Homelessness Addressed

Arthur has a short post on a solution to homeless encampments that are metastasizing across our cities.

Tech Entrepreneur Stabbed to Death in San Fran. People of Color Hardest Hit

San Francisco, that jewel in the crown of Gavin Noisome’s fantasy kingdom of California has reached the predictable point where even the Tech billionaires will have to become meta residents of San Francisco while their corporeal selves move to Montana and Idaho.

Bob Lee the tech entrepeneur behind Cash App and other tech companies was stabbed to death in one of the “safe” enclaves of the homeless encampment formerly known as San Francisco.  Lee had already moved out of the city because his family meant something to him but he was visiting for business and apparently mistook the description “relatively safe” for somewhere a rational person would walk with impunity.

When reached for comment Gavin Nuisance was heard to say, “California is pioneering a new way for billionaires and common people to interact; stabbing.  If given the chance I’d like to spread this new way of living across this great nation.”  At that point the Gordon Gecko look-alike had to dodge a hammer-wielding homeless man who was wrestled to the ground by the governor’s entourage.  The hair-gelled talking head was whisked away in a helicopter to avoid the gathering zombie crowd and the speech ended predictably.

The Bible Never Said that Morons Shall Inherit the Earth

Yesterday I was sitting in my mechanic’s waiting room while my car was being preventatively maintained.  I was typing on my laptop but the television was on behind my chair.  Now no one was there but me, it was 7:45 am and no one else was stupid enough to show up that early.  I couldn’t see the screen but unfortunately, I couldn’t help but hear the show that was on.  It was some kind of morning entertainment show where z-list celebrities who couldn’t find any other employment talked about the goings on in the television celebrity community.  Based on voices I identified the sassy black woman, an effeminate Hispanic man and the obligatory perky blonde airhead.  The topic of discussion was how a reality show of some kind had selected a straight white man for host AGAIN!

The black and brown members of the ensemble were livid that a queer person of color, preferably someone trans-something or other had been passed over to satisfy the patriarchy or the Ku Klux Klan or Donald Trump.  And after they had finished whining, blondie made sure she moved heaven and earth to denounce the evil straight, white conspiracy that forced poor unfortunate people like her to be unfairly employed as models and tv airheads.  I couldn’t see the screen but it sounded like she was scourging herself with a cat-o-nine-tails and pouring battery acid in the wounds.  From what I could tell the show was some sort of dating show where probably the contestants were mostly highly telegenic white men and women who fulfilled the fantasies of the female millennial generation’s secret appetite for the Cinderella story to be actualized on their tv screen.  And probably based on the marketing information the network had dug out they knew that putting a butch black lesbian in the host role would kill the buzz for this viewer demographic they went with the safe choice, some modern-day descendant of Jim Lange of the venerable 1970’s, “The Dating Game.”

But as I was forced to listen to the inane prattle that these people spouted, it became clear to me that they were morons.  And I don’t mean slightly stupid.  I mean they were a menace to themselves and everyone around them.  The statements they made and the logic they used to come to these statements was gibberish.  They might as well have been cave people from two million years ago before man had discovered fire or learned to count to two.  In fact, I think the paleolithic pre-humans would have run rings around these cretins.  After all the early hominids could chip out spear heads from flint and use them to kill mastodons and wooly mammoths and saber tooth tigers.  These modern dimwits couldn’t chip ice and the only thing they could kill was time.

And the more I thought about that the more I was convinced that our enemies are headed for disaster.  Very soon these people will starve to death.  They have no skills, no work ethic and no hope of functioning in a real world where people work in return for money.  Their only real skill would be as lion meat at the zoo.  It makes perfect sense that these people would vote for Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden.  They promise to give them a basic free income for doing nothing but breathing through their mouths.

What is imperative for our side is to get control of the government of the red states and make it impossible for these people to be able to leech off of these places.  All homeless and welfare benefits must be denied to young people who only want to mooch off of their fellow citizens.  Places like Texas and Florida must make their states so inhospitable for these losers that they run screaming back to California and Oregon and Washington.  And the few airheads that decide to stay and find actual jobs will be able to partake in the evolutionary process by which Homo erectus was able to become Homo sapiens, thinking man.  So, Governor DeSantis, pay attention.  Don’t support the deadbeats.  Either make them work or let them starve.  That should be the choice.

Oh, and we really need to make laws banning reality tv.  I swear I lost ten IQ points just sitting for a half hour being forced to listen to those idiots jabber.  It’s awful.