The Road Warrior Becomes Reality

Some animals in Las Vegas steal a car and go on a rampage crashing into other cars and then committing vehicular homicide against a guy riding a bicycle.  He turned out to be a retired California policeman.  It was premeditated and they thought it was hilarious.  Apparently the driver was seventeen so I’m sure it will be excused because of his tender years.

So when do even the blue states realize that normal life as we used to live it can no longer exist without the rule of law?  Maybe we’re beginning to see it starting to happen in the place that was ground zero for the BLM revolution, Minneapolis.  That Democrat woman who had her leg broken during a car jacking in front of her house.  She sounded a lot like a law and order true believer after the fact.  And she used to be a “defund the police” zombie.

Maybe it happens when they realize that cops treating thugs like thugs is how order is achieved.  George Floyd died because he swallowed all the fentanyl he had in his pockets to avoid arrest.  Whatever indignities he suffered before the ambulance arrived were part and parcel of him trying to resist arrest.  When the people of Minneapolis can admit that, maybe they’ll get civilized life back in their city.  Until then they’ll be living in the war zone and getting everything they deserve.

12MAY2023 – A Question to Readers from Texas

Daniel Perry has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.  Gov. Abbott has said he will try to get the sentencing board to allow him to intercede by pardoning him.  My question is whether Abbott is doing all he can to make this happen.  It seems to me that this is a critical issue and if he screws this up he can expect a primary challenge.  What do you locals think?

08MAY2023 – Just Some Thoughts

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;”

My word, but that Billy Shakespeare could turn a phrase.  Now, I’m not preparing to storm the walls of a French town but I am steeling myself for about eleven days of grief.  This week is disrupted but next week promises to be a disaster.  Well, I asked for it, now I’ve got to see it through.  It’s like everything in this world, the reality never completely corresponds to the theory.  But I’ve always been the king of wingin’ it.  So, bring it on, bring it on, bring it on.

I watched a video with that Grima Wormtongue of Washington insiders George Stephanopoulos surrounded by his panel of losers.  He had Chris Christy, Donna Brazile and two other boobs I’d never heard of.  They were bemoaning an ABC poll that shows Biden with an approval rating of 36% and trailing Donald Trump 42% to 49% in a general election.  They said Biden’s age and mental health were factors and also the awful economic conditions that Americans are suffering under.

Well, duh!

What I liked about this video was how scared they all sounded about the budget negotiations and how maybe this time McCarthy has them over a barrel and the Democrats will have to cut the trillions in graft in order to get the debt ceiling approved.  As far as Trump or any Republican winning the White House, I think that’s just happy talk.  The voting fix is in for the swing states so winning the presidency is almost certainly not going to happen.  But it’s still nice to see that most of the country hates Creepy Uncle Joe.

I see that the protests have begun in New York City to try and force the DA to charge Daniel Penny with murder for the killing of Jordan Neely.  Well, it’s no surprise.  And just to add some irony to the event they disrupted subway travel to make their point.  The cretins were on the subway tracks in Manhattan.  Sadly, none of them were run over by a train or electrocuted by the third rail but they managed to infuriate the commuters trying to get to work and home.  I’m sure it won’t be long before the despicable Manhattan DA railroads this young man and sets him up for a kangaroo court conviction.  But we’ll soon see where this goes.  And either way it will be instructive of the true direction that New York City will be heading in the future.  My guess is cannibalism.

I feel like a lot of people are waking up to the new reality.  The shock at the banana republic tactics that we see all around us has worn off.  And that’s a very good thing.  When you lose your illusions about your surroundings then you can make much more effective decisions.  And in that way, we will stop falling into the same traps that they’ve been springing on us for decades.  We won’t latch onto the next “approved” choice that we hope will be on our side.  So, no more JEB!, no more W, no more RINOs, no more establishment ringers of any sort.

I hope to do my best to produce content over the next week or so but there may be some glitches.  So, stay tuned and we’ll muddle through somehow.

The Perfect Example


Jordan Neely was the embodiment of Black Lives Matter’s method for destroying America’s cities.  Here is a serial criminal who shook down subway passengers for money by screaming in their faces and threatening violence if they didn’t pay.  And these weren’t idle threats.  He had been arrested previously for four assaults and there is a video of him slamming a woman against the outside of a subway car.  At the time of his death, he had forty-two prior arrests.

The young man, a former Marine, who tried to hold him until the police came was doing what countless people probably wished they had the guts to do.  But now he’s facing the prospect of being prosecuted for murder.  So, this is the essence of what Barack Obama, BLM, Soros prosecutors and the Justice Department have created.  Black criminals are given free rein to harass, humiliate, terrorize and even assault innocent bystanders.  And if anyone tries to resist then this resistance will be criminalized to the full extent of the law.  Even the police are now the victims of lawfare whenever they try to do their jobs.  And in consequence of which they now seldom bother to prevent crime.  They take their job to be just collecting statements and calling for the ambulances to transport the victims to the hospital.

Essentially the private citizen realizes that he’s on his own whenever he walks down the street or descends into the subway.  The police are no longer a deterrent and won’t arrive in time to prevent his assault or murder depending on circumstances.  So, the young man who killed Jordan Neely decided that instead of allowing the people in the subway car to be victimized and harassed by Neely he would use his combat training to incapacitate Neely until the police could take him into custody.

Neely’s advocates say that the Marine should have just ignored Neely and in fact many of these people say the commuters he was harassing on the train should have just handed over money to him.  And that’s the whole thing right there in a nutshell.  According to the Left and the people they’ve put in charge of criminal justice in these cities, you must endure harassment, humiliation, intimidation, even physical assault because the people assaulting you are victims and therefore deserve to make your life miserable.

So, this case is the encapsulation of the whole BLM reign of terror.  Places like Chicago and New York have been transformed from safe, clean centers of commerce and culture to dirty, dangerous hellscapes filled with homeless encampments, drug addicts, criminals, fear and misery.

But now if this young man is prosecuted for defending the people who the police no longer protect, then the City of New York has officially sanctioned the targeting of innocent people by criminals.  The criminals like Jordan Neely aren’t jailed for these crimes.  Even if they are arrested, they will not be detained but instead let go the same day to continue in their criminal pursuits.  Whereas if their victims fight back, they will be jailed and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  And the chance of federal charges being added based on the race of the perpetrator is a real possibility.

So far, the usual suspects have been screaming for the Marine’s blood.  But interestingly, neither the mayor nor the wretched district attorney has rushed to declare the young man a criminal.  Maybe it’s possible that the Democrats have told them how bad the optics would be if this man was prosecuted for trying to help his fellow New Yorkers against a deranged felon.  But in the long run I don’t think the odds are with him.

I guess if things turn out badly at least it will be a bellwether to warn the rest of the normal city residents that the only way they can avoid being part of a permanent victim class is by getting the hell out of these cities permanently.

Will Gov. Greg Abbott Pardon Daniel Perry?

Sgt. Daniel Perry was convicted of murder by an Austin jury under a Soros DA’s direction.  Perry killed a BLM rioter that brandished an AR-15 at him during a BLM riot back in 2020.  Now Governor Abbott is trying to get his Board of Pardons and Paroles to recommend Perry for a pardon.  We’ll see if the governor can make it happen.  It would strike a blow for justice and fairness in a big red state with a deep blue capitol city.  Stay tuned.

California, Drowning in its Own Stupidity, Starts Flailing

What happens when a ship of fools hits an ideological iceberg?  Well, if the ship is California and the iceberg is reality, various things.  The true believers assemble on the deck and ask the band to play Grateful Dead jams.  If you are one of the captive normies you head for the life boats.  And if you’re in-between you start to panic and rethink the unsinkable nature of the ideology you’ve been fed.

For the last few years, the normies (and some not so normal) have been fleeing California by the millions.  Mostly this has been a combination of toxic policies that makes life there difficult and ultra-expensive.  Things like endless wild fires, clogged and crumbling roads, rampant crime, limited job opportunities, shortages of water and electricity have gone from frightening to unavoidable.  The impossibility of living a middle-class existence on an upper middle-class income has driven out the young.  And the old are cashing out their over priced homes to live on that value in more moderate cost areas like Nashville and Salt Lake City.

But last night we got to see the in-betweens reacting to the utter madness that has been unleashed in the last two years by the combination of BLM policies and Soros funded district attorneys.  Last night ultra-progressive San Francisco voted to recall Chesa Boudin by a 60% to 40% margin.  This continues the trend where all the school board members up for re-election were booted out because of their fanatical anti-white and radical anti-meritocratic agenda outraged parents especially Asian-Americans.

In addition to this election, we saw Los Angeles, the epicenter of everything fake, advance a fake Democrat to the brink of being their new mayor.  Rick Caruso, a billionaire and Republican, switched party flags to run as a Democrat and is the top vote getter in the primary that will see him compete in November for mayor.  Both Los Angeles and San Francisco are reeling from the effects of the crime epidemic that followed the BLM riots in 2020.  Homelessness has become endemic and neighborhood stores are shutting down under the weight of endless smash and grab robberies.  The regular people are frightened and confused as to how to return to normal life.

But the elites and other true believers are still telling anyone who will listen that all is for the best in this best of all possible Californias.  And to confirm that fact Governor Gavin Newsom took more than 56% of the vote in last night’s primary.  Well, after all what does a governor have to do with tackling crime and homelessness?  And he did do such a great job with the pandemic.  And he does have really great hair.  But it’s going to be long hot summer and if the rolling brown outs and the wildfires really start to take their toll, who knows, maybe the in-betweeners may decide they can’t afford to keep Governor Nuisance for another four years.

As an outsider, I prefer to see California continue to stew in its self-appointed insanity.  And even the change of a few mayors and DA’s and even a governor won’t fix California anytime soon.  What might do the trick is when the last of the legacy nuclear power plants are soon decommissioned.  Once the cost and the reliability of their electricity falls off the cliff and their mandate for battery cars goes into effect then the clownish aspect of their policy decisions may finally break the back of the true believers.  But that’s a ways away.  So, in the short term enjoy the music on the deck, California.

Beverly Hills Under Attack from Criminal Gangs and Rapists. DA Says Meh.

Here’s another data point to confirm that democracy does work.  The super woke residents of Beverly Hills are reaping the benefits of their election choices.  LA doesn’t arrest most offenders anymore and so the gangbangers and other career criminals have decided to branch out from South Central and visit their wealthier friends in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Santa Monica and Los Feliz.

“On March 22, in the broad daylight of a typically gorgeous day in Beverly Hills, thieves in hoodies and sunglasses took a sledgehammer to the plate glass window of Peter Sedghi’s boutique and furiously rummaged through the shards. In less than 90 seconds, the robbers stole more than $3 million worth of jewels. Two days later, in response to a wave of high-end robberies, the Los Angeles Police Department announced there would be no arrests. Instead, it cautioned Hollywood residents not to wear high quality jewelry in public.

“Beverly Hills is one of the most affluent, safest neighborhoods in the world and now everyone is scared,” Sedghi said. “All of my clients – no one wears anything.”

While the total number of rapes fell in Los Angeles during the 37-month period studied, their share spiked in predominantly white neighborhoods – rising 18.2% in neighborhoods where they comprise 81% to 100% of residents.

Personally I’m as pleased as can be.  I think this new form of community outreach is long overdue.

“The zip codes showing the largest increases are home to film and pop stars, including Beverly Hills, of “90210” fame, where Beyonce and Jay-Z have their West Coast house; Bel Air, of “Fresh Prince” Will Smith fame, where Jennifer Lopez now resides;  and Los Feliz, where Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom share a house and where Angelina Jolie has resided since her divorce from Brad Pitt. Nearby, the U.S. Postal Service has suspended delivery to one neighborhood in Santa Monica – a town where celebrities including Tom Cruise, Christian Bale and Sandra Bullock reportedly have homes – because “multiple carriers have been subjected to assault and threats of assault.”

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie.  Yep, they will be able to embrace the more enlightened criminal justice practices currently on view in their neighborhoods.  They might want to tone down the bling displays and possibly invest in an extra bodyguard or two.

Brooklyn Subway Attack – Get Out of the Cities

Some kind of a mass casualty event went on this morning in a Brooklyn subway train that spilled over onto the 36th St subway stop in Sunset Park.  Looking at the footage maybe it was a smoke bomb followed by a handgun volley.  There are supposed to be fifteen people injured.  At least a couple look like gunshot injuries.

When all is said and done maybe no one will know who, what, or why this happened.  The NYPD’s capabilities have been seriously degraded.  And whatever the FBI says will be suspect.  The takeaway for me is New York City will soon be comparable to Mexico City or Rio de Janeiro.  A large city with some remaining cultural icons that is infested with crime and horrible poverty.

Thanks Democrats.

NYC, Deadly Environment for Women

Not that this is a shocker but New Yorkers are rediscovering that women are the perfect target for violent predators in the urban environment.

Nicole Gelinas over at City Journal has a story about the last four women randomly murdered by violent psychopaths that stalk women in New York City:

“Even with New York’s City’s overall murder rate up 53 percent in two years— from 319 in 2019 to 488 last year—these murders are especially dislocating. In each case, there was nothing the victim could have done to prevent her death. …    It’s impossible to recall so many fatal stranger-on-stranger attacks on women in such a short time, seemingly motivated by nothing other than misogynistic and, perhaps, racial hatred. We all like to think we have some measure of control over our own public safety, but what could any of these women have done to remain alive, besides not go outside?”

Then Gelinas discusses the history of women existing in New York City in three periods.  There was the Giuliani period of law and order and the before period and the after period (now):

“A great deal of what we call public space is, in fact, male turf. . . . Fear of rape and attack, of which low-level aggravation is a reminder, plays a part in keeping women from claiming public space.” …”

“That changed. Under Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, women increasingly felt safe, and for good reason. Stranger-on-stranger violent crime, let alone murder, wasn’t nonexistent, but it became extremely unusual over a generation of remarkable public safety in New York. In December 2019, when three teenagers held 18-year-old Columbia University student Tessa Majors down in Morningside Park and stabbed her to death, the crime was rare and shocking. Not today. With Lee’s death making four in six weeks, a woman isn’t even safe walking briskly from a taxi to her own apartment.”

The article also reinforces that the City administration refuses to acknowledge that the changes in policing, prosecution and incarceration are the direct cause for all of these murders and other criminality.  Instead of acknowledging that these mega-repeat offenders who finally end up murdering random people are loose only because of these changes Mayor Adams and the other officials talk about the endemic problems of mental health and racism.

This agrees with my opinion that these cities are doomed until the general population becomes completely sick of progressive lies and demands a return to law and order.  And that won’t happen until things get even worse.  My yardstick is it will happen when the first cannibal stories appear in the New York Post.

What Have They Wrought?

Since the early 1970’s I have been a witness to the devolution of the United States of America.  By all measurable objective standards, the cultural, intellectual, moral, financial and psychological well-being of this once great nation has declined.

Unsurprisingly there are some aspects of life that have shown innovation.  We have computers and cellular phones.  And that’s about it.

This process has proceeded in waves.  The first big wave was in the 1960’s and ‘70’s.  During this period the youth culture rebelled against all the moral and social norms and introduced such wonders of modern progress as widescale drug addiction, mass produced pornography and drug resistant STD’s.  It was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius or something.

As the 1970’s waned the counterculture became passe and the hippies became yuppies and went to work on Wall Street to catch up on the decade they spent stoned.  But the contingent of hippies that were too lazy to work for a living stayed on campus and became the next generation of academia.  And there they stayed to inculcate the following generations in such useful pursuits as post-modern analysis, deconstructionism, various waves of feminism, liberation theory, queer theory, Africana studies, Non-Western Cultural studies and whatever other nonsense they could make up on the fly.

And now the seeds that those cretins planted in the minds of our children have sprouted and we now have the woke generation.  And they have inherited the earth.  They are the target audience for all the tendrils of the on-line community.  Their sensibilities determine what YouTube and Facebook and Twitter will allow to be said and heard.  And it is this sensibility that has driven the changes that we have seen in the last fifteen years.

Over the course of the last sixty years or so we’ve seen the world get steadily crazier.  Illegal aliens have sanctuary cities and states where federal laws aren’t obeyed and where these people are given government assistance of various kinds and even allowed to have a driver’s license and allowed to vote.  Generations of families live on welfare payments and never work.  Anti-constitutional programs like affirmative action and laws for things like hate speech exist in defiance of the basic rights of Americans under the Constitution.  Whole groups of people have been proclaimed “protected classes” and provided with administrative regulations and laws that ensure that they are advantaged over everyone else.  These are the things we’ve grown used to over the decades.  They’re outrageous but they have become the baseline that we expect.

But let’s look at what has happened in the last few years:

  • Marriage has been redefined to include two men or two women. This includes the right for these people to adopt and raise children.
  • Men can declare themselves women and women can declare themselves men (transgender). And anyone who denies these declarations will be punished, sometimes criminally, for these beliefs.  Even failing to refer to these people by their preferred “pronouns” is grounds for arrest in some jurisdictions.
  • Children as young as toddlers can be coached by teachers to say that they are transgender and this alone will be enough for a court to mandate that the child be started on drug regimens and surgery to transition this child into the other “gender.”
  • Because George Floyd, a violent black career criminal, died while under arrest, the police across the country are no longer allowed to arrest black criminals for almost any reason. As an example, the Manhattan district attorney has declared that no crime less serious than murder or violent assault will be prosecuted.  Theft, simple assault, carjacking, sexual battery and almost anything else you can think of will be ignored by the prosecutors and the perpetrators will be released back onto the streets.  Shoplifting at a ruinous level is bankrupting all types of retail stores in cities.
  • During the George Floyd “protests,” local, state and federal law enforcement allowed mobs of violent rioters to loot stores, assault and even kill innocent people and burn down property with complete immunity.
  • Local, state and federal governments have propagandized the populations in a mantra that declares that “Black lives matter” (BLM). This maxim has been clarified to mean that it is incorrect to assume that all lives matter.  And basically, since we see that black lives are being lost on the street every day to black criminals, what BLM means is that black criminal behavior against non-black people is fully protected.
  • The normalization of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in not only colleges but even K-12 history and social studies programs.
  • The universal adoption of equity, diversity and inclusion principles in corporate and government organizing structures and practices. This is the abandonment of equal protection guarantees under the Constitution.
  • Election fraud by Democrats is protected behavior.
  • Government authority in “emergencies” like COVID is unlimited in both scope and duration even when it contradicts constitutional rights.
  • Government surveillance of US citizens is as a practical matter unchecked.
  • Social media and e-commerce companies can and will exclude anyone who does not comply with “woke” requirements around speech and behavior even if these events occur off of their platforms. This extends to virtual exclusion from banking and other necessary accommodations of modern life.

Looking at the scope and severity of these latest changes and how they violate the spirit and the substance of all the important norms of our society previous to these last few years I have to say that we have now reached a point where if there isn’t a substantive reaction that not only halts but reverses all these changes then I’ll have to conclude that the United States is a lost cause.

Any nation that negates all of its principles and even despises the identity of its majority population is no longer a nation.  It is a slaughterhouse of its own people comparable to what Stalin and Pol Pot unleashed on the Russian and Cambodian people respectively.  Only in America it is done subtly.  Instead of the gulag and the death camp, it is cancel culture.  We don’t murder you.  We indoctrinate you to murder your own descendants through cancellation.  No families, no children no future.  You hate your ancestors because they were racists and misogynists and polluters of the earth.  As penance you agree to forego family, careers and any future.

We’ll be able to see very easily if this will turn around.  If any state successfully reverses all of these things despite the attacks by the federal government, then that would be a sign of hope.  If some geographic area inside the United States becomes a haven for normal Americans to live their lives the way their parents and grandparents did then that would be a sign of hope.  If not then we’re done.  And those of us who care might as well start looking for a new place to live.