Warning: Profanity Laced Meltdown by Leftist Upon Hearing RBG Died

If you thought they went crazy four years ago wait until you see this one.  A padded cell and straitjacket would be the minimum infrastructure needed to keep this woman safe from herself.  She’s driving a car and I doubt she can see the road through her rage and panic.

Where do these people come from?  How do they get through their lives without growing out of the two-year-old tantrum phase?  November is going to be a meltdown regardless of how it works out.  Even if President Trump wins by two hundred electoral votes these people are going to go ballistic.  Watch yourself.  A lot of them are unhinged.

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War Pig
War Pig
28 days ago

I enjoyed Cenk Uygur’s meltdown in 2016. Hopefully Trump wins big, and then Cenk commit suicide on live TV. Rachel Madcow will foam at the mouth and run around, biting children.

Followed in February with indictments for Barak Obama for the FBI spying on Trump’s campaign, and Bill and Hillary Clinton for abetting child sex trafficking.

Then the order to shoot to kill when rioters are caught in the act of arson, car rolling, storefront smashing and especially looting.

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26 days ago

She(?) looks suspiciously similar to the “It’s MA’AM!” dude from a few months ago.

26 days ago

This has to be a fake.
I mean, its as entertaining as anything I’ve seen lately, but the poster has to know that it just brings a smile to all of us evil conservatives.
Given that, why would you post this?

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