02AUG2021 – Good Morning Gulag Archipelago!

Word today is that office workers in “health-related” fields in New England have reinstated masking requirements.  The local cable news is sounding the alarm that the delta variant is stalking the region and without masks and constant fear COVID wins.  Go Team Fear!  Of course the number of deaths seems to be completely petering out so I’m guessing that even the panic stricken New Englanders are having a hard time goading themselves into mandatory masking and the rest of the madness.  It’s sad to say but I think the delta variant is a bust.

Anyway, with my new emphasis on useful things I’m going to spend a good deal of today enjoying a beautiful early New England Winter day with temperatures in the high seventies and lots of blue sky.  I hope to get some more fiction writing done and some yard projects.  Yesterday Camera Girl lowered the boom on me and mandated that I clean out the gutters on the garage and pool shed.  This was an unsafe and unfunded mandate that required me to climb rickety ladders and face unknown dangers such as wasps, noxious fumes and repetitive motion injury.  When I finished I was hoping that at least there would be a sign or a banner declaring me “the real hero.”  Alas there was none.  The only acknowledgement I received was the news that cleaning out the gutter made the dog’s pen area “smelly.”  There is no justice.

Today I’m going to try and get some photos with the 200-600mm lens.  Camera Girl has been swooning over a family of rabbits that has been eating some of our hostas.  Since she won’t let me shoot them with a firearm I’ll see if I can get some shots with the camera.  Also birds and butterflies will be my other targets.

I can write some gloom and doom later but right now it’s too nice out to waste the time.  Go and enjoy the splendor.

30JUL2021 – OCF Update – It’s All Been Said

Last night I was putting up some photos from last fall for the daily photo and I had some quotes to download (some Thomas Edison coming up).  Then I was thinking about what to write for a post.  But without anything new in the news I had nothing new to say.  We’re in a bad place and it will continue like this for a good long time until something gives.

The Left is running most things and if they want to continue locking down the blue states and weaponizing the federal government against us, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.  For the people lucky or smart enough to be living in the red states it’s different.  They can make changes to protect themselves from the feds and the Left.  DeSantis and Abbott are making some of the right noises.  Maybe we’ll see some sort of breakthrough that will spark some large scale realignment.  But right now it’s holding actions and some small efforts to clean up the mess.

And that’s not much to write about.  Abbott and Garland may be headed for a confrontation over Abbott’s executive order to criminalize transporting illegal aliens.  If it does come to a fight that will be interesting.  Seeing one of our guys standing his ground would be something to talk about.  But right now it’s just posturing on both sides.  So I’ve just said all there is to say.  DeSantis is going after the tech companies over anti-right discrimination.  But with the federal courts running cover will it stick?  If he does stick to his guns that might look like something interesting too.  But once again, to be continued.  So you see my dilemma.  There’s just not enough meat to make a stew out of.  It would end up just a thin soup with no flavor.

I’ll be putting together some culture pieces but those take time and thought.  So things are a little slow on the site right now.  But I think that’s better than just banging away at the same old themes.  Writing about the revolution when nothing good is afoot is sort of silly.  And since we’re deep into the silly season the next big news will probably be in September when all those blue states kids are going to be headed to the classrooms trying to breath through a gag.  Who knows, maybe one of the blue state governors will try to save his hide by leaving his state open and deny the teacher’s unions cover.  Or maybe a bunch of cities will start electing republican law and order types to save themselves from being savaged by Saint George Floyd’s disciples.  But I figured I’d explain the drop in output.  I’m also doing some fiction writing which also takes up a good chunk of time for writing and even plot outlining.

But for those who enjoy the content here I promise to be more resourceful and find interesting things that don’t depend on our political leaders doing the right thing.  Based on historical trends that would be a losing strategy

29JUL2021 – OCF Update – Not Much Going On

I’ve been reading through the news stories.  There’s not a lot there that’s “new.”  Will the stimulus be six trillion or one trillion?  Will the blue states force their slaves to wear masks again?  Will Nancy Pelosi declare all Trump voters white supremacists?

How exciting.

Honestly, I’ve got nothing today.  I’ve been thinking about what I should do locally.  I sent an e-mail to my local Republican Town Committee to see if they do anything useful.  I was told that they get together once a month so I’ll see them in about three weeks.

I’ve been struggling with some plot problems in my sci fi book but I think I’ve got a handle on it.  I’ve been trying to decide if my character will fake his own death and go underground to protect his family from retribution by his evil left-wing enemies.  I’ve decided I like it.  Now to build the details of the hidden revolutionary headquarters.  I’m trying to decide if it should be in the Rocky Mountains or right out in plain sight under the prairie.  I’m thinking geothermal energy would be the least improbable as an energy source for this super secret base.  Anyway I’m getting something thought out so today won’t be a total waste from an intellectual viewpoint.  Other than that I’m battling an algae outbreak in the swimming pool.  The algaecide I was using wasn’t very efficacious.  I’ve ordered a copper based solution which I’ve always heard is the gold standard.  Camera Girl has been critiquing my algae brushing technique.  Apparently she thinks it lacks authority.  So it’s back to the salt mines.

I’ll have something up later once my brain has a chance to percolate.

24JUL2021 – OCF Update – Summer Event

Ah, the great day has arrived.  The cleaning (by me!) and the cooking is all done.  An armada of tables and chairs have been arrayed with plates and silverware.  Glaciers of ice have been procured and cold beverages are resting on them.  The grass is manicured (sort of) and the hounds have been sent away for the day.  All that is needed are the guests and their appetites.  Frivolity and bom homme will abound and never will be heard a discouraging word.  But that means this will be a very slow day on the site until much later.  So my faithful readers I leave you to your own devices.  Enjoy what is touted to be an ideal summer day.




22JUL2021 – OCF Update – The Curse is Lifted

Three full days without a drop of rain.  Huzzah!  Today I saw a pale bedraggled brown snake look up at the sky and I thought I heard a hiss of relief.  He was sunning himself on one of the bricks I need as a support for a big old air-conditioner I use for bigger parties in the summer.  I regretfully moved him out of the way and he resentfully moved on.  Such are the small disappointments of life that we all must sustain even brown snakes.

Camera Girl is cooking meatballs, sausage and making a huge red sauce to use on the pasta dish for Saturday.  This is big stuff.  She’s got about thirty pounds of meat and the hissing of the cooking meat sounds like some industrial process whenever she takes one of the pans out of the oven.  Forces are being applied and profound sorcery is at work.  I’m giving her some space today since this part of the effort is crucial.  I have my plate full anyway.  Cleaning and installation of the A/C is something I like to do just right.  The unit is too heavy to be supported by the window and I never bought the chain hoist I wanted to get especially for this task.  So it’s a manual operation and my back isn’t as young as it once was so preparation and planning are crucial.  Luckily I’ve been studying the techniques that riggers use for installing 60,000 to 80,000 pound components.  It’s quite an art.  But I did notice that having a huge powerful young guy with a back of iron is one of the crucial components of a successful rigging operation.  Well I’m a guy so that’s one out of five.  And I am motivated so I predict success with only slight damage to life and limb.

I saw this morning that Tyler from Portly Politico was hoping that I had landed a personal interview with Hungarian prime minister Victor Orban.  Now I must admit that would be quite a coup for me.  But I’ll start smaller.  Maybe I can get an interview with Max Morton.  He’s a fellow who has contributed a number or articles at American Greatness and I find myself in wide agreement with his opinions.  But I haven’t managed to contact him so far.  We’ll see.

The Hungarians, Poles and a few of the other Eastern European countries have emerged as the most enlightened places for people interested in resisting the global Left.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if the former Soviet Bloc nations end up being the free world.  Life is strange that way.

Well, after I finish my chores I’ll look around and see what I want to write about.  The sun is shining and I’m feeling mighty optimistic so don’t be surprised if it’s something upbeat.  I just finished re-watching the final 2nd season episode of Star Trek, “Assignment: Earth” and will write the review today.  That’s the one with a very young Teri Garr.  Of course it has its Star Trek goofiness but it at least has a discernable story to tell so it will get a pretty good mark.

More to follow later.  Have a great day.

20JUL2021 – OCF Update – The Weather Gods Relent

Finally, finally, a day without rain.  So I went out there and cut the grass.  Although not all of it.  About two thirds of the west field was still too soggy to cut.  But the rest is done and now I’ll get back to work.

A week ago I was in a store looking for a baseball glove.  I have my grandsons coming over on Saturday and I want to be able to have a catch.  I’ve been using one of their spares and it’s a little on the small side.  So I looked at some gloves at a local store and they’re all made of pleather?  I was outraged.  The salesman called it vegan leather.  I walked out.  Finally I found a real leather glove.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  With MLB supporting cop killers and disrespecting the flag and anthem I’m done with them too.

But now I can enjoy baseball the way it’s supposed to be.  Tossing around the baseball with my son was one of my favorite memories.  It brings me back to having a catch with my Dad.  He never had much time and we mostly played with the other kids but every once in a while he’d throw the football or the baseball around with us and invariably he’d pull something in his back or neck or whatever.  He’d put on a big show of being injured and beg off from the game and just watch us.  Mostly he’d yell warnings that we better not break any car windows on the block we lived on.  But it was still something I remember fondly.

Camera Girl has given me a new list of demands.  I must sweep the basement, vacuum the window blinds and clean up all the junk so we can have thirty people on Saturday in splendor.  We’ll see about that.  Calls are coming in about food that people are bringing and Camera Girl is getting kind of uppity when I ask about the arrangements.  I think she’s trying to pick a fight with me but I’m too wise for that.  I told her that she can serve the food in a trough if she wants, as long as we feed the guests I’ll be good with it.  My family isn’t too picky about meal protocol as long as the food is tasty and plentiful.  And I’m sure both of those will be true.  The whole family hasn’t gotten together in two years.  So this is going to be kind of great.

And miraculously (although maybe I’m trusting too much to the accuracy of weather forecasters) the weather is supposed to be sunny and in the mid-seventies.  That should make the party very comfortable for everyone including the cook and the busboy (me).  So the summer has reappeared just in time to make the family get together great again (FGTGA).

The news cycle right now is full of the usual nonsense that the Democrats talk about.  Four trillion dollar stimulus bills that they hope to use for illegal alien amnesty and other horrors that they hope to inflict on us.  Good inflation and delta variants and Bezos in Space and Ben and Jerry’s joins the PLO.  The silly season is in full swing.  The runaway Texas democrats have infected Pelosi’ and Biden’s staff with the plague.  Let’s just say there’s no good news and the bad news is just too stupid to talk about.  Enjoy the summer and enjoy your life.  I’ll let you know if something interesting comes along.

18JUL2021 – OCF Update – Yalta II


So yesterday was a small get together with some folks on our side of the aisle.  The guys came over with the wives.  And Camera Girl and I hosted a barbecue and food fest.  One of the guys is really expert at grilling rib-eye steaks.  And he did the honors to a tee.  To her credit Camera Girl bought the biggest, tenderest steaks despite her anger at the outrageous prices.  She is a frugal woman which is good since I’m a notorious wastrel.  Between the various hors d’oeuvres, desserts and side dishes I ate myself into a semi-coma.

But it was worth it.  It was a great time.  We barely mentioned politics and instead spent the time catching up on personal stuff.  I enforced the segregation by sex.  It was the boys on this couch and the girls on that one.  And that was how nature intended it to be.  Of course I always keep one ear pricked up in case Camera Girl starts spreading seditious propaganda against me.  She is a mutinous wench.  But she behaved herself for the most part.

So today we’ll catch up on stuff we put aside for the party prep but things will go smoothly now.  Speaking meteorologically the endless torrential rain has continued I’ll have to drain another 3 or 4 inches of rain from yesterday and last night.  Between the pounding rain and the lightning and thunder, the dogs are demoralized and despondent which seems okay by me but Camera Girl is sad.  The hounds are her babies and she dotes on their every need.  Bah!

I think I’ll do some movie reviews this week.  There’s something to be said about being happy.  Yesterday reminded of that.  Sure it’s important to fight back against the Leftist Losers but you’ve got to make time to live your life too.  A friend said I should review another Nick Cage movie called “Pig.”  Apparently Cage is a man of the land in this movie and he uses a pig to hunt truffles for sale to rich people.  Somehow he is wronged by someone.  Hopefully he goes on a rage-fueled rampage of vengeance against someone or other.  Well, that’s what I hope anyway.  But we’ll see.

So stay tuned I should have content up today.


16JUL2021 – OCF Update – Busy as a Bee


Camera Girl is a harsh mistress.  Like some kind of antebellum field slave I’m in the trenches finishing up my chores.  What I have discovered is no matter how many times you buy a tool if you need it you’ll find it has disappeared.  This is the second time in a week I’ve needed a 5/8″ socket and it’s been gone.  I think I’ll buy two dozen of them and sprinkle them around the house like seeds on a field.  Maybe they germinate and a 5/8″ socket tree will grow for me.

I’ll try to get back to work on the site later today but even tomorrow will be effected because of the barbecue.  Apologies and hand wringing.

14JUL2021 – OCF Update Mid-July Report

This will be an outrage free day.  Even though Bastille Day is not my idea of a holiday worth celebrating today is a joyous occasion in my house.  I will therefore accentuate the positive.

I think I will initiate a series of posts devoted to various facets of Western Civilization.  I’ll range over history, culture, ethnography and geography.  I’m tempted to start from ancient historical and geographical facts about the region and then move forward through time introducing the various actors as  they appear on the scene.  Now do I start with the Neanderthals?  Finding out they were red-heads means the Irish may want to claim then for their own.

I will include information on the Yamnaya who appear to have been the mythical proto-Indo-European tribe that expanded East and West and spawned the languages that now dominate half the planet.  Not bad for a bunch of bronze age horsemen from the steppes.  I’d like to touch on especially some of the lesser known nations of Europe, the Georgians, the Lithuanians, the Letts, the Finns and others.  this will serve the dual purpose of allowing me to produce interesting and upbeat content and at the same time satisfy my curiosity about things I’ve always wanted to know.

But just to show I’m not an Indo-European chauvinist, (well actually I am), I’ll include information on the Basques.  These seem to be the descendants of the oldest inhabitants of Europe from a time before the Indo-European ancestors came on the scene.  Or at least before their languages began to dominate.  And I won’t neglect our neighbors to the east.  The river valley civilizations of the Near East were the source of agriculture that was the basis for organized human life on the planet.  So I’ll throw the Sumerians in just to show I’m a sport.  Do I have to include the Egyptians?  I guess I might.  Without them we wouldn’t have had those mummy movies.  Well, we’ll see.

And I mean to trudge on through the third season of Star Trek.  I’ve been dragging my feet because it is a terrible season.  But I’ve promised myself I’ll finish it.  As I’ve mentioned I intend to review Jackie Gleason’s classic 39 episodes of “The Honeymooners” series.  But I probably need to at least start into the Star Trek work to allow myself the reward of watching something fun like the Honeymooners.

The endless rain here in New England continues.  I’ve adapted to the annoying reality of it but I do hope that the second half of July returns to the normal hot dry summer I prefer.  Well, we’ll see.

So this may be a slow day.  I’ll write what the mood provides and enjoy a dinner out for once.  I’m bringing Camera Girl to our favorite Chinese restaurant and we’ll embrace the Orient for a change.

12JUL2021 – OCF Update – This ‘N’ That

Another very rainy day!  But I decided to make necessity a virtue.  Camera Girl has given me a list of chores to get done before the party on Saturday (or else!) and first thing was bring out the trash pails to the road.  Apparently, the holiday weekend caused us somehow to miss the pick-up last week and a mistake now would be catastrophic, so out I went.  I had rain pants, rain coat and rubber boots.  After moving the trash and putting the mail in the box I was free (for the moment) and outside of the reach of the female of the species and took the grand tour.  I have never seen the grass and the shrubs so green in the middle of July.  I feel like I’m somehow in Brazil along the edge of the Amazon jungle.  I half expected a caiman or an anaconda to spring out of the undergrowth and clamp its jaws on my shin.  The world smells warm and alive and I expect the rabbits and the deer will take this occasion to eat some more of my daylilies even in the middle of the day, curse them.  I went looking for that young mantis I saw near the pool, but he was gone.  The rain seems to be keeping the deer fly from attacking me or maybe that’s just the rain gear.  Either way it was peaceful and invigorating to be out in the pouring rain.  Camera Girl’s vegetable gardens are lush and growing.  Some of the plants could probably do with a little more sunshine but so far nothing has drowned.

My attempt to grow elecampane (Inula helenium) from seeds three weeks ago may not have failed after all.  I put a packet of seeds in two different gardens and in five or six cardboard flower pots in a raised bed.  None of the seeds on the ground did anything and I presume they are dead.  But I think two or three of the little pots may be growing something.  It’s a big yellow (of course) flower that I’ve wanted to add to the garden for years but could never find for sale.  But with the advent of the internet, things like obscure plant seeds are just a mouse click away.  It turns out elecampane is a “medicinal herb” that can cure evil humors if applied to the patient by a Gaian shaman or crone.  “¡Ay Chihuahua, cuantos Apaches, cuantos Indios sin huaraches!”  But anyway, they may be growing after all.

The blueberry bushes are actually weighted down with unripe berries.  I fear that the deer are just waiting to swoop down and devour the whole crop just as it ripens.  Ah well, as Camera Girl says, “Everybody’s gotta eat.”  Whatever.

I was reading the ZMan’s Monday posts at his site and Taki’s.  They were depressing takes on bugmen like David French and their pernicious embrace of critical race theory in the schools.  It made me think that what will be needed is instruction in the true story of Western Civilization.  Parents and grandparents and uncles and aunts who are interested can point children to older books that reflect the actual story of how we got here.  The history books from two generations ago are full of the true stories of our ancestors and the adventures and tragedies that make up western history.  The Greeks, Romans, Celts, Germans, Angles, Saxons, Vikings and the other peoples who have collided and mixed and fought and produced Michelangelo and Mozart and Newton and Maxwell and Edison and all the things that they have created.  Biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, medicine, electricity, engines, nuclear weapons, space travel and computers.  Imagine being ashamed of the people who made these things.  The absurdity of the midgets who want our children to prefer the cultures of people who lived in mud huts and ate each other for dinner.  We should be ashamed of ourselves for even tolerating these people who are ashamed of the civilization that made their lives rich beyond the imaginations of people only a hundred years ago.  I’ll have to start identifying old books that can be used as resources for teaching the young.

Anyway, it’s going to be a busy week.  As I say I have a list of chores to perform before the party and Camera Girl will brook no nonsense from me.  She’s not concerned with my crusade to save America.  She wants the porch swept and the chairs cleaned off.  My ambition is to clean off the grill.  I have some rib-eye steaks to cook on Saturday and I’d like them not to taste like old hamburger grease.  But I promise not to neglect the site and I’m sure I’ll have outrages to comment on and sage advice to distribute to the world at large.