The “Real” Reason Romney is not Running for Re-Election

I just read as much as I could stand of an impossibly long article in the Atlantic about the “real” reason Mitt Romney is leaving the Senate.  Apparently he’s afraid that someone’s going to try and shoot him.

Well, I guess he knows best.  And then again maybe he just knows that this time around he’d lose in the primary.  That’s right, despite his assurances in 2012 that he was a severe conservative I think his track record has finally caught up with him, even in sympathetic Utah.  His fellow LDS brethren have figured out he’s a fraud and are getting ready to kick him to the curb.

So let’s chalk this up to Mitt seeing what happened to Liz Cheney and the other Never-Trumper Republicans and figuring he could save the money he’d otherwise lose and ride off into the sunset.  So he gave that phony baloney excuse about fear of assassination and will look for a blue state that needs a manager to help monetize whatever aspects of government they can before going bankrupt and become their governor.  California looks primed for a Mitt makeover.

I have to apologize.  Two Mitt articles in two days is a bit much.  But I figured everyone could use a laugh.  The image of Mitt Romney as some kind of martyr to his political convictions is too absurd not to produce at least a chuckle.  Instead of assassination I could imagine him being stalked by Nelson Muntz from the Simpsons who would dispense a Wet Willie, some noogies and maybe a Swirlie.  But nothing more dangerous than spoiling his make-up and hairdo.

Is Utah Still a Red State?

They’re about to get a chance to find out.  Trent Staggs is running against Mutt Romney in the 2024 Republican Senate primary.

I got the chance to see Mitt Romney up close and personal when he was the Governor of Massachusetts.  He was a hopeless loser that the Dems pummeled like a punching bag.  So by now it’s become abundantly clear that Mittens is the ultimate squish RINO.  Any real conservative should be thrilled to see him primaried.

Now I only know what I’ve heard about Utah lately.  Is it still majority conservative or have the Californians taken over.  Any locals out there, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

But you know my feelings on spite and revenge.  Seeing Romney deep sixed would be a sinfully exciting experience.  It would probably add a hundred years to my time in purgatory but I’ll pay that price gladly.

Losing Our Mittens

In the new environment of rampant voter fraud our electoral objectives become more circumscribed.  Attempting to win elections in places like Pennsylvania and Arizona seems already to be too problematic to get excited about.  But Utah might still work.  So, with that in mind I have selected the primarying of Mittens Romney as the blood sport event of 2023/24.

And it should be a lot of fun.  Romney has already put his best foot forward with the gay marriage bill that he surrendered to.  It won’t be necessary to dig into ancient history to identify his sins against normalcy.  They’re constantly appearing.  Not knowing much about Utah’s politics, I can’t say for sure whether this will be a tough fight but the reward is so high that it’s impossible to forego the challenge.  Surely some champion will step forward and flatten Mitt with a right cross to his glass jaw.

I have been forced to observe Mitt Romney for over twenty-eight years, ever since his failed senate campaign in Massachusetts back in 1994.  In a state like Massachusetts an actual conservative hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected to state wide office.  Only a spineless creature like Mitt could possibly end up as a Massachusetts Republican governor.  But Mitt managed it handily.  And he dutifully absorbed the slaps and kicks that the legislature and press rewarded him with.  And he never fought back.  He was the perfect whipping boy.

And he has never failed to display his true qualities.  He’s duplicitous, servile and based on his own words without any conservative convictions.  The character from literature that he most reminds me of is Charles Dickens’ villain, Uriah Heep.  He displays humility and obsequity but in reality, he has nothing but contempt for the voters of his own party that he claims to represent.  And deceit is his standard operating procedure.

During the 1994 race Romney was quoted as saying he had no qualms about taking the pro-abortion position.  This while claiming to be a devout member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints that to this day condemns the practice.  It should be rather easy to push the religious fraction of the Utah electorate away from old Mitt just based on that.  I’m sure all the recent immigrants from California in Salt Lake City will vote for Mitt, even if they have to temporarily re-register as Republicans to vote in the primary.  But it seems to me that such a worthy undertaking as kicking Mitt to the curb should be embraced wholeheartedly by all Deplorables wherever they abide.

It’s apparent after the latest demonstration of the failure of Republicans to win at the ballot box that there is no such thing as a sure thing for conservatives in America.   We are embedded in a country that is riddled with progressives and their useful idiots.  But still, it’s important for us to try and enjoy ourselves when there is the possibility of harpooning anything as exciting as the Great White Whale, Moby Mitt.  Booting him out of his senate seat in the primary is just too wonderful to omit.  If any of you have personal knowledge of Utah politics and can share your insights, I’d be very grateful to hear them.  Hell, I might even donate to the cause, it’s that exciting.

Now I’m sure Mitt Romney probably has some good points.  His wife and children may like him, maybe.  Maybe even that dog that he strapped to the roof of his car might have liked him, maybe.  But we don’t have to like him.  And we shouldn’t feel bad wanting to sending him packing.  He’s a billionaire and a phony who pretends to be on our side.  That’s reason enough to want him gone.

Liz Cheney’s Referendum

At 9:35 the race is very tight.  These are the first returns from Caspar WY.

Wyoming GOP At-Large
Votes Percent (5%)
Hageman 3,486 53.5
Cheney Inc 2,906 44.6

At 9:46 we’ve got a few more votes


AP estimates
6.1% of votes counted
AP estimates less than 35% of votes have been counted.
Harriet Hageman
6,219 votes 60.5%
Liz Cheney (i)
3,592 votes 35.0%
Anthony Bouchard
252 votes 2.5%
Denton Knapp
120 votes 1.2%
Robyn Belinskey
93 votes 0.9%


As a special tribute to Liz Cheney Night here at the Compound Camera Girl baked me a Huckleberry Pie tonight.  It’s cooling in the fridge and I’ll be celebrating the event tomorrow with a big cup of good coffee and maybe some vanilla ice cream on the side.  Well really she made it because I ordered the huckleberry filling a couple of weeks ago after my trip to Yellowstone.  It’s just a coincidence that it arrived today.  But you know the saying, “When The Legend Becomes Fact, Print The Legend:.”

10:03 Update

AP estimates
8.0% of votes counted
AP estimates less than 35% of votes have been counted.
Harriet Hageman
8,735 votes 65.0%
Liz Cheney (i)
4,102 votes 30.5%
Anthony Bouchard
345 votes 2.6%
Denton Knapp
148 votes 1.1%
Robyn Belinskey
109 votes 0.8%


10:06 Update

Wyoming GOP At-Large
Votes Percent (13%)
Hageman 10,740 64.1
Cheney Inc 5,184 30.9


Certainly seem to be getting there.  But Cheyenne hasn’t posted yet.


10:10 Update

Wyoming GOP At-Large
Votes Percent (17%)
Hageman 14,004 64.3
Cheney Inc 6,809 31.3

Better and better.



They called it!


Wyoming GOP At-Large
Votes Percent (19%)
Hageman 15,186 65.1
Cheney Inc 7,079 30.3


I was listening to Cheney’s concession speech.  She compares herself to Lincoln losing his House and Senate runs before becoming president.  Then she doubles down on her January 6th hysteria.  She is delusional if she thinks she’ll ever be president of the United States.  I got tired of listening to her blah blah blah.  Maybe I’ll listen to her nonsense later if I’m bored.


Well, the people of Wyoming have spoken  and what they said was, “Liz, you’re fired.”  She didn’t hear them so she’s going to try to run for president.  But really she just wants to get a bunch of money from donors and then live happily ever after.  Now that thought is pathetic but at least we don’t have to worry about “President Cheney” running amok with our military budget.

With all the depressing current events I’m glad that Liz Cheney Day went so well.  This sets me up for the party on Saturday in the right mood.  Well I hope everyone out there enjoyed Liz’s rejection by Wyoming.  Hopefully now she’ll move permanently to Washington DC.

Alaska results don’t start reporting until midnight Eastern time so I’ll catch up with the Murkowski results tomorrow.

Could Another Festivus Miracle Be About to Occur?

And the good news just keeps on coming.

Challenger Joe Kent has nearly overtaken U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler in vote counts released Friday, leaving the six-term incumbent teetering on the brink of defeat amid Republican backlash over her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Kent has gained ground every day, in a trendline that points to him surpassing Herrera Beutler when more votes are counted next week.

Herrera Beutler “needs a miracle,” wrote Dave Wasserman, an editor and election expert with the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, on Twitter, calling Kent the “strong favorite to knock her out of the top two.”

As of Friday evening, Herrera Beutler had 22.6% of the vote to Kent’s 22.5% — a margin of just 257 votes. Kent had trailed by 1,945 on Thursday. An estimated 30,000 ballots remain to be counted in Clark County, the district’s population center, which will continue counting votes again on Monday.”

That’s right.  It just keeps getting worse for the Republican impeachment voters.  Let this be a lesson for all turncoats.  The days of betraying your voters with impunity are over.  Word is getting out.  The people are angry.  Do your job or get out.

03AUG2022 – An Interesting but Not Shocking Series of Results from Last Night’s Elections

So disappointingly we only hooked one of three impeachment reps last night.  Michigan booted Meijer last night and selected Trump’s pick Gibbs.  But both Newhouse and Herrera-Beutler skated by in Washington state.  In retrospect it seems obvious that in a deep blue state like Washington what passes for Republicans are going to be diluted with people who would be considered Democrats in red states.  In the future it will make sense to stop thinking about counting “Republicans” in places like Washington as reliable votes.  At best they can be thought of as Independents that might be bargained with on certain votes.

The big disappointment of the night was Kansas rejecting the pro=life amendment to curtail abortion.  Well, Kansas got their say.  They’ll live with it.

Missouri rejected Greitens in favor of Schmitt.  Probably not a big deal.  Michigan went for Trump’s pick Dixon.  Good.  Arizona selected Masters for Senator.  Good.

But it looks like there’s some chicanery going on with the vote for Arizona governor.  It’s stuck at 80%.  With Lake ahead by about 2% I assume the crooks are cooking up new votes for her opponent.  Should be a good test of what the cheating will look like in November.

All in all, a pretty good night.  The outlines of the new Republican party are taking shape.  The areas that really are conservative will begin to diverge from the areas that are now reliably liberal.  And that’s all to the good.  Local rule is the name of the game.  Give the people what they want.  Let them live with their choices.

02AUG2022 – Another Busy Tuesday in Primary Season

Arizona, Missouri, Washington, Kansas, Michigan.  Never-Trumpers, abortion, Trump picks.  Today has got something for everyone.

Arizona has a duel between a Trump anointed gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake and the establishment candidate, Karrin Taylor Robson, touted by the present governor and Mike Pence.  So far Lake’s in the lead but there are some polls showing a tight race.  In the primary for Arizona senator Trump’s pick Blake Masters, seems out way ahead.

In the wonderful spite derby that is the effort to fire all the Republican representatives that voted to impeach Donald Trump there are three of the quislings being primaried today.

In Michigan, rat one, Peter Meijer is running against Trump approved candidate John Gibbs.  He looks to be in big trouble.

In Washington state there are two rats, Jaime Herrera Butler and Dan Newhouse.  But Washington is a commie state so the primaries aren’t according to party so these two rodents may get enough Democrat support to slide through.

In Missouri Eric Greitins has the Trump nod for Republican senate nominee but he’s being challenged by the Republican establishment of the state.  This one’s up in the air.

In Kansas, there is a vote on an amendment to the state constitution that would allow lawmakers to decide what would be the fate of abortion in Kansas.  This is seen as an important test of how red states view abortion in the post Roe v. Wade environment.

And finally, in Michigan, will Trump’s pick for Republican candidate for governor, Tudor Dixon win a convincing victory and show himself a viable threat to unseat that soulless harpy, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

How can you not like this night of political mayhem?  Anti-Trumpers going down in flames, Establishment Republicans denied, conspiracy theorists being elevated to positions of importance?  It’s got everything, even some democracy in action.

Well, I’ll be roasting the popcorn so be sure to stay up for the fun.  As winter asserts itself here in Dunwich in the early days of August the rest of the country continues to celebrate the joys of summer.  I’ll put on an extra layer of blankets and drink some hot tea by the glow of the cathode ray tube of my black and white television while Walter Cronkite and Huntley and Brinkley announce the results and provide commentary, the lousy commies!

Another Impeachment GOPer About to Get Primaried

Ah, it’s music to my ears.  another RINO traitor getting poleaxed in the primary.  Hey Portly Politico, is this guy your Congressman?

“South Carolina state Rep. Russell Fry has a double-digit lead on Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) in one poll as the embattled incumbent campaigns to keep his Grand Strand to Pee Dee congressional district after voting to impeach President Donald Trump.

More than two-fifths (42%) of likely Republican primary voters would support Trump-endorsed Fry, a former South Carolina General Assembly majority chief whip, if the June 14 election were held today, according to a Trafalgar Group ballot test of the state’s 7th District published Wednesday.”

Being a vengeful, spiteful kind of guy, I enjoy this part of the elections even more than the winning.  Watching Liz Cheney and these creeps get flushed down the electoral drain is schadenfreude at its very best.  Bye bye, Tom Rice.  Good luck finding that new day job.

photog Gives His Spartacus Speech

One of the most iconic cinematic moments is Kirk Douglas in the movie Spartacus trying to rally his men before the final battle scene that he knows is stacked against his army.  He says, “Friends, I’d rather be here, a free man among brothers, facing a long march and a hard fight, than the richest citizen in Rome: fat with food he didn’t work for, and surrounded by slaves.”

Today I needed Spartacus to liberate me from the bondage that Camera Girl afflicted me with.   Out of the blue she declared that today I was to be an agricultural helot.  She had me uprooting trees, clearing poison ivy and planting shrubs.  As luck would have it today was warm and sunny and the May flies were biting.  But I didn’t quail.  I took my shovel, rolled up my sleeves and sang a spiritual about Pharoah and the Israelites.

There were no water breaks, no food breaks, not even a bathroom break.  She truly is a monster.  Finally, just as my back could take no more, the last stubborn root let go and the last tree was out.  I finished carrying the offending trees and the other scrap to the mulch pile just as the sun sank below the horizon in Dunwich.  Satisfied that the work was complete I was allowed to have my dinner.  But because I wasn’t sufficiently grateful for the gruel, I was told that tomorrow I would have to make bricks without straw.  How cliché.

So anyway, I was busy today with yard work.  I read through the news and it’s interesting just how uniformly bleak are the projections for the Democrats’ chances in the mid-terms.  Even CNN and MSNBC are declaring the abysmal approval ratings of Dementia Joe.  Of course, they throw in the obligatory qualifier that none of this is Joe’s fault but they have finally landed on the truth that none of the excuses that Biden and Psaki have been claiming seem to be working.

Even though I’m one of the victims of Dopey Joe’s sabotage of the American economy I have the consolation of knowing that it will lose the Democrats control of the legislative branch of the federal government in November.  And even though I know that’s a limited victory it’s starting to seem like that won’t be the only consequence.  I can’t point to anything specific but I think Americans as a whole have sort of reached the limit of what they’ll put up with from the Democrats and now are looking to get rid of them.  Now, how that’s going to happen I don’t know but hopefully there will be some smart guys out there to focus the outrage of the common people and use it to build some kind of movement.

I think it has to start with the governors of the Red States.  They have the power and independence from the feds to try and organize a coherent plan to prepare for 2024.  To my mind the most important actions would be around preventing voter fraud.  That would have a profound effect on morale.  And I’ve read that DeSantis has already taken steps in Florida to allow rapid action if voter fraud is suspected.

Well, all this unbridled enthusiasm is dizzying.  I have to keep reminding my self that Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are the top Congressional Republicans.  That calms me down pretty quickly.  But maybe they won’t be the leaders for long.  And I’m not expecting them to be replaced by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.  I have no illusions.  But I’m sure there are better people out there.  I mean, almost anyone would be better.  Even Beavis and Butthead would do.  I just can’t accept that we will be held captive by these establishment ciphers.  Trump showed that if you speak the truth people will follow you.  What’s so hard for others to do the same?

So, this is my Spartacus Speech.  Fire the drones, the ciphers, the hacks, the grifters.  That’s what the primary season should be about this year.  And every year.  Fire the phonies and give someone else a try.  If they fail fire them too.  Americans deserve better leaders.  We need to stop being afraid of “losing the majority.”  A majority with the McConnells and the McCarthys is useless anyway.  Get rid of the fakes.  We’ll never get anywhere when somehow Mitt Romney is on “our side.”

Where’s that gladiator costume?

Who is the Worst RINO in Recent History?

I skipped small timers like most of the house reps who voted for impeachment and guys like Jeb! and some of the small time hoodlums who showed up in the White House cabinet positions.  But if I missed someone good feel free to pick “other” and add him in in the comments.  Pick the creepiest low down skunk of the bunch.  I tell you it’s not an easy pick.  McCain, Romney, Ryan.  It’s real close.


Who is the Republican You Despise the Most?

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Update:  The people have spoken.  Mitt Romney is, hands down, the the most despised Republican.  Quite an honor.