So, Mitch McConnell is a monstrosity.  This senile fossil of a crooked politician is a millstone around the necks of Senate Republicans.  His highest priority (so he said) is sending as many billions of dollars to Ukraine as is humanly possible.  Or even as is inhumanly possible.  Why that should be his highest priority, has absolutely nothing to do with American national defense or NATO or even geopolitical strategy.  It’s just naked greed.  Mitch McConnell gets his money from the defense contractors and the other vested interests that get their money from government contracts.  He’s so deep in the pocket of these people that nothing else matters at all but keeping them happy.

So regardless of how many millions of illegal aliens Joe Biden lets into the country or however else the administration punishes normal Americans, McConnell’s highest priority is sending money to Ukraine.  Therefore, if the House of Representatives is unwilling to give Biden that money then McConnell has no qualms about announcing publicly that the lack of a deal is Donald Trump’s fault because he’s afraid the deal will also solve the immigration problem.

Now the magnitude of stupidity necessary to believe that Joe Biden suddenly wants to close the border is so enormous that there isn’t even a number yet invented to cover it.  A googol is one with a hundred zeroes after it.  And a googolplex is ten raised to the googol power.  That is:


That’s a really big number.  But a googolplex worth of stupid pales into insignificance compared to how moronic you’d have to be to believe in such a thing.  And when you find out that the “border deal” hasn’t even been written down anywhere and just has to be approved sight unseen by the Republicans.  Well, what can I say?  The only thing stupider than that would be the mittromneyplex (10MITTROMNEY), a stupid so large that it would a tear a hole in the very fabric of space-time, the absolute black hole of stupid.

So far, the House Republicans have managed to resist being sucked into this monstrous farce of a sell-out.  I don’t know if Mike Johnson is doing the right thing or the MAGA wing is holding his feet to the fire.  But I think if we witness the Republicans refusing to give the Biden administration the Ukraine money altogether then we will have witnessed an actual Republican victory.  Because let’s face it.  Even if Joe Biden closed the southern border tighter than a drum that would just be a temporary cosmetic action.  He would be doing it during an election year when he knows his immigration policy is as popular as Ebola.  On November 6th the border would just open up again regardless of whether Joe or Trump wins.  And of course, Joe wouldn’t do anything to remove the millions upon millions of illegals he’s let in during the last three years.  It’s strictly cosmetic.  And you can bet that the “deal” will also include amnesty.  What a surprise!

But if the Republicans manage to withhold the Ukraine money, that foreign policy defeat will reverberate around the world.  The Ukrainians will be forced to negotiate with the Russians and the European Union will have to come to terms with the reality that Russia is a country that doesn’t bend the knee to Washington.  And once Russia doesn’t invade Poland, the EU may start rethinking exactly what their relationship is with Washington and Moscow and why.

Meanwhile, the Texans and the twenty-five red states that approve of what Texas is doing are breaking new ground on standing up to the malfeasance that Washington practices.  And if they’re brave enough to continue on this road, we may see that a hell of a lot of our problems with federal unconstitutional overreach may be at least partially fixable.  But either way, the days of buckling under when Mitch McConnell says mean things about you may be behind us for good.  Let’s hope that old fossil sinks into a tar pit as soon as possible.

The “Real” Reason Romney is not Running for Re-Election

I just read as much as I could stand of an impossibly long article in the Atlantic about the “real” reason Mitt Romney is leaving the Senate.  Apparently he’s afraid that someone’s going to try and shoot him.

Well, I guess he knows best.  And then again maybe he just knows that this time around he’d lose in the primary.  That’s right, despite his assurances in 2012 that he was a severe conservative I think his track record has finally caught up with him, even in sympathetic Utah.  His fellow LDS brethren have figured out he’s a fraud and are getting ready to kick him to the curb.

So let’s chalk this up to Mitt seeing what happened to Liz Cheney and the other Never-Trumper Republicans and figuring he could save the money he’d otherwise lose and ride off into the sunset.  So he gave that phony baloney excuse about fear of assassination and will look for a blue state that needs a manager to help monetize whatever aspects of government they can before going bankrupt and become their governor.  California looks primed for a Mitt makeover.

I have to apologize.  Two Mitt articles in two days is a bit much.  But I figured everyone could use a laugh.  The image of Mitt Romney as some kind of martyr to his political convictions is too absurd not to produce at least a chuckle.  Instead of assassination I could imagine him being stalked by Nelson Muntz from the Simpsons who would dispense a Wet Willie, some noogies and maybe a Swirlie.  But nothing more dangerous than spoiling his make-up and hairdo.

The End of Mitt Romney is in Sight

Readers who have been around here awhile are aware that Mitt Romney misrepresented me for years as Governor of Massachusetts.  I despise the man as the embodiment of all that is wrong with establishment Republicans.  He is a despicable fraud who has no actual conservative beliefs.  The RINO’s RINO.

As explained below Mitt is not running for re-election.  I take this as a sign that even in Utah, normal people are starting to wake up.  Now if only a legitimate conservative will find himself on the ballot, there would be a net improvement from this fortuitous situation.

But knowing Mitt I suspect he’ll find some new way to undermine conservative America.  He’ll probably found a non-profit from which he’ll fund transgender surgery for octogenarian albino pygmies or something.

Don’t go away mad Mitt.  Just go away.

Is Utah Still a Red State?

They’re about to get a chance to find out.  Trent Staggs is running against Mutt Romney in the 2024 Republican Senate primary.

I got the chance to see Mitt Romney up close and personal when he was the Governor of Massachusetts.  He was a hopeless loser that the Dems pummeled like a punching bag.  So by now it’s become abundantly clear that Mittens is the ultimate squish RINO.  Any real conservative should be thrilled to see him primaried.

Now I only know what I’ve heard about Utah lately.  Is it still majority conservative or have the Californians taken over.  Any locals out there, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

But you know my feelings on spite and revenge.  Seeing Romney deep sixed would be a sinfully exciting experience.  It would probably add a hundred years to my time in purgatory but I’ll pay that price gladly.

Steel, Lead or Silly Putty

This week has been a crazy mish-mash of unexpected occurrences.  Extra work, surprise meetings, a pleasant event on the website, some additional weather-related work around the homestead and a couple of unexpected appointments.  Nothing bad but enough interruptions to my schedule to put me off my game.  Complain, moan groan.  But the show must go on.  So, here’s hoping I get my act together going forward.

I love Dopey Joe’s vow to veto any legislation that comes to his desk.  The stupidity of that statement truly reflects the reality of his intellect and the intellect of his voters.  The Democrats control the Senate.  Any legislation that comes to his desk for signature has to be approved by the Senate.  So, if the Republican House gets the Democrat Senate to agree on a bill, then Biden will automatically veto it?  Either he’s a moron, which is true, or he believes his voters are morons, which is also true.  Come to think of it, he’s remaining true to himself and his voters.  Gosh, he’s a paragon of integrity.  He’s the moron’s moron!

I’m very anxious to see just how far the House will go to fix the budget problems.  If they were very serious, they would write a real budget bill with realistic additions and subtractions that the Democrats would hate but could live with.  Then they could dig in their heels and only respond if the Senate provided a counter proposal that they in turn could respond to.  In other words, restore the former procedure whereby an actual budget was legislated.  And as I said they could delete most of the crap that the Democrats have filled the current budget with.  And they can write in laws to prevent things like the COVID lockdowns from happening again.  That would be a revelation.

Sure, during the lead up to such an event the media slimeballs would be keeping up an hourly drum beat on all the people of color and LGBTQ people who were, possibly, dying in the streets because a budget wasn’t in place.  People like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell would be on the steps of the Senate weeping and flagellating themselves over the white guilt they felt over this outrageous cruelty to the most vulnerable among us.  Think of the children!

But if McCarthy and his people could just hold together their majority, eventually Dementia Joe and Chuck Schumer would come begging with hat in hand to get the budget done.  And then we could eliminate this monthly ritual of approving the non-budget that we’ve been living with since Obama and finally get some measure of fiscal responsibility happening again.  One thing they should demand is that the budget of the FBI should be reduced by twenty percent and everyone working there also take a twenty percent pay reduction to begin the process of pulling their teeth.  Sure, there would be an enormous noise and some of our congressmen would mysteriously die but that’s not too high a price to pay for making things better.  At least not to my mind.

So, let’s just see what kind of spine Kevin McCarthy has discovered.  Is it steel, lead or silly putty.  Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Losing Our Mittens

In the new environment of rampant voter fraud our electoral objectives become more circumscribed.  Attempting to win elections in places like Pennsylvania and Arizona seems already to be too problematic to get excited about.  But Utah might still work.  So, with that in mind I have selected the primarying of Mittens Romney as the blood sport event of 2023/24.

And it should be a lot of fun.  Romney has already put his best foot forward with the gay marriage bill that he surrendered to.  It won’t be necessary to dig into ancient history to identify his sins against normalcy.  They’re constantly appearing.  Not knowing much about Utah’s politics, I can’t say for sure whether this will be a tough fight but the reward is so high that it’s impossible to forego the challenge.  Surely some champion will step forward and flatten Mitt with a right cross to his glass jaw.

I have been forced to observe Mitt Romney for over twenty-eight years, ever since his failed senate campaign in Massachusetts back in 1994.  In a state like Massachusetts an actual conservative hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected to state wide office.  Only a spineless creature like Mitt could possibly end up as a Massachusetts Republican governor.  But Mitt managed it handily.  And he dutifully absorbed the slaps and kicks that the legislature and press rewarded him with.  And he never fought back.  He was the perfect whipping boy.

And he has never failed to display his true qualities.  He’s duplicitous, servile and based on his own words without any conservative convictions.  The character from literature that he most reminds me of is Charles Dickens’ villain, Uriah Heep.  He displays humility and obsequity but in reality, he has nothing but contempt for the voters of his own party that he claims to represent.  And deceit is his standard operating procedure.

During the 1994 race Romney was quoted as saying he had no qualms about taking the pro-abortion position.  This while claiming to be a devout member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints that to this day condemns the practice.  It should be rather easy to push the religious fraction of the Utah electorate away from old Mitt just based on that.  I’m sure all the recent immigrants from California in Salt Lake City will vote for Mitt, even if they have to temporarily re-register as Republicans to vote in the primary.  But it seems to me that such a worthy undertaking as kicking Mitt to the curb should be embraced wholeheartedly by all Deplorables wherever they abide.

It’s apparent after the latest demonstration of the failure of Republicans to win at the ballot box that there is no such thing as a sure thing for conservatives in America.   We are embedded in a country that is riddled with progressives and their useful idiots.  But still, it’s important for us to try and enjoy ourselves when there is the possibility of harpooning anything as exciting as the Great White Whale, Moby Mitt.  Booting him out of his senate seat in the primary is just too wonderful to omit.  If any of you have personal knowledge of Utah politics and can share your insights, I’d be very grateful to hear them.  Hell, I might even donate to the cause, it’s that exciting.

Now I’m sure Mitt Romney probably has some good points.  His wife and children may like him, maybe.  Maybe even that dog that he strapped to the roof of his car might have liked him, maybe.  But we don’t have to like him.  And we shouldn’t feel bad wanting to sending him packing.  He’s a billionaire and a phony who pretends to be on our side.  That’s reason enough to want him gone.

RINO-ectomy or Creative Spite

So, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated pretty openly that at a Republican House Conference being held this week he will allow Liz Cheney to be replaced by Rep. Elise Stefanik.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’ve heard nothing but bad things about Stefanik.  She’s just another Congress critter that cares nothing about me or you.  But she knows which side her bread is buttered on and that Donald Trump is the one handing out the butter.  So, she’ll keep her mouth shut and not help the Democrats when they’re going after our side.

To me, the only thing that makes any of this interesting is that I am a great adherent of the concept of the vendetta.  Basically, it’s a genetic and cultural predisposition.  The idea of just revenge or even spite is one of my primary motivations nowadays.

I’m of the opinion that we are not likely to prevail over the progressives in the federal elections ever again.  But what we can do is punish the quislings who got us here.  People like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski are our enemies.  They have damaged this country and will continue to do so for as long as they are allowed to represent us.  Kicking them out of office is a sacred duty but more than that, it is a schadenfreudian delight.  Since they’re not technically Democrats they aren’t going to be offered the sinecures that get handed out to friends of the Deep State.  Liz will have to settle for a spot on a crappy neo-con think tank and maybe some face time on CNN.  Lisa Murkowski will be forced to become a deck swab on an Alaskan king crab trawler.  And Mitt Romney will become a male model for dental implant commercials.  And that is as it should be.  These are terrible people.  Discomfiting them is a good thing.  And if I get a good laugh when it happens that’s just karma doing its job.

I’m under no illusions that we have the votes that will be needed to beat the Democrats at the ballot box.  They have already shown that they will commit massive fraud to get their way.  Until we are willing to say no to their unconstitutional tyranny, we will continue to lose ground in the culture wars and everywhere else.

But at least, at the very bare minimum, we must not let traitors and grifters give away our votes in the halls of Washington.  George Bush I, George Bush II, John McCain, Mitt Romney and if they’d had their way, JEB! Bush were who we were given to be our representatives in the White House.  They were supposed to be conservatives.  It only takes a cursory look at their records to know that not only weren’t they conservatives, they don’t even know what conservative means.

I think the House conference meeting is Wednesday.  If it’s on CSPAN I’ll make a point to watch it live.  I’ll pop some corn.  It should be wonderful.  And next year when all ten of the house reps who voted to impeach President Trump, are up for re-election I’ll be watching to see how they do in their primaries.  If they lose in their primaries, I’m not particularly interested in whether the Republicans retain the seat.  I mean, it would be nice but as I said I don’t think we’ll vote our way out of this.  But just knowing that these clowns will have to get jobs will bring a smile to my face.  And it will be good for our politics.  Who knows?  Maybe someday the Republicans will become known as the formerly stupid party.

Who is the Worst RINO in Recent History?

I skipped small timers like most of the house reps who voted for impeachment and guys like Jeb! and some of the small time hoodlums who showed up in the White House cabinet positions.  But if I missed someone good feel free to pick “other” and add him in in the comments.  Pick the creepiest low down skunk of the bunch.  I tell you it’s not an easy pick.  McCain, Romney, Ryan.  It’s real close.


Who is the Republican You Despise the Most?

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Update:  The people have spoken.  Mitt Romney is, hands down, the the most despised Republican.  Quite an honor.






Will McCarthy Protect Cheney or Heed the Voice of the Voters

According to an article in the Federalist House Minority Leader McCarthy has to decide tomorrow whether he will save Liz Cheney from a majority of Republican House members that want to kick her out of her leadership job.  It should be a very telling moment.  Political hacks are very hesitant to turn on other political hacks at the leadership level.  It’s basically unheard of.  If in fact McCarthy sacrifices Cheney then to my mind that means that Donald Trump effectively runs the Republican Party.

Cheney made noises like Nancy Pelosi in blaming the Capitol incursion on President Trump.  She has enraged the Wyoming electorate and it is a pretty safe bet that she will get the heave-ho in 2022.  But this is a great test to see just how much the congress-critters understand about their status with the voters.  If McCarthy protects Cheney I would not be surprised to see him primaried out of office in 2022 also.

At this point the Republican Congressmen and Senators are as useless as testicles on Mitt Romney.  The only way they can hope to maintain the support of the voters is if they demonstrate at every turn an understanding of the mood of the conservative voters.  And one thing the conservative voters are not in the mood for is neocons attacking Donald Trump while he is speaking the truth about the stolen elections.

The only useful thing that the elections can do at this point is to allow us to fire RINOs.  First action should be all ten of the reps who voted for impeachment.  After that we’ll have to go through the list of Senators.  Some are easy.  Murkowski, Romney and Sasse are three of the five senators who voted against Rand Paul’s resolution against the impeachment.  They should be easy.  The other two Collins and Toomey aren’t actionable.  Collins just got re-elected and in six years she will be two hundred years old and automatically turned into an historical landmark.  Toomey is retiring and besides since he is in Pennsylvania honest voting is a meaningless concept.

Now all of this is strictly for sweet revenge.  These rats should be punished as soon as possible and they should never be allowed to run for dog catcher after this.  But just to be clear, the real political action that needs to be taken will have to be at the state level.  All conservative leaders need to coordinate actions across the length and breadth of red state America coming up with actions that can protect their citizens against Dementia Joe and the rest of the evil trolls.  Any red state with a blue city should work out a strategy to  criminalize the Antifa activity to such an extent that all of those cretins will be sent to the big-house for the rest of their lives.  And policies should be formulated to punish the Big Tech companies that discriminate against their citizens.  And they can drop the hammer on the schools and college that proselytize their children.

These are where the real politics will take place.  But firing RINOs will be a nice diversion in the meantime.

Supreme Court Vacancy is a Huge Opportunity for the Trump Campaign

Over the last month the media has been filled with reports of the enormous cash advantage that the Biden campaign is taking over the Trump campaign.  It’s not that the President’s donations have been meager but rather because lefty billionaires are funding super PACs with a fire hose in a desperate attempt to carry Biden over the finish line by any and all means.

And like a deus ex machina (a god from the machine, manna from heaven, a set-up too good to be true) President Trump is handed a situation that allows him to cancel that advantage.  The rage and panic engendered by the opportunity to fill the vacancy is sure to dominate the press for weeks.  The President will tease the selection until Friday.  The hearings will be a three-ring circus.  Every tweet by the President will be a mini-event.  And meanwhile Joe “hidin’” Biden will be standing on the side crying, “doesn’t anyone want to know what I think about this?”

There is an old saying that God helps those who help themselves.  It’s true.  President Trump is an energetic advocate of his interests and when you are paying attention to the situation every once in a while, opportunity knocks.  The flip side of opportunity is the uncertainty and disruption that comes with riding a tiger.  But looking at our opponents and their haplessness in the face of managing the crises they have embraced I’ve got to like our odds of ending up on the winning side of these events.

I remember how even a minor calamity like Hurricane Katrina unraveled the Bush presidency while the true disaster of the COVID crisis is being politically weathered and the BLM insurrection is actually a net positive for the Trump campaign.  To me this is the proof that leadership is much more than just following an MBA slide show template on how a CEO leads an organization.  You truly need to know something about what people are.  And that’s why the Bushes and the Romneys can’t do it.  They’ve never met any actual humans in the wild.  They’ve heard of them at cocktail parties and at management retreats and even seen a few caged ones in their mansions where they keep a zoo of cooks, maids and body guards.  But they’ve never gone out into the forest and studied them.  Somebody like Bill Clinton loved going out in the brush and rub elbows with the common man.  That’s how he got re-elected even after the world knew that he was a lecherous old goat.  When the people looked at him, they knew he was a sinner but they also recognized that he was an actual human being.  No one will ever confuse Mitt Romney with a living man.

So, fate has spun the wheel again for President Trump and as ever he answers the call and puts the machine in gear.  Will he win the game?  It’s absolutely impossible to know for sure.  But I tell ya, I like our odds.