Looking Around at the Landscape as We Enter the Next Stage

We truly are two nations.  I like reading the headlines on the news website Real Clear Politics.  They pride themselves on laying out a 50/50 selection of left- and right-wing articles.  Sometimes it’s hilarious to see how the titles seem to be screaming back and forth at each other in ideological outrage.  A recent example of this is:

  • Georgia Is a Scary Place to Be Living and Working, USA Today
  • Time for Public Health Experts to Stop Scaring People, Spectator

So basically, they let you pick your poison.  I guess that’s fair if you’re looking to maximize traffic.  But I skip reading the lefty sites.  I just chuckle over their headlines.  Living as I do in New England, I am surrounded by the left-wing echo chamber and basically only one message comes through.  It is COVID-19 FUD 24/7.  Speaking to my grown daughters they are terrified of the virus.  Any suggestion that the lockdown can end anytime soon elicits a look of shock and disbelief.  Discussing things like mortality rates and actual asymptomatic infection rates confuses and frightens them.  Now the fact that they have children in their houses forces me to leave things be.  Mothers protecting their offspring aren’t interested in logic.  Fear is the motivating factor.  But despite this fear it is already apparent that even in the very center of the shelter-in-place orthodoxy there is a dawning realization that not only shouldn’t we be shutting down the machinery of American industry but we can’t survive much longer doing it.  The problem is how to do this without acknowledging that the President was right all along.  But since double talk is their stock in trade, they’ll attempt it.

The next challenge is going to be how the recovery money is going to be distributed.  The Democrats are looking to divert the money into a bailout of states like Illinois and Connecticut that have allowed their public unions pension responsibilities to metastasize to such an extent that they’ve eaten up the entire state budgets.  Hopefully President Trump will be able to resist any such pressure.  But what he still has to do is figure out how he can save the small businesses.  There are probably a million small businesses that have been driven to bankruptcy.  Even if the shutdown ended tomorrow these businesses don’t have the money to pay the two months of bills they’ve racked up and they certainly can’t replace the inventory that they had to throw out when they closed their doors in early March.  I know some of these people personally and it is tragic to see a family business driven into the ground for a totally irrational idea.  But there it is.

Going along with this reclamation work is the public relations job that will also be needed.  Now, the President is lucky in that he threaded the needle.  He followed the advice of the medical experts in allowing the shutdown.  But he was also smart enough to know that as soon as it was clear that the exaggerated claims of millions of deaths weren’t going to happen, he shifted to a script of re-opening the country as quickly as possible.  But the Democrats are starting to realize how bad their talking points are going to look in another few days and they will also switch scripts and try to blame the President for the shutdown.  We’re already hearing Pelosi claim that the President didn’t do enough to prevent travel from China to the US.  She claims he should have also prevented American citizens from returning.  Now this is the same woman who was walking around Chinatown in San Francisco back in January claiming that the virus couldn’t spread from person to person.  Obviously, logic and honesty won’t factor in to what the left will say to shift blame onto the President.

But once again he’ll have a winning hand.  Here are few points:

  • There are all kinds of statements by the Dems calling the President’s shutdown of travel from China unnecessary and racist.
  • The fact that Joe Biden and the Democrats have been in bed with China for decades will tie them in with the cause of the epidemic.
  • The whole open borders policy that the Dems have been pushing forever will be a natural avenue of attack since unchecked immigration is part of the reason that New York City was such a hot spot for the virus.
  • And finally, clips of all the Dems endlessly repeating for weeks the need to keep the country locked down in perpetuity will prove that they don’t know what they’re doing.

All of these avenues of attack can be used separately or in conjunction to hammer home the message that the Democrats and their problems are the source of this problem and also the reason it was allowed to fester out of all proportion to the actual danger.

And lastly the President has to resist any talk by the Democrats to allow voting to become a mail in ballot sent to every citizen.  The opportunities for fraud become so great that if it was to be enacted we’d never see another honest election for the foreseeable future.

These are going to be busy days ahead.  The President will need to get his message out and also orchestrate the rebuilding of the American economy.  If he does all that he really can make a case for being the greatest President in a very long while.