The ZMan Has a Bit to Say About Energy

He runs through the ins and outs of how our whole world runs on cheap energy.  My favorite thought is, “The real reserve currency of the world is the BTU and the dollar is the physical manifestation of it. The war on Russia, like the war on Iran, is as much about protecting the control of energy as it is ideology. What we are seeing is that the countries with vast energy wealth are starting to figure out that they are better off as partners rather than as competitors.”

Ah, the British Thermal Unit.  Metric units be damned.

It’s about time Westerners figured out that windmills and solar panels mean poverty for them and their descendants and start figuring out where the energy source for the year 2200 is going to be.  The Germans are pretty smart maybe they’ll start taking those nuke plants out of mothballs after they freeze their own balls off this winter.

I have a hunch geothermal energy and hydrogen as a vehicle fuel is the way things will go but you never know.  Funny things can happen.  But windmills it won’t be.

Let’s go Brandon!




Macaroni and Davos

The ZMan has a very interesting article at takimag.  As is his habit he edifies us about a 17th century English fad among the rich called macaroni, ” In mid-18th-century England, wealthy young British men began to adopt an outlandish fashion style known as the macaroni style. They wore giant powdered wigs with tiny hats on the top that could only be removed with the point of a sword. Their clothes were equally garish, made from expensive materials from the Continent. They adopted a highly affected personal style that was self-mocking and absurd.

He then goes on to point out how this affected behavior resembles the habit of our elites to espouse outlandish causes like transgenderism just to show that they are different from hoi polloi (the many).

I like his ending, “The emergence of a ridiculous class in an empire is the proverbial bell that rings at the top of a cycle. When elements of the elite begin making war on the rules that make the elite possible, it is only a matter of time before everyone does the same. This is what we are seeing in the Global American Empire. It is now ruled by ridiculous people who care more about mocking the lower classes than doing their duty. It is just a matter of time before they follow similar phenomena to the dustbin of history.”

I fervently hope he is right about that.

Friday Happenings and a Hint from the Z Man

A marvelous morning.  After a lot of rain and cool weather over the last two day the sun has broken through and the temperature is supposed to be skirting with eighty.  The pool guys are here today and will open it up and treat it.  Right now, it’s a rich color that I’m told is green and I’m guessing those guys will have an awful lot of vacuuming to do.

Camera Girl has finally found some butternut squash seedling for her garden and I’m continuing with my program of chopping down and uprooting invasive trees like Russian Olive and Ailanthus that spring up everywhere.  Now that my great experiment with the fence support has panned out, I’ll buy a few more supports and strengthen the posts.  That will give me the chance to decide on the “final solution.”  I’ve been thinking about metal posts but that’s a big effort and as usual my laziness weighs in against it.

As is my routine on Friday mornings I listened to the Z Man’s podcast.  I heard a sort of throwaway line that he is having a essay of his posted at American Greatness.  That I think is a significant moment.  I’ve been wondering how much farther the coalescence would move between the Dissident Right and the MAGA Right.  Previously I observed paleoconservative Paul Gottfried as a link between the two sides.  Gottfried writes on American Greatness and the American Mind and has had the Z Man appear on his podcasts.  With the Z Man writing at American Greatness, I think we see the next step in the mainstreaming of dissident ideas and thinkers.  And that’s all to the good.

The opposite reaction to this rapprochement is comments that Z Man says he’s been getting from some of his more strident readers claiming he has been toning down his rhetoric on hot-button topics like immigration and race realism.  My guess is that with his growing reach into more moderate audiences he’s recognized the desirability of softening his language to avoid scaring off the squeamish.  And once again, that’s all to the good.  Truly hateful rhetoric just for the sake of hatefulness doesn’t help anyone, especially those on the Right attempting to build coalitions.

I look forward to the day when Nick Fuentes, the Z Man and other dissidents can show up on Tucker Carlson’s show and sit down with more moderate types like Michael Anton and the people over at Claremont.  Both sides would benefit enormously by the chance to speak openly and honestly with each other.  At some point it might be possible for the agenda of an energized MAGA coalition to even get the dissidents to climb down off the ledge and rejoin the rest of the Right.

Look, I know that last statement sounds like happy-happy talk but I think there’s more than just unbridled enthusiasm at work here.  The overreach of the Left has done them serious damage.  Damage on a scale we haven’t seen since the American electorate booted Jimmy Carter out of the White House and spawned the Reagan ‘80s.  I think it would be extremely valuable to have some voices from the Dissident Right in the mix when we start talking about agendas.  Obviously not everybody on the fringe is safe to have mixing with us normies.  But the more sober-minded and thoughtful individuals like Z Man have a lot to say about where the Right has gone wrong so many times before.  I welcome the idea that he is making the effort to talk to the moderates.

So, this is an interesting morning.  Summer returns to the Compound and interesting happenings are afoot on the Right.  All to the Good.

The ZMan Has a Very Good Post on “The Crisis.”

Basically his thesis is that when a government collapses during a crisis usually the external crisis is just a stressor revealing the internal crisis.  And that internal crisis is usually a long standing erosion of some quality that eventually will fail during an external crisis.  So for instance, in the Roman empire, the long term rot in the legions allowed the invading Germans and Huns to knock over the façade of military might.

It’s a very well written essay and might give people an idea of how we might see the Global American Empire begin to come apart.  America’s dominance on the world scene was predicated on the combination of American dominance in military, industrial and financial matters.  Now all three of those areas have been undermined by its own doing.  The Ukraine crisis may be the stressor that reveals America’s decline and maybe collapse.

The ZMan is Fed Up

As is my custom on Fridays, I listened to the ZMan’s Friday podcast today.  It was a little bit of a departure in format and content for him.  He did a free form rant about whatever he wanted to talk about.  He hit on the Canadian Trucker Protest and had some good things to say about that.  He discussed the economy and the strange way the numbers on unemployment, industrial output and the stock market performance now seem completely disconnected from the past relationships these factors had on each other.  He discussed the Joe Rogan nonsense as it related to anti-white racism and he talked about the recent nonsense about there not being enough black head coaches in the NFL.

But one thing I noticed about his comments in general was that there is definitely a sense of exhaustion with talking about things that the powers that be completely ignore but which are obvious from simple logic.  He says he’s fed up with commenting on the fact that manufactured outrages like Joe Rogan saying politically incorrect things ten or twenty years ago are obviously manufactured.  He no longer wants to try to educate anyone who still doesn’t get these things.  And he mentioned that some of these things are finally, finally percolating up to the “legitimate” circles of the media and politics.  He even stated that some of these circles read his stuff regularly and even contact him from time to time.

And that I find very interesting.  I’m trying to imagine a podcast with the ZMan and, for instance, someone like Michael Anton or Curtis Yarvin discussing the real solutions to the mess we’re in.  Now how that would come about is not clear to me.  The ZMan has blasphemed against the blank slate countless times.  Speaking to him is a sin comparable to throwing puppies and kittens into a shark tank.  It’s a crime that will not be forgiven.  But it is a fascinating idea because that kind of a conversation is exactly what needs to occur.  The dissident right and the mainstream right need to equilibrate.  Those two groups need to talk.  Once the mainstream is allowed to talk about these issues, they can start to address the reality of where we are today.  Most of our problems have to do with making believe that nonsensical things are true.  We think that women can be soldiers and men wearing sundresses and wigs are women.  We’re willing to let children decide to have life altering surgeries based on things they’ve been told by crackpots.

Now I doubt that the ZMan will ever talk to Tucker Carlson but I do note that Tucker Carlson is starting to sound a lot like the ZMan.  And that is a very good and hopeful thing.  In the same way that the COVID wall is crumbling, the whole Leftist infrastructure is starting to alienate large swaths of the population.  And maybe, happening at the same time as the economy tanks and crime engulfs the Democrat cities there might be a chance that enough people will be fed up to allow real change to occur.  The real solutions are somewhere between the apocalypse desired by the dissidents and the nothing provided by the mainstream.  But a genuine dialog between the two is what is needed.

Anyway, that’s what the ZMan’s podcast got me thinking about today.

The ZMan Has a Very good Post on the Hive We Now Live In

It’s actually two posts.  One on his site and one over at Taki’s.  They both describe the situation we find ourselves in where the bureaucrats now own us.  They tell us what to do and what to think.  These two articles are bang on the nose.  What they can’t say is how we escape from our fate.  Well, except to rise up against it, which no one can say out loud.  Highly recommended.


ZMan Talks About Anti-Racism

The ZMan had his usual Friday morning podcast.  It was a review of the Left’s use of terms like racist and white supremacy and how their meaning differs from what the rest of the world means by those terms.  It was as usual very interesting.

What stuck in my mind was the reminder that when dealing with the Left, the term that we can use that has enormous power is declaring their policies as anti-white hate.  The ZMan’s contention, and I think it’s a valid one, is that the Left’s narrative depends on people thinking that they speak from a moral high ground.  But if you can indict what they’re doing as a hateful and therefore immoral activity you rob them of this legitimacy.

And he’s right.  Specifying something as anti-white hate frightens and confuses leftists.    ZMan should be congratulated for popularizing this insight.  Equity, diversity, inclusion really just an anti-white ploy.  CRT is anti-white propaganda.  It’s a powerful tool.  Think about it.

No One Talks Collapsing Empires Better Than the ZMan

My favorite dissident has what I think is a fascinating discussion of what happens when an empire, e.g. the Soviet Union or the Romans starts to die.  He discusses the transition from central rule to oligarchs.  I think he makes some truly excellent points.  We may already be quite a ways along the process.  And he shows how differences in circumstances can lead to different outcomes.  A good read.

ZMan Bashes Conservative Inc.

No one enjoys bashing the likes of Kevin Williamson and David French more than the ZMan.  I always remember fondly his description of an apocryphal event where a Massachusetts state trooper was beating a libertarian somewhere in western Mass. and the ZMan and a number of passing motorists stopped to help the policeman in his useful and pleasurable civic duty.

I can’t remember if it was a pod cast or a column but I do remember it was sometime around Thanksgiving.  I think it w as an homage (in a way) to the Alice’s Restaurant story.

Well, he has a column about the self-loathing trolls that carry water for the cloud people over at National Review or wherever they’re holed up now.  And it is full of venom and scorn for these pathetic relics of a bygone era when many on the Right still thought of them as friends.  As usual, very entertaining if you like cruel mockery which, of course, I do.