Guest Contributor – TomD – 07JAN2023 – Republican House

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It’s over now but I think the whole circus has actually been a net positive. The worst thing that could have happened yet another round of Democratic Lite policies from the House. We’ve seen a number of those and just look at where they got us.

Maybe, just maybe this will lead not just to a veto of the egregious Dim policies but also a showcase of policies desperately needed by the country even if not enacted for now.

Also, someone has to look hard at Biden to determine if he is, as I suspect, wholly owned by the Chinese Communist Party. And the Dims simply won’t do it.

The Dims have long concluded that the Constitution, freedom, financial sanity, rational policies, the betterment of the nation all be damned, that the true brass ring is raw power achieved by any means. Anything that hinders their ultimate achievement of that goal is a plus.

Guest Contributor – TomD – 13AUG2022 – MCCarthy and McConnell

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If the Republicans prevail in the house and senate in the midterms but McCarthy and McConnell remain as the leaders, just look for more of the same. But if we could somehow get Rand Paul and Jim Jordan, it would be happy dance in the streets time.

Both these guys are fighters, the opposite of the current “leadership”. Have you ever seen more inept “leadership” than offered to us by Paul Ryan and McConnell in 2016-2018? They did nothing at all despite having the House, Senate and Presidency by substantial margins.

The current Dims hold all three branches but the two legislative branches by razor thin margins. Despite which, they are ramming incredibly destructive legislation down our collective throats. And all we have to counter them is the ineffective duo of McCarthy and McConnell?

15JUN2022 – Another One Bites the Dust – Tom Rice Primary-ed Out of Existence

Tom Rice, one of the Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump lost his primary election for re-election to challenger South Carolina state Rep. Russell Fry who was endorsed by Trump.

As I’ve made abundantly clear I am a vindictive jerk who sees pay back as a very important part of life.  But just to show just how stupid this Rice guy is, look at who he brought in to help his re-election campaign.  Paul Ryan and Chris Christie!

Rice’s race has received national attention, in part because of Trump’s rally in the district. But Rice himself invited out-of-state Republicans to stump with him, such as former House Speaker Paul Ryan and ex-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, amplifying his Trump record.

Look, this guy is obviously a hack and a loser.  He’s not Mitt Romney stupid but given time and money he might have reached those exalted heights.  So let’s think of this as a mercy killing.  Well, we’re getting closer and closer to the election and that list of ten Republican Congressmen who voted for impeachment is getting shorter and shorter.  As the primary season ends I’ll do a review and we’ll savor the schadenfreude as we say goodbye to them one last time.

Adios Tom.





Another Impeachment GOPer About to Get Primaried

Ah, it’s music to my ears.  another RINO traitor getting poleaxed in the primary.  Hey Portly Politico, is this guy your Congressman?

“South Carolina state Rep. Russell Fry has a double-digit lead on Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) in one poll as the embattled incumbent campaigns to keep his Grand Strand to Pee Dee congressional district after voting to impeach President Donald Trump.

More than two-fifths (42%) of likely Republican primary voters would support Trump-endorsed Fry, a former South Carolina General Assembly majority chief whip, if the June 14 election were held today, according to a Trafalgar Group ballot test of the state’s 7th District published Wednesday.”

Being a vengeful, spiteful kind of guy, I enjoy this part of the elections even more than the winning.  Watching Liz Cheney and these creeps get flushed down the electoral drain is schadenfreude at its very best.  Bye bye, Tom Rice.  Good luck finding that new day job.

The Great RINO Hunt of 2022

Polls continue to stream in confirming just how toxic the Democrat brand is right now.  The latest one by Susquehanna Polling & Research has the generic Republican congressional candidate up 10 points over his hapless Democrat challenger.  So, it’s getting harder and harder to believe that the Republicans won’t be the recipients of a totally undeserved election gift.  They’re going to be given majorities in both Houses.

But I find none of that compelling.  What I’m fascinated by is knowing exactly how many RINO’s are going to be primaried out of office.  To my mind this is a much more important number and one that will determine whether the GOP will be useful or useless to us over the last two years of the Biden reign of stupid.  After all, if a bunch of traitors like Liz Cheney and Lisa Murkowski get kicked to the curb in November it will have a salutary effect on other RINO’s like Mitt Romney who were not up for re-election in 2022.  For a slug like Mitt losing his senate seat would be tantamount to disgrace.  So, if he sees his fellow mollusks cast out of their cushy sinecures this year he will scurry back to the middle where he will try to portray himself as a “severely conservative” culture warrior.  Who knows he might even start swearing and claiming that he’s not happy about the January 6th protestors being left to rot in prison for years.

Trump has a list of the ten Republican congressional representatives who voted to impeach him and seven senators who voted to convict.  Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is the only senator up for re-election in November but of course the terms for all ten representatives are also up then.  But already four of them have decided to retire.  The six remaining reps are all being vigorously pursued by primary challengers who probably have a very good chance of bumping them all off.  And Murkowski is also in a dog fight to survive her primary senate challenger.  I understand that Rep. David Valadao of California is a friend of minority leader Kevin McCarthy and will get as much support as he can hope for from that ally.  But I’m sure Valadao is sweating pretty hard about his chances.

There’s nothing scientific about how I’m looking at this RINO hunt.  But I think the results can be used as a good barometer of whether election results will track the will of the conservative voters.  First off, if Cheney isn’t booted out then there is something hopeless about the chances of getting good Republicans in Congress.  From what I’ve read her approval rating is in the neighborhood of 10% of the Republicans in Wyoming.  And even if a bunch of Democrats vote for her, she should lose in a landslide to the woman that Trump endorsed.

The Valadao race is in California and between the dominant nature of the Democrat party there and the likelihood of voting skullduggery I wouldn’t be surprised if he survived the primary.  And there are two other candidates from Washington state which is also highly progressive.  So at least three of the six have some doubts attached.  But Cheney and the other two races should be slam dunks.  And to my mind Murkowski should be toast too.

So, let’s just say that if any of those four dead ducks survive that will provide strong evidence that even where Republicans are in the majority that RINO’s aren’t going to disappear.  I’ll characterize this as a test to see just how stupid the Stupid Party really is.

We Don’t Get Fooled Again

Here’s a link to a post over at Mogadishu Matt.  There’s a video clip that analyzes the type of hero worship that is exhibited in the movie Fight Club and that ties in with Matt’s post.  And there are some interesting comments below the post.

Matt talks about some very real problems that we have all experienced trying to find leaders to work for us against the Left.  I had that experience with George W. Bush.  He wasn’t who he claimed to be.  But why didn’t I see that.  Maybe because he was the only choice available.  We were spoon fed that choice.  We were desperate for a leader who was on our side.  When we get a chance to pick a leader in three years will we do better this time?  I think so, I hope so, but I don’t know so.  I hope we don’t get fooled again.

November 8th 2022 Should Be Named Liz Cheney Replacement Day

Liz Cheney is America’s Karen.  She’s an upper class white woman who lectures and browbeats normal Americans with her shrewish and obnoxious words and views.  But in about a year Liz will be booted out of the House of Representatives and sent back to her family.  Hopefully they will grow so tired of having her around that they’ll put her in charge of something completely unimportant that will take up all of her time.  Possibly she can become the crossing guard at a corner that no one ever walks by.  I can see her with her hand held stop and go sign and here reflective uniform and her whistle.  She can jump up and down and screech at motorists and force them to stop whenever a squirrel or turtle wants to cross the road.  It would be her highest and best use in society.  Eventually some sleepy truck driver will accidentally run her over while she attempts to warn him off some crow picking at road kill on her corner.  And so she would attain martyrdom.  Saint Liz the Patron Saint of Scolds, Banshees and Karens.

But hopefully it will also be the day when we lose a whole company of RINOs.  There are something like twenty of them that self-identified by voting for impeachment this year after Donald Trump was out of office.  And there are enough other dolts who have proven their untrustworthy nature during all the COVID and George Floyd madness to bring their cases to the attention of voters next year.  And hopefully based on the recent polling there will be a very good sized company of Democrats who will also be joining them in the unemployment line too.

All in all next Election Day should be something of a celebration for the country.  Maybe we can call it Schadenfreude Day, or to make it sound a little more American, Comeuppance Day.  But whatever we do or don’t bother to call it, it will be a day when hopefully we take the first step toward ridding ourselves of the phonies who claim to be on “our side.”  Liz Cheney has no business representing real Americans.  She’s a phony from the the get go and if she wants to represent anyone let her get residency in New York City or San Francisco and represent the phonies and weirdos who live there.  Of course, because she’s a “Republican” they won’t have her.  Even she isn’t crazy enough for their liking but let her deal with that, not us.  I’d prefer the crazies that actually belong on our side.  We can work our way through them to find the few good people around like Ron DeSantis.  The last thing we need is to get a Jeb Bush or a Mitt Romney foisted on us as our supposed presidential candidate.

So I’m looking forward to Comeuppance Day. Now of course Liz will already have been eliminated during the primary election well before the general election day.  But I want to celebrate all the losses, both RINO and Dem on the same day so I’ll have to practice delayed gratification to make it a much more meaningful celebration.

I figure I’ll celebrate with corned beef and pastrami sandwiches and later on some pie and ice cream with good coffee.  Hopefully there will be a Youtube video that includes all my favorites wailing about their losses.  Boy I love being mean.

My Thoughts on Afghanistan

Approximately the last third of my life has been lived out in the shadow of September 11th 2001.  What I thought I knew and what I believed about this country seems like a different world from today.  And the biggest change is how I feel about George W. Bush and the people he led.  I thought he was one of us or at least I thought he was on our side.  Looking back, I see that believing that was the biggest mistake of my life as an American citizen.  Bush was the one we trusted and he used that trust to destroy us.  He handed us over to our enemies and they cut our throats.  Bush then Obama.

Afghanistan is the exemplar to point out the betrayal.  America was reeling from the 9-11 attacks and Bush said he would revenge us.  We gave him whatever he asked for and we supported him in everything he did.  And after all the dead and wounded Americans and the waste of trillions of dollars what was the plan that they executed?  Bush was trying to make Afghanistan into a country safe for transgender Muslims.

The bitterness of this pill is hard to exaggerate.  Creating a global progressive nirvana on the corpse of our nation was their plan.  He sent our sons and brothers to die in those hellholes while his policies sent our jobs and industries to China.  And his judicial appointments set the stage for gay marriage and transgender rights and every other betrayal imaginable.  And the cost of the wars hollowed out our economy and set the stage for the financial crash in 2008.  And all of this misery ensured that Obama would happen.  And he finished what was left to do.

What Afghanistan is to me is a reminder and an object lesson.  The lesson is that the establishment Republicans cannot be trusted at all.  They despise us and they only use us to provide them with the privileges that their positions provide.  Labels like conservative and Christian don’t mean anything.  Words don’t mean anything.  The only thing that means anything is results.  We need our country back and that means there is an enormous amount of work to do.

If we find a man who can get things done and plays straight with us, we should follow him.  But no blind faith.  Trust but verify.  Don’t follow the flag.  Don’t listen to the pretty speeches.  No bipartisan nonsense, no reaching across the aisle.  No talk of the conservative case for gay marriage or transgender special forces or gun control.  No excuses, no extenuating circumstances, no nonsense.  Produce results and we’ll let you collect your fee.  Do a good enough job and we’ll name a bridge or a highway after you.  Fail us and we’ll drop you like yesterday’s garbage.

And if your name is Bush and you want someone to fight a war go fight it yourself.  You’ve killed off enough Americans to last your family until the end of time.

Left Says, “Stop Being Mean to Liz Cheney!”

Oh no!  Slate says if we kick Liz Cheney out of the Republican Party we’ll never win again!  What we gonna do?

I love these brilliant studies that show that that a third of a fifth of republican voters who don’t want to see Cheney kicked to the curb might vote for a Democrat in 2022.  What kind of a spineless loser do you have to be to be scared by that prospect?  Good!  If we have to win with Liz Cheney I’d rather go somewhere else where the people aren’t pusillanimous worms.  Let’s call Cheney the canary in the mine.  If the voters still think she’s on the Right then we deserve to lose anyway.  Do we need to take political strategy advice from Slate?

Only read the linked article if you have  strong stomach.  What’s next?  The Return of JEB! ?