07OCT2022 – OCF Update

Today was a day of hard labor.  Camera Girl cruelly tasked me with completing my various long neglected yard projects.  I was like some kind of medieval serf sweating in bondage and there was no reprieve until all was done.  But I will confess it’s a relief not to have that stuff gnawing at the back of my mind.  I even put up some signs on the road for the Dunwich Republicans.  Chances are Cthulhu will eat them the next time he’s walking down my road but hopefully the metal posts will give him gas.  When I finished there was barely time for a shower before dinner.

Dinner was splendiferous, only partly because I was starving.  It’s really impossible to overvalue a wife whose a good cook.  I think the Bible says something about worth her weight in rubies.  Well maybe that wasn’t specifically about cooking but I’m sure the Lord was throwing that into the equation too.  After all God invented woman as a helpmate for Adam and what’s more helpful to a tired working man than a good home-cooked meal?  Of course he could have made them a little less observant of our faults.  But all things considered I’ll take the package as it stands.

Afterward, I was too tired to write a post so I watched a Japanese ghost story (actually four stories) from 1965 called Kwaidan.  It’s very long and very weird.  Now I’m staring at the computer screen and thinking, “I got nothing.”  So I think I’ll retreat upstairs and get some shut eye before the weekend.  I’ve got no chores to do and no errands to perform so I can produce some clean copy tomorrow.

So tomorrow I’ll be tanned and rested and I’m sure that Biden or Kamala or some other blithering idiot will provide the fodder for a withering attack that I’ll frame in 500 words or more.  Have a good night.