Could A Reckoning Be Coming for the Fake News?

Sometimes it’s fun to imagine that the bad guys can lose.  I was reading an article called “Too Few People Want What Joe Scarborough Is Selling.”  The premise of the story is that despite all of the support that the left-wing institutions provide for the mainstream media the demand for their product is evaporating.

Here is the salient quote to back this assertion up:

This might explain an odd exchange on Morning Joe last week, in which Dan Pfeiffer, former senior advisor to Barack Obama, declared that “[i]f you go to Facebook on a daily basis, the posts with the most engagement are from Ben Shapiro, Dan Bongino, and Candace Owens. It is right-wing media content. It dwarfs progressive content. It dwarfs mainstream media content — which is actually, should be the part that should scare us the most, that Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire has more followers and engagement — many times more — than the New York Times or CNN. That is a problem for democracy.”

So apparently, they admit that even with suspensions, shadow banning and demonetizing of conservative ideas they can’t get anyone interested in progressive writers.  And this doesn’t sound wrong.  It’s probably true.

But is it enough that the people prefer our ideas?  Can we win the culture wars if all the institutions close ranks against us?  I think the answer is in the long run, we’ll win.  That’s in the same way that eventually the Soviet Union couldn’t keep their lies going forever.  Eventually reality seeps in.  I guess there’s some comfort in that.  But the Soviet Union lasted seventy years.  I haven’t got seventy years.

The other exhibit the author provides is the change of strategy at CNN.  The new owners are on record as saying they want to turn the company into a straight news outlet.  Now you can imagine that Brian Stelter and Don Lemon would be poorly qualified to be retrofitted as shoe leather reporters.  Firing them wouldn’t require management to be committed to down the center objective journalism.  It would just show that they are tired of flushing money down the drain.  But if the bottom line is finally forcing the media to abandon their attacks on half of the people of this country, then I’ll count that as a very promising development.

But is it true?  And is it more than a one off?  I haven’t heard that MSNBC and ABC, CBS and NBC are turning over new leaves too.  Despite the Washington Post finally firing that demented harpy that kept calling all of her peers privileged white folk I doubt that the Post or the Times is reconsidering their editorial policy as it pertains to Left/Right bias.

Well, I can’t say that I’m a believer.  But I thought the couple of cracks in the wall provide a glimmer of hope that someday the truth shall set us free.  Read the article and see what you think and leave it in the comments.

Brian Stelter About to be Jettisoned by CNN

Here’s a funny headline “Stelter ‘down to weeks if not days’ at CNN, causing internal turmoil at network, source claims.”  Stelter is an odious toad.  Seeing him unemployed is just another wonderful bonus from Dementia Joe’s destruction of the American economy.  Even mega-corporations can’t afford to pay someone this useless.  and it appears he’s also a boil on their flesh, “They continue: “Management is confident Stelter is the one sharing the internal pushback to fellow media reporters while simultaneously stirring discontent within the ranks“”  He’s agitating against his new bosses.

Now if they could find a way to unload Lemon they might get to a zero baseline from which to start a new operation.

Free Speech or Not

Watching the various talking heads screech and howl about Musk’s purchase of Twitter has been immensely amusing.  The lack of self-awareness (or the absolute lack of honesty, whichever it really is) has been breathtaking.  All of the things they are accusing Elon Musk of planning to do are all things they have been doing to conservative Twitter users for years.  Projection.

But all of this is happening at the same time that psychopaths in the administration, the Europeans and lying hypocrites like Obama are calling for even more restrictions on free speech.  Their smokescreen around misinformation and disinformation is a pretext for ending free speech.  They want to completely control the narrative around government actions like the COVID lockdowns and the BLM riots.

The timing of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter may be quite inconvenient for the Democrats.  I’m guessing they were depending on staging some shenanigans around the election to try and steal some seats.  If Twitter can’t be completely controlled it might interfere with their illicit operations.  And with Rumble now as an alternative to YouTube it seems possible that millions of people could be reached with information on all the dirt that is coming out on Hunter Biden, the election fraud investigations, the COVID disaster and all the bad news for the economy.

We’re living in interesting times.  The outrageous abuses that have occurred in the last two years, the lockdowns, the riots, voter fraud, the breakdown of law and order and now the stagflation crisis have shocked the usually complacent population into realizing just how radical the Left has become.  But at the same time the Left now owns all the power centers in the United States, and indeed the whole western world.  Because of this it may no longer be possible to fix our system.

We will have to watch from now to election day to see if the voter outrage will provide a powerful rejection of Democrat rule.  And then if it does occur, we have to watch what the Republicans can do with their new power over Congress to shape the actions of Biden’s policies.

Perhaps Twitter could play a role in helping people survive the rest of the Biden presidency.  If Musk can figure out a way to protect the Right from the crazies that run Twitter, then it really will be that public square he’s always talking about.  And without the crazies putting their thumbs on the scale, who knows, it might even be a place where little fish like me could get heard.

We’ll hear more about all of this soon enough.  Some early signs to watch for will be if Musk reinstates all the thousands of conservative accounts that were cancelled during the COVID pandemic and during the election fraud dust ups.  The next thing to watch after that is how much flak he gets from the government agencies trying to prevent free speech.  The Europeans are erecting barriers to free speech.  Twitter might have to build a wall isolating them from “disinformation.”  If he doesn’t then the European standards will destroy Twitter as a free speech site.

Warner Bros. Cancels CNN+. Chris Wallace Vying for Fredo’s Old Job

Sometimes the Universe proves it has a sense of humor.

Insufferable elitist and phony “straight journalist” Chris Wallace lost his gig at CNN+  when the rug was pulled out from under that fledgling crap journalism outlet by their new owner.  Imagine!  Warner Bros. Discover didn’t want to pay a billion dollars to run a streaming service that only a hundred thousand viewers signed up for.  By my math each viewer would have to bring in more than ten thousand dollars in revenue each year to make that break even.  Do you think there is anyone who would pay ten grand to watch Anderson Cooper give parenting advice or Don Lemon interviewing drag queens or Chris Wallace telling us how much smarter than us he is.

With any luck the cancelled “stars” will have to compete against each other to snag the few slots available on the incredibly shrinking network CNN.  Of course if they’d like to squeeze a little extra revenue out of the situation they could televise the competition.  I could imagine Cooper and Lemon squaring off in the ring with those weapons from the classic Star Trek episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion.”   Those two losers mincing around the stage attacking each other with giant can openers would be worth a few bucks I guess.

Well, things are looking up.

NY Times Projects

I was looking over some headlines and the following one by the NY Times caught my eye. “How Do We Deal With a Superpower Led by a War Criminal?”  And being the objective, logical thinker I am, I thought, “The New York times is turning on Biden?  How strange!”

Of course I joke, ha ha.  But really think back to the disastrous Afghan surrender debacle.  When a suicide bomber killed thirteen American military personnel Biden ordered a retaliatory drone strike that killed a car full of Afghan children.  I think the NY Times would have been happy to label a Republican Commander in Chief as a “war criminal” on the strength of such a stupid and irresponsible act.

It’s remarkable just how little objective truth any longer enters into “the news.”  It’s propaganda all the time.  And it’s not a one way street.  Both sides blast away with their spin 24/7.  And we’ve all adapted.  I don’t think I give credence to a single thing I read in the mainstream media unless it passes all of my smell tests.  And that goes double for right-wing sources.

Nowadays I tend to look for stories that give bad news for their own partisans.  Those are the only stories that I can depend on not being propaganda.  After all you don’t tell bad news that isn’t true about your own guys.  It doesn’t sell papers or garner clicks or whatever the business model is now.

So that brings me to the latest headlines.

Biden approval rating at lowest point in CBS News poll

Democrats face steep odds in bid to keep Senate

Is the US headed for a recession?

Biden Admits Being Bribe Taking Big Guy

Okay, I made that last one up myself.  But you get my point from the other ones.  The news is so bad for the Democrats and Biden that even they can’t lie their way out of this one.  Eventually as we get closer to November I expect to see the New York Times come out with a headline that covers the whole front page with the words,

Run for the Hills!!!

How sweet it is.

The Oscars Become a Commercial

I heard this morning that at the Oscars last night Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face for making a joke about Smith’s wife’s hair problems (apparently she’s going bald).  I watched the clip of the incident.  The two entertainers cuss a bit and seem upset.  You know I have a very hard time believing it wasn’t staged.   So little about the world nowadays isn’t fake that I have to assume everything about Hollywood is fake.

It’s not that I couldn’t imagine that a man would react with anger over his wife being the subject of public ridicule.  But Will Smith was probably the strong favorite to win the best actor’s award in a film that featured the theme of a strong man empowering his daughters.  This kind of an event at the awards ceremony sounds like just the kind of publicity stunt that Hollywood would come up with to generate box office for their property.

Who knows, maybe I’m wrong.  But at this point I think most of the country is in the same boat I’m in.  We’ve lost all belief in the tainted institutions like Hollywood and we’ve lost all interest in supporting their products and programs.

Sure, it’s possible Hollywood could make a movie I’d watch.  But it’s now on a case by case basis and I’ll have to have the evidence of someone I trust to tell me something is worth plunking down hard earned cash to see.  I have nothing in particular against the Williams sisters or their family or Will Smith.  But if it isn’t something that specifically aligns with the things I stand for then it’s just one more thing I don’t have the time or money to support.

When they make a movie that portrays Kyle Rittenhouse as the hero, I’ll go see that.  When they make a comedy that’s actually funny, I’ll go see that.  Until then I’ll stick to the classics.

Funniest Headline of Week – Chris Cuomo Accuses CNN of Smearing His Journalistic Integrity

How is it possible for CNN to smear Chris “Fredo” Cuomo’s journalistic integrity?  Think of the list of absurdities.  Cuomo is not a journalist.  Neither Cuomo nor CNN have any kind of integrity.  CNN never hired Fredo to commit journalism on their network.  It could never happen on that cable channel except by accident and in passing.

Fredo wants $125 million dollars from CNN for this “smear.”  I think the judge should just broker a deal where CNN gives custody of Don Lemon to Fredo and calls it a wash.

We live in the age of miracles and wonder.  And the wonder is how we can keep going with people this stupid in charge.

Tucker Carlson Provides an Excellent Discussion of Ukraine

I think this is the best summary from a mainstream source that I have seen so far.  Carlson touches upon many of the important aspects of how this war is going to make our lives worse in the weeks and months ahead.  Energy prices, food prices and increases in everything else because of the impact of the price of oil.  And fundamentally, the increased risk of starting a nuclear war.  Tucker Carlson is probably the only mainstream source that provides this point of view.  Everyone else including the rest of Fox News is carrying water for the UniParty and their desire to start a war with Russia.


A Nice Review of How CNN Went from a News Outlet to a Mental Hospital

Younger readers may not remember when CNN was a news outlet that covered news like wars and disasters and political events worldwide.  Sure, it was probably always biased toward the Left but that is the status quo among all journalists.

But this article traces the downfall to Jeff Zucker and his shift from covering the news to creating tabloid infotainment.  A fairly concise explanation.  I like how it ends:

“Moving forward, what’s next for CNN when the company falls under the Discovery Channel umbrella later this year? Let’s hear from its soon-to-be largest shareholder, John Malone of Liberty Media.

“I would like to see CNN evolve back to the kind of journalism that it started with, and actually have journalists, which would be unique and refreshing,” Malone said in an interview that recently aired on CNBC.

The collapse of CNN is now complete: Nine-out-of-ten viewers, gone. Its top-rated anchor, ​Chris Cuomo, gone. Its network president, gone. Its integrity in shambles.

​Oh, and new management coming in that is signaling big-time changes … changes that may bring CNN back to the proud network it once was before Jeff Zucker destroyed it.””

Don Lemon are you next?


Wanted: Local Political Contributors

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Another Lib Journalist Wakes Up

This time it’s a journalist at Canada’s CBC named Tara Henley who couldn’t stand the dishonesty any longer.  When leftists can’t take the cognitive dissonance you know we’re close to the tipping point.  Of course I also find myself thinking, “It’s too bad you couldn’t see that this was the logical outcome of the nonsense you believe in.  But it’s not like I think these are reliable allies anyway.  These are just canaries in the coal mine showing that the Left has poisoned their own environment beyond what even their own partisans are willing to ignore.  It’s just the slightly less insane rats abandoning ship.