Even Progressives Admit that Blue Cities Are Awash in Crime

The writer is an avowed liberal and he puts in all the qualifiers to show his bona fides as a bleeding heart liberal.  But after all the hemming and hawing he has to admit that the blue cities are experiencing enormous spikes of murders, assaults and theft.  The old saying was that a conservative is liberal who’s been mugged.  Maybe this guy got mugged.

Or maybe he’s trying to wake up the Dems before the Red Wave sweeps them away in November.

Here’s my favorite quote,

“The aforementioned Times article on Boudin’s tenure as San Francisco’s chief prosecutor states that “there is no compelling evidence that Mr. Boudin’s policies have made crime significantly worse in San Francisco. Overall crime in San Francisco has changed little since Mr. Boudin took office in early 2020.” Yet, just a few paragraphs later, the same article says that “burglaries, especially in wealthier neighborhoods, have soared during the pandemic. The city recorded 7,575 burglaries in 2020 and 7,217 last year, a sharp increase of more than 45 percent from 2019.”

If an increase of more than 45 percent in burglaries does not qualify as significant, then what would be?”

So the New York Times thinks a 45% increase in burglaries is a minor increase.

And how about this article in the Guardian about murder in Philadelphia,

“In the same article, the Guardian writers did acknowledge that in 2020 Philadelphia “returned close to [its] historic highs for the number of people killed in a single year.” (It surpassed that high the following year.) Yet the article seemed to suggest that alarming figures shouldn’t worry us too much—after all, “even after an estimated 25% single-year increase in homicides, Americans overall are much less likely to be killed today than they were in the 1990s.””

So even though murders were up by 25% people should be comforted because thirty years ago it was even worse.  It’s easy to see why even progressives are realizing that the media is making believe that crime, even murder isn’t a problem.  Now let’s hope it becomes a big problems for the Dems from now on.

Fixing the Cities

So, the cities that have been devastated by their lousy electoral decisions are beginning to recoil against their suicidal choices.

In Chicago a law and order choice is emerging to challenge the pop-eyed lunacy of Lori Lightfoot.  In San Francisco a recall vote is poised to remove their criminally negligent District Attorney Chesa Boudin from office.  Do I find these developments hopeful or encouraging?  Not at all.  The people in these cities are absolute fools.  Any temporary respite from the insanity they are currently experiencing will bring them right back to the same positions on police and criminals that got them into their present disaster.

When they recall their district attorney, they’ll substitute an idiot that’s just one click less absurd than Boudin.  And if Lightfoot is replaced with a law-and-order mayor the city council and the rest of the establishment will work to undermine the authority and actions of the new mayor.

No, there’s no shortcut to fixing these cities.  They will have to hit bottom.  It will have to get so bad that the liberals will be forced to run away.  That will leave the remaining poor people with the chance to learn from their stupidity and act sanely.

But even in red states and with blue cities this lunacy also exists.  It seems to me that if there is ever to be an end to all this dysfunction, a state government has to initiate new laws to intercede where local governments have failed their citizens.  So, the governor of Texas should see what’s going on in Austin or some other blue Texas city and intervene when its local government enacts some crack pot legislation that harms its own citizens.  Whether it’s allowing homeless people to invade a neighborhood or declaring itself a sanctuary city for illegal aliens or electing a district attorney that refuses to prosecute felons the state should have a plan to override these activities and even prosecute elected officials who enact such insane things.

Something like that should have been done during the George Floyd riots.  Large mobs of looters and arsonists should have been confronted by National Guard units and been warned to disperse or risk arrest or worse.  I guarantee they would have disappeared into the night, never to be heard from again.

The first governor who starts thinking, talking and acting this way will be vilified by the press and acclaimed a hero by his own citizens.  And it’s a cinch that he’d be copied by twenty other red state governors almost immediately.  Who knows, there might be a few blue states that would elect a copycat republican governor who ran on a similar platform of cleaning up the urban decay and taking strong action against criminals and lawlessness.

But this is happy-happy talk.  We’re nowhere near any of this.  The appearance of a strong man willing to stand up to Washington and take drastic action against anarchists and urban progressive lunatics hasn’t come to fruition yet.  DeSantis has taken the first steps.  He’s challenged some of the blue cities on specific points but he hasn’t taken them on head on.  Maybe his state doesn’t have those kinds of cities.  I’d assume that Miami would be like that but maybe I’m wrong.  But when we start to hear about that kind of strong action against progressive lunacy then we’ll know something real is happening in the country.  Let’s hope it starts sooner than later.  We could use it.

Manhattan DA Says No Jail Time for Crimes Below Murder or Deadly Assault

This is wonderful.  “Newly minted Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg issued marching orders to his hundreds of assistants and support staff.  Bragg says his office “will not seek a carceral sentence” for anything short of murder or deadly assault (“carceral” being progressive double-speak for prison). Also, he says minor crime won’t be prosecuted at all.”

Bragg is another of George Soros’s success stories after he donated a million dollars for Bragg’s campaign.

So now I can start my new career as jewel thief.  All I need to do is head down to the Diamond Row in Manhattan, hit all of the larger shops for a few million dollars worth of diamonds, find a fence to take them off my hands, rinse and repeat for a few weeks, then retire (far away from dangerous New York) and live the life of George Soros.  Or if I prefer burglary I can just break into apartments on the Upper East or West Sides of Manhattan, the places where people vote for progressives, and simply take all their stuff while they’re not at home.  Or I can steal luxury cars and sell them to chop shops.  That should be very lucrative.  I wonder if I can find DA Bragg’s BMW the first week just to show my gratitude?

This is very good news.  Mayor Eric Adams is going to find it pretty difficult to rein in crime if all the criminals he allows the police to arrest are simply released by Bragg.  But this should accelerate New York’s slide into cannibalism very nicely.

Thank you DA Bragg.

The Soros Crime Epidemic

This article does a pretty fair job at summarizing the where and the why of George Soros’s sabotage of the criminal justice system in a multitude of American cities.  Soros is an enemy of healthy society.  He is intelligent and he is evil.  I hope he dies very soon and his money is frittered away by his despicable offspring as soon as possible.

The sheer numbers of lives lost because he has been able to elect district attorneys that will not take dangerous criminals off the street is stunning.  Thousands of extra lives have been lost and many American cities have become war zones.  Soros will rot in hell for this but we will bear most of the burden for a long time to come.  Stay away from these cities if you value your life and your family’s.


Choosing Sides

As I was reading one of the endless posts decrying the crime wave that has a ignited across America I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend about this.  I was saying that the cities that still had enough sane people would have to reauthorize the police to restore order and then restore the police tactics and policies that were shown to work back two decades ago in places like New York, things like broken windows enforcement.

This friend is a rabid opponent of the police.  He is a libertarian that would like to see open carry as the solution to violence.  When asked whether he would be glad to see a policeman instead of a gangbanger if he found himself at night in a really bad neighborhood he replied he’d much prefer that his gun was there to protect him.

Putting aside the small proportion of the population that would prefer to shoot it out with the bad guys personally, I thought about where all this anarchy is leading.  And what I concluded was that we’re all going to have to choose sides.  For a large but not majority section of the population the police are a gang that harasses their people.  The largest part of this section are urban blacks.  They have been the recipients of stop and frisk and other urban anti-crime tactics.  So logically they are the most opposed to the activities of this “gang.”  Other components of the Left are the other opponents of the police.  Some of these components like the whites and the Asians do not themselves suffer from these policies and tactics.  In all honesty they are the beneficiaries of these programs.  But in solidarity with their fellow partisans and in the spirit of doing what they believe is “the right thing” they take the side of the urban blacks and decry the “injustice” of these police intrusions on the activities of young black men.

But now things are changing.  The activities of the other gangs, the ones that up until now have mostly only impacted the residents of the destitute black neighborhoods, are being felt everywhere.  Smash and grab theft is happening exclusively in affluent white areas of the cities and carjackings and drive by shootings and just plain assaults and murders are spreading to every neighborhood of these unpoliced cities.  Now that makes the calculus of these leftists more complicated.  How much pain, fear and uncertainty must be accepted in order to show support for their black brothers?  And even for black residents of the inner city, which gang do they fear more?  Sure, the cops are white outsider oppressors of the neighborhood ecosystem but what about the local gangs that now shoot up the neighborhood more or less with impunity.  Is it worse if your eighteen-year-old brother gets frisked by the cops on Friday night but then goes on his way or that he gets gunned down by some neighborhood kid who is auditioning for the local amateur version of the Bloods and Crips?  And forget about adults what about your three-year-old daughter who is sleeping in her crib and suddenly is struck by a stray bullet when rival gangs fill the air with lead on your street?

Back in the 1990’s New York City chose the police as the gang to back in the war that was playing out on the streets of New York.  But that was a very different New York City.  I think it will take a long time for the minority majority population of New York City to figure all this out.  But that is what has to happen to set things right.  In this “democracy” we supposedly inhabit the people have to wake up from their social justice daydream and realize that the police are the least dangerous gang that is needed to keep all the other gangs from running amok.  Sure there will always be rogue cops and sure the police will always to a certain extent use their privileged position to tilt the scales when one of their own is at fault.  But that is just human nature and it is seen everywhere people interact.  It’s no different than what politicians do every day.  It’s what we all do when we’re in charge of anything from a little league team to a corporate behemoth like Google.

So my prediction is when the pain and fear reaches 51 % of the city population, they’ll bring back the cops and put down the gangs.  That is of course if the gangs haven’t gotten too strong in the meantime to outshoot the cops.  At that point we’ll need the Marines to restore order.  Sort of like Mogadishu.

The New Third World Normal

People on the dissident right talk about the difference between high trust and low trust societies.  In a high trust society, you have communities where doors and cars aren’t locked, people can walk in cities at night without fear of being mugged and children can play outside without their mothers fearing for their lives.

This week Waukesha, Wisconsin found out that a Christmas Parade is something you don’t attend in a low trust society.  I’ve lived in small towns and large cities.  But the size of the community isn’t the defining parameter for how safe a place it is.  The difference is whether the community tolerates lawlessness.  The classic urban example is New York City.  Back in the 1970s and 1980s New York City degenerated into a high-crime environment where assault and robbery were at epidemic levels.  Very expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan were deserted at night because muggers would emerge out of Central Park at night and prey on the affluent inhabitants.  And a million inhabitants exited the city to escape the dangerous environment.  When Rudy Giuliani became mayor there in 1992, he used the police department to shut down the violent crime but he also took a zero-tolerance approach toward quality-of-life violations like squeegee men harassing drivers and deranged homeless people engaging in depravity on the city streets.  So even though New York City is an enormous impersonal place, for twenty years it was one of the safest large cities in the country.  The program was so successful that it allowed a new generation of progressives to take over the city.  And this new generation had no fear of violence.  And this same generation is running all the cities of America.  And they are now learning exactly why a police force with zero tolerance for lawlessness is the only way to have a city as large as New York safe.

But now look at a place like Waukesha.  It has a population of 70,000 people.  It has been fairly crime free and well ordered for its whole history and the people there probably think of their home as a big town rather than a city.  It has local sports teams and small companies as employers and community activities centered on schools and churches.  It has a relatively small black population and no major inner-city crime problem.  But then last year in neighboring Minnesota the George Floyd riots began and black criminals became convinced that they could no longer be arrested.  And so, for the last year black criminals have behaved as though there is no brake on their activities.  If they commit a crime and the police show up, they do not surrender.  They bolt and often the police just let them go.  None of the police want to end up on trial for shooting a black suspect.  They remember Derek Chauvin and his fate.  None of them want that so they’ll let these perpetrators escape.  And that’s how you get to a place like Waukesha today where people think they’re living in a safe place when they’re really not.

The only question left to answer is where will pushback finally happen?  New York voted in a black former NYPD officer as mayor.  This is a change from the anti-police, anti-white mayor Bill DeBlasio they currently suffer under.  But it’s not clear whether the will is there yet to meaningfully correct the weakening of the police there.  I believe things will have to get a lot worse before anything effective will be done.

In the meantime, people living in cities, large and small, need to realize what their new environment means for their safety.  Being mistaken about what kind of a place they now live in could cost them a lot, maybe all.

Philadelphia Regains Lead in Race to the Bottom

Chicago has been giving Baltimore and Atlanta a real run for their money as the most dangerous American city.  What with their seemingly endless shootings and the antics of their mayor and state’s attorney they seemed a shoo in.

But suddenly Philadelphia comes from out of nowhere and proves that they’re devolving to the subhuman level at hyperspeed.  Where else can a man rape a woman on a crowded subway car for forty minutes without a single passenger attempting to stop him or even call 911?

I guess it’s a marker.  I would say that level of callous inhumanity must bring Philadelphia even with either Genghis Khan’s Mongols or Attila’s Huns.  But the exact level is unimportant.  The important metric is the acceleration of the dehumanizing process.  Based on the way that the copycat process proceeds I’m guessing that cannibalism should appear in The Bronx by Christmas.  Of course I’m not taking into account inflation and meat shortages.  That might speed things up to Thanksgiving.

Seriously though, it does give you pause to think of just how violent the larger cities have become.  The way the violence is increasing I confess I’m unable to decide whether people will be shocked into demanding the return of real law and order or will they just give up and flee from the urban areas altogether.  My gut reaction is that it’s too late and these areas will not be revived.  I know it’s hard to believe that New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore and St. Louis are hopelessly broken and won’t ever be safe for law-abiding people again but when you see and hear what’s going on it’s pretty hard to see how these things can be fixed under the new rules the police have to adhere to.  Maybe when these cities have all-black police forces it will be possible for real policing to occur without screeches of racism from every idiot who has a cell phone.  But that seems like something that won’t happen for decades and by then these places will be so poor and unattractive that it won’t matter to the majority of Americans what happens there.

Well, anyway, this is another marker as I say and another warning to anyone stupid enough to think of living in these places.  Remember these cities have the strictest gun laws and the most anti-white district attorneys in the country.  If you were attacked and attempted to defend yourself with a gun you would be treated the way murderers used to be treated.  You’d get forty years and probably wish it was the chair.  So make sure when you’re looking at where you’ll settle down to check the crime statistics and the voting record.  If it’s a democrat enclave full of crime look somewhere else.  Maybe the salaries are higher in some of these places but it’s just not worth your life or the life of someone you care about.

How Much of a Factor Will the Crime Epidemic Be?

I’m not completely sure how important an issue rampant crime will be in the political situation in America.  It’s already fueling an enormous flight from the major cities and that is having a major impact on everything from used car prices to the pricing and availability of houses in the suburbs to the supply and demand of seats in private schools.  But as much as the big cities are and will remain the uncontested domain of Democrat politicians you have to wonder what will happen as the unchecked crime in theses areas becomes a permanent condition.

Already it has had some impact on the politics in some of the biggest cities.  New York has selected the closest thing to a law-and-order Democrat to be their next mayor.  And the pop-eyed lesbian mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, has hinted that she might not run for re-election in two years.  What she doesn’t mention is that she may be ridden out of town on a rail long before that if the current rate of murders in Chicago continues unabated.

What this is leading up to in my thought here is the question of whether there will be a turning point where the cities pull back from the madness or each just spirals down into a dysfunctional no-man’s land like Detroit or Baltimore.  I think it might not be a uniform decision.  As we see New York is starting to reverse course.  But places like Portland and Minneapolis will probably stay the course and ride this wave right into the ground.  A recent report stated that Minneapolis has seen a 60% increase in murder last year and just yesterday a woman’s headless body was found in a car on the street in one of the neighborhoods of Minneapolis indicating that we are well on the way to abject savagery.

My guess is that the crime epidemic will go a long way to consolidate the Republicans in the red states as fear of the blue city crime will favor no-nonsense candidates who take a pro-police stance and promise to protect the people living in the suburbs and rural areas from the roving gangs of urban thugs that have been unleashed by the cities.  One thing that will be interesting to see is whether states like Georgia and Missouri decide to step in and clean up Atlanta and St. Louis.  If things really spin out of control in those places I wonder if the state will take control of the police in those jurisdictions and override the local control.  It would seem that it would be warranted on a civil rights basis if the people in these cities were shown to be suffering from criminal mismanagement.

I have no illusions about the blue states doing anything similar about their cities.  They will convince themselves that this is all the result of white supremacists selling illegal guns to poor innocent gangbangers who just want to keep up with the fentanyl arms race that free enterprise necessitates.  They can get their constituents to believe anything they tell them so they’ll just let the degeneration of their cities proceed and the elites will move to secured suburbs and everyone else will pay a price.  But no price is too much to pay for equity, diversity and inclusion.

But what about the supposed purple states?  Are there any states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, maybe Virginia that could see what’s going on and learn something about what’s wrong with the Left’s vision of the world?  Could watching Philadelphia or Kenosha burned and looted and seeing their fellow citizens without police to protect them from merciless thugs in their own neighborhoods convince the “moderates” that backing the Left is a terrible mistake.  The answer is no, I don’t believe it will.  I think the sorting between the Left and Right has already occurred and those places are lost.  But I could be wrong about that.  I hope I am.

So that’s my take.  The Antifa-BLM riots and the elimination of the urban police departments may very well serve as the object lesson that the red states need to formulate a strategy to protect themselves from the Obama insurrection.  In fact, if it doesn’t then there really isn’t any hope for this country.  Seeing the fate of our greatest cities and then witnessing the daily spectacle of old men and women being brutally beaten and sometimes killed while the police stand down and let it happen is all the warning we’ll ever get.  We’ll soon enough know.

John Kass Continues Chronicling the Death of Chicago

If you have friends and relatives in the big Democrat-run cities I think you should urge them to get out before something really bad happens to them.  Recently some very good friends decided to leave New York City and I am extremely relieved they did.

Not only is the infrastructure and social network, like the school system crumbling but the risk of random and deadly violence keeps rising.  Let those who believe in the lunacy at work there endure it.  Not us.

The City of Anarchy: Calling Chicago “Chiraq” is now an insult to Iraq



As de Blasio Takes Victory Lap as World’s Worst Mayor Lightfoot Says Hold My Beer

John Kass, former reporter for Chicago Tribune writes a scathing indictment of the dishonesty, incompetency and suicidal nature of the Lori Lightfoot administration in Chicago.

The latest atrocity is a young Latino couple returning from the Puerto Rican Day parade are dragged from their car, assaulted, then shot execution style for the video camera while the perpetrators run or amble away.

Lightfoot goes on camera to say how unacceptable all this is and how the killers will not be given immediate release from jail pending trial.  Boy, that’ll show’em.  Of course, that’s assuming they are ever caught.  After all the police really aren’t arresting people anymore.  Why should they?  If they do, they might be prosecuted if they have to shoot it out with the criminals.

Kass provides a long list of victims that stretch back over the last year of Lightfoot’s tenure as useless mayor of a dying city.  But she’s working hard to rename the iconic Lake Shore Drive after the city’s first non-native settler, the trader Jean Baptiste Point DuSable.  That’s right she is brokering a deal to have it called Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Lake Shore Drive.  Now that’s what I call statesmanship.

I am curious to see which major city cracks first.  New York and Chicago are in the running for sure.  I’ll define crack as when the National Guard are given shoot to kill orders.  I could go out on a limb and say this summer will do the trick but who knows?  These city folks will put up with a lot.  I’m sure that murder, rape and arson are a small price to pay to put an end to white supremacy.  Diversity, equity and inclusion is tricky business.  Burning down America’s cities doesn’t seem to be too high a price to pay.  Minneapolis, it’s your turn.