Signifying Something

Macbeth has a speech late in the play.  His wife has suicided and his enemies are gathering for the kill.  And all his actions and all his hopes have been swallowed up into a nightmare.  He says,

“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”

Macbeth: Act 5, Scene 5

And sometimes our plight summons a similar feeling in me.  Our enemies call all the shots.  They control the heights of all the power structures.  They’ve even done a thorough job of brain-washing the younger generation into thinking that all the destruction of our way of life was the inevitable working of capitalism.  So that a decline into an impoverished welfare state is the reasonable and just future for themselves.  That life is but a walking shadow.  And that resisting this fate is a hopeless effort, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.  And controlling the youth, they determine the future.

I don’t deny that is probably where the smart money is currently bet.

But for whatever reason I disagree.  Maybe it’s just personal prejudice.  But, when I look at both sides, I find that our side has the more interesting characters; a more compelling plot.  We have a better story to tell.

The Left is selling despair.  Their message is: give up and die.

They say trade your life for a cash card and a smart phone and a grimy cell in a youth hostel and gender assignment surgery and the promise that you won’t have to think or try.

And I’m sure that there is a good-sized audience that will walk down that dead end.  Millions.  But I refuse to believe that everyone will follow it.  There will be a good-sized audience; millions, that will say, “That’s all you’re selling?”

And some of them will hear what our side has to say.  And I think that may be enough to decide things in the long run.  An army of zombies, even an army of millions, is still mostly nothing.  And it’s an aging army.  Zombies don’t have children.  They get older and weaker every day.

Our side has the advantage that what we say not only has the ring of truth, it is the truth.  Calling nonsense, nonsense and basing your actions on logic and reality even in the short run is the winning strategy.

The fact that they’ve rigged so many parts of the system we live under doesn’t mean it’s hopeless.  It just means you have to use your head to avoid the snares and pitfalls they’ve set for us.  With the Left in authority in many roles it’s obviously not going to be easy to flourish.  There is a lot of pain and frustration involved.  But as long as this country is still the best option for living a somewhat free existence then it’s worth our while to work around their traps.

And even just looking at the messaging that seems to be moving around in the media, even in the mainstream media, it seems that our version of the story is resonating with all kinds of different people.  I think that Biden and his band of weirdos have so thoroughly botched their transformation of America that they’ve even alienated a lot of the coalition of the oppressed.  If you watch the interviews even the zombies are semi-awake and complaining that their free stuff is too expensive.

The Democrats can steal elections and run roughshod over the Constitution but eventually they’ll end up like the Soviets.  Their system will degenerate into a Potemkin Village and one day the cardboard will collapse and there won’t be anything left but angry peasants with pitchforks.

So, for whatever reason I don’t feel like just giving up.  And anyone else who has something to say other than, “let’s give up,” can say it here.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 02FEB2024 – A Little Daylight

I still feel that we are winning. The constant charade by Leftists to convince the American public that all is well and normal is getting harder to maintain. Too many spinning plates to keep going as they say. Everything they touch seems to be declining, from the economy, immigration enforcement, foreign policy, education, national pride-everything.
No, this doesn’t mean that the GOP will get better at taking advantage of this, or that we will simply be able to vote our way out of this. But it does mean that more and more will recognize that the ruling class is against them and that there is a way forward to a future that allows true freedom from these forces.
It is Communism by another name that they are pushing on us, whether folks see it or not. As our blogger rightfully points out we should not forget that other things need to fill our time besides getting riled up by these shenanigans. Spend time with friends, family and hobbies you enjoy. Make sure to “Touch Grass” as they say. Have a great weekend!

On With the Show

Well, it was Friday so of course, I listened to the ZMan’s podcast.  It was called “The Mutant Supremacy” and was about the search to find the part of the Democrat constituency that is responsible for demanding the worst of their agenda.  These would be things like reparations, transgender rights and all of the most egregious policy demands.  He did a pretty good job narrowing it down by analyzing the underlying motivations of the various components of the Democrat coalition.  All in all, a good discussion.  And one of his points was that without the small group of people that spearheads these crazy causes the rest of the Left and Right would probably get along reasonably well, as opposed to the Civil War that seems to be on the verge of breaking out any day.

And then later on I saw that trailer again for that upcoming “epic” movie. “Civil War” and it made me think that all of this is completely unnecessary.  None of the things going on is due to inevitable clashes between different classes and ethnic groups at all.  All of these things are being stirred up by the same people who gave us Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  All of this is a deliberate program of incitement.  Joe Biden released millions of illegal aliens into the United States deliberately to sow conflict and worsen the economic plight of the American working class.  All of the dislocation associated with the “green energy program” will make everyone except for the investors in the companies manufacturing the green energy products, poorer.  For all the rest of us, we will be paying more for gasoline, heating oil and gas, food and all the other products that are manufactured from or with fossil fuels.  And then think of the whole COVID fiasco.  They were willing to shut down the whole economy and keep kids out of school for a year just to sabotage voting in an election.  And with the recent confirmation that the COVID virus was manufactured in the Wuhan lab it points to even more awful possibilities.  It has been reported that the United States, probably for the CIA, was paying for a virus program at Wuhan that included “gain of function” modifications to bat corona viruses.

When I first read that I felt like it was some kind of bad joke.  I mean, what other information would be needed for anyone with even room temperature IQ to make the imaginative leap to the idea that we paid for the COVID virus.  I just hope we didn’t actually release it too.

So, if we live in a society where a small number of people antagonize the rest of the population with increasingly harmful and even disastrous governmental dictates, how long can it be before this program leads to open revolt?  And after all, isn’t that exactly why all these things are being pushed?  None of these things satisfy the various aggrieved parties.  They only enrage the people they target, the unprotected constituencies that suffer the consequences.  So maybe all of this is to bring on the war that they claim we’re spoiling for.

So, I have to assume their ready for it.  Just as they were ready for the January 6th riot.  You could say they wanted the riot.  Some say they actually led it with undercover agents in the crowd entrapping the unsuspecting protestors.

Maybe they’re ready for what is going on in Texas.  Maybe they want the confrontation.  It’s hard to say.  But I think at a certain point all of this becomes a fait accompli.  A spark will set off the whole powder keg and we’ll get the explosion that the Left has been building for decades.  And at a certain point you stop caring about trying to avoid the inevitable.  The extra work becomes insupportable.

So, when Joe Biden wins the 2024 election, things will change.  I think those not on the Left will abandon the presidential election as a legitimate institution.  I think what we’re seeing in Texas right now may be the blue print for what will happen going forward.  The Constitution’s definitions of the federal government’s duties can be used to prove that they are in dereliction of their responsibilities and this provides a rationale for the states to step in.   This is what Governor Abbott has done for the border crisis and it can be used in the future for a number of similar cases where the feds have defaulted on their responsibilities.

From my point of view, the sooner this begins, the better.  With his abysmal approval ratings, Biden is in the weakest position imaginable for a president and additional attacks will weaken him further.  Will the outcome be a disaster for our side?  Maybe.  But as I said earlier, at a certain point you just stop caring and want to get it over with.  On with the show.


One thing you can’t say about the Left.  No one can say they don’t have a plan.  For the last two hundred some-odd years they have been expanding on one idea relentlessly in the West and with a few interruptions here and there they’ve made steady progress.  From the French Revolution to the latest dictates on transgender children they’ve been assaulting traditional society from every angle imaginable.  They are organized and they are relentless.

Now how about our side?  You could say that as a practical, moderate attempt to square the circle and provide a workable compromise between freedom of the individual and the needs of society, that creating the United States Constitution was kind of a master stroke.  And it truly was.  But after two hundred years of assaults from the Left there’s almost nothing left of it.  It’s been savaged and shredded by every imaginable special interest and grievance group.  And the most that the Right manages to do is provide feeble and half-hearted resistance.

Really the only meaningful fight that’s been launched in the last hundred years or more was by Donald Trump.  He identified the death blows that the Left wants to inflict on us.  And he tried to stop them.  And maybe he can do something about immigration and try to resurrect manufacturing in the United States if he’s re-elected.  Those are good things but they’re just the beginning and they’re not enough.

It’s no wonder our backs are to the wall.  We don’t have a plan.  We don’t know what we want to substitute for the Left’s vision of the future.  And that’s because we have no vision of our own.  The most that anyone can articulate about what we want for our future is to try and get back to yesterday or ten years ago or 1984 or 1950 or some other mythical golden age.  What they don’t understand is that the Left won’t let this happen and even if somehow, we managed to push things back more or less to that state they will never stop pushing back in their direction.  Because they know what they don’t want and that is what they will destroy.

The only way to prevent this destruction is if we have an agenda that we are constantly working toward and putting all our efforts into realizing.  In other words, “WE NEED A PLAN.”

In fact, that we actually don’t already have a plan means we can’t fix anything.  It means we haven’t diagnosed the strategy by which the enemies are attacking us.  And without that understanding we can’t formulate a solution to this problem.  Just as their plan is to eliminate us, our plan has to be eliminating them.  We need an action plan that continuously weakens them and strengthens us.  But we can’t make that plan because we don’t even understand what it is they are attacking.  We’ve lost sight of the principles that are the basis of a moral and sane world.  We’ve allowed relativism to creep into our world view and we no longer know what is right and what is wrong.

And until we start basing our choices on unassailable principles the Left will keep wearing down our world until there is nothing left worth living for.  So that’s where this needs to go.  We need a leader, either political or ethical who can start directing a list of actions that will address the things in our society that are diseased and which are harming us, body and soul.

And they’re not mysterious or impractical or esoteric actions.  There are examples in things that are being done by the Hungarians.  They are coming to the aid of families that want to raise children.  The government will provide support and relief to women who stay home and raise children.  They are investing in healthy citizens because the alternative is a childless future where the only source of citizens is immigration.  Another obvious direction to go is school choice to allow families to save their children from the disastrous effects of the public schools.

And just applying the same principles we can decide on an agenda that supports the things we know are right.  All of them will be things that support stable, healthy families and things that allow normal people to live healthy meaningful lives.  And if that means that there are fewer billionaires and less global growth then so be it.

And there are a thousand things that need to be done.  All of them can be discovered by looking at something that is currently causing diseased behavior and dysfunction and attacking it by figuring out what will result in less of it.  Maybe one of the things that will go away will be most of the internet.  Well then good.  Currently most of the cancer spreading through the veins of this country goes through the on-line system.  If kids are kept off of it until they’re thirty I wouldn’t complain.

But all of this is just examples.  What is really needed is the vision.  Someone or some group has to be thinking about these things.  And has to have a plan that is based on this kind of thinking.  And then that group has to expand out to include a larger group that includes representatives in every state so that leaders can be trained who will begin to implement these actions.  And just as importantly this group has to begin informing the people at large of what they want to do and how the common people can support this by voting, by providing time and money at the grassroots level to start instituting some of these things locally.

But instead of leaders we have a few talking heads who want to be president.  That will not achieve anything until an organization with a platform of practical actions has begun instituting change at the state and local level.  DeSantis is doing some of that in Florida.  But he needs to bring together as many leaders of the various communities and the various sectors of society to come up with a program.  Call it a reformation.  Make it a call to arms to fix as many broken parts of society as it’s practical to do.  Attack poverty by forcing able-bodied people to work.  Attack crime by attacking criminals.  Enforce illegal immigration bans on employment and housing.  Punish companies that offshore their operations by imposing stiff tariffs on these products.  And on and on.

Then spread this program across the red states.  Once the results of this program show people that there is a way forward then you can start to talk about a presidential run.  Until then we’re just wasting time and energy on a figurehead position while the whole country goes straight to hell.


Brazilians Occupy Their Congress, Supreme Court and Presidential Palace

Bolsonaro supporters stormed the main buildings of their three branches of government today.  It should be interesting to see if Brazil’s election protestors end up as the January 6th protestors did or prevail.  Brazil is not within my areas of expertise so I’m not sure what any of this means.  But ti does show that America is not the only major country where the Left and the Right are at each others throats.



Is There a Tipping Point?  What Do You Think?

What do you think?  Will the pendulum swing back or has the string just snapped and we’re in freefall?  I was in the comments section the last few days being reminded that a lot of people have caught onto the game on the Left.  And I don’t deny that.  Tens of millions of Americans have opened their eyes to what is happening to this nation, to this world.  But can that make a difference?  Supposedly we have representative government.  We’ve even changed parties in all three branches of government when they’ve annoyed us enough.  But it still seems that the policies don’t change.

We voted Donald Trump into the White House in 2016 but Republican leaders in the House and Senate did everything they could do to block his policies on immigration and the border fence.  Why was that?  The executive branch of the government did everything humanly possible to blunt Trump’s agenda.  The agencies that he had direct control over triumphed over the duly elected President of the United States.  The news media and the social media platforms cover for the Democrats and suppress the truth at will.  Can these things be overcome?  What do you think?

Maybe I’ve gotten cynical or maybe it’s just sad experience but I sense that we’re not even close to how far the Left is willing and able to go.  I mean look at the “wag the dog” Biden is working on.  He’s talking about trading nukes with Putin.  Even the most hawkish Republican would have cooled down the rhetoric about pushing the Russians or the Chinese to nuclear war.  Biden almost seems to think it’s gaining him points.  If they’re willing to go to these lengths to keep people from thinking about the shambles they’ve made of this country, what aren’t they willing to say or do?

As I’ve said repeatedly, I think this mid-term election is a very good surrogate for how possible it will be to change the course we’re on.  We reached maximum crazy two years ago and have just been watching the fallout from it hollow out the world around us ever since.  If what’s going on now doesn’t arouse the fury of the populace against the people responsible when will it?  And even if the people do line up at the ballot boxes to vote them out what’s to stop the crooks from simply manufacturing whatever number of millions of votes needed to swing it?  Am I wrong to be thinking this way?

So that’s why I’m curious to see whether my pessimism is unusual or do most of you feel the same way.  Sure, I haven’t given up.  I’m hoping that November bounces these losers out of control of the Congress.  But I’m far from sure that it will happen.  The House looks like a lock to fall to the Republicans and the Senate looks like it will teeter over the edge back to them too.  But in any normal universe it should be a landslide.  Now it’s just a teeter-totter that could go either way.

Any of you who would like to help me take the pulse of the people who read this site choose an option in the poll or leave a comment or both.  I’m curious to hear which way it goes.


So the sense at this point in the poll is that the majority thinks the country will reject the Left.  But the lion’s share of those people think voting won’t be sufficient.  Well that’s both encouraging and daunting at the same time.  Please keep adding your opnions to the poll and the comments.  I’ll have to say I’m very glad I posted this one.  And I’m glad Whatfinger picked it up.  And thanks to everyone who got involved.


Is There A Point At Which the American People Will Reject the Left?

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Moderation is a Myth

Today’s commentary was full of essays telling us that we’re not really so divided (1) (2).  It’s the fringes of both sides who stir up the trouble.  Both sides really want the same thing.  Move to the middle.  Blah, blah, blah.

Probably some of these arguments are well-intentioned.  After all polarization has recently turned to violence among the least stable characters inhabiting the nation.  That mad man who ran over an eighteen-year-old because he had a political argument is a good example.

But the arguments that both sides are the problem is stupid.  The reality is that one side, the progressives, is waging a scorched earth campaign against normalcy with the explicit and coordinated aid of almost every power center in the country.  You would have to be an amnesiac to have already forgotten the George Floyd riots, the resultant breakdown of law and order in the cities, the COVID lockdowns, the sabotage of the energy sector, the transgender assault on children and the anti-white campaign called Critical Race Theory or DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion).

Our side is just trying to survive.  We find ourselves under assault from all directions by the richest and most powerful individuals and organizations.  To claim that this is all some sort of misunderstanding amongst otherwise like-minded citizens is ludicrous and frankly, a lie.  It will take a herculean effort to turn around the situation on the ground in the United States to even barely survive the extinction level damage that has been done to this country.  To tell people that they are overreacting to what we see on our streets is beyond delusional.  It’s either idiocy or dishonesty.

So, my answer to these people trying to have a kumbaya moment is shut up.  What you’re saying isn’t true.  People don’t need to be soothed back to sleep.  They need to be awakened.  If you wake up in the middle of the night and your house is on fire you shouldn’t try to go back to sleep.  Sure, maybe you’re already groggy from the smoke and carbon monoxide but losing consciousness isn’t going to save your life and the lives of your family.  Wake up!  Do what needs to be done to save what’s left of your world.  Don’t listen to the voice of weakness that tells you to avoid the pain of resisting, that tells you that loss is inevitable.  Wake up and do something!

I have respect for those who are trying to organize a resistance and those who are actually doing something.  It’s not necessary for everyone to storm the barricades.  But it is important to reject those weak-hearted or foolish voices that tell us that maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle and all we have to do is reach across the aisle for a compromise.  Reaching across the aisle is what got us here.  We’ve been sliding down the slippery slope so long that we’ve reached terminal velocity.  At this point compromise is defeat.

So don’t tell me that the Mid-Terms aren’t a battle between good and evil.  They definitely aren’t a decisive battle but when you’re down by twenty runs in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and two strikes against you every pitch is a battle.  If you’re selling the story that the Left isn’t the devil, you’re selling a lie.

Goodbye to All That

Robert Graves is probably best known today for his historical novel “I, Claudius.”  He was a British officer in World War I and after enduring the horrors of trench warfare he became completely disillusioned with patriotism and in fact British civilization in general.  As a declaration of this rejection, he wrote an autobiography called “Goodbye to All That.”

By this he implied that he rejected the social structure that had defined British society before the war.  To him that whole way of life, that way of looking at the world, and what it stood for had been invalidated and rendered absurd.

In a way, the Left is saying a similar thing.  They’ve rejected the basis of traditional American life.  But they’ve done more than that.  They’ve rejected the basis of all traditional human life.  They no longer recognize things as fundamental as the difference between a man and a woman.  They deny the objectivity of science and even mathematics.  They reject meritocratic principles.  Essentially, they desire to reject reality and order the world according to some fantasy that they have concocted in their heads but that doesn’t seem to have any permanent rules.  So, the Left has said goodbye to all that.

But by the same token it is necessary for us to say something similar.  The concept of the United States of America as a cohesive, unified nation has now been invalidated and rendered absurd.  America is a geographical and political entity that contains multiple, and in some cases, hostile segments of the population that no longer see each other as countrymen.

Worse than that, the Left uses the patriotism they no longer believe in to bamboozle traditional Americans into sacrificing their self-interest when it benefits the Left.  So, we’re “fellow Americans” when the Left wants us to fight a war or share the wealth with underprivileged minorities.  But when it’s time to celebrate anything of ours, well, that’s just white supremacy.

It’s time for us to say goodbye to the idea that everyone living in the United States of America is an American.  It’s simply not true.  Worse than that, acting as if it were true is counterproductive and sometimes even dangerous.  We’re going to have to start separating from the Left in important ways.  We’ll need to send our children to different schools.  The public schools will be too dangerous.  And because of the discrimination that’s already apparent in woke corporations we’ll need our own businesses.  So, we’ll need to be able to identify each other in order to hire our people for these companies.  How we’ll do that is something I’m not sure of.  Probably recommendations will be the best way to know someone is one of us.

But the first step and the most important step is to start distinguishing in your own head between the different kinds of people living in the United States and do everything in your power to maximize your dealings with real Americans and minimize your dealings with Leftists.  I’ll admit this was a hard realization for me.  I’ve always been a flag waving patriot.  But I know now that the Left has destroyed many organizations and institutions like the public schools.  We don’t have the luxury of thinking that these are our institutions.  They’re not.  We just can’t assume that everyone believes what we believe and is our friend.  We have to stick together and boycott the rest of them.

Maybe someday things will go back to normal and we’ll all be one country again.  It’s possible though doubtful.  But for the foreseeable future it’ll have to be, goodbye to all that.

Poor Brandon

As I mentioned yesterday, the Left is peppering their latest screeds with the trope, “Why can’t we all just get along?”  This is coming from the same people who recently were declaring their hatred for the white race that had caused all the evil in the world and stood on the wrong side of history and was now doomed to disappear from the face of the earth.  Funny how that happens.  It seems that the number of people saying, “Let’s go Brandon” has reached such a level that even Joe Biden has finally started parroting it.  And, wonder of wonders, forcing people to endure an unending gauntlet of isolation, humiliation and petty torture for the sake of an impossible goal of eliminating a not-very dangerous but extremely communicable virus has finally alienated even the most compliant citizens.  Add to that an economy mishandled into stagflation and the breakdown of law and order in all the major urban centers and you’ve got a recipe for political death at the voting booth.

So, when the reality of what’s going on sinks in, what do the geniuses on the left come up with?  “We’re all in this together!”  Suddenly the people they’ve been vilifying and torturing for five years are all of a sudden, their best friends!  Of course, there’s no practical expression of this new-found friendship.  They haven’t reversed their vaccination mandates.  People are still losing their jobs for refusing the jab.  They haven’t changed their minds about the necessity of wiping toxic white people from the face of the earth.  You’re still a cancer on the nation.  Even four dollar a gallon gasoline and the inflation that it engenders in the economy hasn’t changed their minds about the wisdom of their moronic energy policy.  All of these things are the same.  But you have to reach across the aisle and embrace the people who hate you for the good of the country.


The only answer any of these appeals to brotherly love deserve is a prominent middle finger salute and a hearty chorus of “Let’s go Brandon.”  They’ve dug their own graves and it’s our patriotic duty to make sure they get complete credit for all the wreckage and hate that they’re so clearly responsible for.  My favorite emphasis is on “defund the police.”  I think the damage that has been done by the weakening of the police and the strengthening of urban crime gangs is a scourge that will take decades to reverse.  Depositing that disaster right at the feet of the people who are responsible is, in my opinion, the single most effective weapon against the Democrat party.  Images of rioting, looting arsonists marauding through the streets of America’s cities is a powerful message that will resonate with everyone except the dysfunctional looters themselves.

In conclusion, I’d like to propose a toast to our beloved President Brandon.  Long may he stammer and fart and threaten Americans with his exhausted patience.  Very soon he will be relegated to the same place that Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush were sent, the land of one-term presidents.  And we will go forward trying to salvage what is left of this country and regain the freedoms we were born with.

What Will Our New Nation Look Like?

Everyone talks about the “Two Americas.”  One of them is well defined.  The Progressive America has declared its mission statement.  It is the Woke, Anti-White, Globalist Nation.  It will continue down that road for the foreseeable future.  If we want to see what it will look like in a few years it will look like San Francisco, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago and Atlanta.  It will be a place that pits various grievance groups against white people, men, people who aren’t sexual deviants and probably other groups that haven’t yet been attacked because no one has had a chance to think up a grievance against them.  Based on current trends I would guess that the next target will be people who can legitimately pass a course in high school geometry.

So that’s one nation.  The other one is ours.  A lot of people assume that our nation will essentially be like what America was before the grievance movements started changing things in the 1960’s.  That is a possibility but I wouldn’t say it’s the only one or even the most likely outcome.  And I won’t pretend that I’m sure how it will turn out but I have been thinking about it lately.  I’ll go through my thinking on it.  Thinking about it methodically seems the most comprehensive way to avoid missing any cases.

I’ll start with the most pessimistic scenario, of course.  Let’s call this the complete triumph of the Left or the complete collapse of the Right.  Whichever angle you take on it, it’s where the Right loses all political battles and essentially disappears from the culture.  So, all the old ideas and customs disappear and are completely replaced even in memory with the woke culture.  Freedom of speech disappears and individual freedom becomes reduced to which particular sexual deviancy you currently espouse.  Basically, it will look like California everywhere.  If I’m being honest, I might say that this is one of the likelier possibilities.

Slightly less pessimistic, is the case where people like us become a sort of shunned pariah minority.  Sort of the way the Coptic Christians exist in Egypt after the Arabs established Islam as the state religion.  They are despised and their place in society is always subject to assault by the authorities and even by the population at large.  Everyone knows that if the Copts are persecuted beyond what the law already prescribes it is very doubtful that the perpetrators will suffer heavy consequences.  And once again, this is not an unheard-of eventuality.  In fact, it’s sort of the status quo in blue states.  Think of that wedding baker in Colorado who keeps getting charged by the authorities for following his conscience, even after the Supreme Court has already found in his favor on the facts of the case.  Harassment and persecution all the way down.

A third case would be for the Right to prevail in some subset of the United States territory.  So, let’s say that the country doesn’t technically break up but the individual states are allowed to legislate social policy according to their beliefs.  One way this might work out is for these states to keep the current status quo.  Leave all the current laws but enforce the things that the federal government has been neglecting.  So, for instance they might enforce immigration laws and protect first and second amendment rights.

But they might decide that they want to roll back many of the things that the federal government and especially the Supreme Court have ordered over the last 50 to 70 years.  And there is a whole boat of things that would be covered there.  In reverse chronological order that would include, transgender rights, gay marriage, sodomy laws, abortion and affirmative action.  And there could be many other changes.  Access to welfare could be curtailed or eliminated altogether.  Even programs like social security and Medicare and Medicaid might be eliminated.  One thing that might be changed is the concept of citizenship based on birth in the territory of the United States.  Even the right of citizens of other states immigrating into another state might be questioned.

So, it could be seen how in a place where these types of changes are being considered or even enacted the nature of citizenship and patriotism would be very different.  Maybe Texan would become a much more important identifier than American.  And I could see regional identity become something important.  If several adjacent states coordinated their legal and commercial affairs, they could make a region almost the equivalent of a nation state.  I don’t claim to think this option is one of the most likely but I can see how it might be the most beneficial arrangement for our nation.

Another possible outcome but much less likely is the Right essentially wins.  We somehow build a big enough coalition to win the legislative battles and make the administrative changes that prevent us from being victimized by the Left.  Here we have to assume that the process of coalition building will involve identity groups negotiating quid pro quo arrangements where no one would get everything they wanted.  It would mean that this coalition would still be made up of adversarial groups fighting in a zero-sum game and only cooperating in the face of the greater evil that the Left represents to normal people of various ethnicities.  This will be a kind of cold civic nationalism where grudging tolerance will be the rule.  Once again patriotism will not be any part of this society.

I guess the final case is where someway, somehow Americans come to their senses and realize that what they had in the mid-twentieth century was as close to heaven on earth as anything could be and reject leftism and all the harmful and dysfunctional policies that the Left has spread and fostered.  Then we would have a country like we used to have.  I rate the possibility of this case so close to zero that arrays of supercomputers working on the probability couldn’t find a non-zero decimal place in the whole number.

So, these are the cases I can come up with.  Do you know of any other case?  Which one do you think will occur?


How Will the Left/Right War end?

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