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Today was a classic, perfect July day.  Sunny, high 80’s, 5-10 mph breeze, wonderful.  We had the younger grandchildren over to swim in the pool along with their mothers.  Camera Girl and I presided over the jubilant aquatic marauders and after the swimming and lunch I played a spirited game of billiards with the older of the two boys.  And maybe saying it was billiards is stretching the definition.  A purist would have noted a number of scratches that weren’t penalized.  But to me every game of pool is a chance to bond with the younger generation and discuss semi-elastic Newtonian physics in an enjoyable venue.

But after the kids left for home, I managed to read some of the news.  There was an article by a Leftist in a leftist magazine that I thought captured the delusional aspect of the progressive viewpoint.

Apparently, the Supreme Court recognizing that the Constitution doesn’t bless abortion and leaving it to the voters of each state to decide if they’ll sanction it, is madness.  So, actual democracy is beyond the pale.  Alito wanting to allowing the voters and their representatives to decide on abortion is equivalent to Robespierre unleashing Madame Guillotine on the unsuspecting populace.


I’ve selected some of my favorite quotes from this masterpiece:

“Similarly, when asked on a conference call with reporters this week what Biden could be doing differently to respond to the ruling, Sarah Lipton-Lubet, the executive director of the Take Back the Court Action Fund, a group advocating for expanding the Supreme Court, told me he should “stop treating the Supreme Court like it’s some untouchable panel of demigods. This Court is brazenly political, and we have to stop pretending otherwise.” That sentiment among Democrats escalated further today, when the Court capped its term by hobbling the federal government’s ability to regulate the carbon emissions that cause climate change.”

“As concerned as many Democrats are about Biden’s advanced age and his diminished approval ratings, the persistent chatter among them about whether he should run again in 2024 centers as much on the fear that he’s a man out of time. Many activists express a similar frustration with the party’s politburo of aging congressional leaders. “It’s not necessarily only an age thing, but I do think the younger crop of leaders have cut their teeth during times when they never really believed our institutions were legitimate,” Adam Jentleson, a former Democratic Senate leadership aide and a co-founder of Battle Born Collective, a liberal advocacy group, told me. “They don’t have this nostalgia for a [prior] set of norms and principles, because they never experienced them.””

“They feel the system is fundamentally corrupted; they are experiencing a crisis of legitimacy in our institutions,” he said—and they want the party to “craft a message around that. The failure to do that explains where we are right now.” Indeed, polling released this week by a coalition of liberal groups led by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee found strong agreement among Democrats, and even many swing voters, for the argument that the Supreme Court is “broken” and “facing a legitimacy crisis.”


So, you see, if the government is doing what they want, then the progressives have the highest respect for institutions.  But if our system disagrees with their priorities then burn it down!


There was also a bunch of screeching interlaced with their call to action.  I really liked these so I’ll share a few:

“Compounding those anxieties, Undem said, is “almost despair” among left-leaning voters that Democratic leaders seemingly have no plan for how to respond to this multipronged offensive. Jentleson likewise said that Biden has created an “enormous disconnect” and “feeling of powerlessness” among Democrats by failing to make a broader case against structural problems such as the Senate’s small-state bias or the skewing of the Supreme Court bench that the GOP may exploit for sustained minority rule.”

“Biden’s Democratic critics express more fear of demoralizing their own voters. For them, last week’s Supreme Court decision put an exclamation point on the feeling that Republicans are driving the national agenda even though Democrats nominally hold unified control of the White House, the House, and the Senate.”


So, there we have it.  The progs want to nuke the filibuster and pack the Supreme Court.  Isn’t that special!  They forgot what happened when they nuked the lower court filibuster.  It blew up in their faces.  Now what happens when the Republicans remember their words and decide to nuke the filibuster altogether and really go to town when we control the trifecta in 2024.  Well, bring it on, bring it on, bring it on.

06FEB2022 – Unbridled Enthusiasm Threatens to Break Out at the Compound

With positive news seeping out of the frozen ground from all directions, I must tamp down this elation that I’m feeling.  With Canadians behaving in a very unCanadian-like manner, Dementia Joe mocked and despised by the majority of Americans and Progressives and their agenda in a shambles, it’s very difficult for me to maintain my proper red-pilled gloom.  And just for good measure, we had the grandkids over last night for a big Italian dinner and it’s a brilliant sunny day (admittedly frigid but brilliant) today and I feel pretty damn good.

And it’s funny, I was reading some posts from uber-leftists in the Atlantic and Slate and even that tripe couldn’t depress me.  I guess it’s because they sound so desperate to want to believe that any day now the Biden administration will become more popular than beer.  There was one dope writing in, I think, the Atlantic that was telling the progressives that better days were coming soon.  That conservatives were no fun.  They were sexual prudes and anti-intellectuals who don’t read.  The basis for this opinion was that there were anti-abortion bills being passed in red states and that parents were objecting to 1619 Project books being forced on children in their schools.

Now how exactly that squares with the reality of the modern Left’s current attitudes is sort of a mystery.  All the book banning I’ve heard about comes from the Left.  They won’t even let books be published if they object to the subject matter.  And as for sex, the young people today have become so confused and frightened by the leftist rules and attitudes about being male or female they don’t even want to have sex any more.  So, reading that article actually had me laughing.  Imagine thinking anyone would be flocking to hang out in a leftist struggle session.  I mean there’s nothing sexier and more intellectual than a gaggle of transgender Karens talking about their sex lives and listing the books you’re not allowed to read.

Let’s just say it’s a good day.  I took some photos of a gang of turkeys that were walking through the property and I see some icicles on the shed that’ll make a nice photo.  I’ve got some writing to do and maybe a little shoveling on the lower driveway but that will be a nice bit of exercise for the afternoon.  Sure, the price of food and everything else has gotten ridiculous and maybe that will get to be problem by and by but that’s just how it goes.  We’re not starving and we can still pay the taxes and who knows when I finish that novel it may be wildly successful and I’ll have to find a tax shelter to protect my billions in sales.  And I was watching a documentary on the “Dustbowl” back in the 1930’s and just seeing what those poor people endured puts my small problems in a much better perspective.  Those people lost children to the health hazards of the dust and lost everything they owned in the world.  They had to travel thousands of miles to a place that didn’t want them and beg for back breaking stoop labor that paid next to nothing.  I guess I can put up with Dopey Joe for a few more years before he gets sent to the cracker factory by Dr. Jill and Hunter.

Mostly everything I hear is good news.  Even that thing about GoFundMe stealing the truckers’ money turned around and they had to refund the donors.  I heard it was because Ron DeSantis threatened to sue GoFundMe.  Good for him!  Now there’s another crowdfund site to help the truckers.  All good.

So, I hope your Sunday is going as well as mine.  I’ll be back with something more substantial when I see it.


Wanted: Local Political Contributors

As the Primary and General Off-Year Elections creep up on us I’m interested in getting posts from readers about their local political scene.  Places like Texas, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Minnesota are represented by readers here.  Even Canada and Australia have local political stories that some of our readers might want to provide.  So if you are interested in sharing your perspective on your local politics, get in touch.  Either leave a comment or send an e-mail to orionscoldfire at charter dot net.  Anonymity is, of course, perfectly fine and if you prefer to discuss local cultural issues instead of or in addition to politics that also is encouraged.  I’ll add this want-ad to the footer of the posts for a while to see if I can entice any readers to write.

A Rabid Leftist Admits His Side Went Nuts When They Closed the Schools

Jonathan Chait is a certified leftist loon, as bad as they come.  But even this dishonest cretin knows when his side has gone off the reservation

“…the Democratic Party’s internal debate on school closings was making room at the table for some truly unhinged ideas. The head of the largest state’s most powerful teachers union insisted on the record “there is no such thing as learning loss” and described plans to reopen schools as “a recipe for propagating structural racism.”

“Parents who advocated for school reopening were repeatedly demonized on social media as racist and mischaracterized as Trump supporters. Members of the parent group I helped lead were consistently attacked on Twitter and Facebook by two Oakland moms with ties to the teachers union. They labeled advocates’ calls for schools reopening “white supremacy,” called us “Karens,” and even bizarrely claimed we had allied ourselves with Marjorie Taylor Greene’s transphobic agenda.”

Obviously the Democrats are in the pocket of the teachers’ unions.  They sacrificed our children’s well being to placate the teachers.  And it’s going to be one of the things that cost them seats in Congress this fall.  Too bad it couldn’t see them prosecuted too.

The Bible Never Said that Morons Shall Inherit the Earth

Yesterday I was sitting in my mechanic’s waiting room while my car was being preventatively maintained.  I was typing on my laptop but the television was on behind my chair.  Now no one was there but me, it was 7:45 am and no one else was stupid enough to show up that early.  I couldn’t see the screen but unfortunately, I couldn’t help but hear the show that was on.  It was some kind of morning entertainment show where z-list celebrities who couldn’t find any other employment talked about the goings on in the television celebrity community.  Based on voices I identified the sassy black woman, an effeminate Hispanic man and the obligatory perky blonde airhead.  The topic of discussion was how a reality show of some kind had selected a straight white man for host AGAIN!

The black and brown members of the ensemble were livid that a queer person of color, preferably someone trans-something or other had been passed over to satisfy the patriarchy or the Ku Klux Klan or Donald Trump.  And after they had finished whining, blondie made sure she moved heaven and earth to denounce the evil straight, white conspiracy that forced poor unfortunate people like her to be unfairly employed as models and tv airheads.  I couldn’t see the screen but it sounded like she was scourging herself with a cat-o-nine-tails and pouring battery acid in the wounds.  From what I could tell the show was some sort of dating show where probably the contestants were mostly highly telegenic white men and women who fulfilled the fantasies of the female millennial generation’s secret appetite for the Cinderella story to be actualized on their tv screen.  And probably based on the marketing information the network had dug out they knew that putting a butch black lesbian in the host role would kill the buzz for this viewer demographic they went with the safe choice, some modern-day descendant of Jim Lange of the venerable 1970’s, “The Dating Game.”

But as I was forced to listen to the inane prattle that these people spouted, it became clear to me that they were morons.  And I don’t mean slightly stupid.  I mean they were a menace to themselves and everyone around them.  The statements they made and the logic they used to come to these statements was gibberish.  They might as well have been cave people from two million years ago before man had discovered fire or learned to count to two.  In fact, I think the paleolithic pre-humans would have run rings around these cretins.  After all the early hominids could chip out spear heads from flint and use them to kill mastodons and wooly mammoths and saber tooth tigers.  These modern dimwits couldn’t chip ice and the only thing they could kill was time.

And the more I thought about that the more I was convinced that our enemies are headed for disaster.  Very soon these people will starve to death.  They have no skills, no work ethic and no hope of functioning in a real world where people work in return for money.  Their only real skill would be as lion meat at the zoo.  It makes perfect sense that these people would vote for Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden.  They promise to give them a basic free income for doing nothing but breathing through their mouths.

What is imperative for our side is to get control of the government of the red states and make it impossible for these people to be able to leech off of these places.  All homeless and welfare benefits must be denied to young people who only want to mooch off of their fellow citizens.  Places like Texas and Florida must make their states so inhospitable for these losers that they run screaming back to California and Oregon and Washington.  And the few airheads that decide to stay and find actual jobs will be able to partake in the evolutionary process by which Homo erectus was able to become Homo sapiens, thinking man.  So, Governor DeSantis, pay attention.  Don’t support the deadbeats.  Either make them work or let them starve.  That should be the choice.

Oh, and we really need to make laws banning reality tv.  I swear I lost ten IQ points just sitting for a half hour being forced to listen to those idiots jabber.  It’s awful.

Addressing the Status of Less Crazy Leftists

Recently during a phone call, a friend of mine asked my opinion on Glenn Greenwald.  For those unaware Greenwald was involved in the Snowden NSA leaks and has written on many aspects of the government overreach on privacy issues.  He has of late been very critical of the lock step solidarity by the tech giants and the Democratic/MSM complex to censor important news stories based on partisan viewpoint.

During the phone call I was pretty heatedly adamant that Glenn Greenwald wasn’t an ally, he was part of the Left and therefore my opponent.  But thinking about it for a while I figure it’s worthwhile clarifying exactly how I characterize guys like Greenwald and Taibbi.  In a short phrase I’d call them honest Leftists.  They believe in most of the things that the woke psychos believe in but they also believe in the Bill of Rights.  They don’t think it’s acceptable for the government to conspire with the media to railroad someone even if he’s a no-good conservative.  They probably don’t mind if Google algorithmically advantages the Left and disadvantages the Right but they don’t want it suppressing news outlets from broadcasting their stories across their platform.

And when I see a Matt Taibbi story calling MSNBC and the New York Times hypocrites for running stories that they know are false in order to advantage the Democrats, I praise him.  And when Greenwald is willing to walk away from the website that he founded because the owner forbids him to speak honestly about the Hunter Biden story then I praise him.  And what I am praising is his honesty and moral consistency.  And nowadays that’s a lot.  On left or right that’s a rare thing.  It’s an admirable trait and deserves praise.  It should be recognized and praised.

What it’s not is a reason to “reach across the aisle” and try to form an alliance.  That was the mistake that conservatives made with the neoconservatives.  Conservatives thought that because both sides wanted a strong defense against the Russians and free market capitalism that we could join forces and work a compromise that would work to both sides’ advantage.  Instead we got a series of wars in the Middle East and a globalist financial agenda while they adopted all of the social policies of the far Left.  That meant gay marriage, transgenderism, open borders, intersectionality in our schools and BLM in the streets.

And as long as all of these things were slowly assimilated into the culture without violence in the street and approved by the Supreme Court voted in by the Uniparty then the neocons would be fine with it.  And if you weren’t fine with it  then you were a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic bigot.  And the same slippery slope goes double for Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald.  All they require is that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.  They are honest and they honestly want all the things that make life in America awful.  The only difference is that they’re willing to let you say what you think before they call you a racist homophobe.  The woke people want to silence you so you can’t even say it, or write it or even think it.  They need to be dealt with drastically.  They need to be put out of business.  Taibbi and Greenwald can be ignored.

Bottom line, I respect Taibbi and Greenwald.  But they are not my friends, allies or partners.  They are my enemies even if they are enemies whose honesty I respect.

Warning: Profanity Laced Meltdown by Leftist Upon Hearing RBG Died

If you thought they went crazy four years ago wait until you see this one.  A padded cell and straitjacket would be the minimum infrastructure needed to keep this woman safe from herself.  She’s driving a car and I doubt she can see the road through her rage and panic.

Where do these people come from?  How do they get through their lives without growing out of the two-year-old tantrum phase?  November is going to be a meltdown regardless of how it works out.  Even if President Trump wins by two hundred electoral votes these people are going to go ballistic.  Watch yourself.  A lot of them are unhinged.

If Robert Redford is Against You Then You Must be Doing Something Right

I saw the headline, “Joe Biden Gets My Vote in 2020.”  And the byline, “Robert Redford.”  How could I resist?  But save yourself the trouble.  It’s not worth the couple of minutes it takes to read.  It starts off with Redford hearkening back to when he was just a wee lad listening to FDR during WWII.  He heard a voice that combined strength with compassion and a call to unity.  Then he fast forwards to now and disparages President Trump for being divisive.  And then he ends up with an encomium of the FDR-like Joe Biden.  It’s quite a tour de force of nonsense.  FDR’s ability to bring everyone together must have been a real comfort to the Japanese that he interned.  And did FDR ever have J Edgar Hoover planting false evidence against his cabinet officers?  I doubt it.  And the idea of Joe Biden projecting a patrician dignity under any circumstances is not even a joke.  It’s more like a reversal of reality.  The idea that the hair-sniffing, shoulder-rubbing conqueror of Corn Pop could be anything other than a delusional sociopath is ludicrous.

It’s clear that Redford is just writing whatever sounds good in his own head regardless of the absurd divergence from reality.  A couple of sentences will highlight this departure from the real world, “You can see it in the peaceful protests of the past several weeks — Americans of all races and classes coming together to fight against racism. You can see it in the ways that communities are pulling together in the face of this pandemic, even if the White House has left them to fend for themselves.

Peaceful protests?  That might surprise those in the graveyard after the riots put them there.  And the pandemic has certainly given some blue state governors the chance to show how little they care for their constituencies.  Favoring rioters over churchgoers in terms of social distancing rules is just one example of how division is what the Left sows.

Robert Redford stars in two or three movies I really enjoy.  But true to form, he is a dishonest Hollywood nitwit.  If he were on my side, I would start to doubt myself.  But it is a good reminder to read what he has to say about important issues of the day.  Someone who can call the two weeks of rioting “peaceful protests” reveals all you need to know about the delusional nature of his thinking.  And this is right in line with what you’ll hear from the rest of the entertainment industry.  Actors and artists can paint pretty pictures out of thin air and try to convince the feeble-minded that it’s reality they’re providing.  And being delusional maybe they actually believe it themselves.  That’s harder to know.

But one thing I’ll guarantee, for all his talk about peaceful protests, if the mob ever came down his street and headed for his door, Mr. Redford would sell his soul and even his Oscars for a platoon of policemen with automatic weapons.  And if that meant he had to call Donald Trump on the phone and grovel through an apology for all the foul things he’s said about him, Redford would do it in a heartbeat.  After all what’s the good of being an actor if you can’t give the performance that’s needed?

Minnesota Wants Federal Money to Rebuild Minneapolis

Minnesota’s Governor Walz has requested President Trump to declare a national disaster and bail out Minnesota to the tune of $500 million for the damage which he himself caused when he allowed the rioting thugs to burn down Minneapolis.

I think the correct response is to respectfully ask Governor Walz to go pound sand where the sun don’t shine.  The first thing that should be done is to cut off all federal police funding to Minneapolis and institute a DOJ investigation into the civil rights violations inherent in a city knowingly allowing a mob to terrorize American citizens based on their racial identity.

Minneapolis City Council Says They Will Dismantle the Police

Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council, a veto-proof majority, have announced that they intend to eliminate the Minneapolis Police Department.  The idea is to replace the police department with a “community-based public safety model,” whatever that is.

Realistically I don’t think they’ll do much of anything beyond handing over a ton of cash to “community organizers” and tying the police force’s hands on lethal force and hiring more minority and female cops.  But let’s just imagine what may happen if the police become so angry about all this vilification and decide to stop interfering with the underclass not only in the ‘hood but also everywhere else.

I can just see an enterprising young businessman from the mean streets who notices that Mayor Frey has a pretty nice wardrobe of Armani suits and decides to pay a visit to the mayor’s house to “borrow” them for a while.  I imagine that previously the mayor would have had a detail of police whose only job was to provide 24/7 security to hizzoner.  I’m guessing that security may become just a wee bit more relaxed after this.  And what might be the situation for the nine City Council members who have announced their intention to eliminate the police.  Well, I’ve got to tell you, I wouldn’t want to be them after today.  The police really are the ones who make life in a big city possible.  If you turn them against you, I foresee many, many bad things happening to the people threatening their livelihood.  Remember for a minute that there are always a certain number of bad actors on the police force and they’ve just lost their steady gig and they are pretty handy with a gun.  Now add in that there isn’t any police force to stop them and they know you were the one who got them fired.  It doesn’t sound good.

You know, come to think of it, I really think they should vote on this thing right away.  I’d be interested in seeing what happens when the police department has a ninety percent sick week in Minneapolis.  It might actually outdo the recent riots for destructive result.  And the timing is perfect.  The long hot summer and the COVID-19 depression are both right there to make a bad situation into a living hell.  When the first wave of teenagers robs its first department store and realize that no one is going to stop them they’re going to get a rush of excitement that may not let up until they’ve looted every store for a mile around.  And that’s not even considering how exciting it’s going to get when the young thugs who currently practice the knockout game in their inner-city neighborhoods export it to the better neighborhoods like Fulton.  Once the self-righteous citizens of Minneapolis get a real good look at what happens when you tell the underclass that there is no one there to make them stop they’re gonna beg the cops to come back and they’ll pay them double without a thought.  Unless you live in a gated community with round the clock armed guards you really don’t want to let the mob have its way.

But let’s see whether it’s all talk or not.  It would make for an interesting experiment but not a pretty picture.  Let’s call it a teachable moment.

Colin Kaepernick’s Agent Can’t Figure Out Why his Client Hasn’t Been Signed

When I saw this headline,   Colin Kaepernick Agent, Increasingly Frustrated at NFL’s Snub, Sends Out Press Release

I thought it was a satire piece like in the Babylon Bee.

After reading it I knew it was real but because of that it’s much funnier than any satirical piece could be.  Imagine this.  Kaepernick torpedoes the NFL’s relationship with its most loyal fans, sues the league for malfeasance and wins millions and then his agent is increasingly frustrated that no one wants to hire him and start the cycle over again.  It’s pure comedy gold!

In order to set the record straight and counter the false narratives out there his agent sent out a press release.  Here are some of the best bits:

Has Colin been offered a job by an NFL team?
No, not a single team has offered Colin a job since the 2016 season, in which he began his peaceful protest.

Has Colin ever had a workout with an NFL team?
No, not a single team has brought Colin in for a workout. Seattle brought Colin in for a visit but did not work him out. Afterwards, Pete Carroll said Colin is a “starter in this league.” No other NFL team has interviewed or worked out Colin in the past 3 seasons, despite other false statements in the media to the contrary.

What about Colin being a “distraction” with the 49ers?
His coach, Chip Kelly, during the 2016 season said about Colin, “He is zero distraction.” In that same 2016 season, Colin also won the Len Eshmont Award, voted on by 49er players and given to the 49er who best exemplifies inspirational and courageous play.


Well I’m glad to hear he was zero distraction as he tanked the league’s ratings with his protest.  Anyway, Nike will drag old Colin out for at least a year or two more until everyone actually forgets who he is.  Then they’ll harass us with some new dumbass they find biting the hand that feeds him.  Hey maybe Colin can go to China and try his protest over there.  After all the Uighur people are being oppressed pretty awfully by the Chinese.  I’m sure the Chinese would be grateful to Colin for pointing this out to them.  They are a very reasonable people.  Just ask the Uighurs and the Tibetans.