Of Ricotta Cheese and the Seventh Circle of Hell

What to write about tonight?  Today was a day for chores.  One was my semi-annual trip to the dental hygienist.  Such a strange thing we have to do.  Twice a year someone has to torture you with dental tools while trying to make small talk with someone who can’t speak.  You know it’s an interesting thing.  Someone who’s good at that must be a gifted person.  My hygienist only sees me twice a year but somehow manages to continue the conversation from where it left off six months earlier.  Quite the trick.  Either she has an incredible memory or she takes notes.  Either way it’s kind of remarkable.  And it’s funny.  This time she told me that my teeth and gums looked better than usual.  For some reason this slight praise filled me with a sense of accomplishment.  I was now some kind of flossing ninja!

Anyway, when I got back home with my slightly whiter teeth and my “free” new toothbrush I read through the news articles and I even commented on the OPEC move to screw Joe Biden to the wall.  And that was fun.  But nothing struck me as the nucleus of a post.

So, I watched an old movie that I recently bought.  I got it used at a library sale.  I’d never consider buying it new because it’s not that good.  It’s “Constantine” with Keanu Reeves as a freelance exorcist who battles demons while smoking a lot of cigarettes.  It’s really a goofy concept.  Constantine has a gift that allows him to see demons.  But he is damned to Hell for a suicide attempt he sort of succeeded at when he was a boy.  He was “dead for two minutes.”  During those two minutes he experienced a lifetime of torment in Hell before the doctors revived him.  In this movie he is battling semi-demons, a renegade angel and lung cancer.  As I said it’s a goofy movie but every three years or so I seem to watch it again.  Another problem with the movie is it costars Shia LaBeouf.  Well, what can you do?  But it was a good way to stop thinking about Joe Biden for an hour or two.

Camera Girl put together a nice manicotti and meat ball dinner for us.  Now that’s comfort food.  So, I complemented her on this delicious meal and then she told me that the cost for the meal had doubled in a little over a month.  She said, for instance, that ricotta cheese went from $3.50 for a container to $7.00.  Being the frugal and practical shopper, this kind of thing strikes her as madness.  I started to explain to her how energy costs associated with the green new deal cascaded through the economy and caused multiple increases in the costs of food because of transportation, refrigeration, fertilizer and of course the ever-popular supply chain problems.  She gave me a look as if I had blamed it on the demons from the Constantine movie.  So, I stopped beating that drum and told her we’d find a way to save money by eliminating something “scholastic.”  That’s the word she uses for anything that she deems pseudo-intellectual.  Which covers anything that I am interested in that she is not.

But there was Joe Biden again.  Annoying my wife by sabotaging the economy.  This monster had doubled the price of ricotta cheese in a single month.  Looking back at the logic of the Constantine movie I decided that for this monstrous act Creepy Uncle Joe should be consigned to one of the worst circles of Hell, possibly the one where an arch-demon gets to clean the teeth of the damned with a pickaxe for all eternity and where they’ve completely run out of free toothbrushes.  I started to wonder if Joe’s fake teeth would be more or less sensitive to pain.  But then I remembered that arch-demons really know their stuff so he would be in for it either way.  So, I felt a little better.

You know all the little problems that come out of the sabotage of the economy seem trivial compared with crime waves, nuclear war and the sexual mutilation of children.  But those little things add up to something important.  The United States was called the land of opportunity because a good chunk of its citizens, the middle class, was prosperous.  They weren’t rich but they weren’t poor.  They couldn’t buy a new car every three years but they always could go out when they felt like it to a burger joint or a Chinese restaurant and enjoy a good meal to give everybody in the family a boost.  Not since the days of Jimmy Carter have we been worried about having enough money to pay for the groceries and the mortgage.  Now we do.

And so, if I was going to consign Joe Biden to Hell for his crimes, I wouldn’t leave out this charge.  Because along with everything else he’s done he’s killed the natural cheerfulness of the American people.  That’s a pretty monstrous thing.

Well, that’s what I’ve come up with.  It seems a bit random but life is a stew.

OPEC Body Slams Biden for the Mid-Terms

OPEC has decided to lower oil production for November.  And just stating is going to raise the price of heating oil and gasoline just when Biden needs these prices to go down before the Mid-Terms.  The way Creepy Uncle Joe keeps getting mugged by reality you’d think I might be starting to feel sorry for him.  Well, I feel sorry for us.  We have to live with runaway inflation and a recession all at the same time.  And we have to worry about the threat of nuclear war on top of that.

But as far as feeling sorry for Dopey Joe I couldn’t care less.  I want all the idiots who voted for him to stew in the regret they are feeling.  His green energy boondoggle is the most disastrous policy since the establishment of Prohibition in the 1920s.  It has singlehandedly brought the Western World to its knees this year and this winter may actually bring parts of Europe back to the Ice Age.  Well, good!  These idiots are getting what they voted for and as the expression go they should get it good and hard.

I bought a cap for my fuel oil prices for this winter.  It looks like I’ll need it.  Keep going Joe.  At this rate you’ll be acclaimed the WOAT president even before your one term is done.  Before you know it even the people who run the Democrat Voter Fraud Machine will be voting for the Republicans just to save themselves from freezing to death.

despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.


Chemist comments:

“Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.
This is known as “bad luck.”-Robert Heinlein

Economist Jeffrey Sachs Dares to Speak the Truth About the Pipeline

Sachs is not a conservative.  But apparently he’s not afraid to say what he thinks to the Left.  Here he tells some libs that the whole world thinks we blew up the Nord Stream pipelines and also think that the United States is equally responsible for the dangerous confrontation that may happen between the nuclear superpowers over the Ukraine war.  And I think I detect the western media starting to echo this concern.  Sachs mentions that it is sixty years to the month since the Cuban Missile Crisis but the US State Department is talking trash about their response to nuclear weapons being used.

Well, wag the dog seems to be the tactic that the Democrats are using for this Mid-Term election.  Somehow I don’t think it’s a good idea.  But who knows maybe Joe Biden is a genius.  What do you think?


Unexpected Consequences of Irresponsible Actions

Returning to the subject of yesterday’s post, I was considering what kind of effects might be caused by a country sabotaging the valuable infrastructure of a country with which it was not in a state of war.  What immediately came to mind was reciprocation.  Currently a new pipeline is going into operation from Norway to Poland.  Would it surprise anyone if that pipeline were sabotaged?  Now maybe this isn’t something the Russians would want to do.  Maybe they have other fish to fry with the Poles.  But it seems to me that the US has moved into entirely new territory with the bombing of the pipelines and they should expect the Russians to respond in kind.

Now, maybe this is all according to plan.  Maybe the people running our foreign policy (and domestic policy) are looking for a response.  As I said yesterday, this may be a tail wagging the dog operation they’re running and they need a Russian reaction to provide a distraction from the economy during the mid-term elections.  If that’s the case they may be hoping for something soon and drastic.  If nothing happens then probably the CIA will be disappointed.  I’m sure they want acknowledgement for their wanton destruction.  Maybe a commendation.

But here’s the thing.  This is a different level of provocation than even the military aid we’ve given the Ukraine.  Even with the targeting information and advanced artillery we’ve provided to the Ukrainians the actual attacks have been through proxies.  The sabotaging of the pipelines was done by United States directly.  It was a non-military target and it was completely unrelated to the Ukraine conflict.  It will be answered.

Really the only question is when.  Supposedly the Russians are pretty savvy about injecting their actions into the politics of their adversaries.  After all, hacked by Putin is a byword of Democrat party fear.  What they might do is wait for the mid-term elections to conclude and then once the Democrats have been trounced and can’t benefit from the distraction, I imagine some kind of revenge might occur.  What it might be is hard to know.  I have no knowledge of the relative vulnerabilities of different sections of US infrastructure.

The most likely thing would be an underwater pipeline.  That is what’s known as poetic justice.  But it could be anything.  It might not be sabotage.  It could be a data dump based on some kind of espionage that would be especially embarrassing to the Biden government.  It could be a terror attack coordinated with a Mexican drug cartel.  After all the southern border is essentially wide open.  It could be almost anything.

But the point is the Biden administration has gone out of its way to slap Russia in the face.  Chances are there will be a response and chances are it will be an escalation.  My only hope is that innocent Americans aren’t hurt or killed in the process.  But this is what happens when the foreign policy of a superpower is put in the hands of Yale and Harvard goofballs.  Maybe in 2024 we can rejoin the community of responsible nations again.  Until then just pray it all doesn’t go nuclear.



Nostradumbass has suggested a couple of theme songs for the current situation



What the Hell is Really Going On?

When I read about the Nord Stream sabotage, I was thinking that the CIA and the State Department were figuring a way to force the Europeans to back their play in the Ukraine.  After all, if there was no way to get gas to Europe except through the Ukraine pipelines then effectively, they would have to go along with beating Russia to get the gas back.  But suddenly it seems like there’s more going on here.

What it is, I’m not sure.  Will it be some kind of October Surprise to sway the Mid-Term election?  Will these maniacs go to the brink with Russia to try and win the mid-term elections.  Is Creepy Uncle Joe going to go on television before the election and tell us that war with Russia is imminent and the only way he can win that war is to have a united Congress to rubber stamp his every action in the war?  It’s hard to believe he would do something that crazy.  But then again what’s crazy nowadays?

But what else could be going on?  Could this really all be about not letting the Germans buy natural gas from Russia?  That seems absurdly trivial when questions of nuclear war are being considered.  Surely war and peace are at a much higher level of US foreign policy than commercial relationships between European nations even if one of them is Russia.  But that is the claim of some people.  That we are trying to prevent Europe from cozying up to Russia because we want to prevent anything interfering with our hegemony over the West.

All of these actions and motives are bizarre to say the least.  It no longer seems that our foreign policy is being run by people who are grounded in reality.  Brinksmanship in the Ukraine is the height of dangerous behavior.  Sabotaging critical infrastructure that our closest allies depend on for the energy supply for their homes and businesses seems insane.  Having Joe Biden repeatedly state that the United States would get into a shooting war with China over Taiwan when the Chinese weren’t making an issue of it is just plain stupid.  But maybe that’s the point.  Maybe very stupid people are running our foreign policy now.  Maybe this is the best they could come up with to stave off the collapse of their “new world order” which seems to be coming apart at the seams everywhere we look.

After all, the EU is seeing defections from their immigration policy in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and now also in Sweden and Italy.  The BRICS and some other countries have rejected Washington’s embargo of Russian petroleum and mineral products.  And more and more Americans are tired of the madness that’s been going on for the last two years over COVID, crime and the destruction of the economy.

So if this is the Elites flailing around to distract us from the shambles they’ve made of everything, then my only fear is that we may not survive to see them rejected at the polls.  After all it’s still about forty days until election day and at this rate they’ll have triggered nuclear Armageddon and a Great Depression simultaneously before they can be fired.

Is this all just Joe playing “tail wagging the dog” or are these people so delusional that they think they can do any crazy damn thing and get away with it?  Maybe it’s too much to hope to know what’s really going on but I assure you I’m not the only one thinking that we’ve descended into a mad house.  The slogan that the Republicans should use for both 2022 and 2024 is, “Had enough yet or do you want the crazy to keep going?”

ABC – Wash Post Slanted Poll Still Very Bad News for Dems in November

I don’t like to spread good news prematurely but when the Left starts saying discouraging things about the November Elections it does tempt me to weigh in.

Here are some of the highlights of this ABC / Washington Post Poll:

The headline on the poll results is: “Biden Struggles, As Does His Party; Most Dems Look Elsewhere for 2024.”

But what makes this poll notable is that it found some remarkably weak findings for Democrats, even with the Democrat-leaning sample and the alleged shopping for youth respondents.

Among Registered Voters in competitive (close) Congressional districts

55% favor Republicans (mirroring the 24 lead for Republicans in solid GOP districts)

34% favor Democrats


Suburban women

47% favor Republicans

44% favor Democrats


So let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here.  Election fraud is a very powerful friend of the Democrats.  When you just open up a firehose of manufactured votes it’s pretty easy to overcome a twenty one point lead in the actual vote.  But it does say something about the possibility of a whole bunch of chickens coming home to roost on Joe Biden’s head.  And roosting chickens (and the attendant debris) couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Well, if at least we know Nancy Pelosi will be losing her gavel in a few months that is something to be looking forward to.  If Schumer is also demoted that would be fun.  And maybe I’m about to be pleasantly surprised by the incompetence of the Democrat fraud machine.  We’ll have to see.






Joe Biden Cures Cancer

Recently the odious fungoid that infests 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was raving about his imaginary “war against cancer.”  Under ordinary circumstances I assume that every pronouncement that emanates from that malignant wretch is a lie.  But when it comes to wars on cancer, I have a special level of scorn.

Since the 1960s America has been bombarded with headlines on how the titanic energies of the federal government and the medical science infrastructure would finally defeat cancer “within twenty years.”  Now this twenty-year estimate is very similar to the one that has been promising us nuclear fusion energy “within fifty years.  We’re currently on the eightieth year of that guesstimate.

The idea that a moron like Joe Biden is going to solve a biological mystery like curing all cancers is truly absurd.  Sure, he’s only talking about funding a research initiative but the scope of what he’s proposing to do dwarfs the resources he’s talking about by a factor of a million to one.

The mistake that people make when they compare biology to something like technology or economics is thinking that there is a linear relation between what you know and what you don’t know.  Everyone was told that once we had decoded the human genome everything else in human biology would be a matter of reverse engineering solutions to every disease and problem.  Boy was that stupid.  The genome gives us the code for figuring out the peptide sequence in all the proteins that the body uses.   But it turns out that understanding how these proteins interact with all the other chemical substances in the body is so complicated that all knowing the compositions of the proteins does is mock us with the actual complexity of our cells.

Even the shape of these protein molecules is a mystery that has to be painstakingly determined with X-ray crystallography and other complicated and exacting techniques.  And even then, we don’t know the shape the molecule assumes in the specialized environment when other molecules are associated during various interactions.  Recently artificial intelligence has been tasked with automating the calculation of the shapes of all the proteins known to man.  And this is surely a boon.  The countless man-hours saved by the machine cataloguing the shape of two hundred million proteins is stunning.  But as is freely admitted by the AI’s creators, these shape estimates are extremely questionable.  They only form the basis for a more through examination of the protein.  Maybe they really only help to narrow a research effort down from an even larger problem down to just an enormous one.

The metabolic pathways associated with the human immune system is one of those areas where protein shape is critical.  An enormous amount of effort has been expended in trying to understand how the human body differentiates between pathogens and self when it tries to protect from viruses, bacteria and other organisms.  When the immune system becomes too active, we end up with auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn’s Disease where the body attacks its own cells.  And yet that same immune system is also charged with attacking cancer cells.  Tumor necrosis factors exist in the body for this purpose.  These delicate balances and how they fail is the subject of endless research.

Practical results have been made.  Antibodies have been manufactured with the ability to target the exact cancer cells that a patient is producing.  There have been cures.  But failure is the rule, success the exception.  Once again, what we know is still an infinitesimal part of what needs to be learned.

It can be hoped that AI will eventually be an accelerant for the research being done.  But I suspect that what we are looking at is a multi-generational effort that will involve incremental progress.  In fact, it’s possible that fundamental biological research not even aimed at cancer will provide the stepping stones that one day will allow truly effective cancer treatment.

One thing I can guarantee is that Joe Biden will never be thought to have done anything meaningful to help advance cancer research.  In fact, I’ll go one better.  Joe Biden will never be thought to have done anything meaningful to help anyone but himself.

Facing Reality

Today was a busy day.  Lots of chores around the house and yard.  And then in the afternoon Camera Girl broke the news that the kitchen sink drain was completely clogged.  So, out come the monkey wrenches and plungers and the fun begins.  The trap was clear so I went looking for the snake to send down the drain line.  But it was gone.  There is no more annoying experience for a man than to have one of his tools turn up missing when he needs it.  But who could I blame?  I wanted to blame Camera Girl.  After all she is my go-to.  But unfortunately, I knew in my heart it must have been me.  I was trying to remember when I had thrown out any boxes without looking at them during the move ten years ago.  I vaguely remember thinking that whatever was in a certain beat-up box was useless old hardware that I no longer needed.  I think I told myself it was some scrap from a project.  Some conduit that I didn’t want to part with at the time but had never found a use for.  Looking back, it was just part of the dumpster mania that happens when you’ve been in a house for twenty-five years and then you have to empty it.  At a certain point you’re tempted to throw anything out, even the dogs, just to end the packing.

So, I took a piece of coaxial cable that was lying around and tried to snake the line with that.  No luck.  Then I reassembled the drain line and dutifully plunged it for almost half an hour with no result.  Tomorrow I’ll go out and buy an auger and clear the line.  I’d do it today but the roads are clogged with people going to the various Labor Day fairs and carnivals that break out at this time of year.  We’ll go early and pick it up and then head out to an orchard for some photography.  Then we’ll return by a roundabout route and I’ll spend an hour or so removing glop from that sink drain line.

I think I’ll blame Joe Biden for the clogged line.  The crud in that pipe is somewhat reminiscent of the gunk that must exist between his ears.  There must be a sympathetic magic that exists between the crap he was spewing the other day and all the noisome disgusting bilge that infects the waste lines of the world.  Joe himself is like a waste clog that has fouled up this country.  All the normal processes that need to happen to keep our country functioning have been obstructed by the presence of this human hairball.  He’s gummed up the works and America is stuck with a mess and no easy way to clean it up.  Well, I’ve stretched that metaphor way past its limit.  And it’s a mixed metaphor.  Joe is more akin to a backed-up toilet than sink because he’s really a lying sack of crap.  But I’ll move on.

It’s sixty some-odd days until the election.  I think we’ll learn very important things afterward.  And at this point I’m not even nervous.  I’m prepared to accept either eventuality.  If we win, great.  If we lose, I’ll move on.  If we lose that means I am responsible for steering my life in a permanently hostile political environment.  No more pretending we can vote our way out of this.  I can assume that the US federal government will always be trying to deprive me of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  And I will be avidly weighing my options in finding the optimal way to avoid its efforts.

Even though the dish washer is unusable Camera Girl decided to use some real china and silverware to have a nice dinner.  It was ribeye steaks with big baked potatoes smothered in butter.  It adds to the mess in the kitchen but her instincts were correct.  That dinner, followed by a showing of John Huston’s “African Queen,” was a good remedy to a frustrating afternoon of plumbing failures.  And tomorrow I’ll gather my supplies and set things straight in Camera Girl’s kitchen and all will be right with the world again.  If only Joe Biden could be as easily flushed down the drain.  But he’s a much bigger hairball.

Being Preached to by a Congenital Liar

I read through some of Creepy Joe’s speech.  It’s the usual bizarro world version of reality.  Evil is good, down is up and crazy is sane.  It’s good to see he’s pulling out all the stops.  So, here we have Biden doing what he always does, lying through his teeth.  Putting aside questions of wholesale voter fraud, we will see whether suburban women will vote for their families or their place in the hive.  I think it’ll be close but I could be wrong.  Last year we had Virginia vote against a party that was trying to propagandize their children at school.  Since then, the economy has tanked and the Biden administration has weaponized the IRS.  Experience says the Democrats will be punished but Roe v Wade will stir the women into a frenzy, at least the crazy ones.  So, we’ll have to see how all this goes.

But I think it’s worth mentioning that this country must be pretty far gone if we’re in this situation.  Anyone who has been paying attention knows that not only is Joe Biden an inveterate liar and an influence peddler but also that his whole term as president has been an unmitigated disaster.  He allowed COVID to tear apart the economy of this country and then he bungled every single task that presented itself.  He stoked inflation with senseless multi-trillion-dollar payouts to people who should have been back at work.  He allowed bureaucrats to force useless and unsafe vaccines on people who neither wanted nor needed them.  He watched as his incompetent Pentagon botched the Afghan retreat.  And he’s stood by like a mook while the cities of this country have descended into lawlessness.

And now that his underwater approval rating is poised to lose the Democrats both the House and Senate, he gives this imbecilic hit piece of a speech claiming that half the country is an evil treasonous cabal against the virtuous forces of his storm troopers in the FBI.

And of course, the media laps it up.  They’re completely on the same page.  But what about the American public?  According to the polls about 40% think Biden is doing a good job.  Well good for the other 60%.  But 40% of America is a big number.  If there are that number of people satisfied with Biden then we’re in big trouble.  In fact, even with massive fraud it still shouldn’t have been possible for him to have gotten elected in the first place.  And that’s why I’m starting to wonder if there is any long-term hope for this country.

Even if we take back Congress in November and the White House in 2024, we’re still looking at almost half this country composed of some combination of crooks and imbeciles.  That’s got to be too high a percentage to allow for the long-term survival of this country.  And I don’t know what I’m supposed to say about that.  The smart thing would be to figure out a way to loosen up the federal system so that the states that aren’t as filled with stupid people can survive the stupid decisions that the stupid states make.  But how does that get done?  You can see why I’m more than a little dismayed.

But at the very least I hope the House impeaches that lying sack of crap for all of the crimes that have already been exposed on the infamous Hunter Biden laptop.  He deserves a prison sentence that he surely couldn’t outlive but I’d settle for seeing him exposed publicly in front of all the dimwits who voted for him as the crook he truly is.  At least it’s something.

Spin the Wheel and Take Your Chance

Yesterday I allowed myself to bask in the warmth of what a complete conservative victory in America would be like.  And honestly, it must have been something I wanted to indulge in at that moment.  Just thinking of the world restored to normalcy was intoxicating.  But indulging in a narcotic that strong is dangerous.  Fentanyl is for thoracic surgery not as an apéritif.  So please excuse my recent indulgence and let’s talk about something a little less fantastical.

For the last couple of weeks, the daily polls of Creepy Joe’s approval ratings have been steadily rising.  And the pages of Politico and the Atlantic have been full of stories about how the mid-terms are starting to look like a Democrat come back story, full of redemption, angry women and Trump hatred.  And so, the usual spineless Republicans are wringing their hands and running in circles.  So familiar.

Well, I guess this isn’t my first rodeo clown circus.  I love how the mantra of these weak-kneed types is, “Renounce Trump!”  They must feel if we disown the devil, the angel of death won’t enter our house and we’ll survive the curse.  Fascinating.

But I feel quite the opposite.  Just bring it on.  Let them do their worst.  Raid Mar-a-Lago, cancel college debt, declare marshal law, auto-tune Joe Biden and put him on TikTok, whatever they want.  Now is the time for us to find out if there’s any hope of the American people waking up or not.  Runaway inflation, recession, Hunter Biden, Ukraine, Afghanistan, COVID tyranny and COVID incompetence.  You name it.  No one has seen an administration as incompetent and just plain weird in the entire history of the United States.  If we can’t win in this environment then we never will.

So, no whining, no bland middle of the road waffling.  We need to fly our colors and let the chips land as they may.  If we’re able to take back the Senate then we must stiff Biden’s appointments and investigate everything that went on over the last two years.  An impeachment over the laptop evidence is a no brainer.  And the details of this trial will be must see tv.  Hunter’s former business partner has already stated on the record that Joe Biden was “the big guy” who was skimming ten percent of the revenues.  That alone should be enough to convince most of the American people that they have a crook in the White House and not a very smart crook at that.

And the investigation into the origins and the mishandling of the COVID fiasco should put an end to many political careers.  There currently seems to be ample proof that the vaccines weren’t safe or effective and yet politicians and medical bureaucrats pushed them on people as if they were.  These actions demonstrate a level of dishonesty and recklessness that should shock the citizens of this country when they’re revealed.

And there are a hundred other things going on that should be investigated.  Afghanistan is a national disgrace.  Their energy policy is disastrously stupid.  The transgender policy on minors is horrific.  And on and on and on.

And what if we lose?  If we don’t take the House then there is no hope.  Even if we take the House but don’t recapture the Senate, I will consider that the Dissident Right is correct and we can’t vote our way out of this hole we’re in.  That will be a bleak outcome.

But knowing the truth no matter how depressing is preferable to basing your life on a delusion.  At least the truth allows you to stop wasting time and resources on pipe dreams and instead try to sidestep some of the damage coming your way.  And it allows you to look for Plan B whatever you decide that may be.  So we’re less than seventy days to the election.  Bring it.