Generation Skink

Joe Biden has been officially declared senile by a federal special prosecutor.  And because of that he’s allowed to break the laws surrounding classified documents.  When I heard that, I think I felt like the district attorney did at the end of the courtroom scene in the movie “Miracle on 34th Street.”  It’s when the defense attorney reads off the official mandate for the post office to only deliver mail to the correct recipient and then he has thousands of letters to Santa Claus poured onto the judge’s desk.  It’s absurdity stacked onto absurdity until it all comes tumbling down.

Look, it’s all too much.  Even the Democrats who are running the lawfare can’t keep track anymore of where the landmines are buried.  The only thing they haven’t unleashed yet are killer drones with Donald Trump’s face programmed in as the target.

So here is the sad, impoverished remnant of America that the Left and their corporate lackeys have created.  Everyone not in the 1% is struggling just to feed and house themselves, with nothing left of the American Dream whatsoever.  So now Generations Y and Z will get to see what it means to own nothing and be glad.  Glad will just be code for powerless.

I’m very interested to see if they’re really as “with the program” as their representatives on the news say they are.  From my point of view living in a closet and eating crickets seems like a fate worse than death.  Even in the depths of the Great Depression I think the lowliest American aspired to better than eating bugs.  So, I’d like to believe that our descendants haven’t devolved into creatures that eat the same food as our pets.

So that’s what I’m interested in finding out during this election year.  Because I guess that Donald Trump might make a pitch to the younger people.  If I were creating his commercials, I’d show stock footage of people living during 1980s and 1990s and highlight the fact that they lived in houses and ate meat and drove cars that didn’t have to be plugged in for ten hours at a time.  I think he could make the case that living like the generations before them is a relatively simple decision.  You just have to vote for people who believe that Americans deserve to live in the modern world and not move back to the medieval period.

Now maybe it’s too late.  Maybe the kids have become bug-eaters and they don’t mind living in a box.  If that’s the case then very shortly all of the old world will be phased out along with internal combustion engines and freedom of speech.  So, it should be very interesting to see what happens in November.  I’ll have to say a part of me wants it to happen so I can stop thinking about it.  If the Dems take the White House, then only red state residents will still be free and we’ll get to see if they have the guts to finally make a stand.

So, bring it on.  Dementia Joe or Gavin Newsom or Hillary Clinton or even Santa Claus.  It doesn’t matter.  If this direction is the way that the young people want to go then I won’t be able to care about this country because their point of view is just too pathetic for me to consider.  Americans, if they had anything they always had pride.  Anyone who eats crickets and lives in a box by definition has no pride.  So, make your choice kids, are you Americans or some kind of pet lizard.

Dianne Feinstein Blazes the Trail For Joe Biden


Ninety year old Dianne Feinstein has shown the way for Biden, Pelosi and McConnell by croaking in office.  No cause of death was announced but informed sources were speculating that the natural half-life of the protons in her body had been exceeded and she just evaporated.

On being informed of Feinstein’s passing Joe Biden was heard to say, “She was hot, she will be missed.  No joke.”  When her colleague in the Senate Mitch McConnell heard the sad news he was so affected that he stood for twenty minutes staring into space while soundlessly opening and closing his jaws.  Nancy Pelosi mounted the Speaker’s rostrum and spoke in impassioned gibberish for half an hour until Kevin McCarthy turned off her microphone and called security.

Well, Feinstein is a lot like our society.  It’s decrepit and demented but there doesn’t seem to be a way to change it yet.  Hopefully when the collapse occurs something better will take over, something better than Adam Schiff.

Chicago Boldly Declares Its Future: Detroit

Yep.  In their election yesterday of the “progressive” choice, Chicago voters (or however it is that they decide these things there) picked the candidate who thinks law and order is racist.  So on with the descent into hell.  Probably this election should be enough to empty out Chicago of anyone who loves their children.

After all, four more years of gang-bangers and car-jackers running the city should be enough to convince even those not paying attention that Chicago will be kind of tough on kids.  What with a school system that doesn’t teach, an open-air drug market on every corner and a race war brewing in the streets you’d have to be an idiot not to get your kids the hell out of there.  So, Chicago will become like Detroit, a city of those who can’t get out.  The criminals will feed on the weak and the strong will become the political leaders and feed on the weak and misery will dominate a once great American city.

But that’s the dynamic.  The Democrats have their people and they will keep them in charge regardless of how miserable conditions become.  So be it.  Democracy says it respects the will of the people no matter how stupid it is.  We might as well too.  We’ll see how this pattern plays out.  All the larger urban centers, especially those in the blue states will probably follow suit.

Now, how does this election impact us?  Only as a confirmation that we are beyond thinking that the consequences of the Left’s policies will convince people to throw them out of office in the areas where their natural constituencies predominate.  This is the evolution of dependency that began with the Great Society programs of the 1960s; whole cities and even regions made up of nothing but people subsisting on welfare.

The parts of the country we need to consider are the ones where there are enough people left who still want a future.  These are the places that may have a chance to head off the same fate.  To do this they need to strictly enforce immigration laws and limit welfare benefits to only the truly deserving.  Doing this will be an enormous struggle against the full power of the federal government pushing for the opposite of these policies.  Florida and some of the other red states are the test cases for this.  The struggle will be for them to get their cities under control, even against the will of the “democratic” majorities within them.  If they can’t then eventually the functional population will be outnumbered by the non-functional urban dwellers and these states will become blue states.  And they will join Chicago and Illinois.

There you have it.  Another data point in the evidence of our decay.  In the same week we had Donald Trump victimized by the anarcho-tyrannical nincompoop that George Soros installed as Manhattan’s district attorney.  And Wisconsin elected a progressive state supreme court justice to tip the balance of that court progressive.  Everything moving along nicely toward the hive future we’ve been promised.  Let’s hope there are a few good men who plan to put up a fight.  But we won’t find them in Chicago.

S.F. DA, Chesa Boudin Expected to be Recalled Today

In one of the few signs of intelligent life to be detected coming from San Francisco, psychotically pro-crime DA Chesa Boudin is up for a recall election today.  Even brain-dead San Fran liberals are tired of stepping in human feces on their homeless strewn streets and suffering assaults and robberies on an hourly basis.

But you never know.  Maybe the voters there will step back from the precipice of sanity just in time to retain their mantle as the stupidest humans on the planet.

Check the election results later on tonight or tomorrow to find out.

Another Brain-Dead Dem Called Out By His Own Party

Another crack in the facade of United States of Woke.  Another city slipping into lawlessness, another head prosecutor who refuses to prosecute criminals.  Another Democrat waking up to the consequences of demonizing the police.

Larry Krasner is the District Attorney for Philadelphia.  Philadelphia has experienced 521 murders this year.  You have to go back sixty years to find that total previously.

At a Monday press briefing, Krasner told reporters: “We don’t have a crisis of lawlessness, we don’t have a crisis of crime, we don’t have a crisis of violence.”

Michael Nutter was Philadelphia mayor from 2008 to 2016.  He is a Democrat and he is black.  Not exactly an anti-progressive kind of guy.  Here’s what he has to say about Krasner’s statement:

“Larry Krasner owes an apology to the 521 families of Philly’s homicide victims.  …

Krasner should also use his words to send a message to the shooters, murderers, and criminals of this city by committing to actually prosecute them, rather than coddle them, make excuses, reduce or drop charges. He should commit to locking them up for carrying illegal weapons or shooting people.

If Krasner does not have the fortitude or the guts to carry out those duties, he should resign and turn things over to someone who is not trying to sell Philadelphians on the false choice of having either public safety or police reform.”

Too little, too late?  Probably.  But it might wake up a few more Democrats.  Maybe they won’t ruin the next city they move to.