A Rabid Leftist Admits His Side Went Nuts When They Closed the Schools

Jonathan Chait is a certified leftist loon, as bad as they come.  But even this dishonest cretin knows when his side has gone off the reservation

“…the Democratic Party’s internal debate on school closings was making room at the table for some truly unhinged ideas. The head of the largest state’s most powerful teachers union insisted on the record “there is no such thing as learning loss” and described plans to reopen schools as “a recipe for propagating structural racism.”

“Parents who advocated for school reopening were repeatedly demonized on social media as racist and mischaracterized as Trump supporters. Members of the parent group I helped lead were consistently attacked on Twitter and Facebook by two Oakland moms with ties to the teachers union. They labeled advocates’ calls for schools reopening “white supremacy,” called us “Karens,” and even bizarrely claimed we had allied ourselves with Marjorie Taylor Greene’s transphobic agenda.”

Obviously the Democrats are in the pocket of the teachers’ unions.  They sacrificed our children’s well being to placate the teachers.  And it’s going to be one of the things that cost them seats in Congress this fall.  Too bad it couldn’t see them prosecuted too.