19APR2021 – OCF Update

I’m currently reading the two short story collections from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.  The first one is called “Side Jobs” and I’m about halfway through.  They’re actually pretty good.  Of course I’m already a fan of the Dresden stuff and I also enjoy short stories.  But also I’m glad to have something enjoyable to read to take my mind off of the laughably awful happenings in Dementia Joe’s Lockdown America.

And the other thing going on is that spring has sprung.  And even after the ridiculous spring snowstorm last week flowers are flowering and trees are budding all over the place.  I’ll have something to photograph that isn’t ant sized.  And that is good for the mind.  And I hear that even the COVID paranoid are starting to break down and let their kids play (gasp) with other kids.  Maybe there is hope for the crazy after all.

Well anyway it’s time to get out there and breath in that good clean spring air.

02APR2021 – OCF Update – Good Friday

John Chapter 19

19 And Pilate wrote a title, and put [it] on the cross. And the writing was, JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS.

20 This title then read many of the Jews: for the place where Jesus was crucified was nigh to the city: and it was written in Hebrew, [and] Greek, [and] Latin.

21 Then said the chief priests of the Jews to Pilate, Write not, The King of the Jews; but that he said, I am King of the Jews.

22 Pilate answered, What I have written I have written.


I hope everyone has a happy Easter Sunday.  I’m having over family and that is as good as it gets.  Posting may be a bit spotty because of the festivities but I’ll do the best I can.


31MAR2021 – OCF Update – Looking Around

Figured I’d look around and see what’s interesting and pass it along.

So, here is Angelo Codevilla talking about how someone can become the leader of the deplorables.  Damn it!  He sounds just like me!  Codevilla is good.  I’ve been following him since 2016 and he’s one of the few academic/government players who speaks reality.  And just like the other one, Michael Anton, he has a link to the Claremont Institute.

And just in case you’ve already stopped laughing from the last time this was claimed, here’s another article claiming that the Durham Investigation is “interviewing witnesses and issuing subpoenas”  Who are they subpoenaing?  Elvis? Sasquatch?  The inhabitants of the lost colony of Roanoke?  By now some of the witnesses and conspirators have died of old age.  Why not just concentrate on the JFK assassination and the UFO stories?  Those could be fun.  How about helping me find my needle nosed pliers?  It’s supposed to be in my tool box but I thought I saw it in the junk drawer in the kitchen where Camera Girl left it.  A crack investigator like Durham is just who I need to breath new life into my search.

And finally kudos to Ron DeSantis once again for his open statement that Florida won’t allow the corporate Stasi to start imposing vaccine passport requirements on his citizens.  Damn this guy is good.

Cold and damp up here in Satan’s Freezer.  Everyone out there have a  good Wednesday.


American Museum of Natural History, New York City, Sony NEX 5N, Sony 24mm F\1.8 APSC lens

28MAR2021 – OCF Update – The Expedition to the Great Eastern Glacier

As you may know I am a climate heretic.  I not so much dismiss global warming as I cheer it on.  Living in the frozen hell of New England I look forward to the day when I may roam around my yard in early February in my speedo.  Unaccountably my neighbors aren’t as keen on my idea.

Be that as it may, the National Geographic Society contracted with me to fly aerial reconnaissance over the Great Eastern Glacier.  Since it is located in my front yard I agreed after the usual haggling over remuneration.  Here is that photo.

I marveled at its majesty and after landing on it and planting my flag I flew back to base.  Nature is truly humbling to behold.


Later I reconnoitered around the yard to see if anything was stirring.  During the week Camera Girl related running into the mallards on the pond and salamanders in her garden mulch but I saw none of these critters.  But in one of the gardens that my predecessor planted but that was swallowed up in the bramble area over time a few stray daffodils have already sprouted.


Whereas our planting is still getting started


And the reindeer moss is recovered from its winter funk.



So while I failed to witness the legendary mating ritual of the Southern New England Sasquatch that I had hoped to report on, nevertheless, much was achieved.  I was able to obtain measurements that prove categorically that the Great Eastern Glacier is certain to last for at least another 5,000 years.  Ice cores taken at a depth of 2.8 miles below the surface show that the legendary Kingdom of the Mole-Men has installed refrigeration equipment that will preclude any loss in glacial volume indefinitely.  Based on this data I am planning to construct a saw mill to provided cubed ice for the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea.  Since time immemorial the aboriginal highland inhabitants have been forced to drink their traditional summertime beverage mu-ba-bu at ambient temperature which in Papua New Guinea can be north of 110 degrees F.  Mu-ba-bu is a variety of fermented human brain fluid.  Predictably it has a very limited shelf life at ambient temperatures so access to really good cubed ice will be a revolution for the average Papua New Guinea house wife in regard to making the mu-ba-bu budget stretch.

07MAR2021 – OCF Update – This and That

Today was a work day.  I’ve been neglecting my writing so today I paid my dues and knocked off a few thousand words of story telling.  I’m in a quiet interval in the story and those are harder to write for me than the action sequences.  Those seem to write themselves.

So the Democrats are paying the blue states a few trillion dollars to let them pay their union buddies off.  Seems about as expected.  And from what I remember there’s a bill circulating to codify election stealing into national law.  I wonder if the Republicans will put up any fight at all.  Probably not.  I’m very interested to see if the Red States start putting together state measures to keep the fraudsters out of their states.  And of course I’m waiting for the conflict that those two opposed actions will lead to.  I think at this point that there are some states that will take their fates into their own hands and begin the battle for freedom.

I’ve been following Curtis Yarvin’s Gray Mirror newsletter on my e-mail account.  I haven’t taken out a paid subscription yet so I only read the free section but that may be enough.  Yarvin likes to write voluminously so his free section is at least several thousand words. per piece.  He’s a strange cat.  He considers himself a monarchist.  He has no belief in the democratic form of government.  He’s not a conservative per se.  I think the correct term is neo-reactionary but he does have a lot of interesting ideas.  The only thing I’m not sure about is whether the world he wants is the one I want. If you’re interested in an intellectual’s take on the solution to the Woke Culture you might check it out.

I went back to some of the photography websites I used to follow and it seems they’ve fallen on hard times.  Web traffic is way down and interest has shifted to phone cameras and Pinterest.  Oh well.  Since a lot of these sites censored conservative commenters in a biased way compared to their progressive commenters I can’t say that I’m sad to see them suffering.  Maybe if they’d been more even handed I might have cared.  Well anyway I’ve got my own place to put my bug pictures up so I’m good.

My ongoing experiment with a rower (Concept 2) has been going okay.  I’m loving the experience as is Camera Girl.  It’s actually very relaxing and good for clearing my mind.  But as Maddmedic warned it is tough on the back.  So I’m doing back stretches and have stopped sitting on my uber-soft couch and now use a stiff wood backed chair.  So far so good.

I enjoyed the Biden parody post.  I’ve got to see if I can do more of those.  He really deserves all the abuse we can heap on him.

Well, that’s enough for now.  Enjoy your Sunday night.

25FEB2021 – OCF Update

Yesterday I cranked out a few thousand words to a story I’m working on and it felt great!  Nothing but positive energy.  Writing about something with no relation to Leftists or Wokeness was absolutely rejuvenating.  So I’m going to start writing a little fiction everyday.

Spring is starting to make some headway here at the compound.  I actually left the snow on the lower driveway this last snowfall and it’s melting sloppily on its own.  This is big.  By the end of February my back is usually pretty beat up.  And because of this I’ve been very slow to ramp up my use of the rower but with the specter of snow removal slowly receding in to the rear view mirror I will start building up on the rowing.

One of the negative effects of the spring season is the reappearance of the black bears in the area.  Last year they flattened Camera Girl’s beloved bird feeding pole.

This year she has vowed to pre-emptively take in the feeders when the local animal control warnings go out.  We shall see.

And at long last the replacement part for Camera Girl’s beloved dishwasher has arrived from Wuhan, China. It took three months for the part to arrive.  Something about interruptions at the factory.  Whatever.  There is much rejoicing and  the repairman will be declared a Hero of the Motherland and our next dog is sure to be named after him.

So as you can see my mood is ebullient and even the prospect of Dementia Joe declaring another fatwa against me and mine just isn’t getting the job done today.  Pretty soon the crocuses will be crocussing and the daffodils will be doing whatever daffodils do and I can get out with my beloved Sony A7 III and my beloved Sony 90mm F/2.8 macro lens and all will be right with the world.



24FEB2021 – OCF Update – Something Constructive

I decided today was a good day to do some fiction writing.  I’ve been neglecting it during the run up to the Dementia Joe inauguration and since there wasn’t anything really compelling in the news I figured I’d wait until later to put up a post.  I have a post in progress for the end of the hummingbird Photo of the Day series but I’ll attach something interesting from the archive just to make this worthwhile.


American Museum of Natural History, New York City, Sony NEX 5N, Sony 24mm F\1.8 APSC lens


15FEB2021 – OCF Update

We got a good response on my “Who is the Worst RINO in Recent History?” post.  And I’ll have to say I really enjoy getting the feedback.  In fact, I crave that experience.  It’s no secret that I despise Romney.  But even if the winner had been someone I don’t really care that much about like Richard Burr or Bill Cassidy, I still would have been gratified to get the information.  I only have my small group of friends here in the Northeast and finding out what the rest of the country thinks is valuable.  Not knowing what has been going on in the rest of the country is part of how they have been able to rip this country apart.  When people get to tell their stories it makes us all better informed.

I encourage all of the readers to say what you think even if you think my opinions are mistaken, even, especially if you think they’re mistaken.  And I’m interested in any topics you are interested in me writing about.  If you have a topic send it in the comments.  And if you want to write on it, even better.  I’ll set up a folder for you and post it.  Just pick an alias and it’ll be searchable for your alias and if you ever want it removed I’ll be happy to do it.

Now that the impeachment is over I’m hoping that we’ll start to hear from Donald Trump and what his plans for the future are.  I’ll continue my own series of posts about what I think the country needs.  At this point I think a convention of conservative leaders is desperately needed.  A national organization separate from the federal government is going to be needed.  It will need to coordinate all the red states that are tired of being ignored or persecuted by the feds but it will also have to represent and help the conservatives living behind the enemy lines in blue state America.

I am also looking for any practical experience with the topics that I am discussing for the “Reclaim the Family” series.  This is one of the most important topics but it’s also one of the most difficult to come up with practical and actionable advice.  Families aren’t widgets.  Each is different and the people in them aren’t as easy to model as simple things like economics and missile ballistics.  Even anecdotes about life and families would be welcome.  The contributors’ stories are some of my favorite content here.  I really miss War Pig’s stories.  They were always entertaining.

I think after I finish the Star Trek series I’m going to review the old Jackie Gleason series, “The Honeymooners.”  I haven’t watched them in decades.  They should be a lot of fun.  Ralph and Norton, Ralph and Alice; these are almost archetypal relationships that I think still resonate with men and women.  Plus they really are funny and we could all use a good laugh.

So stay tuned, plenty coming up and even beside the politics there should be plenty to read and discuss.

12FEB2021 – OCF Update – The Mid-Winter Blues

The Mid-Winter Blues have got me today.  I should be celebrating the end of the Impeachment Farce and the beginning of better things but for some reason the prospect of another couple of months of this weather has sort of sunk into my soul.  It won’t last but it does make me slightly sorrowful.

I finally started reading the latest Harry Dresden book (Battle Ground).  I’m a few chapters in but I really haven’t gotten hooked.  Something seems different about Harry’s voice.  Jim Butcher took about six years off between his earlier books and these last two ( this one and the previous one Peace Talks) and it seems to me there’s been a change.  Who knows, maybe I’ve changed.  But we’ll see, maybe I’ll snap into it.

I finally got through the first chapter of Gulag Archipelago.  It was ninety pages of purges that killed off sixty million people.  Stalin truly was a monster.  One of the footnotes had an historical idea I hadn’t heard before.  There was a belief that Stalin may have been part of the Czarist secret police before the revolution.  The records were burned by some of the Bolsheviks and it would explain Stalin’s expertise at pulverizing resistance.  The next chapter is about interrogation.  Just from the little I’ve already read it appears that torture was one of their areas of expertise.  Oh well, onward.

I’ve been thinking more about what is the practical way to start making some headway against the Left.  It seems to me that a coordination of consumer practices would be a way to leverage the numbers that our side has.  And that could be both positive and negative coordination.  Boycotts would definitely be an important tactic but also cutting deals with companies such that they would acknowledge the monetary advantage of working with us in exchange for the complete cessation of woke kowtowing.  So if we give them a lot of business they stop virtue signaling to the Left and stop attacking normal culture.  No boycotts of right-wing books and products. No transgender bathrooms.  It seems astonishing that something like this hasn’t already happened.  But our side is so lacking in leadership that I guess it shouldn’t be.

I saw a headline that Nikki Haley is attacking President Trump.  Good.  She’s clearly shown her true colors and anyone who tells me what a great presidential candidate she’d make is going to get laughed out of the room by me.  Another snake.  Boy there are so many.

I’ve been reading about a movement to have 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties and constitutional counties where the sheriff will refuse to allow anyone to be prosecuted for offenses that are protected under the constitution.  That sounds like a step in the right direction.  Although in blue states that will become very tricky.  A governor has a lot more fire power than a sheriff.

Well, maybe when the Senate votes to acquit today or early next week I’ll snap out of my funk.  But I really could use some good news.  If anyone hears of anything splendiferous please pass it along.  I could really use it.