Is There a Tipping Point?  What Do You Think?

What do you think?  Will the pendulum swing back or has the string just snapped and we’re in freefall?  I was in the comments section the last few days being reminded that a lot of people have caught onto the game on the Left.  And I don’t deny that.  Tens of millions of Americans have opened their eyes to what is happening to this nation, to this world.  But can that make a difference?  Supposedly we have representative government.  We’ve even changed parties in all three branches of government when they’ve annoyed us enough.  But it still seems that the policies don’t change.

We voted Donald Trump into the White House in 2016 but Republican leaders in the House and Senate did everything they could do to block his policies on immigration and the border fence.  Why was that?  The executive branch of the government did everything humanly possible to blunt Trump’s agenda.  The agencies that he had direct control over triumphed over the duly elected President of the United States.  The news media and the social media platforms cover for the Democrats and suppress the truth at will.  Can these things be overcome?  What do you think?

Maybe I’ve gotten cynical or maybe it’s just sad experience but I sense that we’re not even close to how far the Left is willing and able to go.  I mean look at the “wag the dog” Biden is working on.  He’s talking about trading nukes with Putin.  Even the most hawkish Republican would have cooled down the rhetoric about pushing the Russians or the Chinese to nuclear war.  Biden almost seems to think it’s gaining him points.  If they’re willing to go to these lengths to keep people from thinking about the shambles they’ve made of this country, what aren’t they willing to say or do?

As I’ve said repeatedly, I think this mid-term election is a very good surrogate for how possible it will be to change the course we’re on.  We reached maximum crazy two years ago and have just been watching the fallout from it hollow out the world around us ever since.  If what’s going on now doesn’t arouse the fury of the populace against the people responsible when will it?  And even if the people do line up at the ballot boxes to vote them out what’s to stop the crooks from simply manufacturing whatever number of millions of votes needed to swing it?  Am I wrong to be thinking this way?

So that’s why I’m curious to see whether my pessimism is unusual or do most of you feel the same way.  Sure, I haven’t given up.  I’m hoping that November bounces these losers out of control of the Congress.  But I’m far from sure that it will happen.  The House looks like a lock to fall to the Republicans and the Senate looks like it will teeter over the edge back to them too.  But in any normal universe it should be a landslide.  Now it’s just a teeter-totter that could go either way.

Any of you who would like to help me take the pulse of the people who read this site choose an option in the poll or leave a comment or both.  I’m curious to hear which way it goes.


So the sense at this point in the poll is that the majority thinks the country will reject the Left.  But the lion’s share of those people think voting won’t be sufficient.  Well that’s both encouraging and daunting at the same time.  Please keep adding your opnions to the poll and the comments.  I’ll have to say I’m very glad I posted this one.  And I’m glad Whatfinger picked it up.  And thanks to everyone who got involved.


Is There A Point At Which the American People Will Reject the Left?

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Neil Dunn
Neil Dunn
5 months ago

“… simply manufacturing whatever number of millions of votes needed to swing it? Am I wrong to be thinking this way?”
This is my major concern that things have not been corrected enough since the 2020 voter fraud–>Biden and his crew.

5 months ago
Reply to  Neil Dunn

That’s a concern, to say the least.

The Dims rabid reaction whenever the topic of election theft is brought up is telling. On a personal level, I long ago learned to keep my reaction down whenever someone is getting to a weak spot, because to do otherwise is a loud and clear announcement of the existence of that weak spot.

Biden, 82 million votes? Really?

5 months ago

Vote: with your wallet, your purchases, your words, and your presence.

5 months ago

The pendulum “snapped” when the supreme court ruled it was okay to discriminate on race or sex as long as the only ones being discriminated against were caucasian males. They called it “Affirmative Action”. Jimmy Carter showed me how it works when I was enlisted in the army, where women and minorities were promoted at the first eligibility window and caucasian males were made to wait until the end of eligibility window. Not based on performance, simply based on sex or race. We now have sexual preference and a whole host of people with mental issues clamoring for the same “Affirmative… Read more »