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“In 2020, five psychologists asked the editors of PNAS to retract their study of racial bias in police shootings. PNAS, which stands for the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science, is one of the most prestigious multidisciplinary journals in the world. Retraction is an outcome no scholar wishes to experience because it signifies a serious research error and, as such, entails considerable reputational damage.”

Was it because of they made up data or because their calculations were wrong.  Nope.

“Some observers have suggested that the retraction was politically motivated. The study, which showed no evidence of racial bias in police shootings, had been used in political debates in ways that challenged calls for radical police reform; calls that had grown louder in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. Heather Mac Donald, a research fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute, claimed the article was retracted because she had cited it in a congressional hearing and in essays published in the Wall Street Journal and other right-leaning media outlets. Others denied this claim. Most importantly, Dr. Joseph Cesario, the senior author of the retracted article wrote, in response to Ms. Mac Donald, “We retracted the paper because we overstepped with the inferences we made from our data.” In other words, he maintained the reason was not political but motivated by purely scientific considerations.”

The narrative must be maintained at all costs, even if it means loss of credibility of some of the hive workers.

The truth?  What is truth?  Is your truth my truth?


H/T to Mike Simonelli Documenting Another Case of Justified Deadly Force

Justified Deadly Force

Mike’s beat is documenting the absurd charges hurled at police whenever they are compelled to use deadly force in the line of duty.  In this case a young man, under the influence of what will probably turn out to be some psychotropic drug, smashed through a window onto the street, half dressed in the New England winter, brandishing a machete.

He was followed by the police for five blocks who begged him to drop his weapon.  When he turned on the police they first attempted to stop him with a non-lethal “sponge round” but when he charged one of the officers he shot the armed man several times with his service weapon, killing him.

So that seems pretty straightforward.  But the assailant was Bangladeshi and the incident took place in Cambridge Massachusetts, the home of Harvard University and most of the craziest people in New England.  I’ll quote from Mike’s article:

“Activist and Cambridge City Councillor Quinton Y. Zondervan tweeted, “We must reject the racist system of policing that is failing our young people,” likening the shooting to “the kind of racist, senseless killing that we read about in places like Ferguson.”

Such allegations have contributed to protests, calls for change, and local student newspaper The Harvard Crimson to write, “the shooting of Faisal, a Bangladeshi American, has spiked concerns of racism, Islamophobia, and police brutality throughout Cambridge.””

After discussing the inaccuracy of these characterizations of the police action and the actual record of the Cambridge Police Department over the last quarter century, Mike concludes as follows:

“When elected officials irresponsibly portray police as racist murderers, there are serious consequences. Besides these violent attacks upon the police, the lies have led to drastic changes in the criminal-justice system resulting in increased victimization of our citizens.

If Americans want serious leaders who support the rule of law and don’t act stupidly, they need to start voting smartly.”

In that last sentence Mike is parodying what Barack Obama said back in 2009 when he criticized the Cambridge Police Department as “acting stupidly” for arresting a black Harvard professor who was a buddy of his when he broke the law.  And of course all of this break down of law and order began when Obama’s Justice Department started using lawfare to attack the police departments of America’s cities and towns.

So aother day, another slander against police officers protecting the public from madmen running wild.

Justified Deadly Force

Obama’s War Against the Cops Becomes More Deadly

My good friend Mike Simonelli has an interesting article in today’s New York Post about the epidemic of murdered cops across the country.  He explains how many of them could have been avoided.

One of the biggest problems is the sheer number of the mentally ill on the streets.  The other major problem are the Soros funded District Attorneys that refuse to enforce repeat offender statutes that would take career criminals off the streets for long stretches .Here’s one example:

“That includes one who on Dec. 29 ambushed Riverside County, Calif., Deputy Sheriff Isaiah Cordero, fatally shooting him during a traffic stop. The killer had a long history of violence dating back to the 1990s that included kidnapping, robbery and assaults with deadly weapons. Having received his third strike in 2021, Deputy Cordero’s killer should have been locked up and serving 25 years to life.

“We would not be here today if the judge had done her job,” fumed County Sheriff Chad Bianco. Months earlier, Officer Santana’s mother voiced a similar refrain: “I blame the death of my son and his partner on [Los Angeles District Attorney George] Gascón”; they were “murdered by a criminal [who] should have been in jail.”

Mike’s a cop and he understands the specific risks that the present situation has created for police.  But at this point anyone living in the large cities with Democrat governments is taking his life into his own hands living there.  After all, if these lunatics will shoot it out with the police what chance does an ordinary citizen stand?  Getting out is the only way to reduce the risk of violent assault to a reasonable level.


I was pleased to see former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton link this article on his twitter feed.  I can only imagine what someone like him who knows how things should be done feels about the NYC Criminal Justice travesty we have now..

Mike Simonelli Appears on Fox News to Condemn Manhattan DA

If you remember last month I linked to my friend Mike Simonelli’s book, Justified Deadly Force.

Last week he was invited onto Fox News to comment on the new Manhattan DA’s policy of refusing to prosecute anything short of murder.  My favorite bit is his answer to the DA’s question on how do we define a criminal.

Justified Deadly Force and the Myth of Systemic Racism, by Mike Simonelli – A Book Review

I have known Mike Simonelli, the author of this book, for over forty years and he has always been an honest, talented and patriotic American.  After separating from the Air Force, he transferred into the US Army Reserves to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, retiring with the rank of lieutenant colonel.  Currently as a law enforcement officer he has been dealing with the reality of trying to keep the peace in an America where everything is upside down.  The media paints the police as racist monsters intent on harming and even killing innocent black citizens.  And at the same time the media works to paint black criminals as innocent bystanders who just happen to be “in the wrong place at the wrong time” in an attempt to mask the fact that criminality is the cause of a great majority of their frequent encounters with the police.

Officer Simonelli told me that he wrote this book for two reasons.  The first is to provide a balance against the books that have appeared over the last decade that paint the false picture of the police in America as a fatally flawed product of racist objectives and behaviors.  The second reason was to provide a resource for people who need to address these false portrayals of law enforcement in America.  These may be private citizens arguing with friends and neighbors about something they heard on the news.  Or it might be an elected official who needs to dig up verifiable facts about the use of deadly force against blacks by the police.  It could even be a town police chief trying to counteract a passionate but misinformed resident at a town council meeting.  But for whatever specific need this book will serve to provide ready facts and references for the rebuttal of the endless accusations of systemic police racism as it applies to the use of deadly force against black Americans.

The majority of the book is divided into three main headings:

Part 1. Deadly Police Shootings: Racial Bias by the Press, Protestors and Politicians

This section is broken down into sub-sections on; Research Study Introduction, Literature Review Methodology and Results.

Part 2. Justified Deadly Force of Unarmed Subjects, 2019 to 2020

This section is broken down into sub-sections on; Incidents in 20219, Incidents in 2020 and Analysis.

Part 3. Felonious Line of Duty Murders of Law Enforcement Officers 2019 to 2020

This section is broken down into sub-sections on; Incidents in 20219, Incidents in 2020 and Analysis.


The sub-sections listed as incidents in 2019 and 2020 in both Part 2 and Part 3 are case histories for all the events under those categories that occurred in the United States.  Each death of an unarmed subject and each murdered policeman is given its own case study.  This is an enormous amount of research to back up the assertions and conclusions that Officer Simonelli makes in his book.

Obviously, I find myself in complete agreement with the conclusions of this study.  But it is extremely gratifying to have facts and figures at my disposal when debating the rabid Left or even the misinformed or uninformed among the general public.

One of the amazing facts that is highlighted in the book is that an almost complete analog to the George Floyd death occurred only this time with a white subject, a man named Tony Timpa in Texas who died under almost exactly the same circumstances and yet because he was white there was no outrage, no riots and arson, no vilification of the police and no beatification of the deceased.

Reading the case studies, especially the accounts of the murdered police officers, makes it painfully clear just what an impossible job it is to, at the same time, protect the public, minimize the risk to oneself and still avoid being accused of using unjustified or excessive force against a suspect.  And now in the current environment where immunity from civil lawsuits for police officers has been removed, I’m shocked that even larger numbers of police have not retired or resigned from the blue state and blue city jurisdictions.

As a friend, I hope a million people head over to Amazon and buy Mike Simonelli’s book.  But more importantly I hope everyone sends a link to this post to friends who they think might be interested in or helped by the facts that are documented in this book.  It really is a unique resource.


Justified Deadly Force and the Myth of Systemic Racism, by Mike Simonelli


29NOV2021 – OCF Update – Special Book Review

Just received a copy of a book recently written by a very good friend of mine.  Justified Deadly Force and the Myth of Systemic Racism


He’s a veteran law enforcement officer and he’s put together a text book to go over the reality of the use of deadly force by police over the course of the last number of years.  I’ve just started it and will probably have several review posts about it.  The author wrote it primarily to be a text for Criminal Justice courses about the subject of deadly force.

Full disclosure, I do not receive any commission from the link.