Kevin McCarthy Struggling to Find Enough Votes to Become Speaker of the House

Kevin McCarthy has so far been unable to assemble the 218 votes he needs to become Speaker of the House in January.  The usual suspects in the GOP establishment are wringing their hands and warning that to resist McCarthy’s accession to the Speaker’s gavel would be madness.  Some representatives who despise McCarthy have floated Steve Scalise’s name.

Rep. David Valadao (R-CA) said, “Steve Scalise is a good friend of mine, but he himself and many others have said they’re supporting McCarthy and will continue to support McCarthy. Again, there is no Plan B here. The plan is to get him elected as speaker. At the end of the day — we could be there two, three days — it doesn’t really matter. The majority of the conference understands that without him, we wouldn’t even be having this debate.”

That may be, but apparently McCarthy is worried and so he is making concessions to his opponents.

The embattled California Republican is offering a congressional rule change that would make it easier to remove a House speaker in exchange for his ascension to the post. McCarthy’s offer would lower the threshold required for a motion to vacate the chair — a parliamentary gambit that forces a vote on retaining the speaker.

“Currently, because of rules change pushed through by Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi, only a member of the House leadership can offer a motion to vacate. Conservative House Republicans are pushing for that standard to be repealed, allowing any one member to force a vote on the speaker at any time.”

Well, well, well.  Some of the new congressmen don’t want the establishment hack to sell out their constituents.  If you ask me that’s pretty damn good.  It may not accomplish a thing but it restores faith that not every last politician in Washington is a fink.

Look, McCarthy will end up the Speaker and he will cut the usual deals with the Democrats that sell us out and make him a zillionaire.  But the fact that some of the reps are even trying to get some leverage over their future boss is a minor miracle from my point of view.

It at least shows that there’s an awareness of what the voters think of McCarthy and so these reps are at least trying to show that they’ll do more than just stand by and let the Uniparty sell us out according to standard operating procedure.

This is hardly a stunning victory.  It’s not even a feel-good story.  Let’s call this a tiny first step in the right direction.  But it’s a nice sequel to the ejection of Liz Cheney and most of the other Never-Trump impeachment traitors.  Let’s just call it a little creative schadenfreude.

Don’t Panic.  Pick Up the Flamethrower

Facebook crashes and burns, Musk guts the Twitter mafia, the Fetterman debate, Biden continues to spin his tale of a bizzarro world where inflation is low and he’s the most popular man in the world, the State Department muses about nuclear first strike over Ukraine, Chuck Schumer tells Biden the bad news about the Georgia senate race, Oregonians might elect a Republican governor.  And on and on and on.

The weirdness has metastasized.  Even Democrat voters have stopped claiming that “things are alright.”  We’ve reached the Howard Beale stage of things where almost everyone is confused, scared and angry all at the same time.  And I’m really happy about that.  I’ve been waiting for years for the rest of the idiots to catch up to where I’ve been for a decade.  And I count myself as one of the idiots.  Maybe I’m just a little less stupid than the rest of them.  Or maybe I was just a little more involved in what was playing out on the national stage.

The real reason is because I’m extremely vindictive.  I’ve taken personally all the lies I was fed twenty some odd years ago during the War on Terror and I want pay back.  I’m just as interested in seeing Mitch McConnell lose his job as I am in seeing Joe Biden go to jail.

So, it’s a great relief to see so many catatonic Americans open their eyes for the first time in their lives and realize that they’ve entrusted their country to incompetent ideologues who believe in things that don’t exist.

It’s good to see that America is getting a sense of what abandoning petroleum feels like.  It feels like poverty.  That’s a valuable lesson to learn.

So, this week I’m soaking in all of the rage, fear and panic that the Democrats are radiating around them and the confusion and lies that the media is pumping out.  I’m floating on my back in a warm ocean of schadenfreude and it’s wonderful.  There was a great video of a doofus from MSNBC interviewing Republican voters from Western Pennsylvania.  She’s trying to get them to say that January 6th is a terrible thing and any politicians who were there should be shunned.  And they’ll have none of it.  They scoff at her and compare it to the larger riots during the “George Floyd summer of love.”  The expression on the face of the woman interviewing them was a deer in the headlights look.  She couldn’t believe that they wouldn’t let themselves be shamed into condemning the protestors.  It was glorious.

I’m trying not to get too charged up by the good news that seems to come out of every poll I read.  There’s nothing worse than the let down after being subjected to a fraudulent election.  Especially when it’s brutally obvious that massive fraud is slowly being unrolled before your eyes.

But there’s no reason not to enjoy this run up to the election.  Listening to the excuses and bitterness as everything goes wrong for the Left is deeply soothing.  It puts a bounce in my step and a smile in my heart.  Just hearing Liz Cheney talk about how noble and honorable it is for her to sell her party out and support the Democrats makes me feel all the better about her failure to get re-elected and the bigger failure of her January 6th Hearings.  Very soon she’ll be carrying her box of stolen office supplies home from her cushy former office in the Capitol building.  And once the new Republican majority is in charge of the House no one will ever remember who Liz Cheney was.  And the receptionists will let her know that whichever Congressman or Senator she wants to speak to is not available but they’ll be sure to send her a fund-raiser envelope in the mail, have a nice day.

Tonight, I watched my favorite giant radioactive insect movie, Them!  Unsurprisingly James Whitmire (as Sgt. Ben Peterson) is, once again, killed by the powerful mandibles of a giant carpenter ant.  No matter how many times I yell out, “No Ben don’t try to get in the pipe.  Pick up the flame thrower, dammit man pick up the flame thrower!”  But he was too cocky.  When he heard the stridulations of the giant ant, he first lifted the second little boy into the exit pipe and then tried to exit that way himself.  Obviously, he should not have picked up the child but calmly and efficiently picked up the flame thrower that was nearby, pointed it at the murderous mega-insect and charbroiled the wretched invertebrate.  Then he could have exited with the kid at his leisure.

What is it about giant insects that makes otherwise rational public servants so erratic?  C’est la vie.

Woke Advocacy Groups Paralyzed by — Wokism! Hilarity Ensues

I read most of this article.  It was long and boring and loaded with leftist jargon related to the constant in-fighting and bickering that causes organizations like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, BLM and many others to spend all their time fighting their management over perceived racial and gender slights instead of doing their work.

That the institute has spent the course of the Biden administration paralyzed makes it typical of not just the abortion rights community — Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and other reproductive health organizations had similarly been locked in knock-down, drag-out fights between competing factions of their organizations, most often breaking down along staff-versus-management lines. It’s also true of the progressive advocacy space across the board, which has, more or less, effectively ceased to function. The Sierra Club, Demos, the American Civil Liberties Union, Color of Change, the Movement for Black Lives, Human Rights Campaign, Time’s Up, the Sunrise Movement, and many other organizations have seen wrenching and debilitating turmoil in the past couple years.

This is familiar to anyone who has worked at one of these woke corporations that spends all its time henpecking its employees about diversity, equity and inclusion.  All of the day is spent in meetings with aggrieved groups that want to litigate their grievances with the company instead of doing their work.

But think about how much worse it must be in companies where their stock in trade is leftist outrage like Planned Parenthood.  And what a delicious paradox.  They can’t take advantage of the Biden Administration to inflict even more wokism because they are busy torturing their management about their own grievances.

Here’s a quote from a director of one of these lefty organizations.

“To be honest with you, this is the biggest problem on the left over the last six years,” one concluded. “This is so big. And it’s like abuse in the family — it’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. And you have to be super sensitive about who the messengers are.”  And then, sometime in the summer, the forward momentum stalled, and many of the progressive gains lapsed or were reversed. Instead of fueling a groundswell of public support to reinvigorate the party’s ambitious agenda, most of the foundation-backed organizations that make up the backbone of the party’s ideological infrastructure were still spending their time locked in virtual retreats, Slack wars, and healing sessions, grappling with tensions over hierarchy, patriarchy, race, gender, and power.  “So much energy has been devoted to the internal strife and internal bullshit that it’s had a real impact on the ability for groups to deliver.”  “My last nine months, I was spending 90 to 95 percent of my time on internal strife. Whereas [before] that would have been 25-30 percent tops,” the former executive director said. He added that the same portion of his deputies’ time was similarly spent on internal reckonings.”

Ah, the delicious schadenfreude.  Thinking about the executives at these woke companies being harangued and accused of not being woke enough by their protected minorities is hilarious.  That is the Achilles Heel of these companies.  They are filled up with nuts.  And now that they’ve been inspired by the George Floyd revolution they can’t be controlled by their employers.  Hopefully they’ll burn their companies down and then end up unemployed, starving and miserable.

Democrats Declare Manchin “Hitler.”  Actual Hitler Sues for Identity Theft from Hell.

Ah, Democrat butt hurt.  There’s nothing like it.  Listen to these howls of pain and fury:

  • Mehdi Hasan

What’s worse – that Manchin is killing the Biden legislative agenda, and perhaps the future of American democracy too, or that he wasted most of this year dragging this whole thing out to do it *and* wasted half of the time that Dems control Congress and the White House.

  • Jennifer ‘pro-voting’ Rubin

If Manchin is no on both BBB and voting, Biden is done. Democracy is hanging by a thread. Hard to think of anyone more destructive

  • Wajahat Ali

Entire nation of more than 330 million hijacked & screwed by corporate greed & lobbyists who own a man whose represents a state of 1.8 million people. I hope all of this reflects the need for massive structural reform and change. In its absence we’re a shell of a democracy.


That bald-headed black Congresswoman from Massachusetts, Elvis Presley or whatever it is, was shrieking about Manchin moving the goal posts and not bargaining in good faith and failing Joe Biden.  She looked like she wanted to roast him on a spit and eat him for lunch.  When Mehdi Hasan, Jennifer Rubin, Wajahat Ali and the bald black chick tell me that, “Democracy is hanging by a thread,” then I’m all in baby.  All I want to know is where is the thread?  I’ve brought my scissors.  Because if this is American democracy then I’m ready to try what’s behind door number two.

I have no idea whether Manchin is as honest as the day is long or as crooked as a corkscrew but he’s ruining Christmas for the evil party and that’s a wonderful gift for me.  They adjourned for the year and Joe Manchin made Bernie Sanders sad.  He looked and sounded like that old man on his porch yelling at those darn kids who put the bag of flaming dog crap on his welcome mat.

And speaking of crap, Dementia Joe is giving a speech on Tuesday to warn us that omicron will get us if we don’t watch out.  Well, he’s too late.  Christmas is upon us and he won’t have time to ruin my holiday.  After Dr. Jill gets the secret service to clean Joe off with a fire hose, he can be strapped down all snug in his psych ward and electroshocked into catatonia until Valentine’s Day.  Sure, we’re stuck with this loser for another three years but at least everyone knows he’s a degenerate crook and we don’t have to pretend we respect him.  We can hope that the rest of his agenda is stymied and he’s reduced to yelling at the invisible audience in his virtual West Wing office where he makes the speeches that no one listens to.  Hopefully Kamala has a hit put out on him soon and we can start driving her crazy right after the mid-terms.

So maybe Manchin gets panicked and gives in on January Second.  Nobody knows.  But right now, I’m happy and they’re miserable.  I call it a win.

When Satan Whines Something Good Happened

There have been countless articles on our side trumpeting the awful prospects the Dems face in 2022.  But it’s when they tell themselves that you know just how bad it is.  At the end he tries to come up with a scenario where the reconciliation bill gets done and inflation disappears and the supply chain problems heal themselves and, and and.  There’s nothing like a nice dollop of schadenfreude right before a wonderful family feast to put a smile on  my face.

RINO-ectomy or Creative Spite

So, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated pretty openly that at a Republican House Conference being held this week he will allow Liz Cheney to be replaced by Rep. Elise Stefanik.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’ve heard nothing but bad things about Stefanik.  She’s just another Congress critter that cares nothing about me or you.  But she knows which side her bread is buttered on and that Donald Trump is the one handing out the butter.  So, she’ll keep her mouth shut and not help the Democrats when they’re going after our side.

To me, the only thing that makes any of this interesting is that I am a great adherent of the concept of the vendetta.  Basically, it’s a genetic and cultural predisposition.  The idea of just revenge or even spite is one of my primary motivations nowadays.

I’m of the opinion that we are not likely to prevail over the progressives in the federal elections ever again.  But what we can do is punish the quislings who got us here.  People like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski are our enemies.  They have damaged this country and will continue to do so for as long as they are allowed to represent us.  Kicking them out of office is a sacred duty but more than that, it is a schadenfreudian delight.  Since they’re not technically Democrats they aren’t going to be offered the sinecures that get handed out to friends of the Deep State.  Liz will have to settle for a spot on a crappy neo-con think tank and maybe some face time on CNN.  Lisa Murkowski will be forced to become a deck swab on an Alaskan king crab trawler.  And Mitt Romney will become a male model for dental implant commercials.  And that is as it should be.  These are terrible people.  Discomfiting them is a good thing.  And if I get a good laugh when it happens that’s just karma doing its job.

I’m under no illusions that we have the votes that will be needed to beat the Democrats at the ballot box.  They have already shown that they will commit massive fraud to get their way.  Until we are willing to say no to their unconstitutional tyranny, we will continue to lose ground in the culture wars and everywhere else.

But at least, at the very bare minimum, we must not let traitors and grifters give away our votes in the halls of Washington.  George Bush I, George Bush II, John McCain, Mitt Romney and if they’d had their way, JEB! Bush were who we were given to be our representatives in the White House.  They were supposed to be conservatives.  It only takes a cursory look at their records to know that not only weren’t they conservatives, they don’t even know what conservative means.

I think the House conference meeting is Wednesday.  If it’s on CSPAN I’ll make a point to watch it live.  I’ll pop some corn.  It should be wonderful.  And next year when all ten of the house reps who voted to impeach President Trump, are up for re-election I’ll be watching to see how they do in their primaries.  If they lose in their primaries, I’m not particularly interested in whether the Republicans retain the seat.  I mean, it would be nice but as I said I don’t think we’ll vote our way out of this.  But just knowing that these clowns will have to get jobs will bring a smile to my face.  And it will be good for our politics.  Who knows?  Maybe someday the Republicans will become known as the formerly stupid party.

My Daily Dose of Schadenfreude

Jonathan Chait is an uber-progressive.  If you don’t mind clicking to his post read the delicious despair as he describes how the Dem field will implode leaving Bernie to win or be cheated at the convention.  Oh, so wonderful.



All I Want for Christmas 2019

Four years ago, I had to listen to every poll, every pundit telling me that Trump wouldn’t really run.  Then he would be finished after the comments he made in the first debate.  Then he would be out by Super Tuesday.  Then he couldn’t win the Nomination.  And finally, Hillary was so far ahead that it would be a landslide.

Then I had to stay up all election night to laugh at the hilarious Hillary backers screaming and crying and threatening to kill themselves.  Good times, good times.

This year I’m going to cut to the chase.  Even the New York Times and the Cook Report are coming as close as they can to admitting that all the Midwest states that gave Donald Trump the presidency last time are already set up to repeat the experience again.

I’m not going to worry about the President winning re-election, that’s a given.  What I want to focus on is whether the 2020 compilation video of screaming crying Democrat voters will be as good as the 2016 one.  It won’t be easy.  Rachel Maddow, Miley Cyrus, that crazy blue haired girl who swears she’s going to die unless someone fixes this.  Such memories.

I remember after the 2016 election I was quite busy at work for several weeks so I didn’t have a chance to absorb all the Democrat reactions that were captured on the internet.  But after Christmas I had some time off and I went back and looked at these reactions.  I confess I laughed so hard I think I bruised some ribs.  But it was well worth it.  I was euphoric for a month.

So now I want that feeling back.  But how do I get through a whole year before it can happen?  Well, my only hope is a string of Durham indictments during the holiday season.  A couple around Thanksgiving and then a bunch more between Christmas and New Year would be about right.

I know, I know I sound pretty mean.  But think about all the Trump associates like General Flynn, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone who were railroaded and terrorized by a witch-hunting mob of prosecutors who knew it was all made up.  What do you suppose would be poetic justice for that kind of behavior?  How about being frog-marched out of their homes at 3 am in front of the rolling video cameras of a tipped off journalist?  How about being cross-examined under oath and being forced to choose between a plea bargain that puts them behind bars for several years and facing a jury trial where they might end up with a twenty-year sentence?

If the shoe were suddenly on the other foot do you suppose it might give them pause and possibly convince them to turn state’s evidence and rat on Loretta Lynch or John Brennan or James Clapper?  It would be fun to find out.

So that’s what I’m asking Santa Claus for this year.  James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr behind bars.  It doesn’t seem like too much.  After all I’ve been a good boy.


post script – Looks like my wish may e coming true and before Thanksgiving!