Guest Contributor – War Pig – 07APR2024 – Dark Premonitions

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I, too, fear the day of the cartridge box. We have proven that only Americans can kick Americans’ asses. When roused, Americans are insensate fighters. The only example being our civil war, the casualties on both sides in that war exceed all casualties from all other wars combined. If it actually comes to fighting it will not be pretty. I am also fairly sure that the military leadership will not use the full powers of war against The People. As before, I believe the military will itself split. Also, it will be the left who actually fires the first shot, as the Confederacy did at Ft Sumpter. My dearest hope is a bloodless revolution. After all, the elite left talks a good fight, but they have no guts to actually get bloody.

The next thing that will happen will be a lot of criminal executions. No more revolving door justice. No more blaming the defender. Try to kick in a door and now get shot through the door. Felons caught in possession of firearms will not be put back on the street. Prison riots will be settled with shotguns and flamethrowers. Riots will be quelled with dispatch. Antifa and BLM will be sharply curbed. Looters run the risk of being shot in the act. It will take a few years for things to reach equilibrium, but they will settle.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 02APR20204 – All They Respect is Power

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As a soldier, when I was stationed temporary duty at Ft Indiantown Gap, PA, I was tasked to assist the recruiting command on occasion. I went to Happy Valley and the University of Pennsylvania in uniform and was usually greeted by Nazi salutes. Disrespectful, especially since I had an uncle in WWII who was one of the group who liberated Buchenwald.

The overall opinion of the general populace in Pennsylvania concerning the armed forces was pretty low. Sure there were veterans but many of them were Vietnam vet draftees and they were disallusioned, especially if they had to use the VA.

What a difference after 9/11! All of a sudden everyone was thanking us for our service. High schools which had tried to block our recruiting activities were suddenly friendly.

The civilians had been frightened. The Homeland had been attacked and they were afraid. Liberals who seldom deigned to recognize our existence suddenly were waving American flags.

But we remembered who called us baby killers just weeks before. We knew once the fear factor lowered they’d be right back to their old ways.

Liberals don’t change. Not really. They only get worse. They went from calling the armed forces Nazis to forcing drag queen shows on to elementary school kids to secretly going behind parent’s backs to try to transition children to change their sex.

Probably all we can do is wall them off and let them devour each other.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 22MAR2024 – Monkey Joe

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Maybe the geniuses chose Joe deliberately. Plans within plans. Joe is a distraction while the deep state makes itself irremovable. Joe is the screeching monkey distraction while the real work goes on surreptitiously. Rush Limbaugh was the distraction for GW Bush. He was the MAGA type of super-patriot distraction that allowed Bush’s people to work quietly building power. Bush was decried by the left as a yokel, all the while he beat them twice in a row and got the great majority of his legislative aims passed.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 18MAR2024 – Just Give Them the Keys

Yep, the Canukistani po-po have given up. They now tell residents to hang their automobile key fòbs outside to make it easier for the car thieves to steal your car in hopes they will not go ahead and break in, armed,  and decide to take anything else of value including the virtue of any women or girls in the house. Of course you are forbidden from protecting your home and family yourself. If you so much as shake a stick at an armed robber he will shoot you in self defense and you will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Of course the guns, knives, and bludgeons of the criminals are never mentioned, just that said criminals were victims of right-wing fascism and they should be awarded the homeowner’s property in compensation.

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More Haiti

War Pig
Unfortunately, Haiti is run by tribalist gangs who now practice cannibalism of their rivals. Perhaps we should simply embargo them and let them solve their problems as the Kilkenny Cats did. Give it a year or two, then open the embargo and deal with the survivors.


For whatever reason, the Haitians seem incapable of self-governance on any basis other than a strongman dictatorship and that’s a best-case scenario.
It’s ironic that Haitians tend to be a successful US immigrant group on average. That’s probably because anyone with any sense, intelligence and ambition is more than ready to get out of that s*** hole (as Trump so delicately stated it).
I’ll bet the El Salvador method would work well there.


1915-1934 intervention didn’t work.
1994 intervention didn’t work.
2004 intervention didn’t work. Kind of seeing a pattern of futility.


Milo Mindbender

If you look at the island from satellite you can see very clearly the border with the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is a tourism destination, but Haiti is not so much. They share an island, but do not share a culture. The problems in Haiti are more culture based, and less of a location issue. After every change of government, or natural disaster the western world tries to rebuild, or in the case of the Clinton foundation reloot this nation. You would think the serving of dirt cookies, and the reduction to cannibalism would serve as some sort of a warning about the eventual outcome of this.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 28FEB2024 – AI Thoughts

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AI will be used mostly for crime, pornography and politics.

In the hands of criminals and unfriendly or thug governments it will be used to steal to fund them. Such activities will become far more efficient with AI. N Korea is already making millions with counterfeiting other nations currencies. Counterfeiting currencies will be like robbing vending machines compared to what AI theft can do.

As for pornography, it may actually have a perverted good side. AI images will be so good that there will be no reason to use real children. Also no women need be trafficked for such films. However it can then become so over the top that people become desensitized and even more addicted. It begs the question; if it is an artificial image can it be considered child pornography? Right now Hentai is covered by the 1st Amendment, no matter how heinous. Just as the crucifix in a jar of urine was protected. Now, an author who writes the most perverted, degrading, violent and vomit-inducing stories of child abuse, rape, torture, etc. Is covered by the 1st Amendment. It is the written word. It is not real. It is fiction, amorphous. I am glad i am not a judge who has to decide those cases.

As for politics, we already have fraud. It can be used to fake voices and even make it look like Trump ripped the blouse off a woman and called her a shut. Or Biden with his hand up some little girl’s skirt. Then it has to be proven to be false. Let alone the violation of voting systems. Electronic voting should be abandoned. AI can make Big Brother look simplistic. Computer and internet companies know too much about us already.

AI has the potential to make us distrust virtually everything, and that is quite dangerous.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 25FEB2024 – FISA Expiration

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FISA should never have been enacted so yes it should expire. There are no “loopholes” in the Constitution for government to exploit and if We, the People, do not jealously guard our rights the cancer which is government will kill our Republic.

Having said that I doubt much will happen. Used to be I thought our own government would never use false flag attacks against us. I was wrong. It has been a standard tactic by the left ever since KKKlinton.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 18FEB2024 – Lawless

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If a billionaire former US President and current candidate can be nakedly screwed over, what hope is there for the rest of us?

The only glimmer is that if Trump is elected, the precedent of no Presidential immunity has been set. That means Clinton, Obama and Biden cannot hide behind it.

But whatever. There is no rule of law in this nation, anymore. It is anarchy where violent criminals are coddled and lawful citizens are murdered by their own government. Time for the red states to declare martial law or else for a movement of vigilantism to take hold. It could rapidly rein in the antifa and blm movements as the anarchists would be hugely outnumbered and outgunned.

The blue states are already seceding by ignoring law and using kangaroo courts to produce false convictions. Time for the red states to band together in solidarity and tell the left’s minions to go get stuffed.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 31JAN2024 – Lots of Guns

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I agree. I believe blood must be spilled to effect major change and revolt.

61% of US counties are 2d Amendment sanctuaries. Depending on who you believe, there are anywhere from 200 million to five hundred million weapons in private hands. Those include not just AR -15s, shotguns and pistols, but sniper rifles of extreme accuracy and range, machine guns up to .50 caliber, artillery up to 152mm, antiarmor rockets and missiles, old bazookas, RPGs, miniguns, flamethrowers and tons of explosives for IEDs. Also between a trillion and five trillion rounds for said weapons.

If the left wishes to disarm the People, who they gonna call? I do not believe the military will turn their guns on US citizens en mass. Several national guards would refuse Bidens attempt to federalize them. Most police would not obey Biden or their own blue governors, either.

History teaches us that it only takes 2-3% of the population willing to take up arms and fight to succeed in rebellion. The Bolsheviks were only about 3% of the Russian populace and they defeated the Czarists.

We have upward of 25 million veterans, mostly conservative. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and the Carolinas alone have millions of hunters who are good at camouflage, stalking, and are proficient with firearms.

The left doesn’t really want any part of a shooting rebellion. They just think they do. Once victorious, the hangings will begin. Pelosi, Soros, the Bidens, Clintons and Obamas are likely to suffer from rope burn if they don’t bug out on their private jets.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 06JAN2024 – The AWFL Bubble

war pig

Yes, the bubble, the echochamber. “It must be true because we all say it is true”. Then they employ the device they created, Bureaucracy, to wear down any dissent. As Stanislaw Lem wrote in “The Cyberiad”, the Steelypips found out that the Big B can defeat almost anything.

That is why they so fear and despise Trump. He is not of the system. He hates the Big B and its inherent evil. He slashes through it to get work done. He knows what paralysis and evil is hidden in reams of ill-used and sometimes arcane regulations with the force of law and which were not voted upon by public or congress.

She is right, of course about some things. Why buy Bucks’ noxious fluids full of arcane ingredients for 7 bucks when, with a Mr Coffee and a can of Folgers or Maxwellhouse, you can make your own caffeine drink at home for a few pennies a cup? Why, outside of need when busy, buy a breakfast sandwich of a toasted English muffin, a fried egg and a sausage patty for $4 when you can make it at home for about 60 cents?

But she is wrong about most Americans not changing their spending habits. Most of us, including old, widowed farts with adequate income streams, are changing spending priorities. I don’t fly to Europe unless it is in the back of a C-17 or other military jet. Then only when tasked. I eschew fast food dining except when on the run around the first of the month when I get most of the monthly chores accomplished. I do admit Five Guys burgers are rather good, but don’t ask for a large fry as I did my first time.

Liberal WASP women, especially those who are lesbians or cannot attract and keep a man, have a very skewed viewpoint. Personally I believe boxed wine makers are diluting their already useless product with various hormones to ensure addiction and with hallucinogens to prevent them from seeing reality.