No One Talks Collapsing Empires Better Than the ZMan

My favorite dissident has what I think is a fascinating discussion of what happens when an empire, e.g. the Soviet Union or the Romans starts to die.  He discusses the transition from central rule to oligarchs.  I think he makes some truly excellent points.  We may already be quite a ways along the process.  And he shows how differences in circumstances can lead to different outcomes.  A good read.

The Emptiest of Suits

I was casting about among the Roman emperors to try and find an equivalent for Biden.  But I couldn’t do it.  He has some of Caligula’s and Nero’s perversity but both of those psychopaths were much more honest.  While Tiberius was known to have a dissolute character, he was also a very able general.  No one could possibly accuse the Hero of Kabul of being that.  Even among the flotsam and jetsam of the fourth century I couldn’t find the right combination of greed, dishonesty, moral degeneracy and just downright stupidity needed to approximate Joe’s specialness.

So, I declared defeat and decided Joe was unique.  But there’s got to be a way of explaining how the formerly greatest nation on the face of the Earth is now headed by a lying, thieving, lecherous, imbecile.  One part of that is the fact that he was Obama’s vice president.  And that can be explained by saying that Obama is also a very dishonest man.  So, was part of Biden’s selection by Obama dependent on Joe’s willingness to share in the graft?  Probably so.  In that case I suppose it’s actually an advantage that he’s a moron.  After all, a smart crook is a lot more dangerous as a partner than a stupid one.  It wasn’t likely that Joe would bite the hand that fed him.  But how exactly does he get to be the President?

I think that the likeliest explanation is that it was an accident.  It was just the luck of the die.  Everything happened the way it did in an election year that the Democrats weren’t supposed to win.  And the pack of losers that Joe was up against were just so hopeless that his status as a former vice president meant they had to give it to him.  Of course, I think it’s assumed that the powers that be in the Democrat Party figured that since Joe is as bought and paid for as any man can be that even with his obvious deficiencies, they could still make his first term work for them.

But are things so far along the road toward banana republic that the people running the show don’t even have to pretend that the figurehead has a functional brain?  No one thinks that Biden writes his own speeches but he can’t even read his own speeches.  And the Biden administration has altogether dropped the pretense that this is a free country.  If parents complain about their school boards, the Attorney General of the United States publicly sets the FBI on them and declares them terrorists.  Think for a minute just how crazy that is.  What’s next, will snipers pick off the people chanting, “F*** Joe Biden” at a Virginia Tech football game?

So, what’s my point?  I guess I’m saying that we’ve crossed some kind of line.  Both sides are now aware that we’ve gone beyond what was an acceptable level of partisan arrogance.  This is now akin to what went on in Chicago when Al Capone owned the police and the mayor’s office.  Law enforcement corruption allows political enemies, even up to the President of the United States to be harassed and his cabinet members prosecuted for imaginary crimes.  Joe Biden was given the presidency as a payoff for his decades of service as a bought man.  He will mouth whatever they ask and he will do whatever they order him to do.

And the longer this goes on and the more extreme the behavior the more certain that it will require at some point, a complete break with representative government.  In order to ensure against an extreme reaction to the takeover it will be necessary to tighten control over everyone outside of the oligarchy to an extreme degree.  To do that will require something akin to the totalitarian methods that were seen in Soviet Russia or East Germany.  And in retrospect, we’re really not that far from that point now.

But let me get back to the original point of this post.  It’s the insult being added to the injury.  Making Joe Biden president is an insult that is hard to overstate.  It could be argued that if they had made an orangutan or a chimpanzee president it wouldn’t have been that much worse.  In fact, apes are relatively personable, at least if they’re behind unbreakable glass and can’t fling their feces at you.  And speaking of which, how much longer will Joe be trusted not to do that?

The Federal Government Has Become an Occupying Army

Government is always an irritant.  Being told what to do and how to do it is irksome.  No one enjoys paying their taxes or obeying traffic regulations or filling out confusing and sometimes meaningless forms.  But we do it because the overall value of living in an ordered society outweighs the frustration of these petty irritants.  After all, without the law we would have much bigger problems than a traffic cop writing us a ticket for speeding.  We’d be fighting for our lives against some maniac who took offense at how we didn’t go fast enough on a highway.

But in the last year we have reached that threshold where the government we live under is actually a greater harm than the good it provides.  I don’t mean this in the sense that it would be better if tomorrow we lived in the state of nature.  If the post office and the police and the highway department and the local Walmart shut down operation and their former employees became gangs or roving marauders pillaging the town square, I think things would be even worse.  But what has happened is that organs of the state have stopped performing their agreed upon functions.  The police now let mobs attack US citizens at will on US soil and have no intention of stopping them.  The government no longer interferes when corporate entities discriminate against citizens based on things like their political beliefs or even the color of their skin.  The government health agencies have stopped providing accurate information about something as frightening as a biological weapon that a foreign power has unleashed against us.  Worse, they are mandating policies that disrupt almost every facet of our public and private lives and are doing so in an almost vindictive way that provides no health benefit.  The government intelligence agencies now regularly spy on US citizens and then collude with tech companies and the supposedly neutral press to target their political opponents.

Even the citizens who align with the party now in power, the Democrats, are finding it harder to justify the crazier and crazier outrages that have been going on.  Avowed progressives like Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald find themselves forced to make common cause with their cultural enemies at Fox News because they still value the concept of honest journalism, government accountability and the Bill of Rights.

The federal government has decided they don’t need us anymore.  They believe they have crossed some threshold beyond which we no longer have any say over what they do.  And it is becoming clear that they will try to make that a permanent situation.

Needless to say, this doesn’t sit well with millions of people.  What isn’t clear is how to remedy the situation.  The federal law enforcement and military have been making very clear statements that they are watching us carefully and will drag any dissenters away to prison if they think any organization is threatening their control over the population.  It will take leaders of the states to stand up to that kind of physical coercion.  And even that isn’t a sure thing.  It’s amazing how quickly the FBI has come to resemble the KGB or the Stasi.

So, what’s the point of this essay?  It’s to help some people reset their thinking.  The federal government is no longer the legitimate representative of the people of the United States.  It’s a criminal gang that has taken control of the territory where you live.  It is very powerful and well organized and dangerous.  But you have no moral obligation to honor it.  You may obey it out of fear or because you see an advantage to do so but don’t mistake that for patriotism.  You are in the same position that the French people were under the Nazi occupation.  Vichy could pretend to rule “Free France” but everyone knew he was just a cowardly collaborator.  You may have to obey but it is without consent.

And if the day comes when we regain our freedom there may be very dire consequences for the men who did this to us.  Remember who they are.

Morton Has a New Post – Never Again – Standing Up to The Oligarchy

Max Morton is a good writer and has interesting things to say.  In his new article he looks back to the Nazi othering of the Jews and other enemies of the Reich and compares it to the Left’s use of BLM and Antifa to target normal White people as their “other.”

The piece is well written and demonstrates how setting up an internal enemy allows the powerful to divide and conquer and keep the gravy train moving along for the oligarchs.

He finishes off by saying that those who are obeying the oligarchs and attacking the Left’s enemies should come to their senses and join forces with us.  It’s a nice sentiment but I think the Left has its constituents and they are pretty bought in.

What it does tell me is that instead of counter-attacking the useful idiots the more useful strategy is attacking the oligarchs directly.  Go after their money.  That is their primary concern.  Destroy that and you destroy them.  The question is how.



05MAY2021 – American Greatness – Post of the Day – Oligarchy, and Remedies by Angelo Codevilla

This is a short post by Codevilla asserting that before we can act effectively against the usurpers in Washington, we must first acknowledge that the Republic as we knew it is already extinguished and replaced by the oligarchy that controls both the bureaucracy in Washington and the globalist corporations that work hand in glove with them.  But once we do acknowledge this reality, we can take effective action to organize like minded people to start effecting a different future for ourselves that doesn’t revolve around the oligarchic domain.

Codevilla points in the direction of the governors of red states beginning to nullify the dictates of the federal government where they overstep constitutional limits.  But he does not go into any detail as to how this will happen and what level of resistance the federal government will offer.  But I think we all are beginning to see that some extremely brave men will be needed to cross a kind of Rubicon at some point in the not-too-distant future.  If not, then the idea of escaping the oligarchy will be just a fantasy.

I find it is becoming increasingly easy to hear the same ideas being stated by different types of writers.  Codevilla is an academic.  But plenty of ordinary people and plenty of pundits are beginning to coalesce around the idea that a rejection of the regime in Washington is what is already happening.  The biggest question is when will a serious collision happen and who will win?