Contractions in the Media World

I saw a couple of articles about companies off-loading media properties.  ABC is trying to sell Nate Silver’s 538 site.  And it’s rumored that Jeff Bezos needs to sell off the Washington Post as part of a deal to buy a football team.

These are smaller parts of a bigger story.  ABC is trying to shed costs because Disney is looking to sell ABC and ESPN and wants to make them look less like money-losing properties than they are.

And this same loss of profitability is a general situation.  CNN is tanking and its competitors; MSNBC and Fox are also suffering ratings slumps.  Even streaming giant Netflix is feeling the pinch.  And Amazon is seeing red ink in various entertainment departments.

And how is any of this surprising?  These media companies don’t provide valuable products either as journalism or entertainment.  They despise their customers and provide content that is poorly done and rarely helpful to its consumers.  Watching what passes for network news is painful and rarely rises to the level of professional journalism or even honest reporting of the facts.

And what Hollywood tries to pass off as entertainment is an outrage.  Except for a very small proportion of the cable shows everything is hopelessly derivative and completely lacking in interest.  The network television shows, the police procedurals and situation comedies have fallen below the level of high school theatrical productions.  The scripts are worse than hack work.  The actors are uninspired and amateurish.  The only thing that keeps the whole thing from completely imploding is the low expectations of the Millennial viewers and the desperation of the sponsors who need some outlet for their commercials.

Back in the 1960s they called television the “great wasteland.”  If those culture critics could have foreseen what passes for television to day they would have begged the forgiveness of the network executives who provided a product that was at least geared to people of average intelligence.  Their modern day successors have crafted a product that even marching morons would run screaming from.

And that’s why I buy DVDs.  If I find a good show I buy it and add it to the Noah’s Ark of entertainment that I maintain.  Re-watching a one or ten or eighty year old movie is infinitely preferable to suffering through some new piece of tripe that will insult my intelligence and my morals.  And that’s why I’m so grateful for conservative critics who can pass along news of that rarest of unicorns, something new that’s worth watching.

So let ABC and the rest of the alphabet soup go out of business.  Let Disney’s next fifty gay rom-com cartoons crash and burn on the runway.  There’s plenty of old entertainment to watch and there will be some good things made by someone, somehow.

The big problem is finding reliable news.  The truth is not something that corporate America allows.  For that you have to go to small venues and the rare big media exception like Tucker Carlson.

But you always have OCF (Orion’s cold Fire).  What could be better than that?

And We Keep Getting Richer but We Can’t Get Our Picture

A photog’s work is never done.  Today one of the many hats I had to wear was Camera Girl’s chauffer.  It seems her car had to go in the shop for a couple of grand worth of maintenance and repairs.  So, I followed her to the garage and drove her home.  Then at the end of the day, the reverse trip.  I mean, what does she think I am, an Uber driver?    And then there was this and that and the other thing and before you know it my whole day, twenty-four precious hours are gone, gone for good!  Well, c’est la guerre.

I was reading a “Rolling Stone” article about the Republican House planning a series of investigations and how unhinged they all were.  Mercy sakes, why would anyone investigate the federal government’s response to COVID?  I mean why would locking down the whole country and forcing experimental drugs into the whole population be grounds for inquiry.  Seems perfectly normal to me.

In addition, this unhappy “journalist caterwauled about investigations into the Disinformation Governance Board, Eric Swalwell’s Chinese Spy, the FBI chasing parents at School Board meetings, the government hiring 87,000 IRS agents and the fed’s collusion with Big Tech to censor conservatives.  I mean I just felt so bad for the feds.  How awful to accuse them of unconstitutional overreach.  Really it was just good old American overachievement.

I really feel this writer’s pain.  She knows how hard it was for the January 6th investigation to get anyone to listen to their hearings and realizes it was because of how boring they were.  Whereas with the Hunter Biden laptop filled to overflowing with videos of hookers and crack smoking it will be impossible to keep it from streaming everywhere.  It’s just too unjust for the evil Republicans to have all this good stuff to work with.  There should be some kind of equity, inclusion and diversity.  Maybe some of the footage can be doctored to include Republicans in the crack house scenes with Hunter.  Maybe for the sake of diversity some of the hookers can be switched out for adults instead of the actual underage sex workers.  And for equity’s sake maybe the “big guy” could be Donald Trump this time.  Isn’t reality so unfair?

You know, it’s funny.  Back in the 1960s and 70s people used to read the Rolling Stone to be entertained.  They’d read about Led Zeppelin, or Queen and find out whether the new album was coming out and whether it was any good.  I’m trying to imagine who reads it now and why.  The lefties reading it back then would have been horrified if the writers were defending some government program forcing people to be injected with drugs they didn’t want.  Or imagine trying to defend the FBI silencing free speech.

Well, the good news is that probably no one reads it at all anymore.  Think about it, I may be the only actual human to have read that drivel.  Millions of bots clicked on the link but I’m the only idiot who slogged through that crap.  Well, my takeaway is that the House Republicans are giving me my money’s worth.  Outraging Rolling Stone writers and embarrassing deep state fascists is the only worthwhile occupation for politicians.  I take that back.  They can also prevent Congress from appropriating any more money.  Now that is worthwhile.

Groovy man.

Who, Who Will Not Clap for Zalinskyyyyyy?

Stalinist Hall Monitor Michael Beschloss wants to know who will not wear the ribbon.


This guy is a walking, talking parody of the global oligarchic elite.  And his demand for applause accountability is such an echo of the Stalinist requirement for endless applause that it’s hilarious.  I think his next biography should be of North Korea’s Kim.  That should be about right up his alley.

CNN Just Keeps the Hits Coming – Jim Acosta On Deck

You know, I’m not sure if the new owners of CNN are serious about reentering real journalism or if they just need to replace the current occupants of their clown car because of the really bad smell coming from it.  But whatever the reason, they’ve provided me with some of the happiest news moments I’ve had since the 2016 election video montage.  Just think of it; Fredo, Harwood, Stelter, Toobin.  And now Jim Acosta?  What’s next?  Will they tell Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper they have to butch it up a little to keep their jobs?

Well, whatever it is all I can say is I hope it spreads to MSNBC and results in Morning Shmoe and his blushing bride Lycra Spandexy getting the boot from the Morning Shmoe show.  Well done CNN, well done.  And here’s hoping that Gentleman Jim Acosta lands on his feet and enjoys his new gig as a dog walker or pool boy somewhere in the greater DC metropolitan area.

Jim Acosta Next, But Not Last, To Be Let Go From CNN, Report

When Harry Met Harry

Today I heard the crushing news that “Bros” had crashed at the box office in its first week of release.  This first of its kind sexually explicit gay romantic comedy only took in $4.8 MM on its first weekend.  Shocker, right?  I mean who wouldn’t be lined up to see romantic misunderstandings and men buggering each other on the big screen.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll throw up.  And even if you’re a guy and rom-coms aren’t your thing why wouldn’t you let the little lady take you for a date movie to see love and monkey pox triumph.

I immediately blamed homophobia.  After all, the movie has a 91% critic’s score on Rotten Tomatoes and a Cinemascore from audiences of A.  What else could account for normal people skipping out on this entertainment treat?  All kidding aside, who did the makers of this film think would be going to see it?  Basically, gay men.  Normal men have exactly zero interest in this thing.  Normal women aren’t lining up to watch men sodomize each other.  Even lesbians have no desire to see what these guys do to each other.  I guess to be fair, although it’s not a huge audience, bisexual men might show up too.  But then that’s it.

The movie cost $22MM to make and then you’ve got to add in the advertising budget.  Let’s say tickets are ten bucks each then all it takes is four million gay men to go see it and it’s at least at break even.  Surely there are four million gays in America.  They seem to be everywhere you look.  So, if the movie is tanking then it follows as the night follows day that it must be because most gay men in America are homophobes.

I know it’s hard to believe but there’s no way around it.  Maybe something can be done on social media.  Some kind of non-fungible token (NFT) could be displayed by gay men to prove that they’ve gone to see Bros at least once.  And anyone not displaying the NFT on his twitter feed should be driven out of the LGBTQ community and forced to wear a MAGA hat in public.

These people make me laugh.  They expect to get people to go see this crap.  Sure, they force everybody to pretend to approve of this stuff at work and school.  But people go to the movies to be entertained.  They don’t want to be miserable there.  Only masochists and humorless scolds go to a movie to prove a point.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a good chunk of the “gay community” aren’t interested in this movie either.

So maybe this will be a teachable moment for the Left.  People can be bullied into paying lip service to things they dislike but that doesn’t mean they’ve been brainwashed into really believing the propaganda.  So, if sexually explicit gay romantic comedies are something they want available then by all means let them pay the hundred-dollar ticket price that would make that economically viable.    I’m guessing $75 for popcorn would be about right.  Free refills!

Another Lefty Media Company Bought by a Non-Woke Owner?

Apparently Politico has been purchased by the German publishing company Axel Springer   And its CEO, Mathias Döpfner says he wants to turn it into a real news company.  Back in 2020 Döpfner was quoted as saying to his colleagues, “Do we all want to get together for an hour in the morning on November 3 and pray that Donald Trump will again become President of the United States of America?”

Now this doesn’t prove that he isn’t a typical Lefty.  But it does sound hopeful.  If this is another case of the Left media being reined in we’ll soon have news of the most strident leftist reporters at Politico being bounced out.  And you know how much I love those stories.  Ah, the great goddess Schadenfreude, she is a terrible mistress.  But I am her ardent acolyte.

CNN Staffers Terrified, photog Busts a Gut Laughing

Man, I love this stuff.  Some of my favorite quotes:

CNN staffers said they fear a network-wide purge of top talent after Brian Stelter and White House correspondent John Hardwood were unceremoniously fired.

One CNN journalist told the Post: ‘People are freaked out. It almost feels like there’s a pattern. Is there a purge going on?

CNN staffers are ‘terrified’ after Brian Stelter and John Harwood were fired© Provided by Daily Mail.
Ah, how splendiferous.
And listen to how confused they are about what constitutes even-handed coverage:
CNN journalists, however, say the new boss has done little to elaborate on what his vision entails and what reporters should do to avoid coming off as partisan when reporting about major issues.

‘I think they’re hoping people will just guess what to do,’ one journalist told the Post.

And lastly look which names are on the top of the list of targets:

Viewers were speculating online that anchors could be next, with Don Lemon, a lightning rod for the right, being mentioned. Other popular anchors on the possible chopping block included Jim Acosta and Jake Tapper.

Karma can be a wonderful thing.

CNN Continues to Clean House, Bounces Harwood

And the beat goes on.  CNN fired their White House Correspondent John Harwood.  Immediately leftists in the press and the White House reacted with shrieks of outrage that another of their anointed has gotten kicked to the curb by CNN.

I’m starting to like this CNN CEO Chris Licht.  He’s firing all the people I despise the most at his company.  Maybe Don Lemon could be next?  Just a suggestion.

Well, between the three firings at CNN and the story that Chucky Todd is getting the boot off Meet the Press, I’m starting to think there is something good going on in the front offices of network news.  Maybe they’re tired of losing money.  Or maybe they know the wind is shifting.  Or maybe both.

Word is Chuck Todd is Being Bounced from Meet the Press

Now this is a nice little present.  Up-Chuck Todd, as a friend of mine calls him, has a voice and face that practically shout “smarmy weasel” to anyone watching him.  Now, I know they’ll just replace him with another weasel but seeing this lying sack of crap crash and burn is extremely gratifying.  Maybe having no viewers is finally causing them some pain.

Well, every little bit helps.  But between Jeffrey Toobin, Brian Stelter and Chucky boy I guess that could be considered a hat trick.  Not bad for a Tuesday.

Off With Their Heads!

The day started at 3am to accommodate an airport drop off.  Of course, I didn’t trust the alarm clock so I woke up at 1am and 2 am just to be sure.  Which explains this stream of semi-consciousness writing style you’re reading here.  The various schools are not in session this week so Camera Girl is working triple duty with grandkids all week (and double duty next week just for good measure).  So, we’re both zonked today.  Tomorrow will be better.

The summer must be over because I notice a definite uptick in site traffic.  It’s funny how that works.  I always enjoy seeing folks return.  It’s almost a proprietary interest, as if they’ve been slacking off, like some kind of digital prodigal sons.  I feel like I should go to and put in an e-order (great googly moogly, it’s a real website!).

Well, it’s still raining today, which is starting to get a bit annoying.  Sure, sure.  Drought bad, water good.  But that’s enough.  No one likes a show off.

I find I’m fed up looking at both sides of the Red Wave / Red Bust articles.  I really don’t care.  Either we trounce these dirtbags or we don’t.  Running around in circles with your hair on fire over it just makes you look stupid.  Especially since the pundits are trying to read the usual tea leaves that are about as authoritative as my late great aunt’s theories on how the Apollo moon missions were ruining her vegetable garden.

All I want to read about is what anyone who claims to be a leader on the right is doing to make our lives better.  That stunt that Governor Abbott is pulling by bussing illegal aliens to NYC and DC; that’s good stuff.  I want to hear more stuff like that.  DeSantis prosecuting election fraud perps; good stuff, keep it coming.  That’s all stuff that encourages the man on the street.  It’s tonic.  It makes us feel better.

And I loved the final broadcast of Brian Stelter.  His heroic stand against objective journalism was as pathetic, myopic and disingenuous as anything that has ever shown up on that Clown Car of a network CNN.  And now I’m hungry for more.  Don Lemon, Jim Acosta.  Hey how about Anderson Cooper?  It’s such a target rich environment.  Come on, Warner Bros. Discovery, give your audience what they want, blood.  Blue-green bug blood.  Bring out the guillotine and lop off a network anchor’s head every night.  Fish it out of the basket, show it to the crowd and then toss it to the soccer hooligans to kick around the street for the rest of the night.  I guarantee ratings will go through the roof.

And the same goes for MSNBC and even Fox.  They’ve all got plenty of phonies and sycophants.  Blithering idiots like Joe Scarborough, Juan Williams and Joy Reid are ripe for the razor.  And even if they are just metaphorical beheadings and all we get to see is these bozos making the walk of shame out of the corporate headquarters with the cardboard box full of coffee mugs and cheap Lucite awards it will still bring joy and plenty of clicks and streaming dollars to these former news networks.  No one is more hated than these pampered, brainless and thoroughly useless haircuts.

You know I feel better already.  There’s nothing like a good dose of schadenfreude to revive a sleep deprived conservative.  So, thank you CNN and thank you Brian Stelter for brightening up my day.  Keep up the good work.