now uses the idea of assisted suicide for any situation where people feel abandoned by society.  If you can’t get help with a health problem, they’ll suggest, “Why not end it all with our convenient and economical assisted suicide kit.”  It comes with a YouTube video and on-line instructions to make sure everything goes smoothly.

I’m sure soon they’ll add it to all government FAQ pages as an option to all life’s difficulties.  Can’t get that rental house this summer?  Then end it all.  Can’t find that bargain on eBay you wanted?  Why not off yourself?  It’s fun and practical.  You won’t need to skimp on anything.  Just have a big weekend at a resort, run up an enormous hotel tab and then finish it off with an overdose of fentanyl.  Quick, painless and easy.

Well, excuse me if I don’t run for the exits.  Life is extremely precious.  Our overlords are working overtime to encourage people to give up.  Don’t get married, don’t have children, don’t buy a house, don’t work hard, just drop dead.

Well, too bad.  I won’t take the hint.  They’ve stopped pretending they’re our fellow countrymen.  The globalists say we’re all just one big world.  And it’s a world that has too many people in it.  Fine then.  We’re nothing to them and they’re nothing to us.  Less than nothing.  They’re our avowed enemies.

Let’s remember that and act accordingly.  We only have each other.  But the help of people that actually care about you is more valuable than anything else that you’ll find in this fake world of woke propaganda.  Recalibrate what you can and can’t depend on and decide what is worthwhile to do and what is a waste of precious time.  And you’ll be surprised how much less bleak things will appear.  Just find people you like and work together to make a little world around you that includes the things in life that actually matter.  That’s my thought on this day after Christmas.

How to Balance the Budget Without the Congress

Congress has essentially gotten out of the budget balancing business.  The last balanced budget was under George W Bush back in the time before Obama (BO).  But the President has something called the Executive Order and darned if it isn’t every bit as good as law.  So, until such time as Congress actually performs some function again, how about this?

In 2018 the federal government employed 2,055,731 Federal Civilian Employees.  So, putting the armed forces aside we have over two million people drawing a check entirely on our dime.  Whatever the average salary is, once you add in health insurance cost and any pension or other benefits a very conservative annual cost per employee is bound to be above $100,000.  So, just in safe ballpark numbers we are paying two trillion dollars to our public masters every year.

Now you could logically make the point that if these mostly useless people didn’t work for the government they would end up as criminals and the destitute, but putting that cost calculation aside it could be reasonably stated that drastically reducing the number of federal employees is the most effective way to reduce the cost of government.  And as an added benefit it would clear out much of the riff-raff that currently vote Democrat in Virginia and Maryland.  This giant army of freeloaders would disperse across the country and change from a dagger in the heart of the republic into a low-grade fever across the whole body politic.

Think of how wonderful it would be to see building after federal building emptied of these parasites and those same buildings sold off or demolished to make room for more worthwhile endeavors like pawn shops or nail salons.  One day the IRS could be composed of one IT technician and space on a mainframe that multiplied everyone’s paycheck by six percent and sent out the link to where payment could be sent.  NASA would just be two IP address links between the President’s office and Elon Musk’s.  And the Post Office would be a website page that lists the names of companies like FedEx and UPS that have trucks.  Anyone who wants to send a letter would be reminded of the e-mail addresses that everyone in the world already has.  And even for bureaus, departments and offices of the federal government that serve some actual purpose the 80/20 rule could be put into strict application and four fifths of the denizens of the swamp could be heaved up on shore and allowed to dry out and rot in the sun.

I don’t want to claim that there won’t be consequences to something as radical as this.  For several years after the surgery these severed appendices will stagger around the landscape like extras from some zombie movie.  Their palsied limbs endlessly performing the tics of their former occupations.  Fingers hitting the reject button on applications for social security benefits and neck muscles shaking heads back and forth to signify another denial of application to delist a vernal puddle in a backyard as navigable water.  But as lack of food slowly drains them of life they will expire on the sidewalk in front of various federal buildings across the country and when they decompose, they will finally begin to serve a useful purpose.  In fact, I propose the repurposing of these former civil masters as fertilizer be given an appropriate name.  How about the “Green New Deal.”

War Pig – Child Protective Services Isn’t Protecting Children

This is a rant I did on a forum where the foster care system and the abuses by family courts and the CPS (child protective services) were being discussed.


The old system of children’s homes was better. Sure, there were occasional abuses but nothing of the same order of magnitude as the current system. The current system is a pedophile’s dream. My sister and her husband were foster parents. They got kids so damaged by the system that many had to wind up being institutionalized. They finally adopted four kids, a pair of brothers and a pair of sisters, that had been physically and sexually abused by other foster families in the system. NONE OF THOSE FORMER FOSTERS HAS SEEN THE INSIDE OF A JAIL CELL. Yes, there are good foster parents like my sister and her husband, but there is a large minority of really bad ones.

CPS is also rampant with corruption and inefficiency as well as outright dereliction. Even with good foster parents like my sister and her husband, scheduled visits by CPS were often not performed for MONTHS. The case worker was supposed to lay eyes on these kids on a regular basis, but it was often three months or more between visits. Then the money system in CPS is also crooked and ripe for abuse. The former CPS director of our county was arrested, charged and convicted of embezzlement. $400k I believe. Payments to foster families was spotty and dispersed so that the families could not keep track if they were being properly reimbursed, Sometimes, payments were months late and listed the wrong expenses. This is a tactic of CPS to siphon off money. A forensic check of the finances that caught the former director said that the financial system was totally in chaos. It has not gotten any better since. Our local county commissioners tried to get involved but were smacked away from the table by the state and state court judges.

The system is totally broken. Children are being abused, sold, and killed. Suicide rates for foster children are through the roof. Many blame drugs, and I agree somewhat but that is no excuse for institutionalized abuse, rape, slavery and murder. One child a few counties over was found dead in Arizona, half the country away. Until she was identified nobody knew she was missing. She had been gone for two years. The foster family never reported her missing (they likely sold her), and the CPS caseworker had not checked on the child in two years, although her case files said that she had. She merely faked the reports. Upshot? The parents were denied future foster care and the caseworker resigned with NO CRIMINAL PENALTIES FOR ANYONE INVOLVED.

Blow up the whole system now. Today. Reinstitute children’s homes (orphanages) where they are all in one place and easy to watch.