Entrepreneurism is Not for the Lazy.  Or So They Say.

And what a shame for me!  As many who visit here know I am the self-professed, “Laziest Man on the Right.”  I enjoy nothing as much as procrastinating and enjoying life.  Of course, I prefer to think of myself as, “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” but I don’t have his killer fake Spanish accent.  Boy, that was a great advertising campaign.

But of late I have been doing a lot of research and laying the groundwork for a vast commercial undertaking.  Not since the early days of Kramerica Industries has the world seen such poorly planned and shamefully misdirected effort from someone who ostensibly is trying to get something done.

All at the same time, I’m starting a limited liability company (LLC), re-opening my PayPal account, assembling and post-processing my first group of high-resolution photo files, working on my first novel, assembling a fine art photography book and for reasons known only to PayPal buying the cheapest mobile phone plan in the world.  The last item has to do with the fact that PayPal no longer allows individuals to have a PayPal account without a cell phone.  Apparently Big Brother truly does live in Silicon Valley.

As noted, the efficiency of these efforts has been abysmal.  I have to redo each step at least three times because of my ignorance or poor preparation.  The people I contact, even the AI I interfaces with which I interact, seem to be straining not to yell at me to stop bothering them and just give up.  And being the empathetic fellow I am, I tend to agree with them.  And because of my ineptitude all of this effort should be doomed to massive failure and soul-searing disappointment.

And yet, I am heartily enthused and invigorated by the whole confusing mess.  Slowly and painfully, I’m learning the things I need to know to carry out the program.  As soon as I can get the phone thing resolved and the PayPal account up and running, I can load the photos on the commercial website.  And once the LLC is official, I can start paying the government taxes on whatever paltry profits I manage to pull in.

And this is only the beginning.  I hope to follow up on my first novel with the rest of a science fiction series and other writings of various types and lengths.  I have the often-mentioned unbridled enthusiasm and unjustified optimism.  Most people I have confided in about my mad dreams have warned me that I have literally zero chance of success in my endeavors.  They say that statistically it’s an incredible longshot.

I am undeterred.  For I have always been inexplicably lucky.  Not just a little lucky but almost eerily lucky.  Over the course of a fairly long life, I have almost invariably been unreasonably lucky just when I needed it the most.  Even when something bad happens to me something or someone unexpected always shows up and sets things right.  I’ve led a charmed existence.

So that’s what I’m betting on, that my luck will hold out again.  Deep down I know that one day fate will even up the score.  I assume it’ll be something horrendously unlikely or even preternatural.  I’m expecting a meteor strike or a lightning bolt to rub me out.  But when it comes, I’ll face that day whistling a happy tune.  I’ve had the luck that ten men could expect while expending almost no effort at all.  I sometimes wonder what I might have accomplished if I had added hard work to luck but probably it would have mucked things up completely.

So, here’s to the future and just a little more luck.

04DEC2021 – Thoughts on the Day

Well, here we are exactly three weeks before Christmas Day and despite the havoc that the pod people have unleashed on the world, I’m feeling kind of happy and even optimistic about what’s to come.  Why I’m that way is probably a combination of things.  Doubtless, knowing that the Biden administration is in disarray has something to do with it.  The fact that I’ll be spending several days with the kids and grandkids is also part of it.  Another part is that by December I’ve come to terms with winter and no longer feel the post summer gloom.  And finally, well, life is good!  Everyone in the family is in pretty good health.  We’re going to have another fantastic dinner soon and another one right after that.  The house hasn’t been foreclosed on.  We have enough money for food, clothes and even enough left over for some toys like the new camera I’m hoping to buy in January.  Any sane person would say I’m doing alright.  And even though I’m at least slightly crazy I’ll say it too.

So, what’s on the horizon?

I listened to a doctor in England who’s pretty sure that the omicron variant is going to be a very mild virus and should be the end of the farce we’ve been enduring.  He said it will be extremely transmissible and quite capable of infecting even the hyper vaccinated.  So, everyone will get this thing.  It will feel like the kind of virus that gives you aches and a dry cough and headache for a couple of days.  Then that should be it.  No huge number of deaths, no wave of hospitalizations except for the chronically ill and the really elderly.  So, in a month or three Anthony Fauci should be out of an annoying job as health nag of the world.  Hallelujah!  Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed but I’m guessing the weariness of even the Karens will drive this thing to its ending.  So that’s a good prospect.

Every year in the winter I’m always frustrated by the dearth of photographic opportunities.  After all, snow and ice sort of look the same whether I photograph it on Wednesday or Sunday so there is a futility to going out in the neighborhood.  Plus, I’m not a big fan of being cold.  Well, this year I’ve vowed that I’ll make a few treks around New England to try to find interesting snow (whatever that is).  Plus, I think I’ll set up a macro studio in the house and bring some interesting subjects inside to do the work in the comfort of forced hot water heating.  I’m interested to see if my 200mm Minolta macro lens will be controllable with a program I use to take focus stacks.  It allows the focus setting to be very gradually changed between shots.  I’m not at all certain it will work because the Minolta lens will be under the control of the LA-EA5 adapter which is nowhere near as precise as one of those lenses that has stepper motors built in.  But it’ll still be fun trying it out.  And that’ll be just one of the cool things I’m hoping to do with the A-mount lenses on the A7 IV camera once I get my hands on it.  Looking back on some of the photos I took on the A-850 DSLR with them I am excited to see what kind of results I can get in the spring.  But winter will still provide some opportunities.

I’ve been enjoying the movie reviews.  I think it makes a good change of pace from the political stuff.  Even the horror of Star Trek Season 3 can be fun if there is enough mockery involved.  Mixing science fiction movies with the old movies from the ‘30s and ‘40s seems to work.  But I’ll see if I can mix in some later movies just for variety.  I don’t want to get predictable!

I’ll have to do some reading into H. P. Lovecraft.  I’ve forgotten all the details of the stories and I’ll need those details when I riff on Lovecraft in my Dunwich newspaper articles.  I think I might try the “Whisperer in the Dark” next.

And finally on the fiction writing front I’ve made progress on my novel but what I’ve concluded is I need to carve out much more time.  I’ve got to get more disciplined.  I spend too much time just reading stuff on the net.  It’s way too much of a time sink.

Well enjoy your Saturday.

What’s A Blogger to Do?

OCF is my personal reaction to the reality that the Left owns the internet.  And when I bumped into that fact it was a lot less true than it is now.  I was revolting against the enforced leftist narrative that I found in every photography website and science fiction review blog.  I just couldn’t stand the atmosphere of delusional superiority and even worse the selective enforcement of website rules.  So, I built my own kingdom where my own version of delusional superiority and selective enforcement of website rules would be the rule.  But who’s to say what’s delusional?

Anyway, Over the years, the site has focused more and more on the political situation until now I’d say that politics is something like 99% of the content if it’s based on text.  Obviously, the photo of the day has very little text and the quote of the day is a sentence or so.  And that’s fine.  During the Trump presidency there was an enormous amount of political action to comment on.  And in this time of social and political turmoil there continues to be a raft of topics that need to be discussed, and in most cases, lamented.  I intend to continue doing just that.  After all, having my say is why I’m here.

But the reality is that there isn’t something to say about the political situation every day.  Well, there is but it’s not novel and interesting enough to seem worthwhile.  After all, how many times can I call Joe Biden a vegetable or a pervert before I start to seem like a vegetable myself?  And in the absence of any kind of actual progress on the Red State revolt front how often can I bang that drum before I start to drive my readers back into the arms of the Blue State matriarchy?

I just thought it would be a good idea if I start to introduce more features that don’t depend on the news cycle and the initiative of politicians.  From a practical perspective this will involve more culture topics; book, movie and tv reviews, essays on historical events and opinion pieces on cultural events and groups.

And another thing I’d like to get back to is fiction writing.  I’ve been working sporadically (very sporadically) on writing a science fiction novel.  Actually, it’s more like three different novels that haven’t really gelled the way I want them to.  I’m thinking of putting up installments of one of them as an ongoing feature of the site.  It’ll give the readers a taste of my writing style and eventually I’ll use it as a sample when I publish and start to market my work.

Now the thing about writing reviews and essays and fiction is that they take a lot more time to produce than my typical hit piece on Joe Biden.  Writing five hundred or a thousand words about how stupid cretins are isn’t that hard.  But writing a review means taking the time to read or watch something and then thinking carefully about saying something interesting about it.  And writing fiction is on a “ho nudda lebbel.”

What I’m saying is that the long-time readers might notice a change in the output here.  There may not be so many quick rant posts.  There may be fewer posts.  And the post lengths will probably increase significantly.  Maybe you could say that quality will replace quantity to some extent.  Hopefully that will suit most readers.  I suspect it will be an improvement.

Now I don’t want anyone to panic.  I’ll still keep a watchful eye out for worthwhile events that need my unique blend of political savvy and rapier sharp wit.  But I just don’t see a reason to say the same thing over and over again.  So, this is just an explanatory note so that the readers don’t think I’ve been taken hostage and replaced by a ringer from Antifa.  OCF continues.  OCF grows.  photog tries to improve his product.

A Message in a Bottle

A lot of you have seen the cartoon.  A man shipwrecked on a desert island writes a letter requesting help, seals it in a bottle and throws it into the ocean.  The punch line varies based on the philosophy or the humor of the cartoonist.  Maybe a bottle washes up with a sarcastic reply or maybe he is rescued and one day finds his bottle floating up to his home port or maybe his own bottle returns to him unanswered or maybe some pirates or cannibals find it and come to finish him off.  But the idea of sending out a cry for help to the world is a powerful concept.  It appeals to our feeling of solidarity with humanity.

In a way this blog is somewhat like that.  Trapped in my little corner of blue state America it’s easy to feel isolated and trapped.  Of course, that’s not completely true.  I have my friends and family and acquaintances that align with my way of looking at the world (for the most part).  And I can read the right-wing websites and even watch some of the non-leftist content on a few outlets that still haven’t cancelled it.

But in a lot of ways the world I remember is being erased and my world is contracting.  Thirty years ago public radio used to be fairly entertaining.  Now it would be like listening to fingernails on a chalk board.  I used to like watching a ball game occasionally.  Now it’s just another chance to insult me.  They’ve whittled away the things that made life fun.  Even the movies have become unwatchable.  And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

So, I had to invent my own game, my own fun.  I look at the world and I write out my thoughts and I put it into the bottle and I hit the enter key and it travels around the world and sometimes I get an answer.  It could be a yep or a nope or a pat on the back or even occasionally a middle finger but it’s an answer, it’s a voice, it’s an affirmation that the rest of you are out there.  It means I exist.  You comment, therefore I am.

So that’s the secret of this blog.  You all are the power source that make this blog work for me.  I get my motivation, my validation from your presence.  Even those who don’t comment but come back every week or every day or even several times a day reinforce my reason to write.  Sure, part of it is that I just enjoy the mental exercise of reasoning about the things going on in this crazy time we live in.  There’s value in figuring things out on paper (or pixels) and I think better when I write things down and I enjoy posting my reviews and my photos.  But I mostly enjoy sending out my thoughts and ideas out into the internet ocean and getting some bottles floating back with some replies.

So thanks to all you folks out there who show up and read my notes on the shores of this infinite ocean.  It’s nice knowing you’re out there and don’t be afraid to say hello if you have the urge to do so.  I can always use the company.  It’s an awfully big ocean.

Culture is Upstream of Politics – What Does that Mean to Me

This was Andrew Breitbart’s explanation for why we needed to assert our place in social media and entertainment and other arenas of our culture.  And he was right.  That explains why Google, Facebook and Twitter are desperate to remove the Right from the public square.  They can’t win in the marketplace of ideas and they certainly can’t win in the meme wars.  So banished we must be.

And that is why we need our own platforms.  So far, we’re laughably outgunned everywhere we look.  Something like Facebook has a membership in the billions.  So even looking at something like Gab which has had a huge influx of displaced non-leftists is dwarfed by a factor of almost a thousand to one.  And there is absolutely no comparison to the monetary discrepancy.  We’re microscopic.

But even a site like this, which is invisible to Google, is important.  That’s because it gives us a place to go where we can say what we believe without being shut down or told we’re evil.  And we can come here to hear and tell news.  I’ve found some very interesting links from readers who shared them in the comments.

And even more important it gives us a sense of being part of something extended in space.  There are people from all fifty states and other countries who come here.  Some come for movie and book reviews.  Some come for photography articles.  But most come to read something by people on our side of the aisle.  Some disagree with what I have to say.  Some have already abandoned the mainstream parties and are waiting for some catastrophe to reset the existing order and provide an opportunity for regime change.  Much of what they say about society is deadly accurate.  I do differ with them on the conclusions they draw about what is and isn’t possible in the way of reform.  And I don’t deny that I could be wrong and they could be right.  But currently I haven’t given up on the future of the United States.  I think there may be scenarios where the red and blue states agree to disagree and allow a looser federalism on these freedoms that we want.  This would be similar to how some states have ignored the federal illegal status of cannabis.

I find the range of opinions on the Right healthy.  None of us really know how any of this is going to end up.  But talking to other people provides me with feedback.  For the most part we don’t have very heated arguments like some of the ones I’ve seen elsewhere but screaming matches aren’t really necessary.  Twenty or thirty words is sometimes more than enough to allow someone to make a point.

One thing I would be interested in is hearing more from the next generations.  Tyler from the Portly Politico comes here often and it’s obvious that he’s not of my generation.  But I wish I had a dozen more of the kids here.  If you know of any younger folks on the Right, please send them a link.  I think they are the most important people for us to reach.  I think exposing them to the things that are now essentially excluded from the mainstream social media sites is vitally important.  And I think it’s an easy sell.  The present-day culture is thin.  From a male perspective it’s weak and boring.  Comparing the model of traditional family life to the deracinated Gaia worship currently passing for a lifestyle should be a slam dunk.

So, I’ll say I think Andrew Breitbart was correct.  We need to win the culture war but up until today we haven’t even shown up on the battlefield.  But there’s no time like the present so I do my part and I encourage everyone to join in and even invite new faces especially the young to participate.  So, rightists of the world unite.  Throw off your chains of Facebook and flock to orionscoldfire.com where the cool kids hang out.

Stranger Days

I like to think that I’ve acclimated to our present insane political situation.  But I know that recognizing this is just an intellectual position not a visceral one.  A nation that was not only great in military and economic power but also in terms of the dignity and freedom all of its citizens possessed, seeing it reduced to a gangster state that seems to want to destroy every vestige of its heritage and pride isn’t something that can be accepted easily.  A lot more will have to happen before it really hits home how low we’ve sunk.  But that will come too.  All indications are that the agenda is queued up and we will watch it unfold in all its sickening detail.

So, bit by bit we’ll absorb the rest of the program.  The exact order of operations isn’t completely clear.  My guess is they’ll continue to attack all sectors of the population that aren’t necessary for the elite’s wellbeing.  They’ll continue to strangle small businesses and blue-collar workers and they’ll use the COVID restrictions to keep people isolated and depressed.  I assume we’ll see another round of BLM burning and looting.  The FBI will be responsible for further scapegoating of anyone who resists any of these measures.  The George Floyd show trial will be starting up soon and we’ll get a look at how “woke justice” works.

The Senate is gearing up for a showdown on using the filibuster to prevent the legislation on making permanent the rigging of elections and I expect we’ll also see gun confiscation legislation right after that.  And then we’ll get to see the Supreme Court either bow down to anti-Constitutional laws or we’ll see the Senate and House pack the Supreme Court.

So that’s a hefty agenda coming up but it’s hardly comprehensive.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see slavery reparations rolling in.  And paying for those reparations it will be necessary to raid the country’s 401K plans.  After all, to outlay those trillions of dollars without paying for them would be fiscally irresponsible.  I’m sure Mitt Romney will agree.

And finally, hate speech legislation should be right around the corner.  Dead naming trannies and complaining about anti-white discrimination will absolutely not be tolerated.

So, I’ll have a chance to acknowledge the changes in the United States not only in my head but in my gut.  I’ll be able to fully accept that post-America only possesses a geographical resemblance to its predecessor.  The other good thing is that after all these changes are made there won’t be any doubt about whether the inhabitants will put up with it or not.  Either they’ll accept the chains of slavery they’ve been handed or they’ll throw them off.  There really is no middle choice.  It shouldn’t take too long to find out.  I can’t imagine it’ll be more than a year or so for most of the agenda to unfold.  And when it does, if someone decides to make a stand I’ll join in with great joy and relief.  I still do believe that there are brave men here that won’t be enslaved.  But if nobody does anything to stop it then I’ll have to find a better place to live.  I’m sure it won’t be anything nearly as wonderful as the country I was born in but facing facts is necessary.

But in the meantime, while all this plays out life still goes on.  There are books and movies to review.  Photos to be taken. Grandkids to play with.  Books to write.  Bidens to mock. And posts to write.  When there are developments to analyze or atrocities to decry, I will opine.  But at this point I don’t plan to just keep beating the drum.  The readers here already know what I think about the state of the union.  I won’t go over that territory again.  I’ll look forward to actual events.  Fight or Flee are the only two options I’m interested in.  Within a year I think I’ll know which is my future.

Stranger days indeed.  But I’ll try to do my part to keep people somewhat amused and maybe informed.

15FEB2021 – OCF Update

We got a good response on my “Who is the Worst RINO in Recent History?” post.  And I’ll have to say I really enjoy getting the feedback.  In fact, I crave that experience.  It’s no secret that I despise Romney.  But even if the winner had been someone I don’t really care that much about like Richard Burr or Bill Cassidy, I still would have been gratified to get the information.  I only have my small group of friends here in the Northeast and finding out what the rest of the country thinks is valuable.  Not knowing what has been going on in the rest of the country is part of how they have been able to rip this country apart.  When people get to tell their stories it makes us all better informed.

I encourage all of the readers to say what you think even if you think my opinions are mistaken, even, especially if you think they’re mistaken.  And I’m interested in any topics you are interested in me writing about.  If you have a topic send it in the comments.  And if you want to write on it, even better.  I’ll set up a folder for you and post it.  Just pick an alias and it’ll be searchable for your alias and if you ever want it removed I’ll be happy to do it.

Now that the impeachment is over I’m hoping that we’ll start to hear from Donald Trump and what his plans for the future are.  I’ll continue my own series of posts about what I think the country needs.  At this point I think a convention of conservative leaders is desperately needed.  A national organization separate from the federal government is going to be needed.  It will need to coordinate all the red states that are tired of being ignored or persecuted by the feds but it will also have to represent and help the conservatives living behind the enemy lines in blue state America.

I am also looking for any practical experience with the topics that I am discussing for the “Reclaim the Family” series.  This is one of the most important topics but it’s also one of the most difficult to come up with practical and actionable advice.  Families aren’t widgets.  Each is different and the people in them aren’t as easy to model as simple things like economics and missile ballistics.  Even anecdotes about life and families would be welcome.  The contributors’ stories are some of my favorite content here.  I really miss War Pig’s stories.  They were always entertaining.

I think after I finish the Star Trek series I’m going to review the old Jackie Gleason series, “The Honeymooners.”  I haven’t watched them in decades.  They should be a lot of fun.  Ralph and Norton, Ralph and Alice; these are almost archetypal relationships that I think still resonate with men and women.  Plus they really are funny and we could all use a good laugh.

So stay tuned, plenty coming up and even beside the politics there should be plenty to read and discuss.

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

I’ve been writing this blog for almost five years.  And now that I’m providing enough content to warrant people keeping up with it it’s begun expanding its following, which is of course very gratifying to me.  And I am especially grateful to those of you who have passed along the site address or the link to a particular post.  I think this is the real “organic” growth mechanism as opposed to a Google or even a DuckDuckGo search link.  The opinion of the target audience is the only meaningful measure of the success of a journal.

But I must take the time to ask you all for a favor.  I am not looking for money or more clicks from you.  I’m not even looking for compliments, although praise is a wonderful narcotic that I crave as much as the next man.  What I’m looking for is feedback of some sort.  And it doesn’t even have to be agreement, in fact, disagreement combined with your opinion on the subject at hand would be splendid.  And I’m certainly not looking for histrionics and mock squabbling.  The last thing I think we need is more Jerry Springer theatrics.  And I’m not looking for people to make declarations that they consider dangerous for them to make.  I am quite aware that government and corporate busybodies are everywhere attempting to imitate the KGB on a Keystone Cops basis.  What I’m looking for is a real dialog with the audience.

As much as I like hearing my own voice and as much as I enjoy the scintillating brilliance of my every captured thought, I still believe that there are other people out there in the universe who have something that they can add to all this marvellousness.  I hold to the idea that there is intelligent life in the universe besides me.  And my goal is to discover it and make contact with it and learn something from it and even enjoy the camaraderie of shared humanity.  I feel like that character from the Pink Floyd song saying, “Hello, hello, hello is there anybody out there?”  But I know there are many somebodies out there.  I’ve met some of them.  And they are fantastic people.  But what would be more fantastic would be to reach a critical mass where the conversations become self-sustaining and I become almost an insignificant part of the dialog.

Think of all the brilliant and thoughtful and experienced people that are out there.  And they’re being thrown off social media by the hundreds of thousands and they’re rooting around on the internet looking for a community.  Some have probably found some good ones.  I’ve done it myself.  But many of these places are extremely odd.  Maybe it’s the times we live in.  Maybe it’s some artifact of the monetizing system but there is just too much anger and confusion.  Even the ones that seem to have a lot of good information on what is going on are strange and sort of depressing.  I’m looking to build some kind of community that at least can function in a way that allows information and some kind of dialog to go on.

I think that with the stalinesque woke purges going on almost everywhere in our society; in social media, in corporations, in government, in schools, in churches, even in the military; it’s necessary to have a place where we can go and be able to say what we want to without having someone tell us that we’re not allowed to.  That’s actually the origin of this site.  I got tired of being censored on photography web sites when I disagreed with the ridiculous leftist slant to everything on those sites.

Now, I’m sure there will be plenty of readers who will find that their views fall so far to the Left and the Right of where I am that this site will be uninteresting to them.  The woke will think I’m just a hateful racist.  In fact, I’ve been told that repeatedly.  And there are people way out on the edges of the dissident right who will find my beliefs hopelessly naïve and useless to their taste.  And that is reasonable.  I have no desire to straddle hopeless opposites.  It can’t be done.  But I know that there is an enormous swath of people that exist in the spectrum of conservative thought that would benefit from a chance to talk to people like themselves without being lectured to and hectored and treated like bad children or criminals.

So, if you have anything at all to say.  Say it!  I don’t need your name or even your actual e-mail address.  Put down whatever you like.  But pitch into the conversation with me.  It’ll help me.  It will help other people who are shy.  And who knows, you might really enjoy talking to other intelligent and like-minded people.  So come out, come out, wherever you are.

And if you like what you read here, tell a friend or two or three who are like you and might enjoy it too.

Back in the USSA, Not Quite

The downside of reading the Gulag Archipelago is that you become dismissive of the power of the FBI.  I mean compared to the KGB and its precursor the NKVD our secret police are pretty lame.  Of course, everything is relative.  Compared to the unimaginable freedom that we used to enjoy here, the present police state is very repressive and upsetting.  A generation ago we would have laughed at the idea of the government spying on all of the phone conversations of the American people.  And the idea that political opponents would now be the targets for re-education camps would have been the subject of science fiction dystopias that sane people would have found too far-fetched to be interesting.

But getting back to the USSR, the Soviets didn’t do anything half way.  They were so zealous and thorough that they would arrest random people just because their quotas hadn’t yet been met.  I was reading a story about a landlady who went to the police station to ask about what to do with a nursing infant whose mother was one of her tenants.  The mother had been arrested by the NKVD and now the child needed milk.  She wanted to know where she should bring the child.  They brought the landlady to a waiting room and after a delay of a few hours they decided to arrest her just because she was already there and the quota needed filling.  She disappeared into the gulag and was never seen again.  Now there’s an action that would bring tears of joy to Jim Comey’s eyes.

I guess my point is that as maddening as it is to see the freest country ever imagined devolving into a police state the reality is that we have a lot of latitude to communicate our ideas and information with each other.  After all I can call Joe Biden, Dementia Joe and Kamala Harris, Willie Brown’s Ho.  And so far, I haven’t been dragged away to Siberia (or even Minnesota) or been shut down by the thought police.  Sure, they’ve shut us out of Twitter and Facebook but honestly those things were overrun with Leftists anyway and from what people on them have told me they weren’t fun anymore anyway.  Larry Correia is one of my favorite fantasy authors partly because he is not a Leftist.  On his blog, Monster Hunter Nation, he wrote a recent post that chronicled his decision to abandon Facebook.  Apparently, they didn’t shut down his very popular page but instead blocked him from writing to it.

I have a Gab page, but honestly, I’ve never really gotten any traffic from it.  The short-short form of writing doesn’t really seem to suit me.  Maybe it’s a skill I need to learn.  But I like writing on my blog and if I can get some visibility from folks like Whatfinger, Disturbed Deputy and MaddMedic then I’m happy to communicate that way.  Lately I’ve been getting some organic search traffic but it’s still quite limited and is restricted to very specific posts that have little to do with the majority of my content.

What I’m getting at is that although I’d love to suddenly go viral and have millions of readers, I’m not sure that was ever a realistic thing.  Are there really that many people interested in the things I am?  Maybe I’ll never know.  But if the people who like my stuff tells some of their friends that’s probably the best way for my site to grow and right now, I don’t think the FBI or even Google is interested in my nefarious writings.  If I do get hurled off my platform, I guess I’ll change my tune but I think what I’d do is what Gab did.  I’d make my site completely bullet proof.  I believe I’ve found a hosting plan that avoids all the vulnerable infrastructure and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Circling back to the beginning.  We have lost a lot of freedom but compared to real totalitarian hell like the Soviet Union or that madman in North Korea we have enough wiggle room to say what we want, to whom we want.  And right now, that’s good enough.

So spread the good word, send all your conservative friends to Orion’s Cold Fire and spit in the eye of Google and the FBI.  Free America still exists here and I’m not feeling pessimistic today.