NYC, Deadly Environment for Women

Not that this is a shocker but New Yorkers are rediscovering that women are the perfect target for violent predators in the urban environment.

Nicole Gelinas over at City Journal has a story about the last four women randomly murdered by violent psychopaths that stalk women in New York City:

“Even with New York’s City’s overall murder rate up 53 percent in two years— from 319 in 2019 to 488 last year—these murders are especially dislocating. In each case, there was nothing the victim could have done to prevent her death. …    It’s impossible to recall so many fatal stranger-on-stranger attacks on women in such a short time, seemingly motivated by nothing other than misogynistic and, perhaps, racial hatred. We all like to think we have some measure of control over our own public safety, but what could any of these women have done to remain alive, besides not go outside?”

Then Gelinas discusses the history of women existing in New York City in three periods.  There was the Giuliani period of law and order and the before period and the after period (now):

“A great deal of what we call public space is, in fact, male turf. . . . Fear of rape and attack, of which low-level aggravation is a reminder, plays a part in keeping women from claiming public space.” …”

“That changed. Under Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, women increasingly felt safe, and for good reason. Stranger-on-stranger violent crime, let alone murder, wasn’t nonexistent, but it became extremely unusual over a generation of remarkable public safety in New York. In December 2019, when three teenagers held 18-year-old Columbia University student Tessa Majors down in Morningside Park and stabbed her to death, the crime was rare and shocking. Not today. With Lee’s death making four in six weeks, a woman isn’t even safe walking briskly from a taxi to her own apartment.”

The article also reinforces that the City administration refuses to acknowledge that the changes in policing, prosecution and incarceration are the direct cause for all of these murders and other criminality.  Instead of acknowledging that these mega-repeat offenders who finally end up murdering random people are loose only because of these changes Mayor Adams and the other officials talk about the endemic problems of mental health and racism.

This agrees with my opinion that these cities are doomed until the general population becomes completely sick of progressive lies and demands a return to law and order.  And that won’t happen until things get even worse.  My yardstick is it will happen when the first cannibal stories appear in the New York Post.

12DEC2021 – OCF Update – This’N’That

Good afternoon folks.

On the personal front yesterday was another enjoyable family get together without any nonsense about masks or social distancing or vaccine passes.  I had a chance to talk with my two older grandsons about which movies we would watch next week when they stay over.  We decided that Iron Man (the first installment) was probably the best of the bunch.  We decided to add Thor: Ragnorak just because I never saw it and they said it wasn’t the worst.  Camera Girl is beginning her holiday food planning.  Soon sacks of flour and barrels of sugar and butter will be delivered to the loading dock by petty dwarves and elvish butchers will transport cured hams and legs of lamb.  She also brought my attention that the grackles are beginning to swarm around the fields.  Remarkably, hundreds of these black birds will swirl down like a black tornado and cover the ground and the branches of the surrounding trees and find and eat every single grass seed and insect on the ground.  And then as if by magic the whole flock will fill the air and shoot off to a new spot and repeat the whole thing again.  I’ll have to try and get a photo of them taking off.

Some fairly interesting information on the “omicron variant.”  The data coming out of South Africa, which seems to be ground zero for this new strain continues to be extremely positive.  The transmisability of omicron is off the charts” meaning it is infecting people at a phenomenal rate.  The testing of the populations shows that 25% of the population has already been infected.  But the death rate is miniscule.  Since the beginning of the surge the daily death rate for the whole country is about 25 deaths a day.  Compare this to the earlier waves like the delta variant when the daily death rate was 500 to 600 deaths a day.  If the variant continues at this rate, the entire population of South Africa will have been exposed to it in a couple more weeks.  If the spike ends there without a serious death rate that will go a long way to convincing rational people that herd immunity to a weakened endemic strain has been reached there and soon worldwide.  At that point it will be prudent to dump your Pfizer stock.

This week saw a large number of articles out there about the growing anger over the abolition of law and order in the blue cities and states.  Reports from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, New York and especially Chicago range in tone from disbelief and fear to outrage and anger.  The escalating severity of the crime epidemic is finally registering with the people who are responsible for its existence.  Of course, they won’t do anything to fix the problem so my sympathy is basically nonexistent.  As I’ve stated they’ll get my attention when cannibalism is formalized in San Francisco.  Hopefully that  will be before Pelosi emigrates to Florida so she can be the main ingredient for a really lousy soup.

Well, things appear to be hotting up.  Dementia Joe has ordered the media to declare that inflation is not a problem.  For some reason the public has its doubts.  The courts have halted all his vaccine mandates and if the omicron variant fizzles by January Dopey Joe may have to declare victory against COVID again.  I don’t expect that to get him much applause.

So the prospects for a Merry Christmas are encouraging and if Manchin hangs tough on Build Back Better a Happy New Year is looking more possible.  Have a nice Sunday and I’ll post whatever seems interesting.