H’T to the Conservative Treehouse for this Neil Oliver Video

Sundance over at the Conservative Treehouse started featuring Neil Oliver’s videos during the COVID  madness and I’ve become addicted to his talks.  This one is a good example of his style.  He weaves a tapestry of words that tell the story of a world being forced down a chute like cattle to the slaughter.  Kudos to Neil and kudos to Sundance.

Neil Oliver, The Great Resetters are Intent on Retaining Post-Pandemic Power and Control Through Fear and Finance

Russians End Gas Supply to Europe

Russia announced a week ago that after the economic sanctions that had been levelled against it would demand to be paid in rubles for all gas deliveries into Europe.  After the Europeans refused it was assumed the Russians would back down.  It appears that was mistaken.

After European nations imported the most gas from Russian sources yesterday in months, scrambling to stock up on supplies as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s deadline to either pay for gas in rubles (or be cut off) came and went, Russian gas giant Gazprom has officially halted all deliveries to Europe via the Yamal-Europe pipeline, a critical artery for European energy supplies.

This is a very interesting situation.  Will Germany back down and pay Russia in rubles?  Will this signal the beginning of negotiations between NATO and Russia?  Will Biden advise Zelensky to negotiate a quick settlement?  We shall see.

The ZMan Has a Very Good Post on “The Crisis.”

Basically his thesis is that when a government collapses during a crisis usually the external crisis is just a stressor revealing the internal crisis.  And that internal crisis is usually a long standing erosion of some quality that eventually will fail during an external crisis.  So for instance, in the Roman empire, the long term rot in the legions allowed the invading Germans and Huns to knock over the façade of military might.

It’s a very well written essay and might give people an idea of how we might see the Global American Empire begin to come apart.  America’s dominance on the world scene was predicated on the combination of American dominance in military, industrial and financial matters.  Now all three of those areas have been undermined by its own doing.  The Ukraine crisis may be the stressor that reveals America’s decline and maybe collapse.

A Multipolar World Might be the Answer to Cancel Culture

If an American film maker or author said that effeminate men were a disgraceful role model to show children in books or movies he would be finished overnight.  His movies or books would be burned in a bonfire at every university and Silicon Valley campus.  He would be banned on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.  He’d never work in Hollywood or have another book published and he might even have his credit cards and bank accounts shut down.

And yet Chinese leaders said that very thing a few months ago.  And Russia’s leaders express the same disdain for America’s LGBTQ fetish.  Hollywood has catered to the Chinese market for the last ten years at least.  They self-censor their movies to prevent offending Chinese sensibilities on politics and social subjects.  But when Hollywood hears Chinese leaders saying such things, they keep quiet.  Cancel culture can’t go after Xi Jinping.  First off because they need his money, secondly because he’s not ruled by Google.  China has control, strict control on its on-line ecosystem.  In America Facebook can cancel the President of the United States.  In China the General Secretary can cancel Facebook, or Twitter or any other tech presence that displeases him.

And moving beyond social media China has its own financial systems that are beginning to emerge out of the shadow of Western banks and the Fed’s dollar infrastructure.  Russia has recently negotiated a trade agreement that will allow it to sell oil and gas using China’s yuan currency instead of the dollar.  And likewise, instead of Visa and Mastercard, China has its own credit card platform (UnionPay) that Russia will be shifting over to.  Perhaps in the not-too-distant future American conservatives might find themselves using that same credit platform after they’ve been bounced out of the American credit systems.  We might have to pay a premium to do it but knowing that your livelihood isn’t at the mercy of social justice warriors would be incredibly liberating.

The next thing to explore is the cultural products of these other cultures.  Maybe the Russians and Chinese have movies and books that are more in line with the tastes of the cancelled conservatives living in the West.  I’d hate to think I’ll have to learn Mandarin and Russian to enjoy a comedy or a drama but technology can come to the rescue on that.  Seamless computer-generated voice and lip dubbing could create English language versions of foreign films in the near future.  It’s been at least twenty years since I could say that the majority of the best picture nominees for the Academy Awards were watchable.  Lately I doubt that even the target audience for these movies are interested in watching these pathetic excuses for entertainment.  I think it’s entirely possible that some non-Western country will rediscover the formulae that Golden Age Hollywood used to entertain the whole world in the 1930’s and -40’s.  We’re all entertained by the story of boy meets girl, not trans-boy meets trans-girl.  We want a crime story where the cops are the good guys, not a story of heroic Antifa burning down Portland.

Sure, the idea that we will have to depend on non-Western countries to provide us with commercial and cultural choices that we can’t find here in the cradle of freedom and land of capital opportunity is a rebuke of our civilization but as a practical consideration it would be the solution we need.  At least until sanity returns to the West.  Now it may turn out that choices will start to appear in America.  I’ve seen that payment processors have appeared that will defy the cancel culture police and cater to the deplorables.  Maybe soon movies will be created in America for normal men and women.  But even these innovations may be driven to some extent by the knowledge that some non-Western nations are immune to the attacks of the cancel culture warriors.  So, death to the global empire and long live cultural diversity, and down with the cancel culture.  At least until I get the whip hand, then we’ll see!

H/T to the Conservative Treehouse for Primer on Ukraine Politics

Sundance at the conservative Treehouse has many great links.  I never thought I’d be linking to a documentary made by Oliver Stone, the grandfather of the conspiracy theorists but I found this long (90 minutes) video very informative. Now without a doubt we are getting the Russian take on what happened in Ukraine but it looks like it describes pretty closely what happened in a “color revolution” staged by the CIA and the State Department.

And of course, the neocons and Joe Biden make their appearances.  I think Vladimir Putin is now my favorite evil dictator.  Maybe I looked into his eyes and saw his soul (or something).

Observations on a Sunday Night – Yeats Again

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre  

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere  

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst  

Are full of passionate intensity.


from The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats


Yeats was onto something all those years ago.  Russia and China are starting to cut the strings that attach themselves to the global entity.  It appears there will be other options to the woke organizing model.  Nationalist sensibilities and more traditional societal structures than the atomized Facebook model are beginning to assert itself outside the control of the US and Europe.  We may have a reached a tipping point with the sanctions against Russia and the reaction of Chinese.  The globalist project may have bitten off much more than they can chew.

First the collapse of Afghanistan.  Watching the debacle and hearing the reactions of the Left, confirms that their priority was turning a primitive Islamic state into an LGBTQ vacation destination.  They had no idea how impossible their vision of Afghanistan was.  Only American riflemen permitted the center of Kabul to pretend that the Taliban weren’t in control of more than half the country already.  And seeing the rout occur as it did; with desperate Afghanis plunging to their deaths from the wheels of departing military transport aircraft, suicide bombers murdering US servicemen and in misdirected and impotent retaliation, an American cruise missile killing an innocent Afghan family; demonstrated the delusional mindset of the globalists running this operation and their incompetence.

Second, the crashing of the American economy into stagflation.  The greens’ war against fossil fuels has ignited runaway inflation and this along with the other domestic crises caused by Leftist initiatives like the “defund the police” movement have alienated the voting population in a convincing manner.  The likelihood of a recession is already panicking Wall Street.  And the prospect of this crisis stretching out until 2025 may finally overcome even the stupidest American’s ability to believe in idiocy.

And finally, the CIA’s color revolution in the Ukraine and Biden’s decision to go to the mat against Putin with draconian sanctions may be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back and forces China and Russia to escape from the American dollar’s stranglehold on global economic activity.  If China begins to decouple its currency from the dollar, we may begin to see the true end of America’s economic primacy.

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.”  The incompetence of our globalist elites will be their downfall.  They espouse positions that are incompatible with a healthy society.  They are driving our civilization to ruin and in a hurry.  The only silver lining to this situation is that some dissident countries like Hungary and Poland may escape the toxic effects of the globalist entity and survive.  How they will align themselves with Russia and China and any other non-woke countries is an important question for the future.  Wouldn’t it be a strange circumstance if Russia and China, the former premier communist despotic regimes led the way to a league of independent nations that escape from the globalist prison house of nations.

“Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.”  That Yeats guy was a prophet.  I’ll use him repeatedly in the future.

The Global Project is Starting to Look Kind of Tattered

After the Soviet Union folded its tent, George H.W. Bush famously talked about a “new world order.”  Clinton and W. both allowed this new project to feed off the power of the United States until it was supposed to replace it with a global alliance of elites who floated above the nationalist concerns of the proles and harvested the fruits of the labor of whatever market would provide them at the lowest price; India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma and possibly the far side of the moon at some point in the future.  And in doing this they crushed the working-class citizens of the United States.  And now they’re doing the same to the middle class too.  But that’s unimportant.  A new managerial class is being imported into the United States to replace Americans as the white-collar servants of the managerial class.  And this imported help will work at a discount too.  So, it’s a win-win for the elites.  They’ve gotten rid of those pesky Americans with their outdated ideas of patriotism and freedom and replaced them with compliant foreigners who also work cheap.

Lately the proles have started to revolt.  They elected Trump and demanded Brexit.  But happily, order has been restored.  The 2020 election was enhanced (rigged) and the FBI is busy arresting anyone who protested against it.  Even the Canadians have resorted to gestapo tactics when their working-class people protested the vaccine mandates.

But a funny thing happened on the way to this New World Order. The elites have stepped on so many people that they may have splintered their own coalition of the aggrieved.  The afro-centric nature of the last couple of years of the resistance have stepped on the toes of several of the other constituencies.  The Latino and Asian populations are seeing their concerns ignored when they compete with how Black Lives Matters sees the priorities.  And feminists, especially lesbians, are outraged at how “trans-women” are being given rights and privileges that trample on female concerns.

The traditional religious beliefs in many ethnic groups, especially Latino groups are very unhappy with the homosexual agenda especially as it is being taught to their children.  And many communities including affluent whites are outraged at the inclusion of critical race theory (CRT) in the K-12 school curriculum.  And finally, going along with the BLM problems everyone living in cities are horrified by the elimination of effective policing in their neighborhoods.  Crime is epidemic and district attorneys refuse to prosecute almost any crimes committed in their urban jurisdictions to somehow compensate for alleged past inequities in black arrests and incarceration.

All these problems are now adding to the revolt against COVID mandates and the anger at double digit inflation and supply chain disruptions.  The citizenry of the United States (and other western countries) is terribly angry at the feckless behavior of their elite masters and they want change.

And now, just when things look like they couldn’t get worse the geniuses at NATO manage to piss off Vladimir Putin to the extent that he was willing to invade the Ukraine.  And this instability that will rock the financial markets and send the price of oil through the roof provides the final proof needed to assure the world that the leaders of the New World Order are idiots.  What they’ve managed to do is expose their enterprise as a sham.  They whittled away the strength and legitimacy of the American military and now it no longer provides the club they formerly depended on to force the other nations to follow their rules.  Russia and China and maybe soon Iran and Turkey will start to enforce their own rules in their neighborhoods.  Allies like Japan, South Korea and Germany will have to fend for themselves and look for other partners to provide security in their neighborhoods.

This loss of superpower status is going to have practical, negative effects on American companies and citizens.  Our safety abroad will decrease.  Our money will become less valuable.   The best and brightest will consider other countries as possible homes for themselves and their enterprises.  And there will be more groups interested in challenging our military capability, especially in asymmetric engagements (guerilla tactics).  And our primary adversaries will be looking for opportunities to weaken us further.

It’s too soon to be talking about the end of globalism but things seem to be picking up steam.  Possibly we may be reaching a tipping point at which a clear majority of the American public turns against the globalist project and demands a return to an America First agenda.  Of course, the Left may just work harder at perpetrating voting fraud.  And the Republican establishment is working overtime to rally the public for whatever new war the neocons can think up.  But it is possible that this confluence of horrible news and horrible policies might tip things beyond the control of the Uniparty.  I guess I’m an idealist.  Fingers crossed.

Enough is Enough

If living through this nightmare does only one good thing, it’s this.  It will give President Trump a mandate to end globalism once and for all.  Once we’re finally released from our cells, we’re going to want him to take whatever steps he can to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  And that’s quite a laundry list of things.  First off, it’s time to close not only the borders but the airline routes too.  Apparently Chinese New Year is the occasion for sending millions of Chinese back and forth from there to here just chock full of whatever pathogens have shown up in the wild game markets of China.  That must stop.  If China refuses to adhere to modern food hygiene then they should be treated like a plague city and kept at arm’s length.  Instituting a quarantine for travelers from China and similar places at the border for say, two weeks would go a long way to preventing another horrific outbreak like the one we’re suffering under now.  And because there’s no way of telling at the Mexican border where anyone comes from, we’ve got to end all the illegal immigration.  Not just sorta/kinda, but for real.  Use the state of emergency to shut down the border and if a judge says no then declare martial law and do it anyway.  The people will approve it.  And while we’re at it, suspend legal immigration for the time being.  It doesn’t make sense to be bringing people into the country during a catastrophe.

The next thing is to get Congress to declare all sorts of industries critical to Homeland Security and use a carrot and a stick to bring them back on shore.  And make it a very heavy stick.  Having our pharmaceuticals manufactured in China turns out to be a bad idea.  And manufacturing everything else there hasn’t helped either.  The President should do himself and us a favor and repatriate pharmaceuticals, automobiles, electronics, chemicals, metals, building supplies and just about everything else.  As far as I can tell we’ll need the jobs badly when this is over and the tens of millions of unemployed people are going to want growth in the economy and plenty of it.  And one good way to jump start something like that is to rebuild all the infrastructure that has virtually rotted away over the last fifty years of neglect.  Infrastructure projects have often in the past been boondoggles but compared to tossing trillions away to keep people sitting in their homes I doubt you could do worse.

Some will be worried that shifting production here could cause a worldwide depression.  I find that unconvincing.  The East Asian economies have their own domestic demand that is quite mature at this point and not having ten percent growth won’t kill them.  As for the rest of the developing world, if it’s not corona virus from China, it’s dengue fever from Guatemala or Ebola from the Congo.  We don’t need any more lessons in epidemiology.  We can see that plagues don’t mix well with a modern western democracy.  It’s time to roll up the welcome mat and tell everyone out there to stay home and fix their own damn problems.  And if it’s not too much to ask how about stop eating bats for a start.  Try chicken, it tastes the same.


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