26MAR2023 – The Week Begins

Christmas Cooking, Sony A7 III, Sony 90mm f\2.8 macro lens

The weekend was replete with good food, happy visitors and talk.  We heard stories about the really old days, over a century ago when our ancestors came to this country and made their fortune and then lost it and then started over again.  It was exciting, pathetic, sad, funny and very familiar.  Familiar because it’s family.  And we heard tidings of some old friends and relatives who are ailing.  But as we age there will always be more of that.  But there were tidings of the next generations venturing out into the world.  That’s always a necessary and welcome development.  And we made plans for upcoming gatherings.  Easter is almost upon us and we’ll be hosting the family which is great.

And now here we are beginning a new week.  Chaos reigns supreme in Dunwich and I expect pandemonium when I arrive at work tomorrow.  But the world we live in is in a permanently catastrophic state and if no other good thing has come of this shambolic existence, it’s that we’ve become less delicate.  Anything less than a megaton of destruction is routinely just shrugged off as “more of the same.”  Well, good.  We’ll continue on and deal with these occurrences, one catastrophe at a time.  Who knows maybe they’ll run out of plagues eventually and we’ll come out on the other side.

And at least there is a bit of humor to the whole thing.  Even the outside world is starting to catch on to just how pathetic Joe Biden and his gang of losers really are.  Even the Saudis, who have never been known for their love of humor have joined in the act.  Saudi tv has a skit where Biden and Harris look-alikes wander around a political soundstage hopelessly lost and stupid.  Imagine when even stone age people like the former headhunters of the Amazon jungles and the New Guinea highlands join in the fun.  Maybe it could become a meme when representatives of every race and ethnicity compete on Rumble to mock Dementia Joe and Magic Bus Kamala.  That would be a true moment of solidarity for the whole human race.  It chokes you up just thinking of it.

But seriously, this is going to go on for a good long time.  As a very smart man said long ago there is a lot of ruin in a nation.  Before the US is degraded to a level where people will do anything about it, it will have to get a lot worse.  So, I intend to do my best to take care of those I love and try somehow to make my immediate surroundings a little less horrible.  And when I have the time, I’ll put up some of my scribblings here as moral support for folks like me.  If you have something to share leave it in the comments and if you have something longer, you’d like to see posted send it to me at the e-mail address listed or just say so in the comments and if it’s something I can support I’ll probably post it up.

Things are a lot worse than they used to be.  But one thing has improved.  We now know the truth about the country we live in.  Tens of millions of people now know that what we were told was a big lie.  And that is a powerful thing.  And I don’t know how, but I’m pretty sure that one day that is going to have a tremendous impact on some critical moment in our history.  A country is made of more than just banks and bureaucracies.  I think there is a component that depends on the trust of people.  And this country has lost that.  It was that characteristic called American exceptionalism.  It was belief in ourselves as being part of something remarkable.  Now we know that’s not true.  And pretty soon the rest of the world is going to find out too.  The day will come when one of Joe Biden’s gang is going to ask us for help and he’s going to get

… nothing.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 22FEB2023 – A Pattern of Deception

Figuring out that the “Of the people, by the people, for the people” talk was an entire charade and farce is not an overnight realization for most of us. It is a process that takes place as one notices a pattern of deception that began centuries ago.

A few examples: Woodrow Wilson campaigning for president in 1916 on the slogan “He kept us out of war.” Less than a month after inauguration, American boys were stepping foot on French soil to add more bodies and carnage in a useless conflict, one that would be continued by their sons a little more than 20 years later.

Iraq part 1 & 2, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, China…the list is long of foreign entanglements that did nothing but drain blood and treasure from the nation. Not much needs to be added to explain the insanity of attempting to nation-build in a land of warring tribes and secular violence. Democracy? In Iraq or Afghanistan? How delusional does one have to be to believe in that?

More current is the gay marriage push that, while failing in 37 out of 39 state referendums, (including California-Prop 8) somehow ended up becoming the law of the land when it was decided by 9 unelected tribal elders (SCOTUS) that somewhere in the Constitution the framers accidentally left out the gays. (It should also be noted that many Americans were fine with legal protections such as civil unions, acknowledging one’s life partner, etc. But no, they had to have the ‘marriage’ label.)

Closer to home is the never-ending California state ballot propositions that are voted on, only to be stripped or watered down of their intentions once under judicial review. It is important to note that American citizens never wanted mass immigration to dilute the culture and Western world way of life. No, it was decided for them by the ruling class a long time ago.

The differences between political factions are nil. Rs pretend to be the loyal opposition while Ds appear to have lost their minds over DEI and wokeness ideology. We are not voting our way out of this, nor was there really a chance to do that for quite a while now. The goal now is to survive the coming collapse and hopefully build from the ashes.

Although, with intellectual giants at our country’s helm, we may not have much left to build from once everything settles. If Biden going to the Ukraine and Poland to basically have a measuring contest between Russia and China is the best we got, then it is not a good outlook for the future.

Gone Are the Dark Clouds That Had Me Blind

They say that, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe.”  And today was a day of woe for yours truly.  I had to catch up with an assortment of tedious chores.  But I will confess that it allowed me to feel extremely virtuous.  Finally, I’m completely prepared for the first storm of the winter.  Good.

I read a post called “How the Next Civil War Begins” by a guy named B. Duncan Moench.  His ideas fall in line with a lot of things that are floating around in the air.  His version has red states rejecting the results of the 2024 elections and calling for secession.  Well, okay, maybe.  But who knows and it’s definitely not something that debating about is going to clarify.  As the mathematical types might say, the solution of the problem is currently indeterminate.  The boundary conditions are unknown.  Quoting Dr. Flankon in the seminal movie “Matinee,” “Human-insect mutation is far from an exact science.”  And so is predicting the exact schedule of a collapsing empire.  You just can’t rush a revolution.  It’s like a cake in the oven.  Peek in on it too soon and it falls flat.  So, I’ll leave such speculation for when something definitive happens.

Today I was thinking about what a wonderful time it is to be red-pilled.  Now that I can disown the dominant cultural and social institutions of American life, I feel incredibly free and alive.  Once I knew that I won’t have any control over those aspects of the world around me I’ve been able to detach myself from them.  Now I concentrate on the things within my control and try to restrict as much as possible my interactions to people who share my world view.

Someone might say I’m isolating myself from the real world.  But I think it’s just the opposite.  Those who believe in complete absurdities like transgenderism and defunding the police are the ones detached from reality.  I’m part of the community of the sane.  And no matter how fragmented and vilified by the imbecile majority we may be, I have to consider us the privileged ones.  Because we can see.  And walking around amongst the blind is an advantaged position.  We can see where the madness of the crowd is leading and ultimately that should allow us to avoid falling over the cliff with them.

Now granted, sometimes it feels a little lonely to be surrounded by the insane.  There is a certain alienation when most of the people you see around you or online speak gibberish.  But eventually we’ll get used to it and just avoid it as much as possible.  It’s like those reality tv shows.  When they first began to proliferate, I was depressed to think that these were now the entertainment we were supposed to watch.  Eventually I saw that this was just a sorting process.  People could find their own level and gravitate to the entertainment they preferred.  Granted, good things to watch seem to have gotten rarer but the same principle applies today as before.  Mostly it’s a matter of learning how to research what you want.  Whether it’s entertainment or political opinion or news.  You just have to be a little pickier to find what is worthwhile.

And maybe it’s all to the good.  Choosing the company you keep may be the better way all around.  Maybe universal brotherhood is an impossibility.  And as it turns out there are an awful lot of crazy people out there.  Having them self-select to be my enemies may be the best way to go.  It’s like those BLM and rainbow banners on car bumpers and houses.  They give me fair warning that “here be monsters.”  You can’t ask for more than that.

So, thank you Managerial Class, Deep State, Intelligence Agencies and Election Fraudsters for clarifying the situation.  I’ve parted ways permanently from you and yours.  Now you’re just the obstacles that I steer around while I’m living my life.  And you’re the contrast that I can compare my actual friends to.  Good.

The World is Changing

The world is changing.  Of that there is no doubt.  Look at the realignment that is going on in this country and around the world.  The Democrats have abandoned their former allies in the working class and embraced the plutocrats that run corporate America.  The Republican voters have abandoned establishment Republicans and are embracing populism and nationalism wherever they can.  And around the world the post-WWII military, financial and cultural hierarchy is in a shambles and is desperately trying to resist the forces of change that are breaking out in places like Poland, Hungary, Russia, China, India, Brazil and elsewhere.

What remains to be seen is whether this crisis is part of a well thought out plan by those in charge of the globalist order or just something they’ve cobbled together to control the reaction by the victims of the excesses that have ravaged post-industrial America and Europe.  Right now, they’re working to eliminate the descendants of the people they think they no longer need.  Part of that program is to eliminate the parts of the economy that used to support these people.  So, manufacturing jobs have been off-shored to China and now we have the attempt to eliminate fossil fuels and make energy much more expensive.  Also, the personal ownership of farmland and other valuable commodities is being made unattainable for all but the truly wealthy.

So far, the program is moving along at a rapid clip.  The oligarchs have managed to collapse the economic basis of the working class using the COVID “crisis” as an excuse.  The election fraud in 2020 was unchallenged except for the January 6th protest and that has been stifled using gestapo tactics to intimidate and silence all resistance.  Basically, all the levers of power have been captured and even the military has been captured by the Democrat regime.

But what hasn’t been taken into account is that the basis of America’s strength as the global hegemon was its strength, both militarily and economically.  And both those strengths have been degraded as part of the global program.  During Obama’s fundamental transformation of the military, he was instrumental in replacing white men who were the backbone of the officer corps with women and minorities who weren’t selected based on merit but rather for their race or sex.  This has had a corrosive effect on the whole military structure.  Currently there are indications that military preparedness in each of the branches of the military is below the level needed to be able to win a war against a modern army.  This means that the deterrence that formerly prevented second tier militaries like Iran and North Korea from getting involved in military adventurism against their neighbors may no longer hold.

And having transferred our industrial base to China our status as an economic superpower is also unjustified.  Look how the sanctions we levied against Russia over the Ukraine war have boomeranged back against us.  With the US once again dependent on foreign oil and gas we are the ones suffering from the consequences of trying to embargo Russia’s energy products.  The skyrocketing cost of fossil fuels is crippling American and European economies and impoverishing their citizens.

So, it may turn out that the New World Order has become a house of cards that will fall without the people it thought it could dispense with.  If our economy and military have been hollowed out by the elimination of the deplorables then maybe it’s not too late to head off the whole rotten project.

Of course, that’s a pretty big maybe.  And even if it happens there is going to be hell to pay when the American Empire falls off its perch.  So, we’re going to see very interesting things in the next few years.  The regime has lost the support of about half its citizens.  And that will alter this country in a profound way.  You’ll notice it and it will alter the way you feel about America and how you live your life.

The times they are a changing.

14NOV2021 – A Reflection on the State of the Our World

Since the end of August when Biden’s catastrophic blundering of the Afghanistan Retreat put his approval numbers into free fall, I have noticed that a large swath of the voting population seems to be waking up from the delusion that the Democrats are normal Americans.

As the radical left tries to implement deeply un-American policies like vaccine mandates at work and critical race theory in grammar schools even moderate leftists have become worried and even angry that the country is headed for a place that they neither intended nor approved of when they elected Joe Biden.  And now with the economy suffering from multiple serious problems; high inflation, shortages of basic foods and goods, disruptions in the supply of labor for small businesses; people are using the ballot box to register their anger.  In purple states like Virginia and even in deep blue states like New York and New Jersey safe Democrat seats are going to Republicans both to change policy and also to punish the Democrats for what they’ve already done.

And I will admit it has improved my mood and my opinion of what our future looks like.  But by improved I mean it has gone from utter despair to forlorn hope.  After all it was just ten years ago when we watched as the Tea Party candidates cashed in their election success to become Paul Ryan’s RINOs.  The idea that the gutless, soulless Republicans in Congress will fight to restore our rights in a fight against the FBI and the rest of the Justice Department seems absurd.  The idea that bought and paid for Senators will write legislation to regulate Google and Facebook into respecting our free speech rights is laughable.  The idea that the swamp dwellers in the FBI and the Justice Department will obey the orders of a President or Attorney General who tries to reform or clean out their corrupt gangs has been shown by recent example to be a fantasy.  So why should I be even forlornly hopeful that we’ll be even marginally better off in the near future than we are now?

I think the answer is awareness.  The number of people who are finally aware that the whole political system is a set-up by both parties is orders of magnitude higher than what it was just a few years ago.  Millions more people are now aware that men like Mitch McConnell are not on our side.  They now know that Mitch McConnell is on Mitch McConnell’s side.  He’s a crooked politician whose only priority is to hold onto the political power he has in order to benefit monetarily by it.  And if somehow, he is responsible for an action that benefits people on the Right it is simply a coincidence.  This is the reason that I have any hope at all.  Without awareness of the actual situation someone like me voted for the supposedly conservative politicians at every election.  Often these politicians won and took control in Washington.  And yet year by year, decade by decade nothing got better.  In fact, it got so bad that it seemed like some kind of nightmare where the absolutely worst outcome was always the result.  And that is such a debilitating condition that many on our side just gave up thus making the outcome certain.

But when people know they’re being played they start recognizing the fakes.  People like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.  Nikki Haley and Mitt Romney.  John McCain and John Kasich.  These people don’t want the things we want.  They believe in the same things our enemies believe in.  That is if they actually believe in anything at all other than money and power.  And knowing that is the only chance we have of getting results.  We can look for someone who actually accomplishes any of the things he promises.  A particularly good way to spot a phony is to see if other phonies start claiming that this guy is the real deal.  Sort of like when the New York Times decides who is the leader of the New Conservatives of the Dark Web.  If that isn’t the kiss of death nothing is.

So that’s kind of why I think we’re in a slightly better place now than a year ago.  The 2020 election, the COVID farce, the BLM riots and Dementia Joe’s lamentable failures have red pilled a goodly chunk of the non-leftists in America.  From my point of view, I’ll at least have a better chance of knowing when it is time to give up all hope and find a new place to live.  So if you can consider that good news then rejoice my people!

Good-bye To All That

I borrowed the title of this post from a book written by Robert Graves after the end of WW I.  Graves was referring to the smashing of the pre-war civilization in Britain after the horrors of the trench had discredited all the institutions that had led England into and kept it’s young men trapped in the meat grinder that was that war.

World War I had disillusioned a whole generation of men on the competency and legitimacy of the social order that had sent their generation to their deaths.  The fitness of the ruling class had been exposed as an illusion.  This radicalized the population and undermined the control that the old upper-class order had formerly possessed.

In a similar way, the Elites in both the Democrat and Republican parties and in the institutions that they control like the media, the federal agencies, academia and the corporate boardrooms have lost all legitimacy and competency in the minds of the normal members of the American public.

They’ve shown themselves to be completely incompetent at performing the functions they supposedly are experts at.  They can’t win wars.  They can’t be trusted to manage a pandemic.  They can’t maintain the economy of the most prosperous country on the face of the Earth.

The only thing they are competent at is dividing people into warring factions and rigging fraudulent elections.

If tomorrow, ISIS-K took General MIlley captive and demanded some large amount of cash, like fifty or a hundred bucks to get him back alive, sure I’d probably say we should pay it but I’d definitely recommend that we hold out for a price reduction.  But if they catch Pelosi, I’d tell them they can keep her.  I wouldn’t give a plugged nickel for her.

So when the next atrocity occurs, when some Afghan refugee that they plunk down in San Francisco blows up the local gay bar in the name of ISIS, well, they can send the CIA or the FBI to Afghanistan to straighten things out themselves.  It’s not going to be my grandsons going.  I can tell you that for sure.

And that goes for the Ukraine or Belarus or Myanmar or any other “critical” hot spot anywhere on this planet.  If human rights are being wronged or women aren’t feeling empowered or LGBTQ people are having their feelings hurt, I recommend they call Putin or Xi.  I’ve lost all sympathy and motivation.  All of my sympathy and interest is concentrated on taking care of my own.  And anyone who wants to be included in that set, more or less, has to agree with me on what things are important.  And everyone else is on his own.

I used to be the most jingoistic American patriot I knew.  I thought Iraq and Afghanistan was payback for 9-11.  I imagined that George W Bush was going to hammer the bastards that attacked us so they’d never come back again.  Instead, he invited them into our country in unprecedented numbers and killed off our soldiers in an effort to make the middle-east into middle America.  And now they want us to care about Afghani refugees.  Let them go live with George Bush.

Being disillusioned is a gut-wrenching process.  But it also provides clarity and eventually that is valuable.  It won’t be so easy for the politicians to manipulate us next time.  And it won’t cost us as much money when we don’t have to pay to build up third-world hell-holes into modern countries.  Let the Iranians pay for the Afghanis to have internet access.  Let the Russians and the Chinese build and maintain sewage systems in Zimbabwe.

Come to think of it, let Merkel and Macron pay for the tanks to keep Putin out of Berlin and Paris.  I no longer see any rationale in maintaining those dying cultures.  They’ve already self-suicided by opening the floodgates to the third world.  I’m more interested in places like Hungary and Poland who take care of their own people.  I admire those countries and hope some areas of our own country will do similar things.

So, excuse me if I don’t watch the Olympics to cheer on the American athletes as they take a knee or turn their backs on the American flag.  Pardon me if I don’t support whatever charity is flying the rainbow flag over their headquarters.  Forgive me if I burst out laughing when some guy in a sun dress comes on tv to tell me how to raise my family.

I’ve said good-bye to all that and am ready to turn the page.

Who are You Going to Believe, Cable News Talking Heads or Your Own Damn Lying Eyes?

The Democrats, the Media and probably the Deep State have performed two miracles.  One is they committed election fraud on a scale that even Chicago’s late Mayor Richard Daley would never have dreamed of.  And the second miracle is they have given sight to the blind.  They performed these two miracles simultaneously right there in front of us in the early hours of November 4th.  The first of these events I knew of immediately upon seeing it.  Seeing President Trump up by 800,000 votes in Pennsylvania and then hearing that somehow, he was going to lose the state I could see that fraud so massive as to be unexplainable by rational voting patterns was being perpetrated.  The second miracle came to my attention this week.  I have spoken to people who have been able to believe even into late 2020 that we’re still living in normal times and that the people on the right-wing are alarmists and exaggerating the scope of the problems we face.  They were sure that with just the right tweaks to the agendas on the Left and Right we could all be singing kumbaya in the middle.  Well, I spoke with one of them this week and he said straight out, “You were right about everything.”  Seeing the election and then hearing the evidence on the scope of the election fraud finally broke through his shell and drew blood.  He was blind but now he sees.

Based on human nature I know that these recent converts are going to be very uncomfortable with the reality they’ve just awakened to.  It’s painful to know you don’t live in the democracy you thought you did.  This will lead to all kinds of dithering and rationalizing and confusion.  But he’s taken the first step to facing facts and figuring out how to deal with the reality he now recognizes.  And maybe he decides to cave into the Left.  But at least it will have to be a conscious decision and I won’t have to hear anymore excuses for why things always happen the way they do.

How many people did this election wake up?  I’m going to guess that it’s around ten million people.  That equates to about half of the voters in the middle.  These people don’t pay much attention to politics every day but they vote and they watch the election every four years.  They’ll be hard pressed to ignore what they saw.  Even with the networks providing cover for the Democrats there will be enough information getting through to let them know this wasn’t a normal election and that really bad things happened in the vote-counting rooms of the Democrat cities.

For the people who read on this site that’s hardly news.  We have been watching this happen for years and want the courts to do something about it.  We want to see the FBI step in.  And we also know why they haven’t.  But for the sleepwalkers among us this is a revelation.  Their world view is going to change.  And that’s a big damn thing.  And having it happen to so many people and having it happen at the same time as the COVID lockdown and the Antifa/BLM insurrection will exacerbate the outrage they will feel.

So, for any of the recently red-pilled brethren showing up at this site, welcome!  We don’t have any magic bullets here.  There are no saviors, no magic road to salvation.  All we have is clarity and camaraderie and news from the front.  We’re all in this for the long haul and we try to reclaim territory one square inch at a time.  Welcome aboard.

Link to Part Two of Curtis Yarvin’s “The Clear Pill”

Without a doubt Yarvin must have a dizzying intellect.  Reading his narrative is like taking a graduate course in sociology from Einstein.  I feel like I’ll need to read it three more times to make sure I followed all his points.  Basically he’s explaining why Progressives believe the nonsense they believe.  He used climate science as an example and it is interesting.  Support for the Progressive worldview allows Leftists to feel good about themselves by believing that the warming narrative makes sense.  It’s a dense read but if you liked Part 1, you’ll have to continue down the rabbit hole..

The Clear Pill, Part 2 of 5: A Theory of Pervasive Error



Curtis Yarvin Has a New Pill for Us to Take, The Clear Pill

Mencius Moldbug (aka Curtis Yarvin) was the tech savant who got interested in the power structures of the modern world.  He is credited with borrowing the red pill/blue pill imagery from the “The Matrix” and using it as an analogy for waking up to how the world really is run.

In this new set of posts, over at Claremont Institute’s “the American Mind,” he describes, in his typically long, highly elaborate way, a thought experiment to try to get at the objective truth of how our society is actually controlled as opposed to the official version.

Yarvin is not an easy read.  His writing style is expansive.  It reminds me of a spider spinning a web that spirals out and out until you can’t even remember where you started.  But I find him extremely interesting.


The Clear Pill, Part 1 of 5: The Four-Stroke Regime



The Great Awakening

In a recent post I stated that back in 2015 the Alt-Right/Dissident Right (or whatever your favorite term is) predicted that the identitarian politics and globalist economic policies of the Left would push the civic nationalists over the edge and radicalize them into their own identitarian group.  In that post I called it the Great Awakening.

The term Great Awakening is actually a description for several religious revivals that occurred in British North America and later in the United States between the 1730s and the late 1800s.  I am stealing the term to use for a completely different phenomenon.

What I am talking about is the phenomenon of normal apolitical Americans waking up to the fact that the Left has been systematically destroying this country for the last fifty years.  And that they’ve been doing it with the tacit approval of most of the Republican hierarchy for most of that time.  When I say the Left I am including the progressives that make up the Media, Academia, the various bureaucracies at the state and federal level that lately are being called the Deep State and all the other entrenched organizations that have been pushing a radical agenda that works for the destruction of the family and traditional life in general.

Up until recently, most normal people assumed that the way to resist these progressive institutions was to vote for the Republicans at the state and federal level and support their efforts to preserve traditional values and cultural norms.  But the Great Awakening was catalyzed by the spectacle of the 2016 election in which the mask finally dropped and we saw the republicans for what they really were.  They were the gate keepers for the Democrats.  They ensured that no matter who was elected the progressive agenda would continue unabated.  During that election Donald Trump called out all of the republican presidential candidates and exposed them for their weakness and lack of courage.  He identified illegal immigration as the weapon being used to destroy America and said he wasn’t afraid to fight against it.  And when the Republican voters threw him their support, the Republican Establishment showed their true colors and became the Never Trump movement and declared that they’d rather elect Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.

But even after voting for Donald Trump many Americans didn’t recognize the fact that they were personally the target of the progressive agenda.  Even after eight years of Barack Obama and all the hate and lies that attended his “fundamental transformation of America,” these sleepwalkers assumed that nothing could or should be done to change the trajectory of the culture.

Luckily for us there are two things happening to wake these sleepwalkers up.  The first is the President.  President Trump makes it a part of his duties to call out the progressive fanatics.  His bombastic style is an effective means for exposing the ugliness and stupidity of these people.

The other thing that is waking the sleepwalkers up is the acceleration of the Leftist agenda.  We now have immigrant congresswomen from the Middle East openly spouting anti-American and antisemitic sentiments openly.  And not being censured by their Democrat leaders.

And we also now have the transgender phenomenon on full display.  We have high school girls who’ve worked and trained to become competitive athletes being forced to compete against essentially men.  The dispiriting result of such an unfair practice is opening eyes even among communities that normally would have nothing to do with traditional groups.  A schism is opening up in the so-called LGBTQ community between lesbians and transgender supporters over the primacy of biological identity.

All these increasingly strident and unappealing spectacles are waking up normal Americans to the reality that the country is being hijacked by a concerted effort to undermine the normal way of life that makes life worth living.

So, what makes me think things are changing?  Look at the intersection of the two factors I mentioned above.  When AOC’s “Squad” started dumping on America, President Trump told them to go back to their dysfunctional craphole homes and fix them up before they complain about America.  And when the Media breathlessly interviewed Republican women expecting them to condemn the President they didn’t.  A few years ago, they would have.  But defending the Squad is a bridge too far.  Most Americans have had enough of strident leftists.  And this week when President Trump went after Representative Elijah Cummings for his inaccurate statements about the ICE border station and told him to spend more time improving the conditions in his own Baltimore congressional district most Republicans may have been uncomfortable but they could see the relevance of the comparison.

The worm has turned.  The Overton Window has shifted radically and the truth can now finally set you free.  President Trump has made it thinkable to call the Leftists on their lies and people are starting to do it.  And that neutralizes a big part of the scam that they’ve used on the right for the last fifty years.  And that will cause the whole thing to accelerate even more.

And that’s what I call the Great Awakening.  We’re waking up and finding out that the Emperor has no clothes and we don’t have to pretend anymore.  That doesn’t mean we automatically win.  We may find out that we’re outnumbered.  The awakening isn’t an end it’s a beginning.  We still need to figure out how we get what we want.  We’ll have to find out who we can work with and who we can’t.  But at least we’re awake.