H/T To the Conservative Treehouse for this link to Neil Oliver’s Christmas Story

Neil is a truly compelling speaker and he often captures in words the feelings we all have.  This poignant story of heroism is remarkable.  And his remarks afterward about saving ourselves in this world of useless “leaders” resonates with how I feel.



Kudos to Sundance for Featuring Neil Oliver Again

Sundance over at The Conservative Treehouse has been recovering from the hurricane in Florida that blew through his town.  It’s nice to see that he has resumed what appears to be full activity.

And it’s good to see that Neil Oliver has responded to the recent meltdown at 11 Downing St in London with passionate enthusiastic scorn for our elites and their endless plans to permanently subjugate us.  Boy, I wish I could talk like him.  He’s quite eloquent.  And often inspiring.  Not often you hear a conservative quoting Mike Tyson.  But it’s apt.

Neil Oliver, Every Elite Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face by The People


H’T to the Conservative Treehouse for this Neil Oliver Video

Sundance over at the Conservative Treehouse started featuring Neil Oliver’s videos during the COVID  madness and I’ve become addicted to his talks.  This one is a good example of his style.  He weaves a tapestry of words that tell the story of a world being forced down a chute like cattle to the slaughter.  Kudos to Neil and kudos to Sundance.

Neil Oliver, The Great Resetters are Intent on Retaining Post-Pandemic Power and Control Through Fear and Finance

The Latest Neil Oliver Talk

I’ve become a Neil Oliver junkie.  This guy is great.  Here he is just responding to the latest atrocities in the news and he sounds like a poetical voice of reason.  I don’t know if he is a Roman Catholic but I think he’d make a better Pope than that atheist Francis.  Just listening to his ten or fifteen minute talk lowers my blood pressure just knowing someone else in the world believes in normalcy.


H/T to the Conservative Treehouse – Neil Oliver’s Latest

Mr. Oliver starts out discussing the UK’s latest on-line censorship bill and says what he thinks about all this mind control.  But he ends with a declaration that it’s time we take control of our own lives and start living in the real world and work with like minded individuals to make our own lives what we want them to be.  Neil Oliver is an eloquent and a persuasive speaker but in this example the simple common sense of what he is saying rises above his eloquence and speaks directly to me.  He is echoing something I have been feeling lately.  It’s time for us to live our lives and avoid as best we can the occupied territory of the enemy and work around them.  That way we don’t waste our lives on purposefully useless and aggravating nonsense.

Bravo Mr. Oliver.

Neil Oliver Talks About Despots and Freedom

Since I first saw one of Neil Oliver’s videos on The Conservative Treehouse I’ve come to envy his amazing eloquence and his Scottish brogue.  But more than his language skills I enjoy his forthright defense of freedom.  I really don’t know his history or his specific political stripe but he has been passionate about standing against the anti-freedom forces array against him and us.

In this video he talks about how what’s happening in Ukraine is no longer the antithesis of how the West behaves.  After all if Joe Biden doesn’t like your politics he’ll send men with guns to throw you into prison and if you resist you’ll end up just as dead as a Ukrainian freedom fighter.