Very Sad. No, Actually Hilarious.

San Francisco and soon California will drop their boycott of red states because it was costing them billions of dollars in higher contract costs.  Apparently now it’s okay for these states to have laws that don’t come up to California standards on abortion, deviant sex and voting requirements.

These laws were put in place back in 2016 after the Supreme Court mandated gay marriage and most states weren’t happy about it.  I think those thirty states should return the favor and boycott California.  After all what’s good for the goose is sauce for the gander.

California, Drowning in its Own Stupidity, Starts Flailing

What happens when a ship of fools hits an ideological iceberg?  Well, if the ship is California and the iceberg is reality, various things.  The true believers assemble on the deck and ask the band to play Grateful Dead jams.  If you are one of the captive normies you head for the life boats.  And if you’re in-between you start to panic and rethink the unsinkable nature of the ideology you’ve been fed.

For the last few years, the normies (and some not so normal) have been fleeing California by the millions.  Mostly this has been a combination of toxic policies that makes life there difficult and ultra-expensive.  Things like endless wild fires, clogged and crumbling roads, rampant crime, limited job opportunities, shortages of water and electricity have gone from frightening to unavoidable.  The impossibility of living a middle-class existence on an upper middle-class income has driven out the young.  And the old are cashing out their over priced homes to live on that value in more moderate cost areas like Nashville and Salt Lake City.

But last night we got to see the in-betweens reacting to the utter madness that has been unleashed in the last two years by the combination of BLM policies and Soros funded district attorneys.  Last night ultra-progressive San Francisco voted to recall Chesa Boudin by a 60% to 40% margin.  This continues the trend where all the school board members up for re-election were booted out because of their fanatical anti-white and radical anti-meritocratic agenda outraged parents especially Asian-Americans.

In addition to this election, we saw Los Angeles, the epicenter of everything fake, advance a fake Democrat to the brink of being their new mayor.  Rick Caruso, a billionaire and Republican, switched party flags to run as a Democrat and is the top vote getter in the primary that will see him compete in November for mayor.  Both Los Angeles and San Francisco are reeling from the effects of the crime epidemic that followed the BLM riots in 2020.  Homelessness has become endemic and neighborhood stores are shutting down under the weight of endless smash and grab robberies.  The regular people are frightened and confused as to how to return to normal life.

But the elites and other true believers are still telling anyone who will listen that all is for the best in this best of all possible Californias.  And to confirm that fact Governor Gavin Newsom took more than 56% of the vote in last night’s primary.  Well, after all what does a governor have to do with tackling crime and homelessness?  And he did do such a great job with the pandemic.  And he does have really great hair.  But it’s going to be long hot summer and if the rolling brown outs and the wildfires really start to take their toll, who knows, maybe the in-betweeners may decide they can’t afford to keep Governor Nuisance for another four years.

As an outsider, I prefer to see California continue to stew in its self-appointed insanity.  And even the change of a few mayors and DA’s and even a governor won’t fix California anytime soon.  What might do the trick is when the last of the legacy nuclear power plants are soon decommissioned.  Once the cost and the reliability of their electricity falls off the cliff and their mandate for battery cars goes into effect then the clownish aspect of their policy decisions may finally break the back of the true believers.  But that’s a ways away.  So, in the short term enjoy the music on the deck, California.

California Wants to Legislate an Inquisition For Doctors Who Commit Heresy

It’s so wonderful.

Here’s a professor of epidemiology at Stanford University, School of Medicine warning about a California bill to yank the medical licenses of doctors who don’t think children should be vaxxed against a virus that they almost assuredly won’t suffer ill effects from.  Even if the vaccine has been linked to serious and even deadly side effects in the young.

“According to California Assembly Bill 2098, physicians who deviate from an authorized set of beliefs would do so at risk to their medical license. The bill, written by Assemblyman Evan Low, a Democrat in Silicon Valley, and currently making its way through the California Legislature, is motivated by the idea that practicing doctors are spreading “misinformation” about the risks of Covid, its treatment, and the Covid vaccine. It declares that physicians and surgeons who “disseminate or promote misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19, including false or misleading information regarding the nature and risks of the virus, its prevention and treatment; and the development, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines” shall be subject to “disciplinary action,” which could result in the loss of the doctor’s medical license.

The language of the bill itself is intentionally vague about what constitutes “misinformation,” which makes it even more damaging. Doctors, fearing loss of their livelihoods, will need to hew closely to the government line on Covid science and policy, even if that line does not track the scientific evidence. After all, until recently, top government science bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci claimed that the idea that Covid came from a Wuhan laboratory was a conspiracy theory, rather than a valid hypothesis that should be open to discussion. The government’s track record on discerning Covid truths is poor.”

Despite my pity for the innocent inhabitants of California I think this bill is a good thing.  The more dysfunctional places like California and New York become the more aware the rest of the country becomes of how dangerous their delusions are.  And I believe people in a democracy deserve to get exactly what they voted for.  In California that means getting all the Democrat lunacy anyone could imagine.  I would be alright with the court handing down sentences for erring doctors that might include tar and feathering and, if necessary, burning at the stake.

After all the good people of California reiterated their love for Gavin Nuisance at the conclusion of his recall election.  He’s their man.  Give them all they can get.


Give the Black Guy a Chance

Come on Black and Brown folks of California it’s finally your big chance to really stick it to the man.  Gavin Newsom is dissing a black man, Larry Elder.  It’s your big chance to kick the white man to the curb and put one of your own in charge.  White privilege, whiteness, unconscious bias, whatever you want to call it.  Here’s your shot at putting one of your people in the big chair.  And from my point of view he couldn’t possibly do any worse than Gavin Nuisance.  So take your shot.  His term would be very short.  You’ll get to vote again in a little while so what have you got to lose?

And wouldn’t you love to not have to look at Gavin’s face ever again?

Poor Wittle Gavin Newsom Says Big Bad Recall is “Unfair”

This guy sounds like a big baby..  The big bad Republicans want to take away my toy!

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the recall effort against him is unfair and that its impacts will be felt “across the country.””…

“”My sense is, trying to be as objective as someone who is the target of this recall as I possibly can be, I think it will be quite pronounced for many, many years,” he said in response to what he thinks the consequences of a successful recall will be. “I think it will be felt all across the country. I think people haven’t really thought that through. … I don’t think the national Democratic Party is asking themselves that question.””…

“He added that the recall process against him has been weaponized by people with opposing political views.”…

“”I think the opportunity for the Republican Party with the midterm elections coming up, in [Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy’s backyard, in [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi’s state, in [Vice President] Kamala Harris’ home state, with California and the values we profess and practice that would be judged in a different light if this was a successful recall — I think it would have profound consequences nationwide,” the governor said.”…

“Newsom named immigration, climate change, health care and the coronavirus pandemic as issues that would be impacted by a recall.”

This clown deserves everything he gets.  How will the United States get along without him?  Well, I guess we’ll just have to muddle along, somehow.  Of course since he’ll be unemployed maybe we can hire him to cut the grass and clean up after the dogs.  Maybe he could be trained to do those things, maybe.

51% of Californians Polled Will Vote to Kick Newsom to the Curb

Now isn’t that special.  Governor Haircut is looking shaky coming up to the last month before the vote.  Larry Elder the black conservative pundit is currently the front running candidate to replace him.  Wouldn’t that be amusing.  None of the Democrats have entered the race because of the disrespect that would show to Governor Nuisance.  I’m not sure if it’s too late for one of them to jump in.  Let’s see how that plays out now that things are getting interesting.

What do you do after you’ve been given the ax as governor of California?  Maybe he can become wine-taster for Aunt Nancy Pelosi.  Or maybe he can sell used cars.  He’s got the hair and teeth.  Most probably he’ll become a lobbyist for the Chinese.  After all they don’t know any better.  They won’t be sure he’s as big a loser as he actually is.

I wonder if this might make him change his mind about more lockdowns.  It really does make you think.

Recall of Gavin Newsom Starting to Look More Likely

Booting Gavin Newsom out of the California Governor’s Mansion is starting to look much more likely than previously admitted.  Possibly his present policy of restoring the lockdowns on Californians has soured the Democrats at least to the point where they won’t bother to show up to vote for him.

My take on this is that California is a failed state that the inhabitants have earned.  And until cannibalism has had a chance to weed out the hopelessly stupid there is zero hope of reforming the Golden State.

But what this recall can provide is the opportunity for great hilarity.  Gavin Noisome or Gavin Nuisance or whatever Nancy Pelosi’s wretched relative is called deserves to lose his job and suffer the same ignominy that Gray Davis suffered after he was booted from office.  If only every state had this wonderful escape hatch.  Can anyone imagine that Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t have already been handed his walking papers if New York State voters had this same option?

Anyway, I look forward to a fun moment in September when this vote occurs.  If it fails well it still ruined Gavin Gruesome’s summer.  But if he’s kicked to the curb it will be the highlight of the week.

Hilariously, Los Angeles Wants Its Proles to Put Their Masks Back On

Mask up!  Mask up!!  The Delta Variant is coming!  The Delta Variant is coming!  The Delta Variant is coming!

It’s wonderful to behold.  This article by a smug loser whose brain is about the same size as the COVID virus browbeats her fellow Angelinos into covering their mouths and noses in the 115 degree heat of the Southern California summer.  And they wonder why their infrastructure is collapsing and the few intelligent Californians are rushing for the exits.  Let’s hope the whole state goes back under lockdown just in time for Governor Haircut to be bounced out of office.  And hopefully they put in an even more clueless woke progressive that will hasten the day when California is completely devoid of human life.  Maybe the scorpions and rattlers will be able to live in peace in the Golden State.

Seriously, these people are remarkably dense.  But they are making it much easier for normal people to vote with their feet.

Scientists Say 10%-14% of All Giant Sequoias Killed in 2020 Wild Fires

These forest management types say the wild fires that have been ravaging California are a dire threat to the survival of the only Giant Sequoias on the planet.  Well, maybe like everything else California does, their land management sucks too.

My own population of Giant Sequoias has increased 300% in the last few years and we haven’t lost a single tree to wildfires for as long as I’ve been around.

Perhaps they might want to plant a few in the rainforests of the Washington and Oregon.  And while they’re at it they might think about a program to establish them as widely around the world as possible.  Because the way California is going it will be a desert where even scorpions and cactus won’t be able to endure.  Is there anything Marxists can’t destroy?  Apparently not.

American Greatness – Pick of the Day – VDH’s – Will Unfinished Train Overpasses Become California’s Stonehenge?

If you need a good shot of shadenfreude read this article by Victor Davis Hanson.  Seriously, the loons in California are about to hit a very hard wall.  With any luck Trump can put a stake through the heart of their dreams by refusing to fund these monstrosities.

Will Unfinished Train Overpasses Become California’s Stonehenge?