A Reckoning

Watching the bizarre scenes from the various campus “protests,” I thought, what a strange point in American history.  America conquers the world and then tries to swallow the world.  But in the process, loses its soul.  Or maybe its identity.  Or more exactly its elites try to cast off the European based identity of the western world in order to fool the world into thinking the West equals the world.  And maybe it’s a brilliant ploy that would cement the entire world into eternal subservience to the elites.

But it also means that we, the regular people, become no one.  The New Testament (Mark 8:36) says, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”  And we’re not even the ones gaining the whole world.  We’re just losing the little bit we had.

These geniuses who run everything.  These billionaires playing ten-dimensional chess with artificial intelligence; pulverizing and homogenizing all the human bits of the world into a gray paste that they can sell back to us in a plastic bottle; have it all figured out.  TikTok is the new rock and roll.  They hypnotize the kids by selling them this vapid product by the minute or the fifteen second, whatever happens to be the attention span they’ve reduced their audience to.

And this is nothing completely new.  The mass culture has been selling this since the invention of the phonograph and the motion picture.  What’s new has been the removal of anything resembling the original American or even Western culture.  What’s left is pathetic.  Childish at best.  More like infantile.  Dysfunctional and ranging into deviance in multiple directions.  It’s as if the intention is to divert a whole generation into a dead end where they will be dependent on the government to keep them alive but completely helpless.

And I think they’ve been successful.  Most of the next generation are doomed to a marginal existence that will not include marriage, home ownership or children.  They are a termination.

So, the important question is how to pluck your own family and friends out of this dead end and put them on the path to life?  I guess you have to do it every day.  You have to preach the good word of normalcy.  Tell the kids that the real secret of life is to make yourself a useful, capable human being and then find a mate and build a family.  And try to encourage them to strive for the things that are hard to do.  And by all means provide moral and financial support and advice when you think you have information that they lack.

Watching those morons on the campuses act out their Che Guevera pantomime has been a fascinating reminder that since the Occupy Wall Street movement back in the Obama era we have been watching a lost generation demanding that the government pick them up off the playground floor and give them their pudding cup to soothe them for being complete losers.  They want Communism not because they think it’s just but because they’re too lazy and stupid to even try to live.

The red states are going to have to cut off welfare to the useless so that these people will retreat to the blue states where they can be stacked up in two by six cubicles, fed their daily ration of crickets and narcotized with porn and pot as they await the blessed release of death.  All of these people will have to be swept away.  They don’t want to live.  They just want to be plugged into their matrix.

There’s no way to keep this absurd thing going.  There has got to be a reckoning.

A Self-Correcting Problem

Most of the end of civilization stuff seems overly dramatic.  The dysfunction we see around us is distressing but somehow the lights stay on and the stores still have overpriced hamburger meat and eggs on their shelves.  And although it seems like the kids have given up on living the lifestyle their parents and grandparents had, well, they still seem to feed themselves and have the latest Apple electronics when they complain about their poverty.

So, it’s interesting to think about just how much life in these United States will differ from even today in let’s say a decade.  In 2034 what will be radically different?

Well, for one thing the oldest Millennials will be well advanced into middle age.  For instance, the crop from 1980 will be fifty-four years old and retirement will be on a lot of their minds.  The ones who didn’t get married or have children are maybe looking around at the world they “saved” by refusing to procreate and may be discovering that the world has completely passed them by.  What might that situation do to their world view?  Well, maybe very little.  After all, when you’ve opted out of family life it doesn’t much matter whether you’re sixteen or sixty-six.  You can still spend most of your time sitting in front of a computer screen playing some game or other.  And in fact, playing video games is a viable option even when you’re eighty-six.  So, a large proportion of Millennials will probably check out on the couch, joy stick in hand and eventually be scraped off the furniture and carted off to the Soylent Green plant without anyone even knowing they were gone.  And the Millennial cat ladies will suffer a similar fate.  Except in their case, they’ll provide a temporary source of cat food for their feline roommates.

But there will be a subset of the Millennials that buck the trend and have families.  And they’re the ones that will determine what the future looks like.  If like some of the parents of Zoomers that we read about, they sacrifice their kids on the altar of woke parenting then basically all they will accomplish is a one generation reprieve from the extinction of their genetic lines.  Their children will follow the majority of their parents’ cohort down that sterile avenue to childless oblivion.

But the fraction of Millennials that succeed in bringing up their children with normal old-fashioned values and priorities will inherit the Earth.  Think of it.  The Millennials were an echo of the Baby Boom.  Not as numerous but still the largest cohort currently on the scene.  If they only produce a small generation of children and most of them fail to reproduce, then the ones that do will be an island of youth in a sea of old dead-enders.  They will be the only game in town.  They will be the future.  And maybe that will put an end to all of this anti-human nonsense that the Gaia worshippers have invented.  Maybe when Greta Thunberg hears her biological clock stop ticking, she will realize that she’s been sold a bill of goods by the Left and wasted her life fighting a moronic war against human flourishing.  Hopefully when she reaches fifty, she can watch a video clip of herself hectoring some government panel, “How dare you destroy my childhood by providing modern inventions to allow me to live beyond neolithic conditions which are all I deserve!”  I’ll already be gone but maybe historians can get a statement from her to act as a cautionary tale for future young idiots.

So even if the luddites get rid of gasoline cars and force us to eat crickets, I think the demographic trends will bring about a changing of the guard that will favor rationality and begin to eliminate those who bought into the anti-human cult that currently has most of the young under its sway.

That’s not to say that this irrational mindset won’t have damaged this country and the rest of western civilization terribly.  It will have.  There’s no way now to prevent the damage.  But in some senses, it will be a self-correcting problem.  Basically, the sane will inherit the Earth.

Generation Skink

Joe Biden has been officially declared senile by a federal special prosecutor.  And because of that he’s allowed to break the laws surrounding classified documents.  When I heard that, I think I felt like the district attorney did at the end of the courtroom scene in the movie “Miracle on 34th Street.”  It’s when the defense attorney reads off the official mandate for the post office to only deliver mail to the correct recipient and then he has thousands of letters to Santa Claus poured onto the judge’s desk.  It’s absurdity stacked onto absurdity until it all comes tumbling down.

Look, it’s all too much.  Even the Democrats who are running the lawfare can’t keep track anymore of where the landmines are buried.  The only thing they haven’t unleashed yet are killer drones with Donald Trump’s face programmed in as the target.

So here is the sad, impoverished remnant of America that the Left and their corporate lackeys have created.  Everyone not in the 1% is struggling just to feed and house themselves, with nothing left of the American Dream whatsoever.  So now Generations Y and Z will get to see what it means to own nothing and be glad.  Glad will just be code for powerless.

I’m very interested to see if they’re really as “with the program” as their representatives on the news say they are.  From my point of view living in a closet and eating crickets seems like a fate worse than death.  Even in the depths of the Great Depression I think the lowliest American aspired to better than eating bugs.  So, I’d like to believe that our descendants haven’t devolved into creatures that eat the same food as our pets.

So that’s what I’m interested in finding out during this election year.  Because I guess that Donald Trump might make a pitch to the younger people.  If I were creating his commercials, I’d show stock footage of people living during 1980s and 1990s and highlight the fact that they lived in houses and ate meat and drove cars that didn’t have to be plugged in for ten hours at a time.  I think he could make the case that living like the generations before them is a relatively simple decision.  You just have to vote for people who believe that Americans deserve to live in the modern world and not move back to the medieval period.

Now maybe it’s too late.  Maybe the kids have become bug-eaters and they don’t mind living in a box.  If that’s the case then very shortly all of the old world will be phased out along with internal combustion engines and freedom of speech.  So, it should be very interesting to see what happens in November.  I’ll have to say a part of me wants it to happen so I can stop thinking about it.  If the Dems take the White House, then only red state residents will still be free and we’ll get to see if they have the guts to finally make a stand.

So, bring it on.  Dementia Joe or Gavin Newsom or Hillary Clinton or even Santa Claus.  It doesn’t matter.  If this direction is the way that the young people want to go then I won’t be able to care about this country because their point of view is just too pathetic for me to consider.  Americans, if they had anything they always had pride.  Anyone who eats crickets and lives in a box by definition has no pride.  So, make your choice kids, are you Americans or some kind of pet lizard.

Another Ticking Time Bomb Goes Off

Posted July 6th 2022

Re-Posted for Updates July 9th 2022

I was reading about the latest maniac, Robert Crimo who killed those people in the July 4th parade in Illinois.  Of course, no one knew he was crazy.  But back in 2019 he attempted suicide and later stated he was going to “kill everyone.”  How is that not the warning sign needed to alert the authorities that they are dealing with someone insane?  And if you’re this kid’s father, how do you not try and save your kid from himself.  Maybe the answer is that he was taking something that made him crazy.  Nowadays I guess that’s likely.  Maybe his family did try.  Maybe they even thought he had improved.  I wonder.  I know the world has become a bleak place for the young.  Opportunities for marriage and success in business are sadly reduced.  Add on the boredom and isolation caused by the COVID folly I can see why depression and mental illness must be rampant.  But he was only 21.  Had his family already given up on him?

And if they had maybe they should have at least warned the cops that he wasn’t safe for gun ownership.  That seems like the bare minimum they could have done.  After his suicide attempt, I imagine he was put on at least anti-depressants.  Shouldn’t something like that be enough to make his family think they were dealing with a dangerous individual?  And after looking at the social media videos where he basically signaled that he was going to commit a gun massacre wouldn’t his family know time was running out?

I don’t know.  Maybe I’m uninformed.  Maybe the country is filled with 21-year-old zombies with dead eyes and lives so empty of human contact and hope that going on a killing spree is their highest aspiration in life.  If that’ so then we’re already doomed as a country.  If our kids are ready to check out at 21 then maybe we should give up and let the Guatemalans and Nigerians have the place.  Probably most of them aren’t ready to give up the ghost at 21.

Even though this is the hundredth time this scenario has played out this should be a wake-up call for anyone with a troubled kid to wrack your brain to find some way to connect with him and put him on another path.  Of course, don’t wait until 21 or 18 or even 12.  Stay involved in your kid’s life and push him in the right direction.  Look for the danger signs in his behavior and the friends he associates with.  Don’t let him be alone all the time.  If he has no one else then you be his friend.  Do things together.  Join groups together to allow him to make connections to the world.  Look at his social media posts.  Don’t let him live his life on-line.  Show him there’s a larger world filled with other people.

This stuff is horrible.  We have a sick world.  And the sickness goes after the young.  If you have children and grandchildren pay attention.  It’s dangerous for the young out there.  Keep an eye on them.  It could save their lives.



This nut job threatened to kill his entire family in 2019. The cops removed dozens of knives and edged weapons from the home but did not arrest.
Then his father (one of the people he threatened to kill) signed off on an Illinois State Firearms Ownership Identification card (FOID) which is necessary to even touch a firearm in the great state of Illinois.
He posted videos of his rants about wanting to kill people and even posted the parade route.
So, to answer your question Photog: His family knew. The cops knew. Facebook knew. And nobody did anything.


Milo Mindbender

SSRI class drugs have been used on 2 generations to replace learning coping skills with happy pills. When someone stops taking their meds for whatever reason they are not emotionally or intellectually equipped to deal with the real world they just plunged into. Big pharma has a PR team that suppress any linking of the use of SSRI class pharmaceuticals and “they just snapped” shooter/driver/arsonist in an attempt to stay out of the conversation and courtroom.
“Known to Law Enforcement” is almost becoming a mantra with the shooters, and needs to be looked at seriously. Red Flag laws as they are written now are too ambiguous and open to exploitation by vindictive Ex’s, neighbors, political appointees, and generally violate any American concept of “Innocent until judged Guilty”.
This is my opinion based on the observations in the real world, and only has to fit me comfortably. Your mileage may vary.


War PIg

It would be interesting to see if he was on antidepressants. He may have gotten control of himself so that it was assumed he was okay. Then, the side effects caused him issues so he stopped taking them or did not have the money and told no one. Young people are overprescribed and when they quit or run out they can be suicidal or murderous. I do not think these drugs should be administered outside of a controlled environment, but there is not enough bed space for all the people taking them. A conundrum indeed. I put these psychosis down to overpopulation. Americans do jot take well to being crowded. That and the political left’s attempts to destabilize the nation.



Culture Future Shock

Today I had to bring my car into the local Dunwich auto shop for some routine maintenance.  I dutifully signed my name to the work invoice without pricing and shuffled over to the waiting area with its free coffee station, now coffee-less because of COVID and the free popcorn which is likewise sans popcorn.

They’ve got a hi-def 80-inch tv that plays millennium talk shows endlessly so I knew to bring a book to read and sit in one of the chairs facing away from the screen.  But unfortunately, it was a technical book that required pretty serious concentration to follow the thread of the argument and what I found was the tv was horribly distracting.  I could hear these three voices jabbering and crooning at each other in a patois that I assume was hip-hop speak.  I tried my best to tune it out but the tv was blaring at 80 decibels and these three bozos were shouting at the top of their lungs as if what they were saying was some life and death matter.

Finally, I gave up trying to read and I figured I’d just vegetate and that way the tv wouldn’t be such a nuisance.  But I couldn’t do that either.  Now I couldn’t even distract myself with the hopeless task of reading the book.  Now I couldn’t help hearing their moronic conversation.  And the true stupidity of what they were saying hit home.  They were a popular culture review program.  They were reviewing things like some kind of hip-hop award ceremony and the associated red carpet activity.

The descriptions were hard to understand because it was larded with words that, though English, were being used in senses that you could not find in a dictionary.  Although maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe the urban dictionary was invented for these meanings.  As an example, they were describing the probably pornographic outfit and “dancing” that one female rapper was wearing at the afterparty and they were full of approbation for this sight and they kept saying that she was “always giving.”  And I couldn’t quite imagine what “giving” referred to.  I think it involved not covering up her primary and secondary sex organs but I wasn’t completely sure.

I did understand what twerking was.  That detail was something that Miley Cyrus explained back in 2016 when she was campaigning for Hillary Clinton.  Now it appears to be as routine a part of hip-hop activity as to be the equivalent of saying hello.  Anyway, the awfulness of the discussion never got better.  And I found that I was becoming increasingly aggravated by listening to these cretins.  So, I got up and turned around to see who these people were and who was watching this crap on the screen.

The three “hosts” were somewhat young.  There was a black woman, a Latina and a gay black man dressed in spandex with a bow in his hair.  Then I looked at the audience.  There were four guys between the ages of about forty and sixty.  And they were sitting there with glazed over expressions.  I read my audience and acted.  I went over to the side of the flat screen and hit the power button.  The screen went black and the voices ended.  All four men looked up at me surprised.  But then one guy smiled and said “Thank you.”

I got back to my seat and started to read my book.  But I half expected someone to turn the tv back on and was resigned to waiting outside in the hot noon time sun just to avoid listening to any more of that drivel.  But it never came back on.  And I couldn’t concentrate on my book.  I was thinking about the putrid level our culture has reached.  And it wasn’t even just the perversity of the subject matter.  It was the abysmal level of the discussion.  These people weren’t just vapid.  They were clearly morons.  Communicating with them would be like trying to discuss politics or morality with a cow or a horse.  Absurd.

I sometimes feel that the Dissident Right exaggerates the falling off of intelligence in the new America.  After all, the baby boomers had their weird and moronic cultural moments when they were young.  No one could claim that watching “The Monkees” was an intellectual pursuit.  But this is different.  This is the victory of stupidity.  This is the mainstreaming of dimwit chic.

Well, I did get to see something of the world today.  But it wasn’t good.

Culture Wars are Long Wars – An Essay by Tanner Greer

This fellow provides supporting evidence for his thesis that the culture war has permanently captured the millennial generation and the people we need to convince and convert are Gen Z.  So his theory is that as the millennials take over the running of the country their belief in socialism and woke morality will be the orthodoxy of this society and it will take another generation to escape from it.  That’s a pretty sobering thought.  If you’re interested in theories on how orthodoxies become established and then overthrown take a look.

Culture Wars are Long Wars



Television as a Metaphor

Camera Girl likes police procedurals.  She watches Blue Bloods, NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles.  I used to watch Blue Bloods too, until the progressive propaganda became too annoying.  But recently she was watching an episode of NCIS and I was trapped on a computer in the same room.  And because of what I saw and heard I have determined that these shows are now written for an audience of fourteen-year-old girls.

It was so pathetic it was embarrassing to watch.  The men and women were like a table of freshmen high school girls.  “If you like me then I’ll like you.”  The whole show was just the allegedly highly professional and deadly agents of NCIS snickering and gossiping about whether the pretty girl and the cool guy are dating or not.

So, I confronted Camera Girl.  I said, “What the hell is this?  Is this what this show is all about, a Dating Game with handcuffs?”  Well maybe I didn’t say exactly that.  But it was very sarcastic and very clever, whatever it was.  And she was very defensive and swore that it was usually all murders and forensics and gunplay.  And I gave her a cold and very knowing “hah!”

Now maybe I did accidentally see the one silly episode of the season.  But the odds say that isn’t the case.  What’s clearly the case is that the people writing these shows are millennials and they’re writing them for millennials.  And I guess that makes sense from a demographic and commercial perspective.  But at the same time, it is an indictment of a whole generation.  This means that the women and the men of Gen Y are infantilized idiots.  Even a show that’s whole reason for existing is to provide an action-adventure story has been turned into Archie Comics.  Jughead, Archie, Veronica and all the gang are hanging out at the malt shoppe talking about whose going with whom to the high school prom and trying to stop Al Qaeda from blowing up Joe Biden.

It’s a minor point and you might say, “Who cares?”  Fair enough, tv always sucked anyway.  But it’s just another marker to show that the people who are now the grown-ups aren’t.  They aren’t grown-ups.  They aren’t ready to take over the world.  And they aren’t going to make it.

Our society is infantile and it’s not a world that can be handled by infants.  Watching the millennials in Antifa play acting a riot and the authorities letting them do it tells me that we have ceased to transact our business in a business-like manner.  What is currently happening is a choreographed piece of theater that the millennials can point to as the reason for why things will have to change.  This is the fig leaf that they will point to as the reason why a corporate/bureaucratic managerial state will take over everything and they’ll just do as they’re told.  A whole generation feels unqualified to do anything and that’s that.

I’m not sure there is anything that can be done about these people.  I think they’re hopeless in every sense of that word.  They’re probably relieved that they can just declare themselves the losers and go home to their tiny shared apartments and spend their unemployment check to buy their meager meals and wait to shrivel up and quietly die, thereby saving resources for Gaia.

Well, despite what the Gospel says the meek will not inherit the earth.  The strong will.  The Chinese are not impressed by Gaia or Antifa or Twitter.  They are looking to expand and they are not worried about anybody’s feelings.  They will push aside these weak fools very quickly and the fools will get their wish, poverty and oblivion.

Now how do we get out from under this?  Damned if I know.  Maybe we really can separate ourselves from them.  In fact, we have to.  If we don’t, we will be swallowed up in the ruin that they are making of our world.  They are willing to hand things over to the machines and those machines will grind them up and use them for a lubricant.

Well, I’ve complained enough.  It’s not as if tv was ever much good anyway.   But it is good for one thing.

The Only Ones Who Can End the Woke Era Are Teenagers

The demographic that supports all of the agenda of the Left and actually believes all of the nonsense that it espouses is the millennials.  And I don’t think those people can be persuaded.  They believe in the narrative being sold by their teachers and professors and the authorities that run the social media sites that they spend so much time on.  But how about the next generation?  Who is to say that they can’t be awakened to what’s going on?  Sure, they’re also exposed to the same propaganda.  In fact the brain washing has been turned up by an order of magnitude in the last couple of years.  But why shouldn’t we try to present our message as a counter-program to what they’re learning.  Kids do enjoy rebelling against the cultural norms they’re fed.  What easier thing could there be than feeding into the normal behaviors that young people already have and show how this refutes the make-believe things that the Left is trying to teach them?

Everything from transgenderism to white privilege to defunding the police are very easy for even middle school kids to understand.  We’ll have to include the idea that this information is taboo in school and kids will have to discuss these things outside the hearing of their teachers but that will only make the message that much more enticing.  And we can take advantage of all the most ludicrous aspects of the woke religion to prove our case and all these things will appeal to the impressionable minds of young people.

As an example, if you wanted to explain to a girl why it would be unfair for “transgender” girls to compete against real girls all you would need is a video clip of what these “girls” look like and how they compare in speed and strength to real girls.  If you want to explain the danger of allowing children to decide about puberty blocking drugs, mastectomies and castration just find any of the articles written by people who went through these medical procedures and then realized it was a horrible mistake after it was too late.  If you want to convince a kid what it would mean if the police were defunded show them some video clips of what’s going on in the blue cities that are cowering down to the BLM mobs.  The riots and looting, the old ladies being assaulted by the black kids playing the knockout game.  It’ll be pretty easy.

But as I said, you’ll have to let the kids know that this is forbidden knowledge and they’ll have to keep quiet in the classroom if they don’t want to be cancelled.  But I guarantee it’ll still be fascinating to these young people.  Forbidden knowledge always is.  And since virtually none of this can exist on social media it will have to be delivered either on private websites or even face to face.  But you know what they say, “The truth shall set you free.”  And that’s what we need, more truth and more freedom.

Woke World – A Modest Proposal

For the most part I have not interacted with BLM or Antifa.  No one has marched outside my home or tried to burn down any stores or other businesses in my town.  And that’s understandable.  I live, as I’m fond of saying, twenty minutes from anywhere.  And that’s being generous with the definition of anywhere.  Because even that barely gets you to small town status.  I haven’t interacted with them and I hope it stays that way.  These people are dangerous and disgusting human beings.  They are holding hostage large swaths of the United States of America.

But who I have met, are the woke kids that have a semi-coherent lifestyle.  I worked until recently with a millennial who proudly admitted that he would never consider having children because humans are an affront to Gaia.  I cheerfully thanked him for providing the extra space and resources for my growing number of descendants and other close relatives.  This did not seem to please him.

As far as his “decision” to forego reproduction, looking at him I really didn’t think the risk of procreation was a terribly high for him.  There might be female humans who might agree to sharing a restaurant table during a company team building exercise but I’m pretty sure that the negotiations associated with setting up a human being manufacturing joint venture would not fall within his area of competency.  I think legally and biologically he was a man but having grown up in a household of six brothers I could pretty easily say that there was something missing.  Basically, he was spiritless.  He was whiny and preoccupied with all the things that were wrong with the world.  Listening to him it sounded like what he didn’t like was people living their lives the way they wanted.  Apparently, he had better things for them to do than raising their families and trying to enjoy their lives.  He had all kinds of restrictions he wanted them to embrace.  He had things he didn’t want them to eat, ride in, live in, buy, sell, heat their houses with, cool their houses with, cleaning their bodies and carrying their groceries with.  It was a remarkably comprehensive list of things that would cast them back to the eighteenth century.  But most importantly he desired them to stop having children, or if they must, limit it to one child.  I think his fondest hope was to bring the world population down to zero within his lifetime.  In other words, he was a very sad little man.  And remember this was a guy who held down a job.  Granted, he was a drone who guarded his tiny clerical turf as if he were Tsar of All the Russias but he got up most days and showed up at his desk to annoy dozens of people a day.  Within his circles I think he was a rock star.

Compare that to the mental defectives that are holed up in Seattle and Portland living in tents and defecating in public parks while harassing people trying to earn their daily bread.  These are people who deserve to be studied carefully with the object of finding a solution to their problems.  I am of the opinion that legislation should be written and passed to set up a game preserve somewhere in the Pacific Northwest that can be surrounded with a sixty-foot-tall electrified fence like the one they put around the T. Rex enclosure in the Jurassic Park movie.  The preserve could be stocked with soy beans and almond trees and these very weird people could be allowed to live out their horrifying lives without harming actual human beings.  I would even be willing to pipe in potable water and provide them with all the camping gear they needed.  Hell, I’d even throw in clothes and medical supplies if it meant never having to let them back out into the real world again.

But I’d like to go beyond these fruits of the problem and also look at the cause.  I’d like to gather up all the intersectionality and gender studies and multicultural and ethnic studies faculty at all the colleges and catapult these geniuses over the fence into Woke World.  Most of them probably would survive the flight.  I think.  If not I’m sure they’ll be celebrated by their disciples.  They might even bury them.  Although that is a lot of work and those people really aren’t big on work.  Anyway, we should put them all in there, add them to the zoo and give them the perfect laboratory for their utopian theories to play out in.  Why it would be paradise on earth.  I’d give them about three months.  After that the hierarchy they’d set up would begin the reign of terror and eventually the cannibalism would reduce the population to just a handful that would peter out to zero within a year or two.

Maybe you think I’m being ridiculous but actually these people have broken the social contract and want to destroy the country that has provided them with material wealth and living conditions undreamed of by the majority of the world.  Now granted, it’s embarrassingly located in their parents’ basement but such ingratitude deserves a fitting punishment.  Forcing them to live with the idiots that believe what they believe is poetic and every other kind of justice.  And it would be an object lesson to the rest of the intelligentsia that doesn’t like how we want to live.  That’s my idea of a two-state solution.

Guest Contributor – The Portly Politico – The Concerns of a 35-Year Old Man in 2020

[Update] – I saw what a nice intro Tyler gave to my post over at his site so I decided I should try to follow suit.  As part of a cross-posting agreement, Tyler from over at the Portly Politico has kindly agreed to talk about what it’s like for the millennial generation to try to follow in the footsteps of their parents’ lifestyle.  I think it will be valuable for Boomers, Xers and Millennials alike.  Highly recommended.



By Tyler James Cook, The Portly Politico (https://www.theportlypolitico.com)

When photog proposed swapping blog posts in the comment section of The Fat Man’s “Cityscape at Night,” I was intrigued, and quite enthusiastic.  That was before I succumbed to a gnarly head cold and worked a thirteen-hour day.  But that sickly plight leads nicely into photog’s suggested topic:  what are the major concerns of a young American today?

At thirty-five, I don’t know how “young,” I am, but it’s one of those ages where older people tut-tut when you suggest you’re aging.  I suppose their advanced years have taught them otherwise, and that they’d much rather be a slightly creaky thirty-five than a croaky eighty-five.

Surprisingly, I am considered part of that great, reviled generation, the Millennials.  I certainly don’t feel like one, what with my love of tradition, Christianity, and President Trump.  I was born in a time when Internet usage was limited to college campuses and obscure Bulletin Board Systems, when we weren’t handed a Star Trek communicator with access to all the world’s knowledge—and it’s basest, filthiest indulgences—when we were five.

But we had Nintendo and cable TV, and all manner of luxuries and gadgets our parents could only dream of (although my parents apparently played Pong while dating).  Suburbia was kind to my generation—too kind, as we grew up spoiled and allergic to hard work.

That said, not all Millennial whining is unjustified.  Our parents—the latter Boomers and the early Gen-Xers—could support a family of four or five on blue-collar salaries.  They also didn’t pay a fortune for college, and their college education taught them something useful, rather than Derridaean deconstruction of everything good and decent.  That degree was also their ticket to the middle class.

We grew up being assured that if we followed the same path, we’d end up with similar outcomes; indeed, we’d be better off than our parents.  For many Millennials, that was true:  both of my brothers, for example, make very good livings in academia and the law.  Access to the credentialed classes was greater than it had ever been in American history for my generation.

But one of the problems is that we could no long sustain a family on a working man’s family.  Indeed, the girls we grew up claimed they didn’t want that.  They wanted careers and academic accomplishments; the highest accolades of their chosen fields.  Never mind that most of them finished out college with a useless B.A. in Psychology (the go-to degree for girls who don’t know what they want to study) and loads of debt; that just began their long 20s, that period in which they could explore and “find themselves.”  Or they got married straight out of college after all.

The problem is that with excessive credentialing, degrees have become increasingly worthless.  For example, I hold a B.A. and M.A. in History.  That M.A. paid off in that it gained me a small initial boost in my teaching salary, and it made it possible for me to adjunct at a local technical college (never mind that I’m teaching the same material—often at a slower pace—to the college classes than to the high school students; the State wants to see that M.A.).  Otherwise, it’s been largely an ornament, something my school can tout in its statistics about faculty qualifications.

I’ve managed to carve out a decent living for myself in rural South Carolina, but it’s required constant hustling and budgeting.  To sustain myself (and sock away money for retirement), I work full-time at the high school; adjunct one or two classes online each semester; teach multiple private music lessons after school; organize and book my own shows to bring in revenue (mainly through merch sales); teach summer classes and camps; and, until this summer, work maintenance at school.  For all of that effort, I scrape together around $50,000 to $55,000 a year (although I came close to $60,000 one year).

Self-employment taxes eat away at a good chunk of my private lessons business, which The Virus temporarily shattered (along with live gigs).  I do fine for myself—I managed to buy a used car with earnings from music lessons in 2019—but if I had a stay-at-home wife and kids, there would be no way we could make it work.

For one, my health insurance would outrageous if I didn’t game the Affordable Care Act.  In order to avoid paying $400 a month in premiums for a plan with a $6750 deductible (you read that right), I max out 403(b), traditional IRA, and HSA contributions, which gets deducted, for the purpose of ACA subsidies, from my gross income.  That modified adjusted gross income, or MAGI, is low enough that the ACA considers me sufficiently destitute to pay out subsidies, so my $400 a month premium drops to around $1 a month.

Again, for a single man at thirty-five, it’s not a bad deal.  I’m in relatively good health (and am dropping some extra fat) and have managed to squirrel away enough in my emergency fund to reach my deductible without touching my HSA contributions (I’m treating my HSA as an investment vehicle, with my contributions invested in various mutual funds).  But if I were married with kids, it would be a whole different story.

I’m also blessed to have made it through college and graduate school debt free, and to have never had a car payment.  That is a luxury—really, the result of extremely generous gifts from my parents and grandparents—that has enabled me to pursue a life of financial asceticism.  If I had student loans and car payments, like many of my peers, it would be far more difficult to save and invest.

As it is, I feel like I work constantly just to provide a good life for Future Portly.  The cost in the here and now, though, is palpable.  Not only have I sacrificed energy, I’ve sacrificed some of the enjoyment of life.  Those are necessary sacrifices to avoid becoming a ward of the State in my dotage, but the price seems very high—and one that it seems I must now bear alone.

To be clear, I don’t mean to complain.  I am blessed to live a good life, and to own a house, free-and-clear.  I enjoy a degree of financial autonomy that strikes awe in my peers.

But I don’t know if it’s sustainable with a family—what I want more than anything.  The debased nature of modern dating—the topic for another guest post, perhaps?—puts a man with a traditional worldview and sound financial sense in a precarious situation.  Having built my legacy, I don’t want to squander it on some Tinder harridan with a butterfly tattoo and blue hair.  But the inflated nature of the modern dating marketplace makes even the greasiest of girls believe their beauty queens with only redeeming qualities.