06FEB2022 – Unbridled Enthusiasm Threatens to Break Out at the Compound

With positive news seeping out of the frozen ground from all directions, I must tamp down this elation that I’m feeling.  With Canadians behaving in a very unCanadian-like manner, Dementia Joe mocked and despised by the majority of Americans and Progressives and their agenda in a shambles, it’s very difficult for me to maintain my proper red-pilled gloom.  And just for good measure, we had the grandkids over last night for a big Italian dinner and it’s a brilliant sunny day (admittedly frigid but brilliant) today and I feel pretty damn good.

And it’s funny, I was reading some posts from uber-leftists in the Atlantic and Slate and even that tripe couldn’t depress me.  I guess it’s because they sound so desperate to want to believe that any day now the Biden administration will become more popular than beer.  There was one dope writing in, I think, the Atlantic that was telling the progressives that better days were coming soon.  That conservatives were no fun.  They were sexual prudes and anti-intellectuals who don’t read.  The basis for this opinion was that there were anti-abortion bills being passed in red states and that parents were objecting to 1619 Project books being forced on children in their schools.

Now how exactly that squares with the reality of the modern Left’s current attitudes is sort of a mystery.  All the book banning I’ve heard about comes from the Left.  They won’t even let books be published if they object to the subject matter.  And as for sex, the young people today have become so confused and frightened by the leftist rules and attitudes about being male or female they don’t even want to have sex any more.  So, reading that article actually had me laughing.  Imagine thinking anyone would be flocking to hang out in a leftist struggle session.  I mean there’s nothing sexier and more intellectual than a gaggle of transgender Karens talking about their sex lives and listing the books you’re not allowed to read.

Let’s just say it’s a good day.  I took some photos of a gang of turkeys that were walking through the property and I see some icicles on the shed that’ll make a nice photo.  I’ve got some writing to do and maybe a little shoveling on the lower driveway but that will be a nice bit of exercise for the afternoon.  Sure, the price of food and everything else has gotten ridiculous and maybe that will get to be problem by and by but that’s just how it goes.  We’re not starving and we can still pay the taxes and who knows when I finish that novel it may be wildly successful and I’ll have to find a tax shelter to protect my billions in sales.  And I was watching a documentary on the “Dustbowl” back in the 1930’s and just seeing what those poor people endured puts my small problems in a much better perspective.  Those people lost children to the health hazards of the dust and lost everything they owned in the world.  They had to travel thousands of miles to a place that didn’t want them and beg for back breaking stoop labor that paid next to nothing.  I guess I can put up with Dopey Joe for a few more years before he gets sent to the cracker factory by Dr. Jill and Hunter.

Mostly everything I hear is good news.  Even that thing about GoFundMe stealing the truckers’ money turned around and they had to refund the donors.  I heard it was because Ron DeSantis threatened to sue GoFundMe.  Good for him!  Now there’s another crowdfund site to help the truckers.  All good.

So, I hope your Sunday is going as well as mine.  I’ll be back with something more substantial when I see it.


Wanted: Local Political Contributors

As the Primary and General Off-Year Elections creep up on us I’m interested in getting posts from readers about their local political scene.  Places like Texas, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Minnesota are represented by readers here.  Even Canada and Australia have local political stories that some of our readers might want to provide.  So if you are interested in sharing your perspective on your local politics, get in touch.  Either leave a comment or send an e-mail to orionscoldfire at charter dot net.  Anonymity is, of course, perfectly fine and if you prefer to discuss local cultural issues instead of or in addition to politics that also is encouraged.  I’ll add this want-ad to the footer of the posts for a while to see if I can entice any readers to write.

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2 years ago

Nice…now it’s our turn.

Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
2 years ago

“I took some photos of a gang of turkeys that were walking through the property”

My first thought was that the turkeys = leftists described above–>and if so
the gang = a murder of turkeys came to mind. So I googled “a gang of turkeys” and got this–“A group of turkeys is called a rafter or a flock.” Can’t wait for your “photo of the day” for the truth of all this.