The Loyal Opposition

Tonight, I intended to write something upbeat.  I was tired of thinking about the mess our economy has been thrown into and of the human toll that the epidemic has exacted from us.  I wanted to talk about changes that the Supreme Court could make that would roll back the restrictions that have been made against the Bill of Rights.  But then I remembered that John Roberts had stabbed us in the back again and refused to defend the Second Amendment against the gun grabbers in New York City.  And that got me thinking in general about the people who run our country.  And as bad as a John Roberts or a George Bush is, I thought about the Democrats and that really depressed me.

And that’s because the Democrats aren’t just our ideological enemies.  Many of the leaders of that party are truly horrific human beings.  Look at Nancy Pelosi and former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  They used their positions as congressional leaders to funnel money to their family members and made themselves outrageously rich.  Look at the Clintons and Obamas.  They used the power of the presidency to set up non-profit foundations that launder billions of dollars that end up in their own pockets.  And looking at the character of Bill and Hillary Clinton I am amazed that neither one of them is in prison.  Look at cretins like Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley who routinely say things so completely moronic that it leaves you wondering if they are kidding us.

And finally look at Joe Biden.  There isn’t a facet of Joe or a time in his life when he isn’t an embarrassment to the whole human race.  In each of his presidential runs he has distinguished himself with plagiarism, stunning ignorance and just outright lying about his record and the historical facts around him.  Even before senile dementia descended on him Biden was a laughing stock.  Calling his intelligence mediocre would be giving him the benefit of the doubt.  And it really is hard to decide whether the shady deals that his son Hunter had going in the Ukraine and China, show that Joe is an out and out crook or just the stupidest man on the planet.  I want to give him the benefit of the doubt again and says he’s a crook.

The weirdness of Joe’s mind has been highlighted best by the campaign speech where he talked about his days as a lifeguard at a pool in a black neighborhood in Maryland when his epic confrontation with the infamous “Corn Pop” took place.  The details about little kids playing with the hair on his legs is so weird that it’s hard even to know what to think.

And we already knew that Joe was this creepy weirdo who fondled women’s shoulders and sniffed their hair from behind their backs.  But now we find out he has sexually assaulted one of his own Senate staffers right on the streets of Washington, D.C.  After all this, Joe Biden shouldn’t be running for President.  He should be in a lunatic asylum.

So has it always been this way?  Morally I think the people at the top have always been suspect.  It must be the power going to their heads and the rewards that are available to those who are willing to work the system.  But intellectually the people running the government have gotten demonstrably more stupid.

I have to assume that the Democrat handlers won’t let Biden debate the President.  From the clips I’ve heard of Biden answering soft ball questions from CNN and MSNBC he can’t get out of his own way.  If President Trump debates him there won’t be anything left of Joe except his new dentures.

I guess it should make me feel better knowing that the Democrats are such dimwitted idiots.  But it doesn’t.  If half the people in this country prefer these people to lead us then half of us are stupid or evil or both.  And that means we’re in a lot of trouble.

President Trump Says Obama Hasn’t Endorsed Biden Because He Knows Something We Don’t

President Trump is hinting that Creepy Uncle Joe won’t be the Democrat Candidate.

He’s so much fun to listen to.  And I’m definitely not going to say he’s wrong.  I think the Democrats are panicked knowing that even though Biden prevented Bernie from being the candidate he himself is completely non-electable.  I mean, just think of it, he’s the closest thing since Bill Clinton to an unregistered sex offender as presidential candidate and he’s also suffering from late stage dementia.  The only way it could be worse is if his pants fall down during a debate.  So the only question is who do they unleash next?  Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand, Oprah?  It most likely has to be an actor.  Empathy, at this stage, is all they can hope to use.

Sanity Check on the Doom and Gloomers

I live and work in New England.  Except for the crazies in the Northwest this is the home base of woke insanity for the country.  Even the moderates in New England have drunk deeply of the Kool-Aid.  Even the Republicans think like moon bats.  Remember Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts.

So, the “normal” people hate Donald Trump with a passion.  Mostly they hate him because if they didn’t hate him their neighbors would call them racists, sexists and homophobes.  And there is nothing scarier to a New Englander than being called bad names.

For that reason, I shouldn’t have been surprised when a coworker came over to me last week and smirkingly told me that the coronavirus was going to tank the economy and thereby throw the election to Biden.  This guy isn’t a flaming liberal.  He’s what I’d call an aspiring elitist.  He comes from a middle-class background but would like to make the move up a couple of rungs to the outer periphery of the elect.  And in order to fit in he has learned the party line and made their platform his.

I wasn’t expecting this from him.  After all, hoping the economy crashes doesn’t scream patriotism and in the past he had never seemed unpatriotic.  But you live and you learn.  My only answer to him was, in a more or less bored manner, to inform him that my money is on Trump and if he wanted a wager, I was always looking to pick up some extra cash.

After the impeachment vote by the House I announced that I no longer considered any other possible outcome from November’s election than President Trump’s re-election.  And I continued in that belief up until this week.  But my co-worker’s taunt got me thinking.  Could the coronavirus pandemic change the outcome of the presidential election?  As a theoretical question, the answer is obviously yes.  If millions of people died and if millions more were unemployed that could definitely affect the minds of the voters.  So, I figured it was a good thing to consider what the reality of the pandemic meant for the election.

Looking at what happened in China and what is happening in Italy it is plain to see that even with draconian measures being taken to limit its spread, globally, tens of thousands of people will die.  The impact of those deaths is the political question that needs to be answered.  And the answer is that as long as the government is seen to be actively using the best scientific information available to keep the public safe and wasn’t negligent in allowing the introduction of the virus to the country, then there won’t tend to be public anger at a relatively small number of deaths such as several thousand, as long as they do not overwhelm the emergency healthcare system.

With respect to our present situation, there are something less than three thousand cases and about fifty deaths in the United States.  These numbers will continue to increase for at least a couple of weeks.  But, if at that point, they level off then public opinion on the pandemic won’t cause excessive political trouble for the President.

But what about the economic impact.  Multiple industries are being severely impacted by the measures being used to prevent transmission of the disease.  Airlines and other means of mass transportation are severely impacted.  All forms of mass entertainment from sports games to movies to music concerts are being postponed or cancelled.  It’s certain that all restaurants will be at a virtual standstill.  Daycare for pre-school age children will be a big problem.

All of these disruptions are going to have a large affect on the economy and employment rates.  And in addition, many companies are concerned that the virus may incapacitate or even kill key individuals in their workforce.  For this reason, they are instituting fever screening, telecommuting and teleconferencing to limit exposure to the virus among employees.  All of these control measures will have a negative effect on the economy.  Without any intervention, layoffs and loss of revenue will cause a contraction in the economy that could be quite severe.  And that could very easily have an effect on the election.

So, is my co-worker right, will the pandemic necessarily throw the election to Biden?  No.  What needs to be done is for the President to provide incentives for business owners to hold onto their employees during the business interruptions and some kind of stimulus to offset the losses they are experiencing.  And that is exactly what President Trump is attempting.  Eliminating the payroll tax for employers and employees until the end of the year would be an enormous stimulus to the economy.  Trying to get it through the House will be very difficult.  But just trying to get it passed may be enough to shift the blame to the Democrats.  And within a state of emergency possibly an executive action could accomplish what the Congress won’t.  And there are other measures that he can institute to target help to the particular industries hardest hit.  The one that immediately comes to mind is the airline industry.  With bans on travel to both Europe and Asia in place it isn’t hard to imagine that the always vulnerable airlines could head into bankruptcy almost overnight.

To sum it up, it will be necessary for President Trump to carefully oversee the federal and local disease control measures in place to ensure that health impact from COVID-19 is limited.  And he will have to act decisively and effectively to limit the economic impact of the pandemic on the US economy.  If he performs these two assignments competently, and based on his track record I anticipate he will, then he should be able to win re-election against the visibly decrepit and clearly demented Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

A Eulogy for the Losers

And just like that, we’re down to two.  Oh sure, Granny Warren is still in the race but after losing her “home” state there’s not much left to do but shovel some dirt on her carcass and call it a campaign.  A newly reminted Biden is ready to spout inexplicable nonsense all the way up to the convention.  Bernie is in a panic and will have to yell even louder and wave his arms even more wildly.  It’s going to be amazing.

But what I want to talk about is what is to become of the losers.  Just look at them.  Sure, technically most of them still have high paying jobs and health insurance but how can they go forward with their lives when they’ve been forced to say ridiculous things now for half a year.  All of them have raised their hands and said they believe in the Green New Deal and that AOC isn’t certifiably insane.  Beto O’Rourke even claimed he was going to take our guns.  And most importantly, they all made fun of the old white guys in the race.

And yet here we are and as far as the eye can see all there are is old white guys!  So, it’s not like these folks are gonna get much love from Biden or Bernie.  So, they’ll have to go back to work and make believe they’re Senators or ex-mayors or skateboarding Kennedy clones or whatever the hell Tom Steyer does nowadays.  But one thing’s for sure.  I’m gonna miss these crazy bastards.

Just think of all the fun and laughs we’ve had as each one explained how his plan was better than her plan, all without recourse to facts or even the magic of mathematics.  Watching Kamala tell Creepy Uncle Joe that he had made her cry when he wouldn’t let her be bussed to a good school.  Or ButtPete berating Amy Klobuchar for not knowing the name of the Mexican President.  Or Fauxcahantas shaking with rage as she declared that Bernie had told her a woman couldn’t be elected President.  And what about Spartacus trying to say anything at all?  His pop-eyed expression and goofy voice always cheered me up.  He never was coherent in any of the debates but he always looked so excited and hopeful, the poor little guy.

But my overall favorite was Beto.  He postured and swore and skate-boarded his way into our hearts.  I’m old enough to guess that he was put forward based solely on his resemblance to one of the Kennedys.  Some child of the sixties in a newsroom must have made it his project to give the hapless Beto just enough publicity to force him on the public eye.  Too bad they couldn’t get him to read from a better script.  Every time he opened his mouth the stupid came pouring out and destroyed any doubts about how empty his big head was.  So Beto is the poster child for the group.  What does he do now?  He’s not qualified for any useful task and he’s too well known to attempt a normal life as, say, a lifeguard or a movie usher.  His choices are either to be locked away in a mad house or given a show on MSNBC.  Interestingly enough, Chris Matthews’ “retirement” provides a ready-made spot for Beto.  His audience would be almost as stupid as he is and therefore reasonably willing to listen to him jabber on in Spanglish about how, “el hombre naranja est muy malo.”  You know the more I think about it the better I like it.  In fact, I think all failed Democrat politicians should be warehoused on MSNBC or CNN.  Eventually that much stupidity concentrated in one place should tear a hole in the fabric of space and suck the whole studio straight into another dimension, hopefully one inhabited by some Lovecraftian horror that can feast on their stupidity for millennia.

I know I’ve gone a little overboard but darn it I’m gonna miss those losers and I didn’t want to let them go without saying goodbye.

Creepy Uncle Joe – The Comeback … Kid?

How could I have doubted Joe?  Look at him go.  He’s got the Joe-mentum.  Poor Bernie.  So sad.  Poor Mike.  Poor Fauxcahantas.  Well let’s hope they can keep him going until November.  He’s been sounding pretty raggedy recently.  I wonder which historical figure he’ll confuse President Trump with when he’s trying to put him down?  Ronald Reagan?  Teddy Roosevelt?

Corn Pop, Leg Hair, Ukraine Money, Shoulder Grabbing.  Bring it on!

29FEB2020 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Swing States, Landslides, and Libertarians by George S. Bardmesser

Here’s a fun post for Leap Day.

Mr. Bardmesser does a quick quantitative analysis of what the Never Trump vote cost President Trump in votes and states in 2016 and what additional states he’s likely and unlikely to add to his total this year.    He’s predicting pick-ups in Maine, Nevada, Minnesota and New Hampshire.  For myself, I’m pretty sure about Minnesota and sort of hopeful about New Hampshire.  But if you like looking at numbers give it a look see.


Pathetic Progressive Life Imitates Exaggerated OCF “Art”

So Sunday night I posted my incredibly over the top comic masterpiece “The Absolutely Final, Last Stand of the Losers, 2020 Democratic Kamikaze Debate.”  Well, over the top may not be completely accurate.  All descriptions of the Tuesday night debate put it within an order of magnitude of what I described in my parody.  Ah, a prophet is never honored in his own time.  It does my heart good to know that the Dems are fulfilling the direst fears of the progressive powers that be.  If Bernie gets a convincing plurality of the delegates it will be checkmate against them in the November election.  Give him the nomination he will go down in flames.  Strip him of the nomination and his followers will stay home.  Sweet poetic justice for the Left encouraging the Millenials to believe in magic socialism.  Feel the Bern!

The Absolutely Final, Last Stand of the Losers, 2020 Democratic Kamikaze Debate

Dramatis Personae: Bernie Sanders (BP); Joe Biden (JB); Elizabeth Warren (EW); Amy Klobuchar (AK); Mike Bloomberg (MB); Mystery Candidate (MC); Christiane Amanpour (CA); Rudy Giuliani (RG); Joy Reid (JR); Anderson Cooper (AC); Rachel Maddow (RM);


(Scene 1: Inside the media booth at the final Democratic Debate in San Francisco)


CA – Hello, I’m Christiane Amanpour with my interesting British accent, and we’re here at the final 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate in beautiful San Francisco, California.

RG – Beautiful?  You call trying to navigate around a sidewalk festooned with human feces and vomit beautiful?  Christiane, that’s some weird alternate reality you live in.

CA – And as you can see and hear, I’m joined by the always cantankerous, former Mayor of New York and current attorney for President Trump, Rudy Giuliani.

RG – I can live with cantankerous.

CA – And we’ll be here to see who will step up and try to knock Bernie Sanders off his trajectory of winning the Democratic Presidential Nomination.

RG – Actually I’m here for the laughs.  These losers are trying to stop the Crazy Party from nominating the King of the Lunatics.  That seems to be an impossibility.

CA – Despite Rudy’s penchant for Right Wing propaganda, it will be interesting to see if the more moderate candidates attempt to make an issue of Bernie Sanders flirtation with socialism.

RG – Flirtation?  I would say that it was consummated to use a polite word.  To continue your analogy, if this were seventy years ago, we’d be seeing a shotgun wedding between Bernie and Communism.

CA – Well, enough of this banter.  Let’s go to the debate stage.  The seven candidates are now advancing to their podiums and the moderators are seated.  We have CNN’s Anderson Cooper and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid.

RG – Ah yes, the voices of reason.  Where did I put my barf bag?


(Scene 2: Wide shot of the moderators and candidates on the debate stage)


JR – I’m Joy Reid and welcome to the audience here at the Palace of Fine Arts here in vibrant San Francisco.

(A voice from the audience gives a loud bitter laugh and an epithet.  A struggle is seen in the audience and a man is tased and carried away.)

JR – Spirits are high and let’s meet our panel and the candidates.  I’m joined by my colleagues Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper who know in their hearts that that wasn’t me who allegedly said those homophobic remarks all those years ago because that is not who I am.

(Maddow and Cooper glare at her over rigid smiles.)

JR – And here are the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates.  In decreasing order of electoral relevance, Senator Bernie Sanders, the socialist democrat from Vermont; Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York City; Vice President Joe Biden of Delaware; Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend Indiana; Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts; Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota; Billionaire Tom Steyer of San Francisco California.  Welcome all of you or Zae, Zee, Zi, Zo, Zou and sometimes Zy.

(The candidates look confused and mumble some replies.)

RM – Hey wait a minute, that’s not Tom Steyer there at the loser end of the podium.  It’s a masked intruder in an ill-fitting white pantsuit!

MC – That’s right Rachel Maddow, I am the “mystery candidate” and Tom Steyer has voluntarily surrendered his place on the stage and his billion-dollar fortune to me in my run for the presidency.

AC – But that’s nonsense.  This is the end of the campaign and there’s no way that can be justified under the rules of the debate or the DNC campaign requirements.

BP – Wanna bet Anderson?  How do you think they justified screwing me out of the nomination last time?

RM – Alright but why the mask?  You’re obviously Hillary Clinton and you’re not fooling anyone.

MC – That’s ridiculous!  Hillary Clinton is so beloved by the people that she would never disguise herself.  It would be throwing away her natural advantage.

RM – If that’s so how come you lost the last two times you ran.

MC – That’s a damn lie.  The Russians stole the election from me.  … I mean from her.

JR – Alright, whatever, we don’t have all night let’s move on and get this show on the road.

AC – The first question will be answered by all the candidates.  Why do you want to be President of the United States of America?  Senator Sanders?

BS – I wanna say that when I am President the first order of business will be to make the minimum wage $500 dollars an hour.  That way all Americans will be earning a million dollars a year.  Then I will make the tax on the million-dollar bracket 100%.  That will flood the treasury with cash and balance the budget.  I would seize all businesses and nationalize them and all profits would be divided equally by all the people.  And finally, I would declare all humans and some primates American citizens and allow them all to enjoy the fruits of this land.  To each according to his needs and from each according to his abilities.

RM – Hey that’s misogynist!  You should have said her or at least their.

BS – Yes, that’s what I should have said.  But, I am very old, you know.

MB – Hey can I say something in rebuttal?

AC – Well Mayor Bloomberg, it’s your turn to answer the question.  If you want to discuss Senator Sander’s answer feel free.

MB- Thanks.  Bernie Sanders is a dangerous lunatic.  What he just laid out was a delusional plan that would bankrupt the country and collapse the financial system of the entire planet.  I can’t actually calculate how bad it would be but I guess that tens of millions would starve in the first few months and the urban areas would devolve into cannibalism within the first year.  Shortly after that the Chinese would invade and occupy the more desirable farming and mining areas and allow the rest to revert to primitive tribalism.

BS – This bloated plutocrat is lying.  He has grown fat on the forced labor of the lumpen proletariat.

MB – Hey looks who’s talking about bloated and fat.  I keep my weight at a very optimal point and you look pretty flabby to me Mr. Millionaire Communist.

BS – Liar, I’m a Democratic Socialist!  And a millionaire isn’t a billionaire like you!

MB – Socialist, Communist.  Potato, pattata.

AC – Well Mayor Bloomberg, you’ve critiqued your opponent’s plan.  What is you reason for running?

MB – I see the most urgent threat that America is faced with is what to do about the “Big Gulp.”  Are you aware that the fifty-ounce beverage is killing more Americans each year than cancer and opioids combined?  And also, the average American butt size has increased by eleven inches over the last twenty years.  I am on a crusade to bring health and longevity to the people of this great country.  Once my War on gulps is victorious, I intend to go after the Big Mac, the Whopper and, God willing, the all you can eat Lobster Fest at Red Lobster.

AC – Well I see what you mean about butt size.  It’s a pet peeve of mine too.  Well Mr. Vice President, it’s your turn.

JB – You know when I was the right-hand man of a certain clean articulate President named Barack Obama, I suppose you remember him, he said to me, he said, “Joe, old friend, what can be done to stop the Big Gulp?”  Well I drew up a plan and pushed through the legislation in record time and that’s how we defeated the Big Gulp.

MB – That never happened.

JB – Listen you lying, dog-faced pony soldier, why don’t we have a push up contest or go out behind the barn and decide this the old-fashioned way with chains and straight razors.

AC – Please Mr. Vice President, try to stay on track.

JB – Well as I was saying, back last year when I was Vice President, I set up the program that made the minimum wage $500 an hour and that’s how we ended poverty in our lifetime.

(Stunned silence descends on the stage and crowd.)

AC – While the former Vice President is being escorted to the emergency room for treatment, can you tell us your reason for being President, Mayor Buttigieg.

PB – Thank you Anderson, we all acknowledge the terrible struggle you’ve endured at the hands of the rampant homophobia that is America’s scourge.  I too have tasted the whiplash sting of its cruelty.

AC – Ahhhh?  You do know I’m a Vanderbilt and have hundreds of millions of dollars, right?

PB – No amount of wealth can make up for the whiplash sting of cruelty.

AC – Sure, but it really helps, don’t you think?

PB – Well, maybe.  Anyway, my priority will be ensuring that every American child knows the name and correct pronunciation for the names of all the Latin American dictators, uhhh … I mean leaders in our hemisphere.

AK – Screw you, you little jerk.

AC – Please Senator Klobuchar, your turn isn’t next.

AK – He sucks!

PB – Homophobe!

AK – Ahhh, grow a pair you little weasel!

AC – Please, please!  Let’s get back to business.  Senator Warren it’s your turn.

EW – Thank you Anderson.  One of the most important parts of my candidacy is bringing a woman’s perspective to the presidency.  Women are the practical money handlers in their families.  We know how to avoid debt and live within our means.  Looking at Senator Sanders’ ridiculous proposal it doesn’t take a CPA to see that a $500 an hour minimum wage is insanity.  The fact that he doesn’t recognize its absurdity is proof of his unfitness to be President.  Applying a real-world perspective along with a woman’s social justice instincts points to a minimum wage that is absolutely no higher than $450 an hour.

MB – Is it too late for me to get a MAGA hat?

AC – Alright let’s hang in there for a few more minutes. This thing is almost over.  Senator Klobuchar have you got some brief comments you’d like to make.

AK – You betcha.  I can’t win this thing.  I’m too close to normal.  What I would like to do is throw something at that little weasel Buttigieg.  If someone will just hold him for a second, I’ll kick his skinny little butt.

AC – Security please escort Senator Klobuchar from the stage and get Mayor Pete some smelling salts.  Alright, “Mystery Candidate,” would you like a shot at the question?

MC – I’d be delighted Anderson.  For all of my life I’ve strived to educate the American people about their unworthiness and what they needed to do to atone for their sins.  And at the top of that list is making me their President.  I’ve suffered as no other woman ever has.  I’ve been ridiculed for my looks, my weight, my voice, my husband’s womanizing and for the very large number of coincidental suicides that seem to occur all around me.  I want to be President so that all this persecution will end.  I will set up a Presidential tribunal that will adjudicate all these capitol offenses fairly and once these people have been brought to justice, I intend to eliminate the 22nd amendment by executive order and give the United States the permanent and hereditary leadership it has always deserved.

AC – Okay, I think my colleagues will agree to skip their questioning so that we can escape before the voters storm this building and drag us off to Alcatraz for summary execution.  I apologize heartily to the American people and promise to find a real job where I can atone for my connection to this lunatic asylum.

(Scene 3: Inside the media booth)

RG – Well there you have it.  Christiane Amanpour has fled the building with Joe Biden in hot pursuit trying to grab her shoulders and smell her hair.  I haven’t had such a good time since the Yankees won the World Series from the Mets in 2000.  Well anyway, it doesn’t look like there’ll be much drama in November but I suppose that’s best for the country.  But I hope you’ve enjoyed the show.  Sorry it couldn’t have gone longer but these people really do need to get back to the hospital.  Good night and Keep America Great in November.

Who Can the Dems Find to Inject Some Hope into the Race?

Here we are at the end of the third week of relentlessly bad news for the progressives.  The Impeachment was a nothing burger.  The State of the Union Address was great optics for President Trump and a disaster for Nancy “the Ripper” Pelosi and her handmaidens in white.  Every primary, every debate, every news story has embarrassed the candidates and demoralized the progressive voters.  Bernie has surged in the polls and the party leadership are running out of options to stop him from getting the nomination.  They know if he goes into the convention with a plurality of the delegates and they appoint someone else in a smoke filled room that the Bernie Bros will freak out and either stay home on election day or vote for Trump out of revenge.

But even if they did anoint someone else who could it be?  All the other candidates are hopeless misfits that only appeal to one strand in the liberal coalition of the offended.  The Buttigieg voters hate Warren and Klobuchar.  The black voters only want Biden because of his link to Obama.  If he seems unelectable they’ll have to switch horses in mid-stream.  But which one?  Buttigieg and Warren won’t interest them.  Could they buy into Klobuchar?  Maybe, but it’s not a natural fit.  All in all, the present situation is racking the nerves of the Dem electorate.  The path forward is unclear.

This actually matches up with the outcome a lot of the contrarians were speculating about last year.  They were saying that Hillary would be plucked out of the air as the candidate or Michelle Obama or Oprah.  Would the Democrats do that?  I think they would if they thought they had a unifying savior.  I don’t think Hillary is an option.  Her loss in 2016 has tarnished her too badly.  she is a spent force.  I think Michelle Obama is a possibility.  She would energize the black voting block.  And the lure of the Obama years would fascinate a lot of the other progressive groups.  But it does seem unlikely.  I think the Obamas think 2024 is the right time to re-emerge.  They probably are hoping that a downturn in the economy will allow them to insinuate themselves back onto the national scene.

For these reasons I don’t think there is a viable alternative to Bernie Sanders.  Bloomberg has the money and the moderate credentials but he just got his head handed to him in the first debate.  He is not the right profile to inspire the Left to electoral victory.  So it will be Bernie.  Good.  Bernie has a loyal following of millenials.  They will vote for him.  He will get the loyalist Dem voters who will hold their noses and pull the lever.  But he won’t get the independents.  These libertarian types will listen when Bernie says he is going to take their money and redistribute it to the poor and they will believe him.  And they’ll think, “I like my money, it’s my best friend.  I don’t want to give it all to Bernie.”  And they will vote for Trump or stay home.  So I think the Dems are screwed.  They all got on board the green new deal and free college and free healthcare and free everything and because of that people who work and can count are going to give them the thumbs down.

So here’s to nine more months of Democrat depression followed by the election night despair.  I hope their healthcare plans include free anti-depressants.  They’re gonna need them.

Who will Call the Shots for the Democrats?

I know I said that I’m assuming that President Trump’s re-election is a foregone conclusion and the results of the Democrat primary are of no consequence, but the hilarity of their demolition derby is just too wonderful to ignore.  I must opine.

The outcome of the first two state elections for the Democrat Presidential Primary have been disastrous for Joe Biden.  He was fourth in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire.  Now granted those states are practically bereft of minority voters who are Joe’s major constituency but to not even come in the top three is highly troubling to the bag men who are supplying Joe’s campaign with the millions of dollars needed to keep the No Malarkey! Reality Bus Tour plodding along on the highways and byways of this great land.  It’s probably a good bet that they are already in contact with the Buttigieg and Klobuchar campaigns figuring out how to siphon off funds from Joe and funnel them to the current flavors of the month.

There are already voices in the media calling for Joe to suspend his campaign.  They fear that if he remains in the race, he’ll prevent the moderate candidate from knocking off Bernie.  You see, the less crazy but more corrupt Dems are afraid that the more crazy but less corrupt Bernie Bros will get their candidate nominated.  And those less crazies know that Bernie is unelectable.  So even though they must be careful to hide their actions and intentions, they will do anything they can to stop Bernie from accruing the number of delegates needed to win the nomination outright.  As long as that is prevented, they can always rig the convention to get their preferred candidate nominated.

But so far, Joe says he’s committed to going forward.  His hope is that Nevada and South Carolina will give him the wins he needs to re-establish himself as the front runner.  And I really do hope he does stay in.  If he manages to siphon off just enough votes to allow Bernie to edge out Butt Pete this contest can go on and on.  And once Bloomberg enters the fray things will get even more confused.  Bloomberg will pour hundreds of millions of dollars into the race and tempt the establishment with dreams of their own Trump who can rule by fiat and pay for his programs himself.  How wonderfully unsettled it all seems to be.

But which way will it all go?  I think Bernie will once again fail to secure an outright delegate win.  I think they’ll give the nomination to Petey Boy.  And I think they’ll make Klobuchar or Kamala Harris his running mate.  How exciting is that?

Okay, so I made all this up just now.  But tomorrow all these sandcastles could be washed away.  Suppose Biden gets a crushing win in South Carolina.  Suddenly he’s riding high again.  Or suppose Klobuchar beats Buttigieg in both Nevada and South Carolina.  Now we must flip the order on the ticket with Amy on top.  Or suppose Bernie takes Nevada and Joe comes in second.  All these possibilities scramble the logic of who will end up as Dem nominee.

And all of this is driving the Democrat voters and leaders into fits.  They’re scared of not knowing who the nominee will be and they’re scared that all the choices are bad.  The fear and uncertainty are just great.  What a wonderful time to be a conservative.

So not that it should matter who they pick, because they’re still going to lose.  But knowing that they’re in agony just makes it so much better.