Doubts Building Up About the Existence of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Duh!

Even girls are starting to doubt the existence of forms of matter and energy for which there is no direct observable reality.  The good old expansion of the universe has ceased to be this reliable reason for making up phantom particles that can’t be detected, measured or explained.  Maybe now the physics nerds can try to sharpen their pencils and do the hard observational work that will be needed to obtain accurate data needed to make the next valid discoveries needed to expand our understanding of the cosmos.


How Could I Not Read an Article Called, “Germany’s Energy Fiasco?”

The author is a German professor named Hans-Werner Sinn.  His bio says he is a German economist who served as President of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research from 1999 to 2016. He currently serves on the German Economy Ministry’s advisory council.  He is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Public Finance at the University of Munich.

What’s refreshing is he writes using facts when he discusses the realities of energy production.  Germany has almost completed its program of shutting down both its coal powered and nuclear-powered electrical generation facilities.  But since wind and solar account for 6.7% of the total energy requirements for the country it uses gas to heat most of its homes and businesses.

And even though 29% of electrical generation comes from wind and solar, whenever these resources fail (which is often) the full load of the electrical grid is powered by gas powered plants.  Therefore, Germany has built a large number of gas-powered plants to supposedly allow the transition to 100% renewables.  So currently, Germany is hopelessly dependent on Russian gas for heat and power.  And even if the whole German land mass was covered in solar cells and the sky was filled with wind turbines they would still need a large amount of gas to heat their homes and run their industry.

Germany’s posturing about boycotting Russian gas is just that.  Posturing.  If Russia were to cut off gas from Germany the country would grind to a halt in less than a week.  And several other European nations are in a similar situation.  This makes Biden’s threats especially hollow.

Reading Sinn’s essay, I am struck that the Greens in Germany have slit their own throats.  Germany had 17 nuclear power plants and an abundance of coal in the ground.  They threw these things away to pay the Russians for gas that produces more of the “dreaded” green house gases than they used to produce.

Good.  Let them stew on their current situation and possibly discover wisdom.

Personally, I hope the Russians do shut off gas to the West for a few weeks.  I think it’s valuable for people to get what they say they want.  It has a clarifying effect.  Sometimes it’s even educational, depending on the intellect of the recipient.

Here’s the Stupidest Guilt Trip for Americans Ever

As a child of the 1960’s Space Program I’ve always been very excited by the JPL robotic missions to Mars, Jupiter and beyond.  Seeing closeup views of Jupiter and its moons or Saturn was mind-boggling for a science fiction junkie of my generation.  Now the Mars Rover missions always seemed a little disappointing because the landscape just looked like Nevada without the gambling.  But I had no idea at the time that I was witnessing a crime against the Cosmos.

You see we were guilty of planetary cross-contamination in the first degree!  I didn’t know we were guilty until I read this ridiculous article.  But now I’m hoping that somehow, we’ve already wiped out all the extraterrestrial lifeforms in the solar system solely because I know it would devastate Sofia Quaglia, the authoress of this drivel and all the space ecology weenies that she consulted on this fake crisis.

Now, understand.  I highly doubt that any organisms that can’t trace their ancestry to Earth will be found elsewhere in the Solar System.  But if I have to worry about them succumbing to the COVID virus then my take is they deserve extinction.  These geniuses want to somehow ensure that the probes we send up are somehow 100.0000% sterilized of all biological organisms.  This would probably end the space program.  And if it didn’t, it would require enormous expense to add all these requirements to the missions.

But what makes it especially stupid is that Earth organisms have most probably found their way to other parts of the Solar System without our help.  Not that any of them probably were able to thrive on Mars or the moons of Jupiter.  But if they did are we supposed to be worried about it?  And if these terrestrial descendants somehow outcompeted the native Martian or Jovian flora and fauna should this upset me for some reason?  Well, if it’s supposed to then I have a bulletin; it’s not working.  I don’t care.  If these extra-terrestrials are such lame losers that they can’t survive e. coli, then they deserve to go extinct.  Let them get on the ball and discover penicillin like we did.  And anyway, seeing them all wiped out is the surest defense against them catching up with us on the evolutionary ladder and pushing us off.  As the Legionnaires in Galaxy’s Edge put it KTF, kill them first.

Honestly, don’t these snowflakes have anything more important to do than fret about space paramecia being outcompeted by their terrestrial cousins?  Lord help us.

Modern Astrophysicists Are Hacks

I’m sure most people are familiar with the CBS network comedy The Big Bang Theory.  In it a group of young physicists (and a spacecraft engineer) who are friends display their sexual and social dysfunction around a pretty blonde girl.  As amusing as that was (for a short time) the real takeaway should have been that what passes for astrophysicists today should disqualify this discipline from inclusion in the modern academy.

Now you may think I’m being ridiculous.  But I’m not.  Currently the astrophysical community believes in things called dark matter and dark energy because it’s the only way to explain why their models of the universe don’t correspond to their observations.  To me this means that they are hacks who would rather pretend that making up whole pantheons of fictitious and undetectable matter and energy particles without a shred of evidence is preferable to junking unproven assumptions like the Cosmological Principle.

This German lady physicist goes over the recent measurements that basically invalidate the Cosmological Principle.  And this basically invalidates the conclusions of the 2011 Nobel Prizes in Physics that went to the astrophysicists that supposedly demonstrated that the accelerating expansion of the caused by dark energy.  So I hope the Nobel committee is going to demand back their million dollars or whatever it is today.

Honestly, these people are an embarrassment to science.  I guess considering what passes for science today i shouldn’t be surprised.  Global warming pseudoscience gets a pass from governments and universities.  Why shouldn’t astrophysics be mumbo jumbo with string theory, dark matter and dark energy taking the place of actual thought.  If Einstein or Planck were alive today they’d slap the collective face of these mental midgets.  I guess it just confirms the general decline of our civilization.  Okay rant over.






Tweaking the Narrative – How Asians Have Become White Supremacists

The University of Maryland has figured a way to deal with the refusal of Asian American kids to suffer from systemic racism.  They’ve thrown Asians out of the People of Color (POC) club.  It’s been a real embarrassment to race hustlers that Chinese and Indian kids haven’t been held down by the supposed shackles of a white racist education system here and instead have excelled.  So their success has interfered with the affirmative action blueprint that the Left used to divvy up spots in top colleges.  So the University of Maryland has fixed the problem by kicking the Asian kids out of POC and forcing them into the White category where they can be discriminated against and demonized for all it’s worth.

Now that’s progress!  So if you take all the kids whose ancestors were from Europe (the white kids) and lump them together with the Asian kids does that make them the Eurasians?  And then does that mean Eurasian Supremacy is the new devil we all have to fight against?  And what about Madagascar?  It’s close to Africa but it’s in the Indian Ocean does that make them suspect of being hidden Eurasians.  It’s confusing.

Energy Equates to Wealth

Something that Environmentalists don’t want to admit is that fossil fuel has produced the modern world.  Without coal, oil and gas as fuels (and much, much else) we would still be living like the peasants in medieval Europe did in the 1300’s.  Coal was the fuel that made steam power possible which produced locomotives and steam ships.  Oil became the default fuel for electrical generation, automobiles, modern trains and also the basis for the myriad petrochemical products that make possible everything from pharmaceuticals and clothing to building materials and every other thing that’s made of what we call polymers.  Natural gas is the fuel for most of the modern electrical generation installations built in the United States over the last forty years or more.  And it heats a large percentage of homes and businesses.   Without these fuels we would literally be poor, cold, hungry and sitting in the dark.

And the Left knows that.  Now Jeff Bezos and the rest of the plutocrats are fine with this.  They know that they would still be able to reap the benefits of energy even if they denied it to the rest of us.  Bezos could have his own private solar collecting system and wind turbines with battery back-ups that could allow him to enjoy all of the modern comforts that would be denied to us.  His jet and helicopter and cars would mysteriously be able to use fuel while we would only be able to purchase a battery car that could only go a short distance and would be hard pressed to recharge by the next morning when we had to commute back to work.  Impoverishing and disenfranchising us is actually the goal of this whole exercise.  A new feudalism would replace a free country and the aristocracy and their minions would lord it over the rest of us deplorables.

Of course, we may not be happy about letting them do this.  Right now, $3.50/gallon gas and the inflation that causes in our economy is making Dementia Joe awfully unpopular.  When it reaches $5.00/gallon he may get tarred and feathered.  And that would be a wonderful thing.  Impoverishing the American people should be considered treason.  So hopefully the environmental insanity being pushed should create a strong reaction to the progressive agenda.  That would be a good outcome.

But there is something that needs to be faced.  There is a finite amount of hydrocarbon fuels in the Earth.  I’m not saying we’re close to the end.  I’m only saying there is an end.  And now is the time to be doing the basic research to find the next energy source for the modern world.  Maybe it’ll be nuclear fission plants, safer versions of the ones currently in place, maybe it’ll be better applications of solar power, perhaps solar collectors outside the atmosphere beaming microwave energy down to collection stations on earth.  Maybe it’ll be geothermal hot spots.

An inexhaustible energy supply solves one of our problems.  With it we can produce electricity to run our factories and if it is truly inexhaustible, we can even heat our homes with it.  But whatever it turns out to be we will still need a fuel for our cars and planes.

Airplanes will never be able to run on batteries.  The power density is too low.  And as we’ve seen battery powered cars are very limited in their range.  Unless there are large gains to be made in battery technology which is unlikely, the best solution is a synthetic fuel.

Maybe it will be hydrogen.  Hydrogen is highly energetic and when it is burned with oxygen its  combustion product is water.  It doesn’t get cleaner than that.  But hydrogen is a small molecule gas and it leaks easily and it blows up mightily.  So extremely fail-safe equipment will be a necessity if it becomes the fuel, we run our automobiles and planes on.  But hydrogen is not the only option.  With unlimited electrical energy engineers could very easily produce synthetic methane (natural gas).  Or with a little more work they could make longer hydrocarbons.  Octane is the optimal component of gasoline.  That could be the main product we produce as our global fuel.  Of course, we would be using water and carbon dioxide as our starting materials so at that point we would have a carbon neutral effect on the environment which unfortunately would make the environmentalists happy.  I wouldn’t feel so good about that but I guess it will have to be.

So, the exhaustion of supplies of natural hydrocarbon fuels is something we should be anticipating.  But instead of giving up the modern lifestyle we’ve gained from these energy treasures we need to use our ingenuity to invent replacements that enhance our ability to control our environment and improve our way of life.  And that’s my version of following the science.

24AUG2021 – What to Write About Today?

Writing a blog means creating content.  But you can’t make something out of nothing.  Let’s look at current events.

Probably enough has been said about Afghanistan.  At this point the damage is done to Dementia Joe’s credibility not only as a US President but even as a cognitively competent human being.  The fallout from the train wreck that is Kabul has yet to sort itself out.  Once that happens, we’ll know if the damage to this administration is serious or fatal.

The COVID nightmare isn’t going to be allowed to end anytime soon.  The people running the blue states are trapped in their own faulty reasoning and it will take reality a while before even their sheep-like constituents are ready to stop pretending the plague is out there.  The Delta Variant August spike in Florida has already petered out.  Yesterday there was one COVID death there.  Once the people in the lockdown states see the folks in the open states living their lives normally, they’re probably going to start wondering why they aren’t allowed to do the same.  But as I said, that will take a while.  So, let’s let that sit for now.

Gavin Newsom’s recall vote happens in mid-September.  Until then it will be the same old, same old, “it’s too close to call” blah, blah, blah.  So I’m status quo on that.

Let’s not even bother talking about the infrastructure and reconciliation bills.  They will tease us for some more months about Senators Sinema and Manchin resisting the leadership because they want to do “the right thing” for their constituencies.  I would say that the chance that a raft of anti-constitutional measures like mandated voter fraud and illegal alien amnesty isn’t part of the reconciliation bill is one chance in a million.  So, I won’t waste any breath on that.

What is interesting to me is that Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott still look like they are willing to resist the COVID vaccine mandates and other coercive behavior that the feds are pushing.  The mid-terms and their own re-elections are coming up and then the 2024 presidential election is surely front and center in their minds.  Possibly we might see some moves by either or both of these men to raise their national profiles and even get something substantive done to resist the Biden administration’s efforts to suppress freedom everywhere in this country.  But right now, there’s not much new to talk about them either.

As far as the eye can see, current events are a boring mess.  So, what to talk about?

How about something fun?

Here’s an article describing only two of the many problems with Joe Biden’s immense fleet of electric cars.  Not only would the load on neighborhood power transformers require a trillion-dollar upgrade to the power grid but the available stockpile of nickel and rare earth metals doesn’t come anywhere near the total needed to produce that number of auto-batteries.  And since electric grids at night when cars charge don’t get any solar energy the power being used to charge car batteries would be fossil fuel generated.   But because the efficiency of transmitted electricity is something around 60% the electric cars produce more CO2 per mile than gasoline powered cars.  Isn’t that special?

Science Has Nothing to Do With the COVID Cult

When a Harvard Medical School professor tried to alert the general public that locking down schools but leaving nursing homes open to COVID patients was completely backward he was silenced.  In this article he described what he knew and how he was stopped from telling it.

What seems to be happening is the establishment is grudgingly retreating from the lockdown mentality as places like Florida and Texas demonstrate that it makes no sense.  But they have dug in their heels about schools because the teachers own the Democrats and there are plenty of old teachers who probably should retire because they really are at risk from COVID.

I hope the schools that are open are able to prove the foolishness of locking down the schools for another year.  These young children don’t deserve to be tortured for the sake of saving a few old bats who should retire if they’re afraid.

Here’s an Honest Scientist Who is Talking sense About COVID

David Livermore is a professor of medical microbiology at the University of East Anglia and in this essay he tries to use scientific logic to address the current COVID reality.

Here I paraphrase his arguments:

  1. Coronaviruses cannot be vaccinated against permanently.
  2. Because the vaccinated can catch COVID pretty soon the number of infected vaccinated patients will far exceed infected unvaccinated patients so pretending that the unvaccinated are some kind of problem is just stupid.
  3. COVID is never going away so pretending we’ll eliminate it is stupid.
  4. Locking down the population and masking up every time a new variant emerges is stupid.
  5. We’ll end up with COVID being the fifth common corona virus that gives us a cold every year or so.  And like the flu old people will sometimes die of it.

Seems like an honest scientist.  I’m sure he’ll be jailed for speaking the truth.

Scientists Say 10%-14% of All Giant Sequoias Killed in 2020 Wild Fires

These forest management types say the wild fires that have been ravaging California are a dire threat to the survival of the only Giant Sequoias on the planet.  Well, maybe like everything else California does, their land management sucks too.

My own population of Giant Sequoias has increased 300% in the last few years and we haven’t lost a single tree to wildfires for as long as I’ve been around.

Perhaps they might want to plant a few in the rainforests of the Washington and Oregon.  And while they’re at it they might think about a program to establish them as widely around the world as possible.  Because the way California is going it will be a desert where even scorpions and cactus won’t be able to endure.  Is there anything Marxists can’t destroy?  Apparently not.