How to Balance the Budget Without the Congress

Congress has essentially gotten out of the budget balancing business.  The last balanced budget was under George W Bush back in the time before Obama (BO).  But the President has something called the Executive Order and darned if it isn’t every bit as good as law.  So, until such time as Congress actually performs some function again, how about this?

In 2018 the federal government employed 2,055,731 Federal Civilian Employees.  So, putting the armed forces aside we have over two million people drawing a check entirely on our dime.  Whatever the average salary is, once you add in health insurance cost and any pension or other benefits a very conservative annual cost per employee is bound to be above $100,000.  So, just in safe ballpark numbers we are paying two trillion dollars to our public masters every year.

Now you could logically make the point that if these mostly useless people didn’t work for the government they would end up as criminals and the destitute, but putting that cost calculation aside it could be reasonably stated that drastically reducing the number of federal employees is the most effective way to reduce the cost of government.  And as an added benefit it would clear out much of the riff-raff that currently vote Democrat in Virginia and Maryland.  This giant army of freeloaders would disperse across the country and change from a dagger in the heart of the republic into a low-grade fever across the whole body politic.

Think of how wonderful it would be to see building after federal building emptied of these parasites and those same buildings sold off or demolished to make room for more worthwhile endeavors like pawn shops or nail salons.  One day the IRS could be composed of one IT technician and space on a mainframe that multiplied everyone’s paycheck by six percent and sent out the link to where payment could be sent.  NASA would just be two IP address links between the President’s office and Elon Musk’s.  And the Post Office would be a website page that lists the names of companies like FedEx and UPS that have trucks.  Anyone who wants to send a letter would be reminded of the e-mail addresses that everyone in the world already has.  And even for bureaus, departments and offices of the federal government that serve some actual purpose the 80/20 rule could be put into strict application and four fifths of the denizens of the swamp could be heaved up on shore and allowed to dry out and rot in the sun.

I don’t want to claim that there won’t be consequences to something as radical as this.  For several years after the surgery these severed appendices will stagger around the landscape like extras from some zombie movie.  Their palsied limbs endlessly performing the tics of their former occupations.  Fingers hitting the reject button on applications for social security benefits and neck muscles shaking heads back and forth to signify another denial of application to delist a vernal puddle in a backyard as navigable water.  But as lack of food slowly drains them of life they will expire on the sidewalk in front of various federal buildings across the country and when they decompose, they will finally begin to serve a useful purpose.  In fact, I propose the repurposing of these former civil masters as fertilizer be given an appropriate name.  How about the “Green New Deal.”

War Pig – Child Protective Services Isn’t Protecting Children

This is a rant I did on a forum where the foster care system and the abuses by family courts and the CPS (child protective services) were being discussed.


The old system of children’s homes was better. Sure, there were occasional abuses but nothing of the same order of magnitude as the current system. The current system is a pedophile’s dream. My sister and her husband were foster parents. They got kids so damaged by the system that many had to wind up being institutionalized. They finally adopted four kids, a pair of brothers and a pair of sisters, that had been physically and sexually abused by other foster families in the system. NONE OF THOSE FORMER FOSTERS HAS SEEN THE INSIDE OF A JAIL CELL. Yes, there are good foster parents like my sister and her husband, but there is a large minority of really bad ones.

CPS is also rampant with corruption and inefficiency as well as outright dereliction. Even with good foster parents like my sister and her husband, scheduled visits by CPS were often not performed for MONTHS. The case worker was supposed to lay eyes on these kids on a regular basis, but it was often three months or more between visits. Then the money system in CPS is also crooked and ripe for abuse. The former CPS director of our county was arrested, charged and convicted of embezzlement. $400k I believe. Payments to foster families was spotty and dispersed so that the families could not keep track if they were being properly reimbursed, Sometimes, payments were months late and listed the wrong expenses. This is a tactic of CPS to siphon off money. A forensic check of the finances that caught the former director said that the financial system was totally in chaos. It has not gotten any better since. Our local county commissioners tried to get involved but were smacked away from the table by the state and state court judges.

The system is totally broken. Children are being abused, sold, and killed. Suicide rates for foster children are through the roof. Many blame drugs, and I agree somewhat but that is no excuse for institutionalized abuse, rape, slavery and murder. One child a few counties over was found dead in Arizona, half the country away. Until she was identified nobody knew she was missing. She had been gone for two years. The foster family never reported her missing (they likely sold her), and the CPS caseworker had not checked on the child in two years, although her case files said that she had. She merely faked the reports. Upshot? The parents were denied future foster care and the caseworker resigned with NO CRIMINAL PENALTIES FOR ANYONE INVOLVED.

Blow up the whole system now. Today. Reinstitute children’s homes (orphanages) where they are all in one place and easy to watch.