10FEB2021 – A Little More Texit Envy

I listened to this interview between a talk show guy in Texas ( Chris Salcedo ) and Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement and author of the book “TEXIT: Why And How Texas Will Leave The Union.”  It was an interesting discussion in which they talked about some of the important details that separating from the Union would involve private citizens in.  Like social security and other financial programs.  As I said it was interesting but they didn’t mention a date when the Texit bill is supposed to be voted on in the Texas legislature.  Guess I’ll have to do some more digging.

03FEB2021 – Red State Initiative – Florida vs Big Tech

Florida actually has a Republican governor who isn’t afraid of the Left.

Gov. DeSantis announces legislation to crack down on big tech, online censorship    WTXL Tallahassee

Now if a few more red state governors get their acts together maybe something meaningful will be done.  If fifteen states slammed the cable providers for allowing the Big Techs to use their infrastructure to discriminate against Americans we might see some interesting action.






Hat Tip to Neil for the Link

In the comments for yesterday’s post Neil linked to this post on Poweline:


Seeing a lot of action by red states to rein in the woke corporations and elbow the Feds out of our lives would certainly be a welcome development.  In general this would be a quick way to punish the people torturing us.  Waiting for Washington to come to our aid is a hopeless idea.  If the states don’t step up then it’ll have to be something desperate.  And that would look like a guerilla war.