05AUG2022 – Another Outbreak of Unbridled Enthusiasm Breaks Out

I know, I know.  We’re not going to vote our way out of this.  Blah, blah, blah.  But, damn, that Lake victory hit the spot.  Maybe all of this is the dead cat bounce after hitting bottom in 2020 but right now I’ll take it.  It’s just plain enjoyable to be on the winning side of these things.  Whether it’s real or not, it feels like progress.

I saw that Dick Cheney put out a video defending his daughter by declaring that, “In our nation’s 246-year history, there has never been an individual who has been a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump.”  Boy, that’s rich.  The Democrats allow thugs to burn down the cities of America.  They use blatant voter fraud to foist a lying grafter on us as president while locking down the country for two years and destroying the economy.  But Donald Trump is dangerous.

I read that Sinema is going to sign off on the mini-Build Back Better boondoggle.  No surprise there.  The fix was in with Manchin.  I guess he got his cut of the pie.  Figures she’d be in there somewhere too.  That’s alright.  Both of them are up in 2024.  They’ll be remembered by their voters.

I was reading a speech that Hungarian leader Victor Orban gave recently.  It’s remarkable how he openly names the real threats that face western countries.  I guess when your party has a supermajority in the parliament you can speak honestly.  He talks of the dangers of unchecked third world immigration and he also names the LGBTQ agenda of much of the western countries as the biggest external threats.  But he also names the break down of the traditional family and the associated failure of women to bear enough children as the biggest internal threat.

This analysis is spot on.  It’s a long speech and also has long sections on the energy crisis and the Ukrainian war.  These other problems area also very grave, especially the climate hoax.  But I think they might be self-correcting.  After all, there’s nothing like losing your toes to frostbite to reinforce how important fossil fuels really are to our world.

Whoever the leaders of an actual conservative movement turn out to be, they should consult with Orban.  He’s one of the few leaders who understand the challenges facing us.  He gave a speech at CPAC yesterday.  I just started to listen to it.  Very exciting, very upbeat.

So, there’s all kinds of hopeful things happening right now.  And in eleven days Liz Cheney gets the boot from the voters of the great state of Wyoming so the beat goes on.  I’m sure I could dwell on the negatives.  After all, the Chi-Coms didn’t take Nancy Pelosi off our hands and George Soros still walks the earth sowing destruction in all directions.  But good things are happening.  We’re winning elections and guys like Ron DeSantis are using their power to stop the bad guys from running roughshod over us in places like Florida.

You can always be depressed and sometimes I am.  But not today.  Smell the roses, enjoy the day.

DeSantis Suspends Soros Prosecutor for Ignoring Laws

DeSantis in Florida just keeps showing the rest of the country how it’s done.  There’s a Soros backed prosecutor named Andrew Warren who signed a letter stating that he wouldn’t prosecute anyone under the state’s new abortion law or its ban on sex change procedures for minors.

So DeSantis suspended him pending a review by the State Senate to remove him.  Well, how great is that?  Instead of waiting for a recall to be authorized DeSantis just boots the guy out of office and doesn’t wait for the slower legislature to catch up.

Kudos Ron, kudos.  If every red state had a governor like him this would be a much better country to live in.

Ferraris, Dessert and Women Irked by Trump

I was out of pocket today.  AWOL, off the reservation, footloose and fancy free.  I was communing, consorting and other wise hobnobbing with my fellow wizards.  We went to this car show in a very ritzy town.  The cars were parked up and down two sides of the street in this town.  Hundreds of them.  It had a lot of extremely expensive cars.  Ferraris, Jaguars, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bentleys and even less familiar luxury cars.  There were also some antique cars from the 30’s like Packards and some very cool old Fords.  And some high-performance cars from the 60’s; Stingrays and such.  I walked for hours and took a million pictures.

Then we got back to our host’s home and his gracious wife feasted us on an Italian meal.  It was one delicacy after another ending off with some delicious pastries.  And in between we talked politics.  There were two camps of thought.  One group said that DeSantis should be president.  The other said we need Trump.  I’m a big fan of DeSantis’s but I was in the second camp.  One of the attendants mirrored my thinking.  He said we need Trump because he motivates the Deplorables.  And he knows how to avoid being played by the Left.  He also pummels the Establishment Republicans when they get in the way.

The DeSantis camp basically are afraid that Trump will lose by scaring off moderates.  I clarified by saying they’re afraid he’ll scare off women.  I contended that Trump irks women.  And one of the wives who was present confirmed this assertion.  She said, “That’s right, he irks me and I think he irks a lot of women.”

And that’s a basic truth about Donald Trump.  He irks women.  He irks some other people too but the fact that he irks women is diagnostic.  Trump irks women because he says rude things, mean things, cruel things.  But many of the cruel things he says are true.  As a rule, women are more social than men.  They pay more attention to the impact on other people’s emotions of the things they say.  Women are more polite, more diplomatic.  They are the opposite of Donald Trump.  Trump says things to get a reaction.  Insulting his enemies and even his “allies” that aren’t aligned with his goals is a minute-to-minute calculation.  He is always saying “mean things” on Twitter.

But we need that.  Badly.  I tried to make the point that we need Trump to win in 2024.  We also need DeSantis to be his Vice President, almost his Co-President.  And I think Trump actually needs DeSantis more than DeSantis needs him.  We need someone who can drain the swamp.  Donald Trump tried in 2017 – 2021 and completely failed.  Maybe Pence was part of the reason for that failure.  Maybe this time DeSantis can be the surgeon Trump needs to lobotomize the Deep State.

At least that’s my read on what is needed.  Trump knows the policies he wants but he needs someone who can translate that agenda into an assault on the insurrectionist agencies of the Executive Branch in order to make those policies happen.

Was I able to change any minds?  I don’t know but I made my case and I could see some of the reasons why Trump has so many detractors on the Right.  Americans, and American women especially are polite, friendly people.  They don’t want to be attacked, especially not by friends.  But what it is time to do is to point out to these people that sometimes the truth is cruel and hurts some people.  And that the truth is its own defense.  Ignoring or denying the truth because it is ugly, hurtful or cruel isn’t going to make it go away.

The Democrats won’t be able to ignore or deny the truth of what they have done to this country.  And just because it is Donald Trump who will be pointing these things out in his own inimitable and caustic way won’t allow them to ignore what is being said.  It’s just too ugly for politeness to bandage over.

In 2024 Trump will be the bitter medicine for those who voted for Biden in 2020.  I don’t know if there’s any sugar that can make it easier to swallow.  And I don’t care.

Taking Advantage of Catastrophe

Joe Biden is openly mocked by half the country and viewed with panic by the Left.  The idea that circumstances have spun out of his control have sent large swaths of his coalition in search of someone better to save them.  Hispanics, Asians, even Millennials see the crumbling of normalcy and economic stability all around them.  Add in the truly frightening levels of urban crime and you might assume that this can’t go on for long.  But if you assume that I think you might be wrong.

I think this mess will go on the way it’s going for a good long time.  There isn’t a mechanism for fixing it.  Dementia Joe was installed in January 2021 and he’ll be there (barring a slip in the bath tub or other disqualifying event) until January 2025.  That’s a hell of a long time.  So, it’s worth thinking about what will be going on in America in the meantime.

The situation we’re in is sufficiently dire that it provides an opportunity for a smart man to take advantage of the situation and use one of the states as a staging ground for a new thing.  I think that’s what DeSantis is trying to do in Florida.  Being the governor of a big state is a pretty powerful office.  There are resources and with a friendly legislature he can have a big influence on the lives of the people living under his administration.

He can attempt to nullify or at least mitigate some of the harmful policies and initiatives that the feds sponsor and support.  For instance, last year Texas had an energy crisis because their power grid was modified to rely on solar and wind energy for an illogical percentage of the total electrical capacity.  And all of this was driven by some federal directive that involved funding to increase green energy.  A smart leader would make it a policy of his administration to reject any federal interference that can be shown to damage the interests of the people of his state, no matter how large the bribe that is attached to the bad policy.

And there are even larger things that can be done.  He can attract industry to his state by use of the tax laws that will encourage a company to hire employees in that state.  By the same token he can also make sure that the employees are Americans.  Cracking down on companies that employ illegal immigrants should be one of the highest priorities of anyone who is thinking of replacing Joe Biden in 2025.

Another thing that will make his state a better place is minimizing the number of people on the welfare rolls.  Dependency of all kinds, drug addiction, joblessness and all other forms of dysfunction should be addressed by the laws and also from the bully pulpit.  In this spirit what DeSantis is doing when attacking this child grooming and transgender madness is extremely smart.  Parents are the most important constituency because they have the most invested in a stable society.  They will respond to someone trying to help their kids survive the madness that the Democrats foster.

So, what I see Ron DeSantis doing tells me he wants to make the clearest contrast in people’s minds between the disaster being unleashed by the Biden regime and the positive and constructive things happening under his administration in Florida.  By 2024 he wants people to equate his track record with what the whole country needs going forward.  I think it’s a good plan.  They always talk about the states being laboratories for experiments that can be transferred to the national level.  DeSantis is on the right track.


To my mind, short of a revolution, this is the best that can be expected while we wait for the clock to run out on the awful era of Biden in Washington.

Add Alabama to the List of States that Want to Save their Children

DeSantis has started a revolution.  And it’s spreading.  First Virginia, then Texas, Alabama and several other states are working on their own versions.

Here are some quotes from the article

“Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed two bills related to transgender issues and sexual identity into law.

One outlaws transgender youth’s access to gender-affirming medications. The law makes it a felony to prescribe puberty blockers or hormones to trans youth under 19.


The second bill prevents teachers from providing instruction on sexual identity to students in kindergarten through fifth grades. It also requires students in public K-12 schools to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match the gender designated on their birth certificates.


“We should especially protect our children from these radical, life-altering drugs and surgeries when they are at such a vulnerable stage in life. Instead, let us all focus on helping them to properly develop into the adults God intended them to be.”


Ivey released this statement upon signing this bill into law: “Here in Alabama, men use the men’s room, and ladies use the ladies’ room – it’s really a no brainer. This bill will also ensure our elementary school classrooms remain free from any kind of sex talk.


“We don’t need to be teaching young children about sex. We are talking about 5-year-olds for crying out loud. We need to focus on what matters – core instruction like reading and math.””

Good let’s hope it spreads to the rest of the red states and maybe beyond.

Okay, Groomer

Finally, something being done right on the Right.  When Florida passed an anti-grooming law to protect K-3 students from teachers proselytizing for depravity, the Left went nuts.  They mischaracterized the bill as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and attacked Florida and Ron DeSantis as bigots who would be the cause of uncountable kindergarten suicides over rampant body dysmorphia.  When that didn’t work, they recruited Disney to force Tinkerbell and Cinderella’s fairy godmother to cast a spell on DeSantis to make him change his mind.  No soap.  Then they put billboards on highways that are covered with the word gay.  Meh.  Finally, armies of woke K-3 teachers are protesting and threatening to quit if they can’t talk to little kids about deviant sex.  And finally, finally someone came up with the perfect meme.  Here’s the listing in the Urban Dictionary (for as long as it lasts):

Okay, groomer

Definition:  A phrase used to convey disdain with leftists who try to use gay people as a shield to push their pro-pedophile agenda.


“John, did you hear about the Don’t Say Gay Bill?”

“Oh, you mean the bill that prevents teachers from talking to kindergarteners about sex without parental consent?”

“It’s so bigoted!”

“Okay, groomer.”

by The True Patriot March 29, 2022


Andrew Klavan over at the Daily Wire did a long section of his podcast on the whole issue.  He’s a very easy going libertarian so he’s very far from an extremist but he rightly points out the manipulative tactics that the Left uses to get at young children.

There’s an old saying that if you’re getting a lot of flak that means you’re over the target.  Well, this is definitely getting a lot of flak.  Every red state needs to copy this law or even make one even more restrictive.  Instead of K-3 make it K-12.  Why would we ever want teachers preaching sexual depravity to our children?  Opting out of even “normal” sex education should be the default situation in all schools.  None of these people are qualified to talk to your children if you don’t think they are.

Well, anyway, this meme is a winner and makes the perfect answer to anyone who wants to claim to be on the side of reason when advocating for this proselytizing.  Anyone who wants to sexualize kindergarten children is either a complete moron or a pedophile.  Either way shaming them is more than warranted.  It’s everyone’s duty.  I assume that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will immediately suspend anyone who says “Okay groomer.”

What I’m waiting for is Ron DeSantis to yell “Okay groomer!” to some television reporter interviewing him or some Disney flak who tries to shame him into reversing his approval of the law.  He’s lucky.  He’s every Lefty’s dream target.  They’re probably lined up for miles waiting to ask him about the kindergarten suicides.

But I’m kind of jealous.  I don’t have anyone to say it to.  I’m kind of hoping that someone will show up in the comments to take the pro-groomer argument.  I just so badly want to say,

“Okay Groomer!”  Man, that felt good.

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ron DeSantis and the Sun Peeking Through the Clouds

Today is a cold, cloudy day with forecast for rain and maybe a little snow.  So, we went for our walk a little earlier to avoid the rain.  And as we were walking the clouds rolled back and the sun came shining through.  A beautiful walk with the streams cascading over the rocks with the extra runoff from the lake from the recent heavy rains we had.  A beautiful walk with the birds singing and chattering and the crows talking about whatever crows talk about with each other.

When we got back to the car, the clouds rolled back over the sun and a few drops fell.  But the clouds and rain were too late.  The walk had done its magic.  The mood was set and the day began the right way with optimism and energy triumphing over bad news and laziness.

And then I get home and I see that article about Lynyrd Skynyrd writing that song and I listen to the song and I think, that’s not a bad campaign song.  And DeSantis doesn’t have to hear any left-wing hippy musician telling him he can’t us his song because blah-blah fascism, blah-blah-blah.  And I thought, “Here’s optimism and energy triumphing over bad news and laziness.  Here are people doing something instead of just laying down and complaining and getting nothing done.

Of course, this is just the tiniest ray of light in a world of darkness.  Everywhere you look you see the wreckage of all that was good.  I won’t repeat the litany but let’s save time and say almost everything.  And the prospects of three more years of this misery with that imbecile in the White House.

But that’s what makes that light even more important.  Holding on for three more years of this is going to strain the morale of normal Americans to the breaking point.  We need victories, no matter how small.  Ron DeSantis succeeding against the COVID lockdowns, that was a victory.  The legislation against kindergarten grooming, that was a victory.  And even this silly song by some old Southern Rockers, even that is a tiny dose of hope.

By my reckoning we’ll need about another thousand hopeful things to get us through the next three years.  That’s about one a day.  I guess if we had to, we could get away with a hundred.  That’s a shot of hope every week and half.  I doubt that DeSantis can manage that all by himself.  Some other folks will have to step up and deliver.  Unfortunately, I think that means all of us will have to do something to make things better.

And maybe that thing that we all will have to do is suck it up and move forward with our lives and make things happen the way we want them to.  Take the time to educate your children about the propaganda they are being fed.  Make sure they won’t be confused by the messages they are being given.  Support the right people in your community and boycott anything that stands against what you believe in whenever possible.

Do the little things that are important and maybe someday we’ll see all this madness swept away.  And to torture this metaphor to the end, just like the clouds can be swept away and the sun shines through.

DeSantis Versus Pence, a Contrast Worth Looking At

Lately everything that DeSantis has been doing strikes me as right on target.  He’s passing laws to restrain the Left in multiple arenas.  And even beyond the kind of laws he champions, his interactions with the press and the corporate Left have been spot on.  He refuses to be intimidated and he pushes back at them and even attacks their motives.

And that made me think of a comparison between what DeSantis is doing with outlawing the sexualizing of very young schoolchildren and what Mike Pence did when he passed a law to protect religious freedom in Indiana.  This law was meant to protect wedding service providers; like the photographers and cake bakers from anti-discrimination lawsuits by LGBTQ advocates.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Says Religious Freedom Law ‘Absolutely Not’ a Mistake

Here’s a link (above) to a video of Pence being grilled by George Stephanopoulos on the bill and repeatedly attempting to get Pence to say yes or no as to whether the bill allows wedding service providers to “discriminate” against gay people getting married.  If you watch it Pence looks like a weak, whiny, wimp afraid to just say openly that religious freedom is the aim of the bill and if preventing religious people from being forced to violate their religious convictions is discrimination against the people trying to coerce them then it is justified discrimination.


Now compare this travesty with these three examples of Ron DeSantis dealing with the press on the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

‘Does The Truth Matter Or Not?’: DeSantis Lashes Out At Reporter Over Question On Bill


Gov. DeSantis signs controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill into law


Gov. Ron DeSantis responds to leaked Disney comments about parental rights bill (on Tucker Carlson show)

In each case he counterattacks against the media narrative and hammers his point home that the truth is completely different from the version being represented by the media.  And in the second and third videos and goes farther to say that those attacking these bills aren’t trying to protect LGBTQ individuals.  They are trying to impose indoctrination or “grooming” of small children into deviant sexual practices.  They are trying to introduce to very young children extremely harmful sexual and psychological ideas that can lead to irreparable harm to their minds, bodies and even end their lives.

Is it any wonder that Mike Pence has proven to be such an ineffective representative for conservatives?  He can’t defend the things he believes in in a forceful and convincing manner.  One week after the interview with Stephanopoulos Pence amended the bill to prevent it from protecting the wedding service providers that it was meant to aid.  He is useless.

I believe Ron DeSantis is just the opposite.  He is smart and he is strong.  He can think on his feet and he can push back against the twisted logic that the Left uses to make the attackers look like the victims.  I believe if we have a man like this as president, he will find ways to reverse many of the evil laws and regulations that afflict us.  Someone with strength would even be able to push the awful people we have in Congress to follow his lead.

I don’t know whether DeSantis will be running for president or vice president in 2024.  But in either case he looks like the right man in our future.  Could the Deep State do to him what they did to Trump?  Maybe, but DeSantis has significantly better governmental experience and would bring his own team from Florida into the executive branch with him.  Trump had no team.

So, this is my case.  We’ll have to see what actually happens in 2024.

DeSantis Signs the Young Schoolchildren Anti-Grooming Law

What the Left calls the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill is now law in Florida.  DeSantis makes a very eloquent statement about why this bill is needed.  And he accuses the Left of supporting the sexualization of kindergarten children and he says he doesn’t care what they think of him saying it.  He’s standing up for the rights of parents to control the things taught to their children and to restrain activists from trying to recruit their kids into sexual madness.

This guy hits all the right notes.  Someday he will be President.  If not in 2024 then in 2028.