San Francisco Debates Whether to Sue Stores that Want to Leave

That’s right.  If you have a store in San Francisco, you might get sued for trying to close down or relocate it outside of the city.

Now if I had a business in San Francisco that was only getting by marginally and I heard about this law being debated, wouldn’t I shut it down immediately to protect myself from litigation?

Of course the city could decide to restore law and order and begin prosecuting shoplifters and make the streets safe again for law abiding citizens.  But that wouldn’t be progressive.

Good work San Fran.  Way to shoot yourself in the foot.



Tech Entrepreneur Stabbed to Death in San Fran. People of Color Hardest Hit

San Francisco, that jewel in the crown of Gavin Noisome’s fantasy kingdom of California has reached the predictable point where even the Tech billionaires will have to become meta residents of San Francisco while their corporeal selves move to Montana and Idaho.

Bob Lee the tech entrepeneur behind Cash App and other tech companies was stabbed to death in one of the “safe” enclaves of the homeless encampment formerly known as San Francisco.  Lee had already moved out of the city because his family meant something to him but he was visiting for business and apparently mistook the description “relatively safe” for somewhere a rational person would walk with impunity.

When reached for comment Gavin Nuisance was heard to say, “California is pioneering a new way for billionaires and common people to interact; stabbing.  If given the chance I’d like to spread this new way of living across this great nation.”  At that point the Gordon Gecko look-alike had to dodge a hammer-wielding homeless man who was wrestled to the ground by the governor’s entourage.  The hair-gelled talking head was whisked away in a helicopter to avoid the gathering zombie crowd and the speech ended predictably.

S.F. DA, Chesa Boudin Expected to be Recalled Today

In one of the few signs of intelligent life to be detected coming from San Francisco, psychotically pro-crime DA Chesa Boudin is up for a recall election today.  Even brain-dead San Fran liberals are tired of stepping in human feces on their homeless strewn streets and suffering assaults and robberies on an hourly basis.

But you never know.  Maybe the voters there will step back from the precipice of sanity just in time to retain their mantle as the stupidest humans on the planet.

Check the election results later on tonight or tomorrow to find out.

In the Wake of Looting, San Francisco a “Ghost Town”

The NY Post reports that in the wake of smash and grab looting of some of the most expensive stores in San Francisco the store owners have boarded up their store and hired security guards to protect their businesses and employees from the threat.

The end quote encapsulates the situation.

“Being soft on criminals has its consequences. For San Francisco, the result is a ghost town. For decades, this Bay Area destination has held conferences where it held itself up to the world as a model of a “livable, walkable” city.

Not any more.

“People are scared to go downtown,” native resident Tandler told me.

“This is the destruction of a city.””