Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Applied to Police Hiring Spells Disaster

H/T to Mike Simonelli

The five black officers involved in the Tyre Nichols death were affirmative action hires who bypassed a rigorous selection process that the police force normally used.  Turns out being picky about who is hired as a policeman is pretty important.  Who knew?



Choosing Sides

As I was reading one of the endless posts decrying the crime wave that has a ignited across America I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend about this.  I was saying that the cities that still had enough sane people would have to reauthorize the police to restore order and then restore the police tactics and policies that were shown to work back two decades ago in places like New York, things like broken windows enforcement.

This friend is a rabid opponent of the police.  He is a libertarian that would like to see open carry as the solution to violence.  When asked whether he would be glad to see a policeman instead of a gangbanger if he found himself at night in a really bad neighborhood he replied he’d much prefer that his gun was there to protect him.

Putting aside the small proportion of the population that would prefer to shoot it out with the bad guys personally, I thought about where all this anarchy is leading.  And what I concluded was that we’re all going to have to choose sides.  For a large but not majority section of the population the police are a gang that harasses their people.  The largest part of this section are urban blacks.  They have been the recipients of stop and frisk and other urban anti-crime tactics.  So logically they are the most opposed to the activities of this “gang.”  Other components of the Left are the other opponents of the police.  Some of these components like the whites and the Asians do not themselves suffer from these policies and tactics.  In all honesty they are the beneficiaries of these programs.  But in solidarity with their fellow partisans and in the spirit of doing what they believe is “the right thing” they take the side of the urban blacks and decry the “injustice” of these police intrusions on the activities of young black men.

But now things are changing.  The activities of the other gangs, the ones that up until now have mostly only impacted the residents of the destitute black neighborhoods, are being felt everywhere.  Smash and grab theft is happening exclusively in affluent white areas of the cities and carjackings and drive by shootings and just plain assaults and murders are spreading to every neighborhood of these unpoliced cities.  Now that makes the calculus of these leftists more complicated.  How much pain, fear and uncertainty must be accepted in order to show support for their black brothers?  And even for black residents of the inner city, which gang do they fear more?  Sure, the cops are white outsider oppressors of the neighborhood ecosystem but what about the local gangs that now shoot up the neighborhood more or less with impunity.  Is it worse if your eighteen-year-old brother gets frisked by the cops on Friday night but then goes on his way or that he gets gunned down by some neighborhood kid who is auditioning for the local amateur version of the Bloods and Crips?  And forget about adults what about your three-year-old daughter who is sleeping in her crib and suddenly is struck by a stray bullet when rival gangs fill the air with lead on your street?

Back in the 1990’s New York City chose the police as the gang to back in the war that was playing out on the streets of New York.  But that was a very different New York City.  I think it will take a long time for the minority majority population of New York City to figure all this out.  But that is what has to happen to set things right.  In this “democracy” we supposedly inhabit the people have to wake up from their social justice daydream and realize that the police are the least dangerous gang that is needed to keep all the other gangs from running amok.  Sure there will always be rogue cops and sure the police will always to a certain extent use their privileged position to tilt the scales when one of their own is at fault.  But that is just human nature and it is seen everywhere people interact.  It’s no different than what politicians do every day.  It’s what we all do when we’re in charge of anything from a little league team to a corporate behemoth like Google.

So my prediction is when the pain and fear reaches 51 % of the city population, they’ll bring back the cops and put down the gangs.  That is of course if the gangs haven’t gotten too strong in the meantime to outshoot the cops.  At that point we’ll need the Marines to restore order.  Sort of like Mogadishu.

Justified Deadly Force and the Myth of Systemic Racism, by Mike Simonelli – A Book Review

I have known Mike Simonelli, the author of this book, for over forty years and he has always been an honest, talented and patriotic American.  After separating from the Air Force, he transferred into the US Army Reserves to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, retiring with the rank of lieutenant colonel.  Currently as a law enforcement officer he has been dealing with the reality of trying to keep the peace in an America where everything is upside down.  The media paints the police as racist monsters intent on harming and even killing innocent black citizens.  And at the same time the media works to paint black criminals as innocent bystanders who just happen to be “in the wrong place at the wrong time” in an attempt to mask the fact that criminality is the cause of a great majority of their frequent encounters with the police.

Officer Simonelli told me that he wrote this book for two reasons.  The first is to provide a balance against the books that have appeared over the last decade that paint the false picture of the police in America as a fatally flawed product of racist objectives and behaviors.  The second reason was to provide a resource for people who need to address these false portrayals of law enforcement in America.  These may be private citizens arguing with friends and neighbors about something they heard on the news.  Or it might be an elected official who needs to dig up verifiable facts about the use of deadly force against blacks by the police.  It could even be a town police chief trying to counteract a passionate but misinformed resident at a town council meeting.  But for whatever specific need this book will serve to provide ready facts and references for the rebuttal of the endless accusations of systemic police racism as it applies to the use of deadly force against black Americans.

The majority of the book is divided into three main headings:

Part 1. Deadly Police Shootings: Racial Bias by the Press, Protestors and Politicians

This section is broken down into sub-sections on; Research Study Introduction, Literature Review Methodology and Results.

Part 2. Justified Deadly Force of Unarmed Subjects, 2019 to 2020

This section is broken down into sub-sections on; Incidents in 20219, Incidents in 2020 and Analysis.

Part 3. Felonious Line of Duty Murders of Law Enforcement Officers 2019 to 2020

This section is broken down into sub-sections on; Incidents in 20219, Incidents in 2020 and Analysis.


The sub-sections listed as incidents in 2019 and 2020 in both Part 2 and Part 3 are case histories for all the events under those categories that occurred in the United States.  Each death of an unarmed subject and each murdered policeman is given its own case study.  This is an enormous amount of research to back up the assertions and conclusions that Officer Simonelli makes in his book.

Obviously, I find myself in complete agreement with the conclusions of this study.  But it is extremely gratifying to have facts and figures at my disposal when debating the rabid Left or even the misinformed or uninformed among the general public.

One of the amazing facts that is highlighted in the book is that an almost complete analog to the George Floyd death occurred only this time with a white subject, a man named Tony Timpa in Texas who died under almost exactly the same circumstances and yet because he was white there was no outrage, no riots and arson, no vilification of the police and no beatification of the deceased.

Reading the case studies, especially the accounts of the murdered police officers, makes it painfully clear just what an impossible job it is to, at the same time, protect the public, minimize the risk to oneself and still avoid being accused of using unjustified or excessive force against a suspect.  And now in the current environment where immunity from civil lawsuits for police officers has been removed, I’m shocked that even larger numbers of police have not retired or resigned from the blue state and blue city jurisdictions.

As a friend, I hope a million people head over to Amazon and buy Mike Simonelli’s book.  But more importantly I hope everyone sends a link to this post to friends who they think might be interested in or helped by the facts that are documented in this book.  It really is a unique resource.


Justified Deadly Force and the Myth of Systemic Racism, by Mike Simonelli