Friday Happenings and a Hint from the Z Man

A marvelous morning.  After a lot of rain and cool weather over the last two day the sun has broken through and the temperature is supposed to be skirting with eighty.  The pool guys are here today and will open it up and treat it.  Right now, it’s a rich color that I’m told is green and I’m guessing those guys will have an awful lot of vacuuming to do.

Camera Girl has finally found some butternut squash seedling for her garden and I’m continuing with my program of chopping down and uprooting invasive trees like Russian Olive and Ailanthus that spring up everywhere.  Now that my great experiment with the fence support has panned out, I’ll buy a few more supports and strengthen the posts.  That will give me the chance to decide on the “final solution.”  I’ve been thinking about metal posts but that’s a big effort and as usual my laziness weighs in against it.

As is my routine on Friday mornings I listened to the Z Man’s podcast.  I heard a sort of throwaway line that he is having a essay of his posted at American Greatness.  That I think is a significant moment.  I’ve been wondering how much farther the coalescence would move between the Dissident Right and the MAGA Right.  Previously I observed paleoconservative Paul Gottfried as a link between the two sides.  Gottfried writes on American Greatness and the American Mind and has had the Z Man appear on his podcasts.  With the Z Man writing at American Greatness, I think we see the next step in the mainstreaming of dissident ideas and thinkers.  And that’s all to the good.

The opposite reaction to this rapprochement is comments that Z Man says he’s been getting from some of his more strident readers claiming he has been toning down his rhetoric on hot-button topics like immigration and race realism.  My guess is that with his growing reach into more moderate audiences he’s recognized the desirability of softening his language to avoid scaring off the squeamish.  And once again, that’s all to the good.  Truly hateful rhetoric just for the sake of hatefulness doesn’t help anyone, especially those on the Right attempting to build coalitions.

I look forward to the day when Nick Fuentes, the Z Man and other dissidents can show up on Tucker Carlson’s show and sit down with more moderate types like Michael Anton and the people over at Claremont.  Both sides would benefit enormously by the chance to speak openly and honestly with each other.  At some point it might be possible for the agenda of an energized MAGA coalition to even get the dissidents to climb down off the ledge and rejoin the rest of the Right.

Look, I know that last statement sounds like happy-happy talk but I think there’s more than just unbridled enthusiasm at work here.  The overreach of the Left has done them serious damage.  Damage on a scale we haven’t seen since the American electorate booted Jimmy Carter out of the White House and spawned the Reagan ‘80s.  I think it would be extremely valuable to have some voices from the Dissident Right in the mix when we start talking about agendas.  Obviously not everybody on the fringe is safe to have mixing with us normies.  But the more sober-minded and thoughtful individuals like Z Man have a lot to say about where the Right has gone wrong so many times before.  I welcome the idea that he is making the effort to talk to the moderates.

So, this is an interesting morning.  Summer returns to the Compound and interesting happenings are afoot on the Right.  All to the Good.

The Leftist Journalists are Starting to Cover the New Right

I just read an article in, of all places, Vanity Fair.  The writer went to the National Conservatism Conference in Orlando back in October and interviewed Curtis Yarvin, Peter Thiel, J.D. Vance and Blake Masters.  He was trying to find out what the New Right is all about.  The journalist sounds like a progressive, which would be no surprise.  But it is apparent he has figured out the nuance that differentiates the New Right from what passed for conservatives back before 2016.  And so, the very long article (about 9,600 words!) provides an interesting account of the New Right through the eyes of a member of the leftist media elite.

The writer was surprised at how many of the attendees were in their twenties.  I found it amusing to hear how shocking it was for him to see all these young and hip people “falling under the spell” of evil Nazis.  Of course, a lot of this shock may be for the benefit of his leftist readers at Vanity Fair.  If he didn’t feign surprise that young people could find fault with the world that the Left has created, he might be drummed out of Vanity Fair and have to get a real job.

But beside the entertainment value of this mirror on the New Right, I was excited to know that the Left has become extremely worried about the increasing popularity of what they think of as extreme right-wing politics.  Or maybe they’ve been aware all along and they hoped if they ignored it, then it would go away.

One thing I notice is that the part of the New Right that this reporter covered is the least threatening branch.  Specifically, Peter Thiel and his proteges are the most respectable, least controversial group that could still be labelled as part of the New Right.  Even Curtis Yarvin, for all the screeching that the Left has done about his “racist” statements in the past, is more of an intellectual figure than a revolutionary.

By keeping the rest of the New Right out of the mainstream media’s view maybe they’re trying to preselect who is acceptable and thereby limit the damage from the upcoming elections.  But either way, the Left knows that anger and disgust over what they’ve done in the last two years is pervasive and is creating a groundswell of support for the new ideas coming out of the New Right.

But as much as I’m interested in the success of New Right candidates in the November election, I’m much more focused on the concrete steps that red state leaders are making to push back against unconstitutional federal laws and actions.  Inevitably there will be a showdown between Washington and these rebellious local leaders.  I think this is where we’ll see the first true test of cultural resistance to the globalist, anti-freedom regime.  And the state leader who gets the feds to blink is going to be man to watch in the future.  Maybe it’ll be DeSantis, maybe someone else.

Until then it’s interesting to see these first indications of the Left’s panic.  The network pundits now openly admit Biden’s poll numbers are abysmal.  And they list all the same factors that we’ve been talking about for more than a year.  Inflation, crime, foreign policy incompetence, supply chain failures, COVID tyranny and woke lunacy.  So, this act that they’ve kept up, that all of this is just a COVID hangover, has collapsed and at this point they’re praying for the Stupid Party to implode.  Usually, I’d think this likely.  But somehow, I think we’ve finally reached critical mass and things are going to change in a meaningful way.  All I have to do is hold out until November and things will come into clearer focus.  Fingers crossed.

The ZMan Has a Very Good Post on “The Crisis.”

Basically his thesis is that when a government collapses during a crisis usually the external crisis is just a stressor revealing the internal crisis.  And that internal crisis is usually a long standing erosion of some quality that eventually will fail during an external crisis.  So for instance, in the Roman empire, the long term rot in the legions allowed the invading Germans and Huns to knock over the façade of military might.

It’s a very well written essay and might give people an idea of how we might see the Global American Empire begin to come apart.  America’s dominance on the world scene was predicated on the combination of American dominance in military, industrial and financial matters.  Now all three of those areas have been undermined by its own doing.  The Ukraine crisis may be the stressor that reveals America’s decline and maybe collapse.

Curtis Yarvin Talking to Alex Jones, a Sign of the Apocalypse?

Yesterday I said the Right has to start getting organized and eliminate divisions.  Almost on cue my e-mail sends me Curtis Yarvin’s newsletter and I see a link to his appearance on Alex Jones’ show.  Watching this was almost surreal.  Two more dissimilar individuals existing on the same political “side” is hard to imagine.

Of course, the question could be asked whether this is a positive or negative sign.  Could it be that the ravages of cancel culture have thrown these polar opposites into each other’s arms out of desperation I guess it’s possible.  But if so, it seems to be happening quite a bit.

I’ve watched several conversations between Yarvin and Michael Anton.  And then one between Anton and two infotainment guys called the “Good Ol Boyz.”

On the more dissident end of the spectrum paleoconservative Paul Gottfried serves as a bridge between the more hard-edged thinkers like ZMan and the more civic nationalist crowds at American Greatness and the Claremont Institute.  And reading these two mainstream outlets I notice edgier material gaining on more mainstream essays.  And this is happening on many mainstream publications like the Federalist and American Conservative.

Maybe my post was just resonance with a process already occurring.  Either way, I see all of this as movement in a positive direction.  The Left has gone so far into radicalism that it has alienated a wide swath of people from the far-right to moderate progressives.  Our side can use this reaction to take back territory and prove ourselves rational and competent.  And that will make it harder for the Left to demonize us when the inevitable pendulum swing heads the other way.

What it doesn’t mean is that we should “reach across the aisle” to adopt the status quo.  The current state of American culture and governance is already a leftist nightmare.  We must aim to reverse the current shape of things and restore the things that made the United States a healthy and sane society.  Just because the voters of San Francisco recalled three of their school board officials doesn’t mean I would want to get the advice or approval of Left Coast weirdos before picking a presidential candidate.

I’ll be watching for further signs of a loosening of the gatekeeping on the right.  If a lot of the Trump approved primary candidates displace the RINO’s I expect that after the Republicans take control of Congress there will be investigations and scrutiny of the more outrageous excesses of the Biden Justice Department with respect to the January 6th witch hunts.  And we might see more emphasis on legislative topics that align with the agenda that goes beyond the weak priorities approved by the Republican establishment.

But even if we have to wait for 2024 to see any large changes in government actions, I am very interested in seeing Republicans of all stripes communicating with each other honestly.  We’re each different.  We represent a continuum of beliefs and priorities.  And it will take negotiations and compromise to find a platform that a solid majority will stand behind.  But if we don’t talk it will never happen.

We Gotta Get Organized

I read the reports of Marjorie Taylor Greene being denounced for speaking at Nick Fuentes’ AFPAC convention.  And while she was careful to say that she doesn’t know all his views and therefore doesn’t go on record as supporting them she went to the convention to speak to the thousand of attendees there who are fans of the MAGA movement that she does support.

Fuentes is called a white supremacist even though he’s Hispanic.  I guess he must be one of those dangerous “white Hispanics” we hear about.  He is a white nationalist and he is on the dissident right.  He’s also being persecuted by the January 6th investigation and all of his assets have been seized and his life turned upside down.  He’s on a no-fly list and I’m sure other lists equally debilitating.  But what Greene did was important.  She connected with the untouchables and thereby lessened their isolation.  We need more of that.  Much more.

What’s especially needed is some legitimate organization to start bridging the gaps between the deplorables and the untouchables.  Fuentes isn’t some hatemonger raving against non-white people.  He is a conservative, America first type who isn’t mealy-mouthed about the anti-white bigotry he sees all around him.  I don’t doubt that he could sit down at the same table as conservatives of various ethnicities and look for common ground and a coalitional agenda.

To be totally honest I think what the right needs to do is start being honest about identifying the specific pain points that various identity groups express under the Democrat regime and forge that into an agenda that can strip some of these ethnic groups away from the Democrat coalition.  The obvious 600-lb gorilla is the Hispanic or Latino population.  This is the largest non-white population in the United States and is also relatively conservative compared to the rest of the country.  Finding common ground with them should be relatively easy.  Some of the Asian populations are also quite upset about Democrat moves to eliminate test-based admissions to gifted school programs.  There’s a natural entre into bringing them aboard the Right.

So, there are opportunities to build a coalition.  What is needed is leadership that can smooth over the trouble that the media causes when it characterizes pro-white advocacy as white supremacy.  And it will be important for the dissident right to start thinking in terms of how to open lines of communication with these other groups.  What Marjorie Taylor Greene did was a first step.  What Donald Trump did at CPAC acknowledging her presence there was a second step.  That’s the first shaky steps toward bridging the gap.  When the dissident right starts sharing a stage with Latinos and Asians and even Blacks and can find something to talk about, that will be the point at which we can cut out the Democrats and start directly negotiating the future.

So, there’s my mad dream.  My kumbaya moment.  I’d like to see the various communities in America honestly addressing their differing agendas and hammering out a modus vivendi.  They don’t have to all love each other; they just have to find the best deal available.  Without the Democrats to inflame hatreds and demonize Whites, chances are, there would be enough common ground to live in relative harmony.  Once again all it takes is an organization that can deal with people, as opposed to the Republican Party which is basically the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

The ZMan is Fed Up

As is my custom on Fridays, I listened to the ZMan’s Friday podcast today.  It was a little bit of a departure in format and content for him.  He did a free form rant about whatever he wanted to talk about.  He hit on the Canadian Trucker Protest and had some good things to say about that.  He discussed the economy and the strange way the numbers on unemployment, industrial output and the stock market performance now seem completely disconnected from the past relationships these factors had on each other.  He discussed the Joe Rogan nonsense as it related to anti-white racism and he talked about the recent nonsense about there not being enough black head coaches in the NFL.

But one thing I noticed about his comments in general was that there is definitely a sense of exhaustion with talking about things that the powers that be completely ignore but which are obvious from simple logic.  He says he’s fed up with commenting on the fact that manufactured outrages like Joe Rogan saying politically incorrect things ten or twenty years ago are obviously manufactured.  He no longer wants to try to educate anyone who still doesn’t get these things.  And he mentioned that some of these things are finally, finally percolating up to the “legitimate” circles of the media and politics.  He even stated that some of these circles read his stuff regularly and even contact him from time to time.

And that I find very interesting.  I’m trying to imagine a podcast with the ZMan and, for instance, someone like Michael Anton or Curtis Yarvin discussing the real solutions to the mess we’re in.  Now how that would come about is not clear to me.  The ZMan has blasphemed against the blank slate countless times.  Speaking to him is a sin comparable to throwing puppies and kittens into a shark tank.  It’s a crime that will not be forgiven.  But it is a fascinating idea because that kind of a conversation is exactly what needs to occur.  The dissident right and the mainstream right need to equilibrate.  Those two groups need to talk.  Once the mainstream is allowed to talk about these issues, they can start to address the reality of where we are today.  Most of our problems have to do with making believe that nonsensical things are true.  We think that women can be soldiers and men wearing sundresses and wigs are women.  We’re willing to let children decide to have life altering surgeries based on things they’ve been told by crackpots.

Now I doubt that the ZMan will ever talk to Tucker Carlson but I do note that Tucker Carlson is starting to sound a lot like the ZMan.  And that is a very good and hopeful thing.  In the same way that the COVID wall is crumbling, the whole Leftist infrastructure is starting to alienate large swaths of the population.  And maybe, happening at the same time as the economy tanks and crime engulfs the Democrat cities there might be a chance that enough people will be fed up to allow real change to occur.  The real solutions are somewhere between the apocalypse desired by the dissidents and the nothing provided by the mainstream.  But a genuine dialog between the two is what is needed.

Anyway, that’s what the ZMan’s podcast got me thinking about today.

The Z-Man Catalogs the Groups That Make Up the Right

In his post today the Z-Man breaks down the “tribes” that make up the Right Wing by what they espouse.

  1. Gentry Conservatives
  2. Normies or Civic Nationalists
  3. Disgruntled Right
  4. Religious/Traditionalists
  5. Revanchist Right
  6. Dissident Right

These various groups are defined by the Z-Man based on the perspective they bring to the question of what should be done about our current mess.  His take on this is that the dissidents are the only ones that have a point of view that allows them to escape from the trap that he defines as liberal democracy.

I think it’s a good article to read to see which group you think you belong to.  And to see how or if you disagree with the Z-Man’s take.  As always he brings up good points.  But is his the only point of view that can beat the Left?

Merging Identity Politics with Color Blind Policies

The Dissident Right’s agenda is defined by two facts that they broadcast pretty constantly.  One is that the United States will soon be a minority majority voting population.  The other is that we are not going to vote our way out of the Left’s control.

The demographics of the first assertion seem very likely.  The second proposition revolves around the fact that other ethnicities will vote their own self interests and that they will be convinced that the Democrat agenda represents those self-interests.  I’m not going to state categorically that they are wrong on this second point.  After all, the Democrats get close to 90% of the black vote and the majority of the other non-white ethnic votes.  But even if we despair of winning the national vote for President, within the swing states it seems worthwhile to look at how the ethnic vote could be added to a coalition.

The first thing that should be admitted is that prying the black vote away from the Democrats, even in a Red State is probably an impossibility, at least for the foreseeable future.  And with the recent polarization caused by BLM and Antifa the real question concerning the black population is whether they will be willing to live peaceably with their neighbors at all.  But let’s look at the rest of the ethnic populations.

While it is true that the Democrats have managed to coopt the votes of the Asian and Latino voters pretty successfully in the past it is worth thinking about what the current political realities mean for this existing pattern.  And the woke political policies I mean to concentrate on is the current campaign to delegitimize the police and the reverse discrimination tactic called equity.

First the police.  Even in places like Portland OR and Minneapolis MN where the majority of the citizens are hopeless bug men who yearn for a society where muggers, rapists and murderers are judged not by their crimes but by the color of their skins I bet there is a very healthy sized population of normal people who yearn to escape from the madness of BLM protests and the associated lawless reign of terror.  And not so surprisingly I bet there are plenty of Asian and Latino people among them who wish this nightmare would end and life would return to normal.  And of course, there are black people living in this mess who also wish it would end but they’re stuck in their communities and that’s a problem for another day.  To my way of thinking the political message that should be broadcast to the ethnic communities is that living in a woke community means law enforcement cannot restrain the threat from criminals in the black community.

Next comes equity.  The easiest piece of equity to target is what it means for education.  The schools will be dumbed down to avoid “white supremacist ideas” like 2 + 2 = 4.  Some people will claim that only the Asian parents will respond to this second condition but I feel that even many Latino parents are unhappy with the prospect of sending their kids to be taught mush instead of STEM.  After all, even those illegals from Guatemala come here because there’s money to be made.  And they know that education is the key to advancement.

The reason this strategy should work with the non-black minority communities is because woke policies cater almost exclusively to one population, blacks.  And because of this it disadvantages all the rest of the ethnic groups, not just whites.  What other group benefits from black criminals being allowed to rampage through a city.  None.  Everyone else pays the price and it is a steep one.  A clever politician should be able to sell an anti-equity platform to everyone but the black population.

But let’s say that in the swing states the minorities stubbornly cling to the Democrat woke alliance.  Then it is doubly important that the Red States clearly declare that color blind impartiality is the rule for all state-run activities.  In fact, now that the feds and the Blue States have gone all in for “equity” it’s the perfect time to push things back all the way to total color blindness.  In other words, no more reverse discrimination, no more affirmative action, no more quotas, no nothing.  Push back is the right thing at this point.

So that’s the way I think these things should go.  But to do any of this we need real leaders with courage and brains.  We probably should recruit the Wizard of Oz to provide the gifts he gave the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow to all the Red State governors and legislators.  And while he’s at it he might as well give them a heart too.

The Only Ones Who Can End the Woke Era Are Teenagers

The demographic that supports all of the agenda of the Left and actually believes all of the nonsense that it espouses is the millennials.  And I don’t think those people can be persuaded.  They believe in the narrative being sold by their teachers and professors and the authorities that run the social media sites that they spend so much time on.  But how about the next generation?  Who is to say that they can’t be awakened to what’s going on?  Sure, they’re also exposed to the same propaganda.  In fact the brain washing has been turned up by an order of magnitude in the last couple of years.  But why shouldn’t we try to present our message as a counter-program to what they’re learning.  Kids do enjoy rebelling against the cultural norms they’re fed.  What easier thing could there be than feeding into the normal behaviors that young people already have and show how this refutes the make-believe things that the Left is trying to teach them?

Everything from transgenderism to white privilege to defunding the police are very easy for even middle school kids to understand.  We’ll have to include the idea that this information is taboo in school and kids will have to discuss these things outside the hearing of their teachers but that will only make the message that much more enticing.  And we can take advantage of all the most ludicrous aspects of the woke religion to prove our case and all these things will appeal to the impressionable minds of young people.

As an example, if you wanted to explain to a girl why it would be unfair for “transgender” girls to compete against real girls all you would need is a video clip of what these “girls” look like and how they compare in speed and strength to real girls.  If you want to explain the danger of allowing children to decide about puberty blocking drugs, mastectomies and castration just find any of the articles written by people who went through these medical procedures and then realized it was a horrible mistake after it was too late.  If you want to convince a kid what it would mean if the police were defunded show them some video clips of what’s going on in the blue cities that are cowering down to the BLM mobs.  The riots and looting, the old ladies being assaulted by the black kids playing the knockout game.  It’ll be pretty easy.

But as I said, you’ll have to let the kids know that this is forbidden knowledge and they’ll have to keep quiet in the classroom if they don’t want to be cancelled.  But I guarantee it’ll still be fascinating to these young people.  Forbidden knowledge always is.  And since virtually none of this can exist on social media it will have to be delivered either on private websites or even face to face.  But you know what they say, “The truth shall set you free.”  And that’s what we need, more truth and more freedom.

Nothing Left to Fear

When the Dissident Right mocks the people who haven’t given up hope of fixing the country conventionally, their favorite line of ridicule is, “Maybe if we just vote harder next time we’ll win.”  The irony is this time we voted as hard as it is possible to vote and we lost by millions.  Basically, the Democrats proved that they can rig any number of votes necessary to win.

So that’s that.  As the dissidents are fond of saying, “We’re not voting our way out of this.”  A few months ago, I said our choices are Fold, Flee or Fight.  None of those are easy choices to make and I still haven’t decided between Flee or Fight.

But one thing is now better.  I no longer have to be afraid of whatever the next thing the Left manufactures to upset me.  For instance, the latest outrages include:

  • D.C. and Puerto Rico will get statehood.
  • Citizenship for sixty million illegals.
  • Make gun ownership illegal.
  • Criminalize Christianity.
  • Criminalize masculinity.

Whatever.  I don’t care.  Trying to figure out how we can scrape together enough votes in the Senate and the House and how to win back the White House and engineer reliable votes on the Supreme Court is just a stupid game they play with us.  They won’t let us win and we won’t win by voting harder.  When all is said and done, I still have three choices, Fold, Flee or Fight.  And none of the things that the Left can do change those choices.  Sure, if they ban guns then it’ll be harder to fight.  But you have to be willing to fight in order for that disadvantage to even matter.  Outvoting me with DC or Puerto Rico is academic.  They outvote us by fraud.  Why should I care if they increase that voting edge?  Can I lose twice in the same election?  If they officially take away my freedom of speech and religion is that much worse than what is going on right now?  Not really.

Short of sending me to an actual arctic prison camp there really isn’t much that they can do to make things worse.  We already live under a coercive tyranny.  The prospect of the Left making things incrementally worse really isn’t scary anymore for me.

In fact, I almost hope they’ll ratchet things up a whole bunch.  If things got much, much worse then I’ll have to make one of those choices.

So, go ahead Dementia Joe, Cryin’ Chuck and Crazy Nancy.  Declare George Floyd’s Birthday a national holiday.  Get Bruce Jenner crowned as Miss America.  Have Miley Cyrus canonized.

I don’t care.

And that feels great.  None of that crap has anything to do with me.  That’s an alternate reality that I never signed on for.  In my reality Bruce Jenner is a self-mutilated mental patient.  George Floyd was a fentanyl addict that mixed it up with the cops.  Miley Cyrus is an ex-Disney child actress turned attention whore.  Joe Biden is a hack politician and a creepy sexual deviant who likes to paw little girls and women.  Kamala Harris is a literal whore who parlayed her sexual favors into a political career in California.  Nancy Pelosi is a drunk who traded on her father’s name as a politician to enrich her husband’s real estate investments through her patronage.

In my reality human beings have the right to freedom of association, religion, speech and self-defense.  If none of those things exist in the place I currently live maybe that’s a good reason to fight the system or leave.  So, thank you Leftists.  You’re making it easier to do something hard to do.