Guest Contributor – Chemist – 21MAR2023 – Joey Got His Veto

As everyone knew he would, Slow Joe vetoed H.R. 30, a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution that would nullify his new ESG rule.

Up until Biden, retirement investment fund managers were guided by fiduciary responsibility – the managers were legally bound to invest for the maximum safe return for their investors. They could not put their clients money into funds that would enrich themselves nor could they invest in companies to advance their political views. Return on investment was the only guide with massive fines and potential jail for the violators.

The Biden rule enables fund managers to weigh climate change and prioritize ESG initiatives when selecting retirement investments and exercising shareholder rights, such as proxy voting.

Like I said – this was no surprise, of course we was going to veto a bill that tried to curb his power.

But the way he spun it is really galling. From his Twitter:

I just vetoed my first bill. This bill would risk your retirement savings by making it illegal to consider risk factors MAGA House Republicans don’t like.


Got that? Its those evil Republicans who want to put your money at risk by maximizing your return not the virtuous democrats who want to use your money to advance their social programs.

I would suggest reaching out to your fund managers and ask if they intend to “weigh climate change and prioritize ESG initiatives when selecting investments and exercising shareholder rights”.

If the answer is yes – close your account. Move your money elsewhere.

20MAR2023 – Spring Equinox – The Canada War

A work day and a writing day.  Having added a couple of thousand words to my story I felt extremely virtuous.  So, I looked at the headlines to see what I had missed.  Yikes!

What I saw was plenty of panic over the bank failures and the subsequent actions of the Fed and the other central banks.  The narrative is that the Fed and the regulators are going to thread the needle by raising the prime rate enough to keep inflation from igniting but save the banks from imploding by trading their underwater bonds for new ones.  Now of course the bond swaps will be wildly inflationary but the thought is if we just keep pumping cash into the banks it will keep the economy from imploding.  What could go wrong with that?  I’m thinking of converting all my assets into Doritos, the only known commodity that never loses its value and that all people recognize as cash.

Meanwhile the MSM is beginning to get interested in the reports of the Biden family receiving Chinese influence peddling payments, and even CNN admitting on the air that “this doesn’t look good.”  So, what can Mumbley Joe do?  Well, he says it ain’t so.  But nobody believes that.  So, he starts yelling about “assault weapons.”  But nobody even blinks an eye anymore at that ploy.  So, what’s a grifter to do?  I assume he’ll try to wag the dog.  He’s wanted to get the Russian oil and gas but it turns out the Russians have guns and aren’t afraid of rainbow flag waving soldiers.  Plus, it turns out they still have those nukes.  Not good.

My guess is he’ll try for a safe war.  Maybe he’ll invade Canada.  They’ve got oil and gas just like the Russians but no nukes and they’re kind of light in the loafers, especially that Trudeau guy.

I mean, it’s a great idea.  This will be easier than that famous standoff with Corn Pop.  And he could look tough while doing it.  All it needs is a cool name like Operation Desert Storm had.  Maybe Operation Arctic Blast or Operation Great White North or Hey Ya Hosers!  And this would give General Milly Vanilly a chance to actually win at something.  All he’d have to do is have his tranny division roll into Ottawa and de-pants Trudeau and demand he surrender to the obvious justice of a (nominally) heterosexual man groveling before transgender soldiers demanding his country relinquish their harmful fossil fuels to a higher power.

It makes sense to me.  It can be a form of reparations for the slaves that the white people of Canada never got around to having but probably thought about.  Maybe Gavin Newsom could get involved.  His state is looking for $65 billion dollars for reparations and right now the Silicon Valley guys are kind of tapped out.  Maybe Joe can give him a cut of the plunder from the Canada war.

You know I really like the idea of the Canada war.  We can’t lose (probably) and we can sell off parts of Canada to the rest of the world which will give us enough money to keep our economy afloat long enough to get Joe Biden re-elected in 2024.  No, this is good.  This is the real thing.  I’ve got to call up Biden and get his people working on this.  I wonder what my cut should be?  Ten percent?

Downfall and the Joe Biden Shuffle

Even the most woke members of the Democrat managerial class must be starting to get the look that you see on the faces of the junior officers in the movie “Downfall.”  The banks are starting to fail, the peasants are looking decidedly pitchforky and the news from Europe is rotten on all fronts.  Now it looks like Russia and China have gotten Iran and Saudi Arabia to bury the hatchet and suddenly currency and petroleum deals won’t be an American monopoly anymore.  Add to that how food and fuel costs are beggaring the working class and you have the beginnings of a really bad situation.

And can you imagine if Joe Biden’s plan to escape from this quagmire is a wag the dog with US troops in Ukraine?  I don’t know about you but I don’t think there’s an eighteen-year-old left in this country who is itching to sign up to fight that war.  I read that military recruiters are coming up empty when they bang the drum for recruits.  And in a lot of cases the people who are showing up are either too fat or too weak or too criminal or too stupid to pass the already dangerously lowered standards that are currently required.

So short of marching Americans to war what will Joe Biden do to rally the country?  I’m guessing he’ll give us some fireside chats.  I’m trying to imagine Mumbles Biden trying to enunciate, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”  It’ll probably come out as, “We have nothing!  Uhhhhh?  To fear or not to fear, that is the, uhhh, thing?  Oh, you know what I mean.  What that other guy said, the one with the cigarette holder.”

Really, things are starting to get dicey.  Lots and lots of the lower echelons of the managerial state are starting to notice that things aren’t going very well for their operations.  Despite the best laid plans of morons, involving trillions of dollars of monopoly money being dumped into the economy it is contracting and despite the millions of young slackers who have permanently moved back into their parents’ basement there are going to be a lot of people unemployed soon.

So, when unhappiness starts to peak and Joe doesn’t have any good news, we’re going to get to see just how well he can shuffle.  My guess is he’ll begin to unwind some of his stupider positions.  Maybe he’ll discover that the Russians and Chinese aren’t such bad guys after all!  Why, the Ukraine thing was Zelensky’s fault all along.  He could throw Blinken and company under the bus just for the hell of it and start cutting deals with Putin and Xi.

And maybe he’ll discover that petroleum products turn out to be really important for the economy and by golly those Greenies are just a bunch of dog-faced pony soldiers or something.  Now of course that would be wildly hypocritical based on all his former statements over the last few years but this is Joe Biden the king of hypocrites.  Changing positions and pretending he always believed something is his stock in trade.

Maybe I’m overestimating just how bad things will get in the next few months.  Maybe it’ll take another year, or even two, to crash what’s left of the American economy.  That’s definitely possible.  For all I know, Kevin McCarthy might be getting ready to cooperate on another multi-trillion-dollar boondoggle to let Joe keep this circus going for another year or so.  But even so, it is starting to feel like the final act is not so far over the horizon.

And it’s not only Biden who has to figure out how to pay the piper.  We all do.  What would be your game plan if all of a sudden hyper-inflation became a reality?  I know I don’t have one.  The good news is that the Democrats would be summarily voted out of office.  The bad news is that the Republicans would be in charge.  We don’t seem to have any serious people left in this country.  Even our generals and corporate leaders are mostly empty suits.  And that reflects what kind of people we have become.  We have gotten the leaders, that for the most part, we deserve.

If I were to assign our primary sins, they’d be sloth and greed.  And correspondingly we will suffer poverty and extreme hardship.  Maybe in the future when stained-glass windows on the cathedrals are made to provide a cautionary lesson about the sins of our times maybe Joe Biden’s leering skeletal face will be the symbol of our downfall.

El Presidente

Hard news.  No corned beef was to be had at the local grocery store.  So now we have cabbage and potatoes and no beef.  Shocking and depressing.  Well, we’ll see.  If we have it another day it’ll count.

Out in the real world today.  Some bank business and visiting some folks.  Got back to my regular exercise routine after a week of snow shoveling.  Finally had a chance to listen to the ZMan’s podcast this afternoon.  It was a discussion of the Irish “Troubles.”  He explains how some of the lessons learned there could be applied to our situation with respect to the occupying army we face.

Looking through the news articles I saw that various federal and state prosecutors are trying to get up the nerve to indict Donald Trump for everything from soliciting sex (Stormy Daniels) to treason.  And another article said that YouTube has restored Trump’s account on the video site.  Boy, do they hate that guy.

But the biggest stories are about failing banks.  Apparently, a reckoning is finally setting in over our reckless, seemingly endless trillions of dollars conjured out of thin air.  You can see it happening.  In 2008 we saw the first wave.  After the Bush II wars and the loosening of home mortgage requirements had maxed out the federal government’s credit card, the investment banks were overleveraged and Lehman Brothers sank under the weight.  The Fed rescued the even bigger banks and GM and we saw the beginning of “too big to fail.”  The stock market has been propped up by zero interest rates for a decade and more but with the COVID debacle and the insane energy policies of the Greenies, inflation has roared back to life and so the government economists tried to raise the prime rate to tame this inflation.  But that puts all these zero rate bonds under water.  And the little banks then see people stampeding out looking for a way to get some return on their money.

And the result is smaller investment banks like SVB go bust.  Now it’s thought the Fed will stop increasing the interest rates and maybe even back it down.  And that will reignite inflation and impoverish the working class.  “Well so what?” says Joe Biden, “as long as the banks stay open.”

And we hear that consolidation is ahead and when the dust settles there will be only four or five banks left.  And since those banks are too big to fail what it really means is that the banks are really now just another name for the US Treasury.  And that’s supposed to make us feel better.

But what’s the next step?  So essentially the US government now guarantees all of our money in all banks.  And not just $250,000 or $500,000 but however much you have.  And what’s next?  When another big corporation starts failing like Google or Meta will the Feds prop it up too?  And what about smaller companies?  You see where this goes.  There will be one car company, one giant retailer, one appliance company, one social media company, etc. and all of them will be propped up by Uncle Sam.  And the employees of those companies are effectively employees of the government.

What is being described is a socialist country like Britain in the 1970s, or as the worst case, the Soviet Union.  Long before we get to that endpoint our currency will no longer be considered the world’s reserve currency.  It will be considered toilet paper.  But the way things are going nobody will do anything about it.  Nobody wants to rock the boat.  We just slowly settle into endless bureaucracy, mediocrity and dependence.

So, in this pathetic version of 1984, Big Brother is Joe Biden; a lying dementia case who smiles or shouts or cries depending on which lies he’s selling that day.  But somehow he’ll have to explain away the fact that America is becoming Cuba.  I guess he can buy an olive drab uniform, grow a beard, smoke a cigar and start calling himself “El Presidente.”  Yeah, it’s about right.


Chemist replies:

Not so fast, Photog. The US government will not guarantee all the deposits in all of the banks. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that: uninsured deposits, would only be covered in the event that a “failure to protect uninsured depositors would create systemic risk and significant economic and financial consequences.”
Josh Hawley relied: “Let me translate that, you only get protection if you’re a woke billionaire who gives a lot of money to Democrats.”

I can easily see Biden letting a red state bank fail and telling the red state depositors to suck it up. Just like he is letting the people in East Palestine suffer.
If you vote GOP you don’t matter in Biden’s America.”

You make a good point Chemist.  If Gavin Newsome asks Uncle Joe to help out he will.  If I might lose money that would be a source of humor and nothing else.


Never Waste a Civilizational Crash

We live in the proverbial “interesting times” of the Chinese saying.  Joe Biden twists and wriggles in the slime that is his element, excreting lies into his surroundings as naturally as an octopus discharges ink to confuse its enemies.  Woke banks crash, even more woke crypto exchanges are revealed as Ponzi schemes and Biden will declare that unless he can raise taxes by six trillion dollars the United States will descend into fiscal anarchy.  I’m curious if Keven McCarthy has the cast iron stones it would take to call his bluff.  I guess we’re about to find out.

I read that Saudi Arabia and Iran have decided to bury the hatchet.  This rapprochement was brokered by the Chinese and is just another indicator of how the United States is no longer the center of global diplomacy.  China and Russia are now routinely consulting with the Indians and the Saudis about trade and energy and the United States is definitely an outsider in these discussions.  In fact, in many cases the consultations are about avoiding Washington’s meddling in their affairs.

The Ukrainian war drags on with Russia using cruise and hypersonic missiles to cripple Ukraine’s electrical grid and rail system in advance of the long heralded Ukrainian spring offensive.  Now that Russia is at the point of collapsing Ukraine’s hold on the regional rail and road hub at Bakhmut through a glacially slow encirclement action it will be more difficult than ever for the Ukrainians to bring up supplies and troops from the West until sometime in May.  The spring thaw will render anything but paved roads completely impassable for tanks and other heavy fighting equipment such as the Bradley vehicles.

Based on what I’ve learned from watching the winter campaign, the Russians are using a very slow advance in conjunction with massive artillery bombardment to pulverize the Ukrainian army one square block at a time.  Because of the Ukraine’s policy of contesting every square inch of territory the Russian artillery strategy produces continuous casualties.  And with the estimate that western artillery shell stockpiles will be completely depleted by sometime this summer, the Ukrainians will be in a very difficult position with respect to defending many of the larger cities in Donbass such as Slovyansk and Kramatorsk.  There has also been speculation around Russia attempting to occupy Odessa and possibly reabsorb the breakaway Moldovan province of Transdniestria.

Many people wonder how this whole thing started.  Well, all of this is the State Department’s brain child.  Along with the CIA they sponsored the color revolution in Ukraine and funded the buildup of weapons and bunkers that have brought us to the present conflict.  And even as they continue to antagonize a country with a massive nuclear arsenal, they consider this outcome a success.

And every day we are treated to the spectacle of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the rest of the cavalcade of clowns slowly destroying whatever is still left of the United States.  Rail cars full of toxins burn in American cities, Mexican drug cartels murder American citizens with impunity, small businesses are folding up and dying by the millions and local communities and their citizens struggle to pay their fuel bills and buy food.

I guess Joe Biden has adopted the same strategy that the Russians are using against the Ukrainians.  He will just use a constant bombardment of misery against his own people until they just collapse, roll up and die.  It seems like a winning strategy.  It’s agonizingly slow and painful but hey what the heck!  He has to fill up the year and a half until the next election and there’s no way he can fix all the stuff he’s destroyed.  He might as well finish the job and destroy the rest of the country.  I suppose if your life has been destroyed and you’ve lost everything, voting won’t be a high priority.  So, he won’t even have to do much voter fraud this time around.  A real win/win.

Hell Week Begins Well


Work, work.  Work, work, work.  As stated earlier this week will be very busy.  But not as bad as previously imagined.  Today was surprisingly reasonable.  Good.

CPAC established that Donald Trump is still the primary candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.  It’s not clear to me how Ron DeSantis and the GOP establishment will deal with that.  And honestly, I don’t much care.  As the Z-Man likes to say the Democrats have “fortified democracy” in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona and Michigan.  It probably won’t allow for Republicans to win in those states anymore.  Or at least not until cannibalism breaks out pretty convincingly in those places.

The other stuff in the news is relatively tame.  Bakhmut is about to fall in Ukraine but the billions keep flowing to Zelenskyyyyyyyyy and company.  East Palestine Ohio has disappeared from the headlines but Mayor Pete will now be dressed as the construction worker instead of the policeman whenever YMCA is played during pride month.  Mumbles Biden is no longer even trying to fashion coherent sentences or even use actual words.  His utterances look like the gibberish that science fiction writers used to make their alien creatures spew.  Long strings of zees and exes intermingled with random vowel sounds.  You know; izzichthizzzzexxxx zeep seep eeeee!  It’s funny.  I think every single Democrat president has been worse than his predecessor since all the way to Jimmy Carter.

But with Biden we’ve somehow taken a horrible giant step change to something much worse.  We now have a president that is so repellant in all his aspects that you begin to wonder if it will be possible to surpass or even equal him in awfulness.  I was thinking of Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg and after review I think Biden has either of them beat.  Sure, Kamala is stupider than Joe but for all of the horrible things she had to do to get to where she is, she can’t compare to the depravity and dishonesty that Joe just radiates.  And the same goes for Mayor Pete.  Sure, Pete’s a pathetic excuse for a man.  But Joe is just plain loathsome.  Just look at what he’s done to his son and daughter.  He belongs in the asylum where they keep people like Hannibal Lecter.  Even Lecter would ask to be moved to a better cell if Joe were his neighbor.

I don’t know.  Maybe there is someone even more horrible waiting in the wings.  Is Caligula about to be reincarnated?  Could Rasputin have survived the various assassination attempts and somehow survived to end up in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue just to outdo Biden?  Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

But all of this is just misdirected anger.  It is America that is broken.  Regardless of whether we blame the evil party or the stupid party or both, we must confess that our political system doesn’t work anymore.  It’s been gamed.  We are owned by the public servants who run the intelligence agencies and the Congress.  And they are on the payroll of the corporations that cash in on the various government contracts, programs and monopolies.  The weapons manufacturers, the drug companies and the tech companies work hand in hand with the regulators, the federal agencies and the Congress to keep the gravy train going and us under their heels.

Sure, this is probably how it’s been for the last century but things have accelerated.  Running the United States isn’t enough anymore.  They want the whole planet.  And to make that work we aren’t needed.  In fact, we won’t be tolerated.  We’re in the way and they know what to do about that.  We’re going to be downsized out of existence.  And not slowly.  Active measures are being taken and they don’t even have to pretend it’s not so.  Accuse them of trying to get rid of the middle class and they just shrug their shoulders and say, “So?”

And maybe they can get away with all of this.  Most of the people in the limelight don’t seem particularly smart or strong.  But maybe the people really calling the shots are.  Maybe they’ll win because they are smarter than us.  And if they succeed in dominating China and Russia then maybe their system will overshadow the planet.  What a thought; rainbow flags as far as the eye can see and transgender armies goose stepping in front of the Kremlin.

But just accepting all this seems weak.  I think it’s worth resisting.  Wouldn’t it be great to find out that they really aren’t that smart!  Maybe it’s just the stupid party helping them win.  And maybe, just maybe, we’ll find some smart people on our side.  Okay, that’s enough for a Monday in hell week.  We return you to the horror show already in progress.

Biden Gets A Clean Bill of Health by Coroner

My favorite line, “With a fresh injection of formaldehyde and some makeup, he looks like he’s still with us! Just look at him — so peaceful. It looks like he’s just sleeping!”

Less believable is this report.

Yeah, I don’t buy it.

Dramatic Footage of the Military Confronting UFO Over Lake Huron

Below is the amazing flight camera video of the successful defense of Lake Huron by our pilots.

When the first missile failed to strike the target the squadron leader said he, “wanted another shot at it..”  The rest is history.  What wasn’t revealed in the press conference was that after the aliens fired their primary weapon and obliterated the White House, President Biden’s righteous anger prompted him to take the squadron leader role of the attacking F-16s that took down the aliens.  Few people know that in addition to being a long haul trucker Biden is also a Top Gun fighter pilot.  No joke!

Skipping the Disunion of the States

So they’re going to shoot Dopey Joe up with Ritalin and fill the gallery with BLM and Antifa and everybody will clap for the Ukraine and award Joe the Congressional Medal of Honor for shooting down the Chinese Balloon.  Does that sound like a good time to you?

I don’t think I could stand that much fun.  I think I’ll skip it.  I’ll use the time on something more productive.  I’ll scrape hard water stains off the shower floor.  I’ll be MIA this afternoon so I’m writing this piece now.  I read an article about the approach Ron DeSantis took for reforming that Florida state college.  He appointed conservatives to the Board of Directors and they fired the college president on day one.  Now they’re working on removing the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion department and will begin hiring new professors for the upcoming school year.

Now, that’s the way to do it.  Cut off the head and start over.  No pussyfooting around the edges.  Go for the jugular.  It’s beautiful.  Now, how about the rest of the Florida State University system?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I think the country gains much more with Ron DeSantis as the governor of Florida as opposed to him being president.  The president is a hostage of the intelligence agencies.  He should be the chairman of the Red State governors’ council (when they get around to forming one) and he can begin to help the rest of the country free itself from Washington’s corrosive effects.

It’s going to take coordination and planning to begin neutralizing the damage that Washington does and Ron DeSantis could maximize the good he can do by beginning to formalize a relationship between the Red States.  The first step would be to define what a Red State is.  Would it just consist of republican dominance of the state’s government?  Or would it include social positions too?  Obviously too much purity testing would blow up the whole process of forming a coalition but I think some list of basic positions must be established.  But they should make a start on it.  And high on the list of actions is a mechanism for protecting their citizens from federal persecution for the unconstitutional actions of the federal government.

And protecting police officers and police departments from the Justice Department is at the top of the list.  The chaos we’ve lived through for the last decade on account of Obama’s Justice Department attacking the police proves that.  Without the police doing their job things descend into anarchy, as we’ve seen in all the big cities of late.

So, the 2024 election is on everybody’s minds.  But I’m more interested in seeing the governors get together and start to organize themselves into something that can help us now.  Because as far as I can tell, the federal government is lost.  At the very least, if Ron DeSantis wants to be president, he’d better leave a successor to carry on the work he started.  Maybe he can have his wife get the job.  I’m sure he’ll have some influence with her and make sure she doesn’t go Left.  Then when he is term-limited out he can get back to work in Florida trying to restore freedom to America, one state at a time.

What’s the Message?

So, what do I think of Joe Biden’s classified document problems?

As the regime scribes breathlessly report the latest daily discovery of classified document caches in Hunter Biden’s far-flung empire of crack and hooker safe houses let us see if we can decode the message being sent.  Aside from the obvious signal to Dopey Joe that 2020 was his last rodeo are they telling all of us something too?

Maybe not intentionally.  But surely, they’re aware that most people no longer think the politicians call the shots in Washington.  We’ve been given a master class in how the administrative state can prevent any politician from enacting any policy they don’t agree with.  And they’ve also demonstrated that they can imprison anyone from a Q-anon shaman to a general to a former president if they decide to.

Then the Deep State should be aware that most people see this exercise of intimidating a president for what it is.  That means that those in charge aren’t afraid to nakedly signal their control over the government of the United States.  They aren’t in any way afraid of the people knowing that they’ve effectively usurped the sovereignty of this country.

To me that’s the message.  When they took Nixon down probably most people believed it was what they said it was.  A coverup by the president of the action of some rogue administration flunkies.  Brave reporters and patriotic FBI agents putting country before their own personal safety and careers, blah, blah, blah.  But we’re not that stupid anymore.  We’ve seen this kabuki theater a bunch of times.  It’s predictable.  And they must know that we know.  To my mind the message is, “Get used to it.”

That means that Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz are risking a lot challenging and tweaking the noses of the Deep State and their allies in the Congress.  They already came after Gaetz.  They tried to hang him out to dry on a phony sex crime.  I don’t doubt they’ll try something else again.  Jordan’s subcommittee on weaponizing the Justice Department is waving the red cape at the bull.  I don’t doubt they’ll play some dirty tricks on him.

I read somewhere that one of the rules that Gaetz and company restored was one that allowed the House of Representatives to withhold the funding of any agency based on a majority vote.  If this is true that could be a substantial club that might impress the Deep State.  After all money is a big part of the lure that puts these people in these agencies.  The salaries and benefits are extremely attractive.  Imagine if the Congress got serious about punishing these creeps.  It would take guts but it might be a way to convince them that this isn’t their country.  It’s supposed to be ours.

Yeah, but who am I kidding?  They’d have Jordan and Gaetz in a holding cell so fast it’d make their heads spin.  They’d go after their wives and kids.  They’d have the FBI dig through every document they’d signed since their first library card and they’d link it all to Putin.  And they’d laugh about it in public.  They’re not afraid and they don’t care if we know it.

So, what do I think of Joe Biden’s classified document problems.  I don’t think anything of it at all.