Have You Seen Tucker’s Interview With the Chinese Virologist?

I just saw this today.  This woman, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, says she is a virologist and that she has proof that the Wuhan virus is not a naturally occurring virus but a man-made construct.  She further claims that the scientific community knows this but is complicit because of their sympathies with and ties to China.  And finally she claims that the virus was intentionally released.  It will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere or not.



Politico Thinks the Rebounding Economy Will Be a Disaster for Biden

When I see an article from Politico I usually avoid it like the plague.  But when the title is “The General Election Scenario That Democrats are Dreading”  How can I resist?  It seems that the rebound of the economy will come along just in time to make the November election a bad time to be Joe Biden.

The upshot is that a V-shaped recovery will relieve the anxiety people have suffered under the COVID-19 crisis at exactly the right time to convince Americans that President Trump knows how to handle the economy best.

“On Election Day, we Democrats need voters to ask themselves, ‘Are you better off than you were four years ago?’ Republicans need voters to ask themselves, ‘Are you better off than you were four months ago?’”

And knowing how humble the President is I hope he remembers to remind Americans that he was the one pushing to re-open the economy while the Democrats wanted it to remain shutdown for up to a year.

Reality Reasserts Itself

Naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret, et mala perrumpet furtim fastidia victrix.

You may drive nature out with a pitchfork, but she will keep coming back, victorious over your ignorant confident scorn.

― Horace

Bill DeBlasio and Andrew Cuomo can pontificate all they’d like about the dangers of the COVID-19 virus and threaten dire consequences for those who break the social distancing rules but summer weather is coming to New York City and a modern paraphrase of old Horace is that, for the young, the Law of the 3B’s (Beaches, Bikinis and Booze) trumps all others.  See the linked scenes of decidedly out of shape New Yorkers frolicking on the beaches of Jersey and Manhattanites gathering on the streets to drink beer and socialize regardless of proximity and decidedly sans masks.

If the idiots in Gracey Mansion and the Albany State House want to do something useful, what they should be thinking about is how to meaningfully protect the truly at risk, namely, the grandparents of those young people who will succumb to the virus if exposed.  Over the course of the long hot summer it would be a good idea to provide the elderly currently living in households that include people who aren’t maintaining quarantine an option to temporarily remove themselves to a group environment where strict quarantine is being practiced.  Considering how many assisted living residents have died during this epidemic it should be possible for the state to charter the empty rooms for people who are afraid they’re at risk due to proximity to the young and healthy who will carry the virus without even knowing it.

The problem is DeBlasio and Cuomo are broke.  They haven’t the cash (or brains) needed to implement a plan to actually help the situation.  All they’re capable of is grandstanding, threatening and emoting in front of the camera.  And now that policing social distancing has been racialized by the usual suspects the NYPD will stop bothering about it.  When the majority of the non-elderly discover that they won’t die from going to the local bar it won’t take long before most of city life falls back into the normal pattern.  And once that happens the percentage of people with COVID-19 antibodies will reach the herd resistance threshold pretty quickly.

I’m guessing that the northeastern states won’t do anything really constructive for the elderly.  They actually have a vested interest in maintaining the COVID-19 scamdemic as long as possible.  But New York City has successfully killed off the majority of the vulnerable elderly already (see graph below).

But now that a number of states are ending the shutdown we should know in just a few weeks whether the dire warnings from the Left are accurate or overblown.  That means by early June we’ll know where we stand.  Maybe I’ll have to eat my words and acknowledge that the Faucis and Birxes were right, that the COVID-19 virus is the apocalypse and we’ll all have to become wards of the welfare state forever.  But somehow I don’t think that’s the case.  I predict by July I’ll be hosting the photog clan to a barbecue and poolside party.  I better go add some chlorine to the pool.

Cleanup Day On My Computer Bookmarks

Today was a big day.  I was able to assure myself that the shape of the daily death curve is unmistakably trending down.  Undoubtedly they’ll keep adding the normal dead to the total but even that hasn’t made a difference.  So in honor of the occasion I deleted my links to the corona virus web pages for Worldometer and Johns Hopkins University.  Good riddance!

Now the only COVID-19 info I care about is getting the economy back on track and our manufacturing capacity out of the Land of the COVID virus.

NY State Runs Out of Old People

Today was a sort of macabre milestone.  For the first time in weeks New York did not have one of the highest totals in COVID-19 deaths in the country.

Rather than high hundreds or even more than a thousand deaths only 41 New Yorkers perished from the COVID-19 virus.

And this had a profound effect on the total deaths for the country.

The 750 nationwide deaths was the least since March 29th.  And just like that we can see that New York was sort of the COVID-19 epidemic all by itself.  And if you realize that the numbers for New Jersey and Connecticut are essentially just the suburbs for New York City it becomes even more apparent that the rest of the country just isn’t in the same category of emergency as New York City is.

So what has happened to slow the onslaught of the disease?  Well, apparently New York has finally killed off all their vulnerable elderly.  And the horrible part about that is the fact that it was mandated by the state.  As spelled out on the attached document whenever a nursing home patient was sent to a hospital with COVID-19 disease the nursing home was required to re-admit that patient as soon as the hospital had stabilized the patient.  Which of course means that nursing homes would have to accept infected patients back into their population along with their uninfected patients.  Knowing that patients over eighty are the most vulnerable to this disease the state basically played Russian roulette with all the nursing home patients.  And over time an enormous number of them died because of it.

When this fact was brought to the attention of Governor Cuomo he was unaware of it but his Health Commissioner confirmed it to him at a news conference.  Too bad he didn’t pay more attention to his actual epidemic strategy and less time worrying about his brother Fredo play acting victim on a part time basis in his basement.  If instead of locking down the working age population and destroying the economy he had quarantined the healthy nursing home patients and treated the sick ones in hospitals he might have spared tens of thousands of lives and still had an economy to work with.  Mario Cuomo didn’t seem to hit the IQ lottery with his two boys.

Finally, Some of the States Are Waking Up and Even Here in the Gulag, Signs of Life

Fifteen US states are beginning the process of getting back to normal.  States like Georgia and Arkansas are shedding most of the restrictions while Florida and Texas are selectively and incrementally opening up.  And with the two-week increments proposed to step through the process there may be big chunks of the country completely back to normal by June.  And that will be an important outcome.  Lots of economic opportunities are associated with the summer vacation schedule, so this could allow many small businesses to salvage something from the wreckage of this year.

The next milestone I’m waiting for is when the medical community admits that we’re on the downward side of the daily-new-death curve.  From my reading of it we’re already over the hump.  Even with the Blue States, for the last two weeks, calling every death a COVID-19 death, it looks like we’re about to break through.  The last five days have been steadily lower and lower totals.  So, we may hear them admit it soon.

And in addition to the progress in other parts of the country the folks in the blue states are starting to get tired of this too.  You’ve heard about protests in Michigan, Virginia and California.  Well even in the very heart of cower-in-place New England, folks are starting to ignore some of the rules.  They’re going outside for no reason!  They’re walking around without masks!  And, horror of horrors they’re going to visit relatives without a car window or a wall between them.  I was overjoyed on Sunday when my daughter and her family came over and hung around with us in the yard for a couple of hours.  And I swear I could see how much my grandsons have grown since I saw them last!  It was great.  They came to install some raised beds for Camera Girl’s gardens and they did us both a world of good just seeing and talking to them face to face.  It didn’t hurt that it broke seventy degrees yesterday for the first time this spring.  And right on cue, the road past my house was full of motorcycle riders thundering by in droves.

So, all at once we’re waking up and I can sense that nothing will slow it down.  Not even a spike in deaths.  I think even in blue states people are starting to realize this was a bad idea.  The shutdown didn’t stop the deaths.  It probably didn’t even slow it down.  It was already too late to stop the infections in the larger cities from reaching the elderly in those high-density areas.

The next fight will be over the blue states trying to get the federal government to bail them out from their civil service retirement entitlements.  I’m hoping that President Trump won’t want to do that and instead will concentrate on helping small businesses and restarting the economy.  With the election season upon us he’ll do everything he can to cheerlead the economy and eliminate problems for the people trying to get their lives back on track.  At this point Joe Biden seems to be almost a non-issue in the election.  It’s up to the President to call the shots and give us back our hope in the future.  And I think he can.

Well to paraphrase the Bard, “Now is the winter of our discontent turned glorious summer by this Son of New York.”

Matt Meyer Over at Spectator USA Asks if We are Now in a Fourth Turning Crisis

Some of you may have heard of the concept of the “fourth turning crisis.”  This is a theory that our civilization going back to the English War of the Roses goes through an eighty year cycle of crisis and renewal.


Meyer is speculating that the COVID-19 flu epidemic may be the crisis that drives our country to choose one side in the present Right/Left stalemate and move us forward and to a new consensus.  Is he right?  And is he right in thinking that it will be the right that wins out.  I guess we’ll know in six months whether things will crystallize one way or the other or we just continue to muddle along.

Looking Around at the Landscape as We Enter the Next Stage

We truly are two nations.  I like reading the headlines on the news website Real Clear Politics.  They pride themselves on laying out a 50/50 selection of left- and right-wing articles.  Sometimes it’s hilarious to see how the titles seem to be screaming back and forth at each other in ideological outrage.  A recent example of this is:

  • Georgia Is a Scary Place to Be Living and Working, USA Today
  • Time for Public Health Experts to Stop Scaring People, Spectator

So basically, they let you pick your poison.  I guess that’s fair if you’re looking to maximize traffic.  But I skip reading the lefty sites.  I just chuckle over their headlines.  Living as I do in New England, I am surrounded by the left-wing echo chamber and basically only one message comes through.  It is COVID-19 FUD 24/7.  Speaking to my grown daughters they are terrified of the virus.  Any suggestion that the lockdown can end anytime soon elicits a look of shock and disbelief.  Discussing things like mortality rates and actual asymptomatic infection rates confuses and frightens them.  Now the fact that they have children in their houses forces me to leave things be.  Mothers protecting their offspring aren’t interested in logic.  Fear is the motivating factor.  But despite this fear it is already apparent that even in the very center of the shelter-in-place orthodoxy there is a dawning realization that not only shouldn’t we be shutting down the machinery of American industry but we can’t survive much longer doing it.  The problem is how to do this without acknowledging that the President was right all along.  But since double talk is their stock in trade, they’ll attempt it.

The next challenge is going to be how the recovery money is going to be distributed.  The Democrats are looking to divert the money into a bailout of states like Illinois and Connecticut that have allowed their public unions pension responsibilities to metastasize to such an extent that they’ve eaten up the entire state budgets.  Hopefully President Trump will be able to resist any such pressure.  But what he still has to do is figure out how he can save the small businesses.  There are probably a million small businesses that have been driven to bankruptcy.  Even if the shutdown ended tomorrow these businesses don’t have the money to pay the two months of bills they’ve racked up and they certainly can’t replace the inventory that they had to throw out when they closed their doors in early March.  I know some of these people personally and it is tragic to see a family business driven into the ground for a totally irrational idea.  But there it is.

Going along with this reclamation work is the public relations job that will also be needed.  Now, the President is lucky in that he threaded the needle.  He followed the advice of the medical experts in allowing the shutdown.  But he was also smart enough to know that as soon as it was clear that the exaggerated claims of millions of deaths weren’t going to happen, he shifted to a script of re-opening the country as quickly as possible.  But the Democrats are starting to realize how bad their talking points are going to look in another few days and they will also switch scripts and try to blame the President for the shutdown.  We’re already hearing Pelosi claim that the President didn’t do enough to prevent travel from China to the US.  She claims he should have also prevented American citizens from returning.  Now this is the same woman who was walking around Chinatown in San Francisco back in January claiming that the virus couldn’t spread from person to person.  Obviously, logic and honesty won’t factor in to what the left will say to shift blame onto the President.

But once again he’ll have a winning hand.  Here are few points:

  • There are all kinds of statements by the Dems calling the President’s shutdown of travel from China unnecessary and racist.
  • The fact that Joe Biden and the Democrats have been in bed with China for decades will tie them in with the cause of the epidemic.
  • The whole open borders policy that the Dems have been pushing forever will be a natural avenue of attack since unchecked immigration is part of the reason that New York City was such a hot spot for the virus.
  • And finally, clips of all the Dems endlessly repeating for weeks the need to keep the country locked down in perpetuity will prove that they don’t know what they’re doing.

All of these avenues of attack can be used separately or in conjunction to hammer home the message that the Democrats and their problems are the source of this problem and also the reason it was allowed to fester out of all proportion to the actual danger.

And lastly the President has to resist any talk by the Democrats to allow voting to become a mail in ballot sent to every citizen.  The opportunities for fraud become so great that if it was to be enacted we’d never see another honest election for the foreseeable future.

These are going to be busy days ahead.  The President will need to get his message out and also orchestrate the rebuilding of the American economy.  If he does all that he really can make a case for being the greatest President in a very long while.

Doctors Are Starting to Say, Enough is Enough

I saw this on the Conservative Treehouse.  These doctors in California are tired of making believe.  We now know what the COVID-19 virus does.  They go over the statistics and they say there is no longer any reason to shelter in place.  This should be required viewing for everyone who is scared.


So YouTube censored the link above so here is a different site that still has it.