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Our current awful culture is still western culture.  Of course, it’s been dumbed down so that any idiot can sing along.  And it now includes a whole preface that tells everyone that Westen Culture is a terrible thing that destroyed the rest of the world and the people that invented it are monsters.

But essentially, the whole world is adopting this impoverished version of western culture.  And the stupidest people will fit in perfectly with it.  While waiting for my car’s oil changes, I’ve been forced to see some of the programming that exists out there.  Words cannot express the level of stupidity I witnessed.  These are people who must have to be told to start and stop chewing their food while they eat.  Vapid can’t begin to describe them.  It was physically painful to have to hear their conversation.  Chickens clucking around a farmyard pecking at droppings would tower as mental giants above these “tv celebrities.”

That’s the base line that our culture has established.  And I’m sure that setting the bar so low is doing incalculable damage to our civilization.  Children mimic what they see on screens.  That has been going on since the invention of moving pictures.  And with our high-definition video and ubiquitous internet connectivity young people spend countless hours watching idiots on TikTok and all the other venues for this mindless stuff.

But I think it’s a mistake to think that the lowest common denominator will define the complete spectrum of what our culture will consist of.  On the contrary, I think there will be a reaction to the lobotomizing of our society.  People will search out information and entertainment wherever they can find it.  And as much as social media tries to restrict everything to content that conforms to the narrative, reality will find a way to break through.  In fact, the taboo nature of the truth will make it that much more fascinating.  All it needs is the right packaging to make it seem more forbidden.

Of course, there is a bell curve that defines the distribution of intelligence and that creates a distribution of various types of content; from the example of the television morons I described above on the left side of the x-axis to complex mathematical course work at the far right.  People will search out the information they need and are interested in.

Without a doubt the “narrative” has done a lot of damage to the younger generations.  The millennials and those who came after them have been gaslit by their teachers into believing a lot of the political propaganda about western civilization and the environment.  And there will be a price paid for this indoctrination.  I think a larger than normal percentage of these kids will fail to marry and have children.  And this is regrettable but at this point I think it is inevitable.  This will be a bottleneck for our culture.  And this was intentional.  Adding this to the policy of encouraging millions of third world migrants to move here produces an environment where western culture will be weakened and attenuated.

But this is still a partial change.  The more gullible people will remove themselves from the gene pool and those who produce children will look for a culture that encourages human survival and excellence instead of the Greta Thunberg version.

Currently there is an effort being put forth by right-wing activists to cleanse some of the colleges of the leftist propagandists.  Notably Chris Rufo has been appointed a New College of Florida board member and has broken ground on how woke colleges can be purged of woke ideology and practices like DEI, critical race theory and all of the LGBTQ agenda.  I think this process is the best way to improve the state of our culture going forward.  Eliminating all of these dangerous concepts and practices like affirmative action will be necessary to repairing the damage done by the Left.

Of course, the question remains whether the Left will allow themselves to be displaced.  At the federal level they are in charge.  We should have an answer in 2024.  If the federal government remains in the hands of the Left, then only a partial geographical reversal of the dumbing down of western culture will be possible.  What will be interesting is what the Left’s areas; the east and west coasts, will look like after the areas have a chance to follow their differing philosophies.  Let’s say after a century of DEI will the people in California still be able to walk upright and use fire?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Et Tu Camera Girl?

The woman to whom I am married, the mother of my children and the one who serves me splendiferous food every day is not a conservative.  By this I don’t imply that she is a progressive.  Far from it.  She’s a traditionalist who saw her career as raising children, grandchildren and various creatures like dogs, birds, hamsters, lizards, turtles, frogs and hermit crabs.  But she knows nothing of politics and doesn’t want to.  She also refuses to vote.  Ever.

She claims to be an Italian American peasant woman and nothing else.  And after years of trying to explain to her why the country is going to hell in a handbasket and failing to interest her in any of it, I gave up.  Other than uttering expletives about Biden and company in her presence I’ve let things be.

So, I was caught off guard today when she asked me, “What is woke?”

I was sort of dumbfounded, for a minute I was speechless.  But then I took the opportunity to capitalize on South Park’s handy-dandy formulation.  I said, “You know how recently Disney decided to remake “Snow White” with a Snow White that isn’t White?  That’s what woke is.”  I then explained what diversity, equity and inclusion means and summed it up as basically anti-white hate.  I told her the theory is that because of past injustices we can’t treat people all the same but must discriminate against white people.  And just because I love listening to it I, I played her the video of Cartman endlessly saying, “Put a chick in it and make her gay and lame.”

And afterward she said she understood.  I started to expand on how things like Drag Queen Story Hour and pediatric transgender affirming surgery were also the fruits of “woke” but at that point she had heard enough and moved on to other activities that were more pressing to her like getting the dogs out for some exercise.

So, I reflected on this strange situation.  Had the revolt against wokeness reached such a dominant place in American life that even an apolitical soul like Camera Girl had been exposed to it in her daily on-line routine which mostly revolved around basset hound and cooking videos?  I had to assume it was the case.  And now the outrage over the obvious idiocy of the policies being applied was no longer stoppable.  Powerful companies like Disney were being mocked openly and regular people were aware of the worthlessness of these policies.  Even the staunch defenders of the woke ideology have a hard time defending some of the transparently awful results.

Maybe we have finally reached the tipping point.  I thought the straw that broke the camel’s back would be the pediatric transgender clinics.  I assumed anything that dystopian and monstrous would wake up the masses and have them grab the torches and pitchforks and storm the barricades.  But if South Park and the race swapping of Jake from State Farm have to be the trigger then I say why not?  Is it any stranger than the Boston Tea Party?  Give me liberty or give me death or maybe put a chick in it and make her gay and lame.

Off the Cuff

Writing a daily post is a daunting task.  I’ve been writing this blog for over five years.  Granted these have been very unusual even unique times with strange things happening quite often.  Things like a national pandemic lockdown and nationwide, FBI approved race riots and looting.  Things like these give you a lot to think and write about.  And a politician like Donald Trump and the response of the administrative state to him is pretty unique.  Granted there are similarities to what happened to Richard Nixon but the reaction to Trump is orders of magnitude more violent and nakedly partisan.

All that being said eventually you run out of ways to say the same things differently.

Eventually what you find yourself writing is almost a stream of consciousness of what you are thinking as you experience the world around you.  And the trick is to make what you write relatable enough and interesting enough that other people will find it worthwhile to read.

Well, that’s a tall order.  How many times can you say that Joe Biden is a lying, thieving, senile shell of a hack politician?  Everybody in both parties knows it.  Even the people who vote for him, even the people who work for him don’t mistake him for an honest man or a talented individual.  They know he’s a hack who hung on long enough for the crooked party he works for to punch his ticket one last time.  It’s been said too many times to be interesting.

And likewise for discussions of Congress, the administrative state, the woke corporate world, the fake news media and on and on.  It has all been said.

So, what I’ll do from now on is talk about whatever pops into my head.  Maybe a news story will interest me.  Something about crime or something about reform.  Maybe it’ll be a piece of bad news or good news.  I’ll say what it makes me think or feel.  I’ll just look at the world as if it were the viewfinder of my camera and if I think it’s an interesting composition, I’ll snap the picture.  And just like trying to take a different picture every day is damn difficult so will telling a different story every day.  But every picture is slightly different.  And so, finding a new story is always possible too.

The thing that I was thinking about today was the Anti-Israel demonstrations and the reaction of Jewish Americans.  Bari Weiss had an essay about DEI and the current state of progressive politics.

She was and is a progressive.  But she has seen the radicalization of the Democratic party and this has had an effect on her.  It has frightened her into seeing where all the progressive programs that she formerly supported have led.  And so, she renounces what she thinks of as the overreach of progressivism; wokeism.

“It is time to end DEI for good. No more standing by as people are encouraged to segregate themselves. No more forced declarations that you will prioritize identity over excellence. No more compelled speech. No more going along with little lies for the sake of being polite.”

But the problem is how do you do that if you still keep voting for Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump?  And she (and the people in her comments section) have no answer to this.  Now this is not to say that all Jewish Americans vote Democrat.  I personally have Jewish friends who vote Trump and are conservative in general.  But Jewish progressives and progressives in general who are shocked by the support for Hamas will not be motivated by their shock to vote Republican.  They will look for a Democrat who will rescue them from Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.  But they won’t find one.  Just look at the White House’s answer to questions about antisemitic attacks and threats over the last few weeks.  Karine Jean-Pierre’s answer was that the administration was aware of the high numbers of Islamophobic incidents that had occurred recently.  In other words, in the intersectionality calculus Muslim public opinion was more important than Jewish public opinion.  No one would do anything to stop the demonstrations and acts of violence.  Basically, their importance isn’t high enough to protect them from the group with higher intersectional value.  And Weiss addresses this:

“People were to be given authority in this new order not in recognition of their gifts, hard work, accomplishments, or contributions to society, but in inverse proportion to the disadvantages their group had suffered, as defined by radical ideologues. According to them, as James Kirchick concisely put it: “Muslim > gay, black > female, and everybody > the Jews.””

And the impact of this hierarchy has been on display with anger over these inequalities in several groups in the leftist coalition.  Women and even lesbians are angry over the privileges “trans-women” receive in being considered actual women.  They get to compete in women’s sports where they have unbeatable physical advantages over actual girls and women.  And they demand that lesbians accept them as sexual partners regardless of the fact that they possess male genitalia.  Inner city black and Hispanic poor are outraged that illegal aliens are provided with housing and benefits that take away resources from them.  Asians are being discriminated against in education on account of their academic discipline and aptitude.  And finally white women are finding themselves treated almost as badly as white men because of their “whiteness.”

So, all of these groups are suddenly waking up to the unfairness of the woke agenda.  But guess what?  They won’t be voting for Donald Trump.  It will take tremendous dislocation and pain brought about by the Democratic agenda to finally get any of these people to vote out the Democrats.

They hate Donald Trump viscerally.  He “irks” them.  Just seeing his face makes them angry.  When they get into the voting booth their programming will kick in and Joe Biden will get their vote.  Because of that we are all going to have to suffer a whole bunch more before any of this will end.  Strap in.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Guest Contributor – Chemist – 09NOV2023 – Woke Hierarchy

photog – 

That dopey girl was as pale as milk. Where exactly is she indigenous to? I think that cop showed admirable restraint. I doubt I could have done as well. Bottom line, if you drive drunk, regardless whether you’re non-binary or a scarlet-bottomed baboon you have to be pulled off the road.


In reply to photog –

Well, yes. She is pasty white. She’s also obese, unattractive and not too bright. So how does she get ahead? By claiming to be part of an oppressed minority.
To quote Bari Weiss:
“People were to be given authority in this new order not in recognition of their gifts, hard work, accomplishments, or contributions to society, but in inverse proportion to the disadvantages their group had suffered, as defined by radical ideologues. According to them, as James Kirchick concisely put it: ‘Muslim > gay, black > female, and everybody > the Jews.’”
She is never going to be successful based on looks or intellect so the only thing left is race pandering. What’s a pasty white girl to do when she is not a minority?
Just claim to be one!
Hey! It worked for a Elizabeth Warren. She is a pasty white female of below average intelligence who turned her claim of Native American lineage (Verified by her high cheek bones!) into a Harvard professorship and a seat in the senate.

“I Have Very Bad Social Anxieties”


H/T to Larry Correia’s X feed for this clip.  Here’s a cop giving a sobriety test to someone who was driving on a highway in the wrong direction.  Her list of reasons was she was new to the area (two months), indigenous, non-binary, mental and had very bad social anxieties.

She also couldn’t walk a straight line so even though the cop was “being a white man” he still cuffed her and we assume dragged her off to jail.

My favorite moment is when he calls her ma’am for the second time and she tells him how triggering that is for her.


Smh man#arrest #policeofficer #fyp #bodycam #policeclips #bodycamfootage

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Rufo’s Short Film on the “Cluster B Society”

Christopher Rufo has made a ten minute video claiming to define the current psychopathology of the Left as the “Cluster B Society.”  It describes four different personality disorders that taken together allow for the phenomena that we see at work in the world today.  And being an academic he is able to draw the clearest examples from the college campus where narcissists, border-line personalities, sociopaths and hysterics have indeed captured the campus and established their own stable institutions that everyone else there must endure.

I don’t find myself competent to judge the accuracy or the importance of the details that Rufo is using to prove his thesis about the particular personality types that he points to in this video.  But the overall effect that he describes is familiar to everyone who has lived through the last ten years.  The feminized and hysterics-driven environment we find ourselves in is all too clear to those of us who grew up in a much saner world.

I’m not sure who is the audience for this video.  Maybe those with a grounding in psychology.  Even lacking that background I found it interesting.  But I’m not sure how it can be used to change the problem.  But I acknowledge that Rufo might find this explanation for the dysfunctional campus useful for someone like himself who is attempting to purge a particular college of its shrieking madwomen.  Kudos to him for that.

Tim Pool Clarifies the Commercial/Sexual Hierarchy

I suspected this but it’s good to have confirmation.  But what about Miller Lite?  Are their drinkers just hen-pecked?  Seriously, I’m curious to see if the Bud Light boycott success can be duplicated with Target.  I think the effect will be much smaller.  But with the current economy maybe even a small downturn might be significant.

Another Company Had a Feminist Scold Speaking for Them. Oops.

German gun maker Heckler and Koch must have had a woman on their marketing team typing away on Twitter when she decided to put in her two cents about Miller Lite’s war on bikini models.  Eventually someone with a brain caught onto what was going on and deleted the offending tweets.  And then they put up the tweet at the bottom of this post to distance themselves from the statement.  It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

And the reactions


Miller Watched Budweiser’s Faceplant and Said, “Hold My Beer”

I guess Miller doesn’t need normal men drinking their beer.  They saw the Bud Light debacle as a blueprint for their path forward in the American beer market.  From now on women and gay men will be their audience.  Hey, maybe they know what they’re doing.  But guys, let’s help them out and give all our business to the first beer company who says they like us as customers and don’t want to insult us.