Terf Battles

This is the latest in a string of posts I’ve seen where radical feminists decry the unfairness of trans-women and their allies calling them TERFs.  That is an acronym for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.  Apparently the radical feminists are outraged that men in sundresses are invading their bathrooms, sports teams and even trying to hook up with them.  Since essentially all radical feminists are lesbians this last item is the ultimate inversion of sexual confusion.  Imagine a lesbian being guilted into having sex with a “woman” who has a penis.  Now that is irony.

Aside from the weapons grade schadenfreude evoked by reading the outrage of the feminist writing this screed I was struck by the poetic justice involved.  The radical feminists have for years railed against the idea that men and women were inherently different.  Now, when some men use that principle to join women on their side of the male/female divide the feminists are invoking biology to repel the invaders.

And now instead of standing on the side of the woke in their battle against the evil Patriarchy they are being bombarded with abuse by trannies and Antifa and various other of their fellow misfits who threaten them with TERF punching or worse.  Apparently PUNCH TERFs is a meme that has become very widespread and has actually occurred in real life.

And here is where the irony becomes razor sharp.  The authoress says, “On my way out of Edinburgh University last week, where I’d just delivered a speech on how feminists should resist male violence, I was attacked by a shrieking “transgender person” (to cite the term used in a Scotsman headline). Had it not been for the three burly security guards surrounding me, I would have been punched.”

So here is this woman who has made a career declaring men obsolete and declaring women the equal of men in every way, hiding behind a phalanx of “burly” men to escape a beating by another denier of sexual reality.   It’s too rich.

After reading her entire article I found it amazing that she somehow concludes that the bullying of radical feminists by trans-normalizers  is the fault of the Patriarchy!  So, apparently, Stanley Kowalski has put down his beer bottle and bowling ball and after belting Stella and Blanche around he puts on a little black dress and heels and goes after Ms. Bindel for heresy against the trannies.  It’s so thick, you can cut it with a knife.

Afterwards I looked at the comments section and you can only imagine.  Guys from our side were there laughing their butts off.  The lesbians and the trannies were there yelling at and past each other.  It was a three ring circus.

So what’s the moral of this story?  Well I’ve always heard that when your enemy is digging himself into a hole you lend him a bigger shovel.  My instinct says sell ammunition to both sides.  Do everything possible to keep the pot boiling.  There’s nothing like an Antifa sucker punch to begin a life long grudge against your ideological adversary.

Lately the lesbians have been openly talking about bolting from the LGBTQ alphabet soup.   Then I guess we’d have to adapt to the GBTQ everywhere.  I don’t know.  It sounds like the call letters of some kind of public television channel.

Well, anyway, if nothing else, the trannies rampaging through girls’ and women’s sports is opening the eyes of mothers and daughters all over America and should produce a bumper crop of biological realists in the next few years.


After you’ve read enough sexbot articles on Drudge maybe switch to something interesting

And CBS News Puts the Blue Wave Mercifully to Rest

First, full disclosure, this is a link to a NY Post article so I won’t be luring you into clicking on a left-wing site.  The Post is a clickbait nightmare but it’s decidedly right leaning.  https://nypost.com/2018/08/18/cbs-news-pollster-reveals-why-blue-wave-is-unlikely/

Hearing them admit that the numbers don’t look anything like a Democrat landslide is music to my ears.  I calculate that if CBS News, the home of 60 Minutes and the former home of Dan Rather, admits that the Blue Wave has been downgraded to a puddle that even a six-year-old wouldn’t bother jumping in then it’s time to start planning for what legislation President Trump will dictate to the spineless slugs that are the Republican Congressmen.  Maybe they can repeal the Patriot Act and shut off the funding for Google and Facebook.

Seriously though, if the mid-terms end up going in our favor and we keep the House and gain at least three or four seats in the Senate, then President Trump has the potential of moving forward on several fronts.  Most importantly he can get the funds for the wall.  Then he can end the Mueller farce and finally clean out the Justice Department.  After that I hope he continues with his plans to restore American business health by removing the incentives for companies to off-shore their factories to China.  And he should continue filling the federal courts with conservatives.  Imagine if he has the chance to flip the Ninth Circuit Court, that would be monumental.  And finally, he needs to attack the leftist monopolies in the social media and internet advertising world.  Maybe even bust them up.  But definitely sic the Justice Department on their discriminatory practices.  If he does those few things he’ll win the 2020 election by a landslide and he will make this not only a great country again but also a free country again.

Of course, here I am spinning everything in the rosiest light.  Reality very rarely goes that far but even just knowing that the House probably won’t return to Nancy Pelosi’s control is a great victory.  That will end the impeachment chanting and return the Dems to the pits of despair that they inhabited back in November 2016.

Think about that.  It makes me want to go back to YouTube and watch that blue-haired screeching harpy flipping out in some kind of rage spiral screaming for some all-powerful parental figure (God?) to fix this before she had a heart attack.  Or how about that great clip where the Young Turks start out at the beginning of election Day euphoric and smug and end up in despair with every third word bleeped out as the female component of the cast devolved into an expletive laced tirade against white women who voted for Trump.  And who can forget the cutaways to Clinton Campaign Headquarters gradually going from riotous party to funereal despair over the course of the evening with the finale witnessing women and even apparently men sobbing uncontrollably over the fate of Hillary.  And finally, we can’t pass up Rachel Maddow with her final statement that what the audience was watching wasn’t a nightmare but actual reality.  Good times, good times.

I could have included the spectacle of Miley Cyrus lying on her bed weeping and moaning about how unfair it was for Hillary to lose because Hillary had waited so long and deserved it so much.  But even my schadenfreude has limits.  That video represents a vision of infantilization that I find too disturbing to even witness.  After watching that spectacle, the competent authorities should have committed her to a lunatic asylum for ice water immersions and electro-shock therapy until they broke through her psychosis.  Billy Ray, you let the world down.

Well anyway, things are looking up.