Guest Contributor – Chemist – 13MAY2023 – Report from Texas

There is a lot going on in Texas right now. We have an invasion across our southern border that is flooding the state. Abbot can only send so many busses to NY and Chicago.
We have some of the highest property taxes in the country in spite of a budget surplus.
We have a GOP majority in both houses (In name only) because a RINO representative convinced all of the democrats to support him for speaker of the house in exchange for putting democrats in charge of the most powerful committees. This, along with his RINO cronies, makes him unbeatable. As a result, almost no republican priorities get acted on.

I am concerned about Dan Perry and hope that Abbot gets him home as fast as possible. But I don’t think it is on the top of most Texan’s concerns.



(Editor’s Note:

Thanks for that report Chemist.  That RINO situation sounds awful.


12MAY2023 – A Question to Readers from Texas

Daniel Perry has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.  Gov. Abbott has said he will try to get the sentencing board to allow him to intercede by pardoning him.  My question is whether Abbott is doing all he can to make this happen.  It seems to me that this is a critical issue and if he screws this up he can expect a primary challenge.  What do you locals think?

Will Gov. Greg Abbott Pardon Daniel Perry?

Sgt. Daniel Perry was convicted of murder by an Austin jury under a Soros DA’s direction.  Perry killed a BLM rioter that brandished an AR-15 at him during a BLM riot back in 2020.  Now Governor Abbott is trying to get his Board of Pardons and Paroles to recommend Perry for a pardon.  We’ll see if the governor can make it happen.  It would strike a blow for justice and fairness in a big red state with a deep blue capitol city.  Stay tuned.

Texas May be Taking Border Protection into Its Own Hands

Gov. Abbott and the Texas Legislature look ready to do something about the wide open border that Biden has created.

“The state legislature is reportedly finalizing some new laws that would empower state law enforcement to take a much more active and aggressive role in securing the border and ensuring the safety of the Texans living in the affected areas. The plan will potentially include an entirely new police force dedicated to blocking illegal migrants’ access to the Lone Star State.”

And apparently they want to utilize the Texans whose property is being trespassed to help solve the problem.

“Allowing the new law enforcement agency to deputize people living near the border is another interesting twist. More than 45% of Texas households have at least one firearm in them. (Compare that to 19.95% in New York.) That puts the old expression about not messing with Texas in perspective. And many of those gun-owning Texans who have been watching bands of migrants traipsing across their property and menacing their families would likely be eager to sign up for a deputy’s badge. Also, being deputized would likely shield them from some repercussions if they are forced to respond to violent migrants.”

About damn time.

Guest Contributor – Chemist – 01MAR2022 – Texas Primary Election Day

Today is primary day in Texas. (Or if you are a republican in my town, the only voting day that matters.)

While voting an older man and his elderly, wheelchair bound, father came in.

The older man was irate that he didn’t get an absentee ballot for his father like in years past.

“Last three years, the ballot comes in the mail. This year – nothing.”

The clerk replied that you now have to request the ballot.

The older man countered that “Dad doesn’t do computers. How is he supposed to request one?”

The clerk told him that he could call for one and the man said this was a pain.


I wanted to jump in and say:

“Yup. Another thing the democrats fucked up for everyone.

After the wholesale cheating in 2020 we had to change the laws which make it more difficult for everyone, so thank a Democrat!”


But I kept my mouth shut.



Runaway Texas Democrats Return to Legislature and Voting Bill Passed

The “Runaway Texas Dems,” at least some of them, returned to the Texas State House and this allowed the vote on election reform to pass.  Governor Abbott can sign this bill into law soon and put an end to the spectacle of a plane load of Democrats running away to Washington D.C. to prevent the Texas legislature from doing their job.

The representatives who are still on the lam complained bitterly that their comrades betrayed them.  But recently the Texas administration had sworn out arrest warrants for dereliction of duty and was threatening to cut of their pay.  Once again we have proof that Democrats are lawless cretins that should be deported to Kabul at the first opportunity.


Chemist has chastised me for jumping the gun.  Apparently the return of the Dems hasn’t resulted in the vote being taken on the bill.  Come on Texas, put this one to bed.

10AUG2021 – OCF Update

Today I was on guard duty.  I fit in a little photo time and got a chance to participate in a zoom with the guys but it was a day that didn’t leave much time for writing.

But I did note a few interesting news items.

Cuomo resigned.  Too bad.  He would have driven the MeeToo girls crazy if he had hung in.  He’s such a sleazy guy that just seeing him with a D after his name makes me feel happy.  Oh well, Andy, we hardly knew ye.

But now what about Fredo?  Does CNN need the brother of a disgraced NY State Governor?  And that’s even supposing he could read and speak English fluently which he can’t.  Mother of mercy!  Could this be the end of Fredo?

I saw that Abbott in Texas successfully petitioned the Texas Supreme Court to block that leftist judge who wanted to shield the runaway Dem legislators from arrest for dereliction of duty.  That’s a good first step but he still needs to find a way to lure them back into Texas for arrest.  Maybe he can tell each of them he has won a million dollar lottery and it must be claimed in person.  Or maybe they can just tempt them with police officers posing as underage children for them to molest.  Either probably will get some results.  After all they’re Democrats.  Look at the pedo in the Arizona legislature.  He was the one celebrating his gayness.  In hindsight maybe not the ambassador for the LGBTQ movement.

I had the grandkids over today and the younger ones were in the pool but one of the senior ranks and I started watching the Lord of the Rings movies.  He’s a fan of the Two Towers so we dove in there.  A little too much Gollum in that disk for me.  He’s truly annoying.  We both decided that they should have given the Ring to Sam and he would have finished the mission before the end of the siege of Helm’s Deep.

I’ll have an installment of the photo series soon and I may have a political post later.  But right now family beckons.

Texit Envy

Yesterday I listed among my Friday finds an interview at the Gateway Pundit with Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann about the Texit Bill that he will introduce into the Texas legislature to begin the process of determining if the citizens of Texas want to leave the United States and reassert their sovereignty as the Republic of Texas.

During the interview Representative Biedermann mentioned that there are other states that are also interested in pursuing the idea of becoming independent of Washington.  So, I went to the Texit website to see what else I could find out.  There was quite bit of information on the Texit project but no other information on any other states looking into independence.  But just knowing that something was going on to finally push back against the Left was like getting a shot of pure oxygen after breathing stale air for a week.

As I’ve said many times before, I am tethered to the area by the grandchildren living here and Camera Girl would fight me like a tiger if I tried to move her away from them.  But a day will come when moving will be possible and if Texas does this great thing, I feel sure I would go there.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if others of my family joined me.  There has been talk already of fleeing the Northeast for freer areas but even red states are currently under the thumb of the federal government.

The idea of Texas gaining independence is thrilling enough but imagine if a number of contiguous states join them in some sort of loose confederation.  I feel drunk just thinking of it.  Imagine escaping from the Leftists once and for all.  Never again having to be called racists during another election.  Never having to live under laws that force you to lose the rights of a free man to property, religion, speech free association and self-defense.

I was trying to think what would be the greatest pleasure that I would get from states gaining their freedom and I think it would be never having to have idiots like Barack Obama or Joe Biden spoken of as the leader of my nation.  I would never have to listen to Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer make a speech unless doing it for laughs.  I wouldn’t be surrounded by fools who would let the federal government lock us in our homes and force us to wear masks for no reason.  I wouldn’t have a government that would allow lunatics to hijack the cities and burn down honest people’s shops to protest the death of some criminal.  I wouldn’t have to live in a place where the news stations tell me that I’m a racist and a science denier because I don’t believe in white privilege and I don’t think that a man wearing a dress is a woman.  Well, I guess that’s more than one thing but I think all those things are linked together.  Let’s just say that the greatest thing about living in a real Free America would be living in a place that wasn’t completely crazy by design.

As you can probably tell I’m pretty excited to hear about this movement in Texas and now I’m almost a little down knowing there’s not much I can do about it currently.  But what I will do is keep up with the information that becomes available and update the folks here on the site when something occurs.

I spent a few months down in Texas on an engineering assignment twenty-five years ago and those folks down there were so friendly that I was dumbfounded by it.  And the same thing happened every time I was in a red state.  It’s just wrong to allow good people to be badgered and tormented by sick demented weirdos just because they’ve rigged the system against us.  Here’s to hoping Texas makes it happen.

Texas Takes Steps Against Woke City Governments

San Antonio doesn’t think Chick-fil-A is sufficiently respectful of the LGBTQ agenda so they banned them from doing business at the San Antonio airport.  But Texas still has a majority of non-Leftists so Governor Abbott worked with the legislature to approve a law that forbids local government from punishing businesses for their religious beliefs

We need more states to bear down on the lefty cities in their jurisdictions.  The people in the conservative hinterlands will enjoy that immensely.