Guest Contributor – War Pig – 19NOV2023 – Female Empowerment the Old Fashioned Way

My late wife never voted. She said they were all corrupt and voting was about the same as choosing which buzzard is going to dine on your carcass.

She did her politics through volunteerism. At the local hospital, making cookies for on-duty deputies, firefighters and EMT/rescue crews. Her oatmeal raisin cookies were notorious. She plumped the raisins in red or white wine depending on which raisin she used. She cooked and served at the local soup kitchen. I often donated venison as I always filled my limit. It served more than soup but my wife’s ham and mixed bean soup was always a big hit. And her cornbread (scratch, not a mix) was beloved by southern transplants. She got me to go down around Mardi Gras and make jambalaya, shrimp etoufee, gumbo, and red beans and rice.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 18NOV2023 – Circa 1968

In reply to ArthurinCali.

I turned 19 one week before my unit was ordered to retake Hue City in Tet of 1968. I was 2 weeks in country and was in my unit three days. Hotel Company, 2/5 Marines. Our C.O. was Captain Christmas. No joke. Our unit took 50% casualties in pretty fierce door-to-door fighting, but we took Hue. The C.O. was medevacced out and got a Navy Cross. He retired as a Lt General. It was a different time. No gayboi stuff, race relations was ok. You don’t care what color skin your squadmate has so long as he’s got your six.

I hit San Fran Airport in uniform with ribbons. I was spat upon and called a baby killer by some hippie. I spent the night in a holding cell at the airport until a magistrate turned me loose next day for self defense. Today I’d likely get ten years for ktfo-ing the punk. Why liberals believe they should get physical with a warrior fresh from the fight I don’t know.

There was no babysitting during wartime in the Marines. Do or die. I left the corps when our politicians betrayed us. I know how Afghanistan veterans feel. I took a year and a half off then joined the army and worked for the DIA until I retired.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 18NOV2023 – Thumbs Down on 2024

With California and New York both sealing conviction records, even for felonies, I doubt we can really turn the corner by peaceful means. How long before blue states seal pedophile and sexual predators’ records? So child care facilities, nursing homes and schools will have no way to detect paedos/predators and prevent them from working with vulnerable populations. Banks will wind up hiring thieves. This happened to me. My bank hired a juvenile thief with 20 arrests and 3 convictions and who’s records were expunged. He stole my and several others’ debit card data and account access and ordered merchandise sent to various she’ll addresses where his group picked it up. Thankfully I check my accounts daily, noticed the false purchases, and got the ball rolling. His bunch got ten years apiece.

But with Blue state politicians working as hard as they can to release a wave of criminals and illegal immigrants, I mean, Democrat voters, it will take a 1930s style depression to start waking up leftist voters, most of whom are women.

So banning another Great Depression, world war, or armed rebellion I don’t see a path forward.


Guest Contributor – War Pig – 17NOV2023 – Strategic Considerations

Long but interesting read. A couple of points:

1. Russia is not a near-peer to NATO. If Putin eventually wears down Ukraine and tries anything with a NATO country, he will get pimp-slaped back to Kamchatcka. In a conventional war he stands about as much of a chance as did Russian tactics and equipment during Desert Storm. The 4,000 members of the 101st Airborne stationed along the Ukranian border alone could cut a swath through Russian units like a combine through a wheat field.

2. Apparently the writer of the long article has not visited Taiwan in the last 40 years or so. It is not a little Vietnam. The Taiwanese should be able to repel a Chinese attempted invasion with just a dab of help from the US Navy. China is still a mostly paper tiger. Taiwanese troops hate the mainland Chinese and will fight rabidly. They have quietly amassed quite an arsenal of modern weapons. Remember also, the Chinese have zero experience in pulling off an opposed amphibious invasion. Unless the Taiwanese anti-air systems are seriously degraded, any lumbering cargo craft carrying troops or equipment will be easy meat.

After all, the US won all the battles in Vietnam. We lost due to turncoat politicians. However, during their ill-fated invasion of Vietnam, the Chinese got their arses handed to them quite handily by the Vietnamese, even though China had no ocean water to cross. The Vietnamese did to China what they never did to the US, win the battles. Taiwan is just as motivated, trained by the USA and the advantage of making China have to bring cargo ships across a contended ocean route with US attack submarines waiting on them like piranha. The US fleet just needs targeting data from the Taiwanese to sink Chinese ships with missiles from a distance of 120 miles or more from the US fleet.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 04OCT2023 – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

That’s right. Houston schools are removing libraries to repurpose the space for disciplinary centers. School jail.

I guess juvenile detention paid for by the city/state isn’t enough and now school tax monies must also be tapped to reinforce failure. I hope the taxpayers punish them in the courts and at the polls, voting down tax issues and replacing board members. Plus, they can sue for misuse of funds.

This doesn’t  count the civil rights suits lawyers will file on behalf of students put in what is basically a jail without due process rights and representation by a lawyer.

“Teachers at these schools will soon have the option to send misbehaving students to these discipline centers, or “team centers’” – designated areas where they will continue to learn remotely.

News of the library removals comes after the state announced it would be taking over the district, effective in the 2023-24 school year, due to poor academic performance. Miles was appointed by the the Texas Education Agency in June.”

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 28SEP2023 – Quick Ukraine War Update

Been rather busy. Have had to catch a military cargo hop to Joe’s town  twice this month.  The assassination of the Wagnerian boss is causing more trouble in the evil empire than you would think. Him and his deputy were the most capable commanders the Emperor had.  On the wider front, the Ukes aren’t doing quite as well as they claim, but the Empire is faring far worse than they claim as well. Big reorganization going on. The Emperor doesn’t want to believe how much corruption has had and is still having on his forces. They are desperate for oriental technology but as others are finding out, the Oriental’s weapons are mostly paper dragons. The Hermit has offered supplies for long boomers but they want just not cash but concessions. They are taking a chance that the Emperor will not be replaced by some internal Sith lord.


More as I get a chance.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 13SEP2023 – The Fog of War Reporting

The further away the reporting, the more bullshine in the story.

This was in West Germany. I was there between 1978-81 on that tour with the Army.

When our tanks went out on exercises of any size, at least 25% had to be fully combat loaded in case the Warsaw Pact and the Rooskies decided to make a surprise attack, hoping to catch us with empty guns. The 25% could hold the line/ delay the attack while we uploaded the rest.

This was a large-scale exercise and the tanks were loading up on trains to be taken to the training area. One of the M-60 Patton tanks which was uploaded with ammo as one of the 25%, swiveled its turret and fired the main gun point blank into the turret of another tank of the same unit. It killed the only man aboard, the tank commander. Likewise, the tank commander was the only one in the firing tank.

It was the old triangle. The dead GI was having an affair with the firing tank commander’s wife. Of course, he was tried by courts-martial and either got life with no parole or it may have been a death sentence.

By the time the story got back to the US and then rebroadcast by Walter Cronkite, the story’s own mother would not recognize it. It was attributed to racism or a near mutiny of the troops in Germany, a communist infiltrator, and likely Martians for all I know. It was the same in Vietnam before. Only what fit the liberal mantra was reported. All else was ignored or outright falsified.

That is why the average GI wants nothing to do with the press or embedded press teams. They are worthless as unbiased tellers of facts and will gladly throw a wounded warrior to the hyenas for something that fits their agenda.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 25JUL2023 – Squirrel Hunt

The last time I went hunting squirrels I did it up right. I put on my old ghillie suit, used a camo screen instead of facepaint and had my .22 bolt action. I picked a spot where I could sit on a fallen log with my back against a tree. I sat and waited, enjoying the crisp air and the sounds and smells of the woodlands.

As I sat, I heard a flock of turkeys on the ground, approaching. Turkey flocks on the ground are amazingly noisy. It was not turkey season or I’d have bagged a big Tom, so I decided to have some fun. They approached, not seeing me. I waited until they were about ten yards away when I stood up, pulled the screen away from my face, waved my arms and shouted “BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!”

You shoulda’ seen it. They tried to go in all possible directions. Some flew off and I could see and hear them smacking trees, falling then getting up to run. Wild turkeys are amazingly damage resilient. The rest ran off at all points of the compass besides at me. I sat back down and laughed like the Joker for about 5 minutes.

About an hour later I bagged three squirrels in a tree together. They were out on very thin branches and could move quickly enough. I field dressed them and put them in my pouch then walked back to the truck, laughing all the way.

My cousin complained she hadn’t had any squirrel gravy for years and asked if I’make some. I skinned the tree rats and went to her place and I made squirrel gravy and mashed sweet potatoes. We feasted. All I took home was a small Tupper container of gravy over the taters. I left her the rest.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 19JUL2023 – Joe Was Wrong

Joe was wrong, as usual. It will not take F-15s to fight against the government. History shows that it takes from 3 to 5 percent of the people willing to take up arms to overthrow even a tyrannical government. There are far more armed conservatives than that. Also, Joe, again mistakenly, believes the US military would strafe and bomb US neighborhoods or drive Abrams tanks through homes and businesses. In fact, many individuals and even entire units may defect to the rebels’ side.

Americans can be tough to handle in the best of times. Get them fighting mad and we are not like the sheeples of Asia and half of Europe. Add in the fact that there are 20-24 million trained veterans to add to the mix and no sane army wants to get tangled up in that.

That the rebels would have support from about 50% of the population would also work in the rebels favor.

PS: Did you see where our fearless leader terrorized another young child by pretending to cannibalize her? Why isn’t he locked away in his Depends eating gruel in an asylum. If I did that to children unknown to me in public, I’d be in the hoosegow trying to keep the father rapers off me.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 16JUL2023 – Grandchildren

Great plan and very worth while. Since my grandson’s father died young, I became the masculine figure in his life growing up. I took him to many firsts. His first fish caught, teaching him to shoot, the first squirrel shot, then cooked, kindergarten “graduation”, elementary graduation, high school then college graduation. The first time his team won a football game in juniot high then high school. His first big job out of college. Great memories to take with me when the black camel kneels at my door.

It is said you die twice. The first time is when your heart beats its last, and the second is the last time someone thinks of you. I have tried to place myself in as many good memories as I could.