San Francisco Debates Whether to Sue Stores that Want to Leave

That’s right.  If you have a store in San Francisco, you might get sued for trying to close down or relocate it outside of the city.

Now if I had a business in San Francisco that was only getting by marginally and I heard about this law being debated, wouldn’t I shut it down immediately to protect myself from litigation?

Of course the city could decide to restore law and order and begin prosecuting shoplifters and make the streets safe again for law abiding citizens.  But that wouldn’t be progressive.

Good work San Fran.  Way to shoot yourself in the foot.



What Do We Keep and What Let Go? – Part 3 – Gullibility

The first two installments were about things we must keep.  Let’s look at something that has to go. One word for it might be idealism.  For lack of a better term, I’ll call it gullibility.  It’s the willingness to give those in charge the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their intentions.  The recent COVID debacle is a prime example.  The various health agencies and the drug companies probably in concert with the intelligence agencies and the media came up with a plan to shut the country down during an election year and then force us to take a dangerous experimental drug all while shutting down dissent in the media and social media.

And half of the country adopted the plan like sheep and the other half were hounded out of their careers and demonized by the government.  And the truth about the disease and the “cure” were hidden for many months while the whole country went through chaos and economic and emotional turmoil.  And after all that no one was held accountable and nothing was acknowledged about the disastrous decisions that were made.

We can no longer give the people in charge the benefit of the doubt.  If they screw up, we have to assume that they are either stupid or criminal.  And in either case they must be held accountable.  At the very least we need to fire them.  So that means if Trump comes back to the White House what we must demand is that he fires every single idiot responsible for the COVID debacle.  And he needs to set up a special prosecutor to punish these people.  And the prosecutor needs to be in a jurisdiction where there won’t be a bunch of blue city jurors and the prosecutor can’t be a regime toady.

And Trump himself owes us an apology for being a gullible fool himself.  In fact, if he wasn’t the only hope for straightening out the mess we’re in, I’d say we should prosecute him for letting Fauci torture us during his term in office.  But I’ll cut him some slack.  But at the very least everyone in the US government who had anything to do with funding the Wuhan lab needs to be fired and prosecuted.

And a special prosecutor should employ unbiased scientists to review the data on the COVID virus and the vaccines and decide whether the drug companies and the FDA are complicit in the deaths of the people who were injured and died from the use of the vaccines.  I have no doubt that some people need to go to prison.

As another example, the George Floyd riots were at least tolerated and possibly abetted by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.  And several local and state governments, notably Minneapolis and Minnesota, allowed their citizens to be harassed and in some cases assaulted and killed while a mob stalked the country.  This also needs to be investigated and those responsible prosecuted.  At the very least, most of the upper echelons of the FBI and the Justice Department need to be cleared out.

After all, the FBI has been unrelenting and brutal in their persecution of the poor souls who dared to protest inside the Capitol building.  Harmless people have been imprisoned and some of them forced into suicide for a riot in which no one was armed and no one killed.  But the George Floyd riots burned down countless properties and even managed to murder a number of people.  And the FBI did nothing to stop it or punish those responsible.  Those in charge need to be fired and punished for unequal application of the law.

Finally, the horror show caused by the open border is a crime that must be investigated and punished.  If President Trump can be prosecuted for his part in January 6th, then undoubtedly Joe Biden can be punished for allowing our country to be invaded.  And the immigration laws must be changed to end the invasion.

In general, we need to hold our leaders and their agents accountable for their actions and inactions.  And to do this we have to give up our idealistic ideas about government.  We have to stop being so gullible and replace it with mental toughness.  The power these people have over our lives is immense.  It’s time we started holding them responsible for the immense damage they do.

Oakland Achieves Retail Desert Status

I found this video on my X feed.  This woman is a resident of Oakland California; the minority majority city on the other side of the Bay Bridge from San Francisco.

Oakland was the crime capitol of the United States in the 1980s and after making some improvement in the 21st century it is now vying once again as a lawless hellhole.

After the George Floyd riots in 2020 the murder rate just about doubled and once the “defund the police” movement had a chance to completely dispirit the cops crime major and minor has made Oakland a place where no retail business would dream of remaining.

Of course you can feel bad for this woman. But as long as the people of this city keep voting in Democrats they will continue to suffer the consequences. Let’s check back in a decade. By then cannibalism will probably be legalized.

Chris Rufo Talks About the Anticipated Rioting for Election Season 2024

After the 2020 Summer of George Floyd color revolution I guess it makes sense to anticipate a return performance in 2024.  Chris Rufo has written an article to discuss the prospects and possibly the solution to a repeat performance next summer:

“Progressives are restless and ready. Left-wing activists have established a constellation of institutions to support public demonstrations. Protest NGOs, media entities, research centers, black-bloc networks, and bail funds are all finely tuned to mobilize mass movements.”

“Red-state governors should start preparing now. They should instruct state law enforcement to establish interagency task forces to monitor, infiltrate, and disrupt violent left-wing activist networks to the fullest extent permitted by law. If they uncover illegal activity, they should make arrests and prosecute offenders.”

“Republican officials must also shift incentives. Governors should pass legislation increasing penalties for rioting and train National Guard units in anti-riot tactics. After Floyd’s death, Florida governor Ron DeSantis demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach. In 2020, DeSantis activated the National Guard and declared “zero tolerance” for violence. As a result, Florida saw minimal rioting, looting, and destruction compared with many other states.”

Rufo thinks that rioting is now a standard part of the Left’s playbook for election season.  If he’s right then it’s important for red-state governors to be ready to handle violence in their blue cities when it breaks out.

The Nitwits that Blew Up the World Whistle Past the Graveyard

I was reading this article about how the destruction of the Minneapolis downtown would have to be repaired by turning all the office buildings into hipster artisanal breweries and drag-queen day care centers.

And I thought to myself, “Sure why not?”  In fact, really the whole Summer of George Floyd/Winter of COVID thing was an enormous stroke of luck.  All those small businesses that employed white supremacists from Old America were standing in the way of the future.  Now those areas are available for the businesses of tomorrow.  All kinds of entrepreneurs like human resource managers (pimps), pharmaceutical supply chain (MS-13) and retail redistribution (flash mob theft).

In fact they’re super-available.  Whole business districts are emptied out.  The telecommuting office workers are afraid to come back to the downtown because of rampaging gangs of looters and carjackers.  So all the lunch shops and retail stores that depended on the foot traffic from these office workers have gone out of business and their owners and workers have joined the ranks of the urban poor.

“Using the mill district as a measure, the makeover of downtown will be a long, costly process. It took decades for developers to replace mills with a lively 24-hour neighborhood, and much of it was done during a period of low interest rates. Rates are now at a two-decade high.   

The Minneapolis mayor said the city has no choice but to try. The central business district remains the city’s biggest concentration of jobs and real-estate investment, connected to the rest of the city with highways and light-rail lines.

“Downtowns are always going to be a centrifugal force,” he said. “What’s going to have to change is how we view it.””

Now this is the mayor who ordered the Minneapolis Police to stand down and allow the rioters to burn down the police precinct near the George Floyd martyrdom site.  Based on his track record I don’t think I’ll hold my breath waiting for the Minneapolis downtown to revive.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Part 1

I figure I’ll see if this can have future installments.  After all Philly seems to be on a roll.  Imagine being a cop in that place.

08SEP2023 – The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost!

There’s nothing like a brutal beat down and a broken leg during a carjacking to change a “defund the police” activist into a “law and order” advocate.  I’m not sure whether Saint George of Floyd will forgive this falling away from the faith.  It seems a little fickle.

Before beatdown:

In June of 2020, Sathanandan wrote in a post on Facebook: “We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department. Say it with me. DISMANTLE The Minneapolis Police Department.”

After beatdown:

“Look at my face. These criminals will not win. We need to take back our city. And this will not be the last you hear from me about this. Thank you to the incredible Minneapolis 4th Precinct Officers,

Maybe after she’s had a chance to wash the blood off her face she’ll calm down and realize that those kooky, crazy carjacking kids were just full of high spirits and she should chalk it up to reparations.  After all, maybe it was some form of white privilege or white supremacy or something white that triggered their understandable reaction.  Stop blaming the victims Shivanthi and look in the mirror for the true culprit.

Flash Mob Loots Nordstrom – LA Mayor Says Mean Things

This is hilarious.  Woke mayor of LA is really, really mad.  And she’s gonna tell the police to do something about this.  Boy, that’ll scare the criminals!

Target Took a Billion Dollar Hit Because of Shoplifting and Other Crime

In the post George Floyd environment retailers are suffering enormous shoplifting losses in blue run cities.  Not surprisingly, these companies are closing down their stores in the worst hit areas including San Francisco, Portland and Chicago.

Hopefully Target and the others aren’t going to complain that they aren’t getting what they asked for when they backed the Democrats and the BLM movement.  After all law and order is just a dog whistle for racism.  Those brave shoplifters and stickup men are helping to strike a blow for black reparations one felony at a time.