Of Eye Motes and Gored Oxen

I make it a point to know by whom and in which an article is published.  Places like the New York Times and the Washington Post have had to resort to deceptive titling to fool normal people into clicking on their absurdly biased news and opinion content.  Ninety nine out of a hundred times I skip right past their offerings.  But today I saw an article entitled “Why Merrick Garland Can’t Win” (please do not click on this unless you’re willing to read leftist crap) written by Dahlia Lithwick in Slate.  Now if there was ever an article with three strikes against it this would be it.  But before I start my rant I just want to ask how does anyone get named Dahlia Lithwick who isn’t a character in some Victorian Romance novel?

I make it a point to know by whom and in which an article is published.  Places like the New York Times and the Washington Post have had to resort to deceptive titling to fool normal people into clicking on their absurdly biased news and opinion content.  Ninety nine out of a hundred times I skip right past their offerings.  But today I saw an article entitled “Why Merrick Garland Can’t Win” (please do not click on this unless you’re willing to read leftist crap) written by Dahlia Lithwick in Slate.  Now if there was ever an article with three strikes against it this would be it.  But before I start my rant, I just want to ask how does anyone get named Dahlia Lithwick who isn’t a character in some Victorian Romance novel?

So, before I decided to read this screed, I knew that nothing that Dahlia Lithwick could write or Slate would publish had any possible chance of me agreeing with it.  So, they were completely dependent on the title to fool me.  Based on the title it sounded like it was an essay proving that Merrick Garland won’t be able to distort his role as Attorney General to harm conservatives.  Well, I know from long experience that this is a ploy.  Instead, it will be a defense of Garland and all he does.  But I clicked on it.  Maybe I thought I needed to suffer for some terrible sins in my past.  But for whatever reason I decided to click on it.  And when I did, I found myself through the looking glass.

Dahlia Lithwick was moaning about how the evil deplorables were impugning the good name of Merrick Garland by pretending that he was the fascist instead of themselves!  Here’s a sample:

“Garland is currently attempting to restore confidence in an independent, professionalized, apolitical Department of Justice, but he is doing so in the face of claims by his opponents that the DOJ is the new KGB and that its jackbooted thugs are coming to arrest you in the dark of night for expressing peaceful opposition to a classroom curriculum. If you forge conspiracies where no conspiracies exist, at bare minimum you will have raised the questions. The questions backfill the truth. It doesn’t matter what the Garland DOJ is doing—trying to protect school officials who are threatened and stalked. The point is to say he’s creating an army of federal forces to enforce critical race theory in school. Try as he may, Merrick Garland cannot perform boring independence fast enough to outrun GOP claims that he’s a wild-eyed, violent socialist. And while the GOP currently exists only to cast everything you thought you believed into doubt, the real endgame is vigilantism. The endgame is to ensure that people mistrust government, election systems, school boards, the media, and the justice system enough to lend a hand in their destruction.”

Notice that the Department of Justice is just doing its boring job locking up innocent citizens that it wants to destroy for the FBI set-up on January 6th but it’s also doing its job when it allows BLM and antifa to run amok for a year in the streets of America’s cities.  And it’s equally doing its job when it threatens parents for opposing the brainwashing of their children.

But none of that is what is distressing Dahlia.  What bothers her is that we no longer believe this narrative.  Her side can pretend to believe every lie that the Deep State feeds to the media but we aren’t allowed to believe what our own damn lying eyes see in front of us.  She insists that we must believe in the honesty of the Deep State or the terrorists win.  She’s angry that after having the football pulled away a thousand times we’ve finally smartened up and don’t want to play the fool for her side again.  Poor Dahlia, so sad.

Outcompeting The Left

Millennials aren’t patriots.  And they aren’t individualists.  They’re mostly sort of like grade-school children.  In fact, grade-school children that went to a really artsy-fartsy grade school.  There’s no way we are going to turn them into revolutionaries, ready to storm the barricades in search of liberty.  They don’t want liberty.  They want a latte.

But millennials will someday soon be the majority of voters in this country.  So even if they don’t believe in what we believe in we can get them to follow us if we can outcompete the woke option.  “What the hell is photog talking about?” you’re probably saying to yourself.  Let me explain.

Currently Silicon Valley is almost entirely composed of woke companies that have been telling millennials for twenty years that they are not only smart but also good.  Google famously had a motto “Don’t be Evil.”  Facebook, Twitter and all the other social sites spend half of their time just banning anyone who won’t acknowledge the need to worship the cult of pronouns.  Undoubtedly that sort of mean girl social selection activity has a definite demographic cohort that will relish that environment.  We call them Karens.  And right now, they seem to be the dominant life-form on planet Earth.  But as powerful as they are, I think there is a very large chunk of the millennial population that would like something more interesting to look at and talk about than Karen’s latest battle against accidental misgendering.

So how hard could it be to come up with a site that’s more interesting than that.  Look at what Substack has recently done.  They provide a platform for (among other things) journalists who are too normal to survive in the woke media environment.  Guys as liberal as Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi were hurled into the outer darkness by the likes of Rolling Stone and The Intercept because they thought that journalism should be factual.  Not unbiased mind you, but just not completely fake.  Now they’re making more money than they did previously by committing actual journalism and providing a service to readers who are tired of being lied to.

Other social sites have slowly begun to appear to compete head-to-head with the likes of YouTube and Facebook.  Rumble, Gab and BitChute are tiny players but they provide a service that isn’t available from YouTube.  The market for their product is growing and will continue to do so.  And it is attracting people with deeper pockets like Peter Thiele.

These are the beginnings of competition.  They barely register on Big Tech’s radar.  But that will change.  Better product will draw customers.  And honestly the entertainment value of Facebook and Twitter is pretty low.  I can easily imagine someone monetizing the audience that exists for reality-based news and entertainment.  It will happen and when it does it will attract more than just a right-wing audience.  It will attract everyone except for the left-wing ideologues.  A good example of that is the recent news that Greg Gutfeld was now the “King of Late-Night Comedy.”  Greg Gutfeld isn’t a conservative.  But he’s a libertarian who doesn’t alienate the conservatives who enjoy his humor.  He is vague enough about his own personal beliefs that Trump fans and normies think of him as their guy.  And that’s good enough.  I’d like it better if there were an even more right-wing guy who came on after Gutfeld on Fox News.  Someone a little more edgy but it’s a beginning.  If Fox News were smart, they’d give the Babylon Bee guys their own show too.  Of course, they currently have a YouTube channel of their own but I wouldn’t be surprised if YouTube eventually shut them down.  They’re that funny I assume they’ll be considered a threat.

And that’s my point.  The Left has become “all fake all the time.”  In the long run that becomes quite boring.  It can be outcompeted in a marketplace of ideas.  So, all we need to do is create that marketplace and let reality do the rest.

The Fabulous Adventure of Dementia Joe and the Tree of Life

Well, you have to admire a guy that never quits.  If lies A through F don’t work there’s always G, H and I.  Coming up to the Jewish Holidays Joe spins another lie about going to the site of a tragedy that he can use for his narrative.  Problem is even his guys are tired of the out and out fabrications.  Joe claimed he visited the site of an anti-semitic mass murder in Pennsylvania.  But the people there told the truth and said he never showed up there at all.

We all need to stop worrying about truth.  Joe’s fake stories are much more entertaining.  In fact I want more fake.  How about the Adventures of Corn Pop and GI Joe Biden in Fallujah.  All it needs is the right comic book illustrator and it will sell millions.

Biden is the perfect representative for the Democrat party and in fact all of the Left.  He combines in equal measures self-delusion and intentional deception.  One slides seamlessly into the other.  And lately it’s on open display.  The Rout from Kabul is a brilliant military victory.  Sluggish economic growth is a dynamic recovery.  Broken promises on the end of the COVID lockdown is glossed over as “following the science.”

The only thing that’s new is that the media seems to be getting new marching orders.  Maybe they’re getting ready to move Joe out and move Lady Macbeth in.

Black Dreadlocked White Supremacist Goes on Shooting Spree in Austin

And they’re right.  It’s obvious this black dreadlocked individual is a rabid white supremacist trying to disrupt the perfection that is the Joe Burden administration.

But just in case it is a bona fide person of color the Austin Police have asked him to send in a report at some convenient time to clarify why he had to defend himself against the white supremacists who must have waylaid him in the streets of Austin.

It will be several weeks before the BLM representatives approve whatever story the police piece together.  In the meantime the Austin American-Statesman has begun the Juneteenth celebration early by renaming the paper the Austin African-American-Statesman.


Silly Season 2021 – Toobin Strikes Back!

Just when you thought it was safe to watch CNN again, he returns.

Jeffreywhy is everybody looking at me like that?Toobin has returned to provide legal insight to the viewers at CNN.  But the female viewers will always be a little nervous from now on.  And in any remote interview everyone will be thinking, “Is he wearing pants and where are his hands?”  And when he’s in studio will we ever see a woman (or anyone) shaking his hand ever again?

We live in the age of miracles and wonder and seeing Jeffrey “tube lubin” Toobin return from the wilderness proves that there is nothing so awful and pathetic that a true progressive won’t come back from it saying “What?  What?”  Even Bill Clinton must take off his hat or pants to Toobin.

I agree with the statement of one of the commenters on this bizarre resurrection, “This man must’ve had some dirt on somebody with power ’cause this is just beyond.”

But my favorite comment was ” At least @CNN is honest now about having no journalistic standards whatsoever. Such honesty must be freeing!”

Surely the LGBTQ movement must have a letter for Toobin.  Maybe W for wanker.  Obviously the normal people don’t want him but during sodomy pride month there must be a special place for someone like Jeffrey who may have pride but definitively has no shame.

My Favorite Honest Commie, Taibbi Compares the MSM Coverage of Bident to Soviet Era Pravda

Say what you will about his lefty beliefs Matt Taibbi paints a very clear picture of just how sycophantic the mainstream media’s portrayal of Dementia Joe is.  He especially mocks the earnest statement that Joe is just so dignified and serene that it’s impossible for a Saturday Night Live parody of him to be done.  He even includes the blooper reel of gaffe-master Biden hard at work.  And he identifies a primary reason for the uniformity of the “Dear Leader” schtick.  These “journalists” are terrified that anything less will result in the Politburo that calls the shots calling their bosses and demanding a pink slip be issued for disloyalty to the Party.

I’ve been plowing through the Gulag Archipelago and I know how painful it is to slog through the unending stories of judicial malfeasance and murderous partisan witch hunts.  And Taibbi accurately equates the obsequious headlines that greet every stuttering utterance of Dopey Joe with the same sort of groveling that the Soviet era newspapers Pravda and Izvestia churned out every day.  The fact that Pravda and Izvestia mean truth and news is not lost on Taibbi.  He understands the irony of the Orwellian nature of news under a dictatorship and he accurately equates the present one party state of American journalism with the Soviet organs of propaganda.

Good for you Matt, you old commie you.  It takes one to know one.

A Vulnerable Enemies List

Now that the Democrats have virtual control of all three branches of the United States federal government, many of the reform goals that we knew were necessary have become impossible for the foreseeable future.  The Justice Department isn’t going to rein in Google or Facebook or Twitter and force them to stop discriminating against conservatives.  In fact, as we’ve seen Silicon Valley is forming a cartel that will try to eliminate any internet entity that doesn’t keep in perfect lock step with every dictate of the Woke Culture.  And the other corporate entities are using the COVID and BLM disasters to harass and harangue their employees into submission.  So, for many people their existence is hemmed in by all the Leftist institutions and entities that they are forced to use without any possibility of avoidance.

But there are areas where we can effectively have a choice.  Sometimes it’s only the choice of refraining all together from participating in an event or industry.  But in many cases that is the reasonable or at least emotionally satisfying decision.

I’ll start with the easiest.  Sports.  I don’t know of a single sport that has resisted the BLM kneelers.  I used to watch baseball and football.  When football caved in to Kaepernick and company I completely ceased watching it.  I think it was last summer that baseball also caved to the kneelers.  And I have sworn that until the league publicly apologizes for defaming the National Anthem, I will never watch another minute of their sport in my home.  If a minor league team maintains a respectful attitude toward our heritage and honors the National Anthem then I’ll go to their games but I’m guessing that even these teams are polluted by BLMism.

So, there is the first place you can make a difference.  Don’t watch sports.  Don’t buy cable or satellite packages to follow these sports.  Don’t watch ESPN or any of the other sports stations at all either.  They are all woke as hell.  And for pity’s sake don’t watch the Super Bowl.  Don’t watch the game and don’t watch the commercials.  That’s just like paying the executioner.  Don’t do it.  Repurpose Super Bowl Sunday to something that is actually healthy like spending some time with your kids and grandkids doing something they like.  If the weather allows take them outside and have a baseball or football catch.

If all 150 million of us stopped watching their crap it would either disappear altogether or at the very least become a pale shadow of what it once was.  All those kneeling millionaires would be a lot poorer than they currently are.  And Disney will probably close ESPN down and turn it into a porn site to prop up their bottom line.

Next thing we have complete control of is what movies we go to.  I used to bring my grandkids to all the Marvel and Star Wars movies as soon as they came out.  Now I first read up on what the content and message of the movie is before even considering bringing them.  If there is even the slightest hint of wokism, if there is any celebration of female empowerment or multicultural celebration or any anti-white sentiment I stay home.  Let them find childless blue-haired scolds to pay for their movies.  I have better things to spend my precious dollars on.

And as far as internet news, I go way, way out of my way to do all I can to never click on a left-wing news site.  And they must be getting smarter because they hide their site name as well as they can and try to make the article’s title sound less leftist.  I always hover over the links and make sure that I’m not providing clicks to the Times or the Post or Politico.  Nowadays I even avoid Fox.  I make an exception for Tucker or a few others there but the news desk is now infiltrated with creepy leftists.  So, do yourself a favor and go to sources you trust.  Full disclosure, I get a lot of help from Whatfinger by the links to my posts they put up on their site.  But going to Whatfinger is how you can avoid helping the Left.  And there are other excellent sites out there too.  I’ll be putting together a Friday list of links to good articles I’ve found during the week.  At this point there is just no excuse for going to the Left for news or entertainment.

And how about those social media giants?  Well, we’re probably not going to kill off Google, Facebook or Twitter anytime soon.  But you can do your part.  I use DuckDuckGo for my search engine, Brave as my browser and I have a web page on Gab instead of Twitter.  My own website is what I use instead of Facebook and I hope someday something like Gab becomes strong enough to become a commercial replacement for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  Admittedly that is a long-term thing but that makes it even more important for people to step up and start making that future happen.

And finally, there are all the other things that we do.  The books we buy and the services we use.  I make it a point to pass along to any of my contacts whatever I can about people on our side of the fence who we can support.  I write book and movie reviews to highlight good things that can be substituted for the poison that the Left controls.  And if you know of an electrician or a mechanic that has a Trump bumper sticker or who you know is on our side then give him a plug to your friends.  Every little bit helps.

And that, right now, is about all we can do to hit back at our enemies.  We can hurt the sports leagues and entertainment companies and the movie studios that hate our guts.  And we can start helping to build the social media and news companies that we want to thrive and provide us with the platforms where we can talk and listen to the messages we’re looking for.  Right now, that’s all we can do.  So, let’s do it.

Fox News Attempts to Make Amends for Stabbing President Trump in the Back

This made me laugh:

“As ratings tank amid hostile coverage of former President Donald Trump, Fox News is purging its newsroom in an attempt to salvage the network’s fading brand. Political editor Chris Stirewalt, a NeverTrumper, and several digital editors were fired Tuesday.”


What’s the expression?  Too little, too late.  In fact way too late.  Even if they threw Chris Wallace, Martha MacCallum, Bret Baier and Sandra Smith into a volcano I don’t think they’ll get back the right wing audience they had.  Their last chance was election night.  Now I wouldn’t watch their trash if they had the news read by their bimbos naked.  Sorry Tucker, you really should find a better home.

12NOV2020 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Foxed Up Beyond All Recognition


So here is a quick summary of how the tv news got where it is.  After concluding with Fox News stabbing its conservative in the back on election night the writer concludes that NewsMax and OANN will now be able to make a lot of money catering to the former viewers of Fox News.  Very true.  If Fox wants to lose their viewership then someone else will benefit.  Let’s hope that Tucker and a few others migrate to a new home that does appreciate our patronage.  We can use a reliable source of news.

When the Mainstream Media Descends into Self-Parody

I just skimmed through a magazine article called (so help me this is true):

“How Joe Biden Is Positioning Himself as a Modern FDR”

It was published in what is left on-line of Time magazine and written by Charlotte Alter who apparently has either learned at the foot of her father Jonathan Alter  how to lie outrageously or is a congenital idiot.

Reading what Alter says about the similarities between Roosevelt and Creepy Uncle Joe is like some kind of fun house mirror that could turn a flawed but patriotic persona like FDR into the semblance of a congenital liar and moral leper like the grifting, influence peddling, hair-sniffing, shoulder-fondling, gollum-like sex predator that fathered something as degraded as Hunter Biden.

Now I know that the mainstream media is shameless and will say anything to aid the Democrats but what kind of morons do they think the American people are?  FDR was a master communicator that was elected four times to the presidency during the Great Depression and World War II.  Joe Biden can barely string a noun and verb together in a sentence and when he manages to do that the noun is invariably a mistake for some other subject.  Is he running against George Bush or Donald Trump?  Is he running for the Senate or the presidency?  Is it 1988 or 2020?

FDR was a power politician who was known to manipulate those around him to achieve his goals.  But Joe Biden is a just an out and out crook who has sold the influence that his offices as Senator and Vice President have allowed him.  And the culmination of that career of betraying his public office is on display on the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Hunter was Joe’s self-identified bagman for thirty years.  He collected the bribes and laundered them through ridiculously overpaid, no-show jobs for which he was absurdly unqualified.  He was paid $80,000 a month by Burisma, a Ukrainian oil company, when he had no knowledge about the petroleum industry and no knowledge about the Ukraine.  And just to make sure no one mistook him for an actual employee he never showed up in the Ukraine.

Just to be clear, I am not a big fan of FDR.  His handling of the Great Depression was disastrous.  His socialist policies in the long run have not been helpful to the financial health of the United States.  And his character was quite flawed.  But to compare FDR to Joe Biden is like comparing Augustus Caesar to Caligula.  We can agree that both men were Romans and there the comparison ends.  We can agree that FDR and Joe Biden were both born in the United States and that’s about it.

Instead of advocating to have Biden elevated to the White House we should be endeavoring to have him locked up in a prison or at best consigned to a mental institution where he can’t harm himself or anyone else.

I didn’t include a hyperlink to the article because I didn’t want to provide them with any clicks for this crap.  If you really have a strong stomach or enjoy absurdist humor just do an internet search with the title.  But you’d be more amused by stopping by the Babylon Bee.  It truly is amazing what the human mind can make up if rent money is provided as an incentive.  At least if you happen to be a shameless progressive.