Glenn Youngkin, Ron DeSantis, Disney, Bud Light, Target, Heckler & Koch.  What do these names have in common?  They all relate to Americans getting fed up with radical culture war outrages and pushing back against them.

Republican Glenn Youngkin was elected governor of a blue state (Virginia) because the public schools were indoctrinating the kids with anti-white racism and forgetting to teach them the three R’s.

Ron DeSantis was re-elected in a landslide because he stood up against teachers teaching deviant sex to kids in the second grade.  And he stood up to Disney, one of the largest employers in the state of Florida, when they called him out on the school issue.  And that made him more popular still.

Bud Light stepped on their own … foot when they let a feminist marketing director “partner” the brand with a male TikTok influencer who puts on woman face and pretends he’s the reincarnation of Audrey Hepburn.  Then a video was found of that same marketing director denigrating the “frat-boy” image of Bud Light and saying that the demographic they formerly sold beer to was shrinking and they needed to go after the more progressive younger crowd that was represented by the TikTok influencer in drag.  Of course, she forgot to check if any of these new customers drink beer.  When word got back to her actual customers of her disdain for them, they stopped buying her beer, in droves.  Now sales are down over thirty percent and still falling.  Bud Light is now called Trans Beer and the company can’t give it away, literally.  They’ve tried to sell it with a 100% rebate coupon.  At some point they may have to just pull the product and try to rebrand with some other name.  But the damage now appears permanent because they refused to apologize to their customers.

Target was celebrating their annual “Pride” month with a display at the front of the store that included clothing for children including tuck-friendly bathing suits.  When this was highlighted by several right-wing media outlets a huge hostile reaction started from Target customers in several states.  Target claimed that their employees were frightened by the anger in these areas and the company moved the displays to the back of the stores and scaled it back in these areas of the country.  And the stock price of Target took a nosedive.  It went from about $160 a share to about $130 which is close to a twenty percent loss in equity.  Target claims that they will not change their stance on LGBTQ sponsorship.  It should be interesting to see how things progress over the summer.

And finally, we come to Heckler & Koch.  This German gun manufacturer also had a feminist marketing executive who decided to respond to some of the company’s on-line patrons when they called the Bud Light marketing manager “woke.”  She told them they were stupid and explained that sexist ads like the bikini babes in beer and gun advertisements was “trash marketing” and only dinosaurs liked that kind of stuff.  And she went on and on trading barbs with her company’s customer base about identity politics of various sorts.  Well, that didn’t go over well with the customers.  They threatened to boycott Heckler & Koch.  After a short pause a post from the company appeared saying “Policies were ignored.  Changes have been made.  Heckler & Koch does not engage in identity politics.”  Shortly after this a new marketing manager started posting and he very humorously disowned the remarks of his predecessor.  Problem solved.

It appears to me that there is a very large audience of Americans who are fed up with the woke agenda and will reward politicians who will fight it and punish corporations that mock them and side with their enemies.  What is needed is an organizing force to channel this anger and use it to accomplish some goals.  What we need is the opposite of GLAAD.  We need an organization that advocates for normalcy.  Its acronym should be something like NORMAL or NORML or STRAIT or something like that.  Their job should be to give a report card on corporations that reflects the degree to which they align with the values of normal people.  And they can report these findings back to the members in the general public and make recommendations for actions like boycotts or protests or letters to government to protest the actions of the worst offenders.  And alternatively, they can recommend that the membership patronize and support the companies that are most sympathetic to the community.  And likewise, NORMAL, or whatever it’s called can give scores to elected officials and candidates with respect to how they protect the interests of their constituents.

It’s easy to see how such an organization would be useful and what it could achieve.  The real question is why doesn’t it already exist.  Now all I have to do is figure out words to fit the acronym.  National Organization Representing Moral American …  Dammit, what begins with L?

The Trans Backlash

The Trans Backlash is real.  Multiple signs show that most people think that the trans-movement is an unhealthy mindset that is especially dangerous for children to become involved in.  Even authorities in such hopelessly progressive countries as Sweden and England are admitting that allowing children to decide if they should be subjected to genital mutilation and hormone treatments is insanity and should be considered child abuse.  Even homosexuals are coming forward and saying that transitioning children is madness.

Only the ultra-insane authorities in California and Oregon are doubling down on pediatric transitioning.  But it seems that we are seeing a large segment of the American population saying they’re fed up with the LGBTQ movement and their allies in corporate America foisting “pride” on the population and children in particular.

I find this extremely encouraging.  Not because I think that we’ve won anything yet.  I’m just enheartened to see that there’s any fight at all left in this country.  Just seeing Anheuser Busch getting buried with expired beer is reason to celebrate.  There are still enough normal people who are willing to take a tiny stand and throw the finger at our tormentors and their corporate lackeys.

Now, where does it go from here?  I guess the first real victory would be if Anheuser Busch cries uncle and provides a real apology and promises to completely forsake identity politics.  That would be a win.  And it wouldn’t hurt if they put out a few bikini bimbo ad campaigns to show their hearts are with their main customer demographic.

After that I’d say that the 2024 elections should be a referendum about electing state and federal officials who will pledge to make transitioning children illegal nationwide.  That would be a remarkable achievement.  That would hit these doctors and drug companies in their bottom lines.  And after that I think the federal and state governments have to root out the individuals and organizations that allow our grammar schools to be hotbeds for this gender dysphoria contagion.  Specifically, the organizations like GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign need to be investigated and exposed for their part in shaking down corporations and proselytizing children with harmful delusions about their bodies.

Well, so there’s my dream outcome.  What will really happen?  Who knows.  Americans are very hard to motivate.  Boycotts require focus, determination and cooperation.  And Americans have none of these things.  We’re lazy.  But maybe, just maybe, the idea of children being mutilated elicits enough primal survival reflex that even lazy Americans will get up off their recliners and vote for their elected officials or motivate them to drive an extra ten minutes to avoid buying crap from a company that wants their kids turned into sterile monsters.

We’ll see.  I won’t speculate where the smart money is on this question.  You already know.  But at least right now I’m enjoying the spectacle of Anheuser Busch and Target and North Face finding themselves on the wrong side of a public that is sick to death of hearing about how proud we all are of sodomy.  I’ll start with that.

Tim Pool Clarifies the Commercial/Sexual Hierarchy

I suspected this but it’s good to have confirmation.  But what about Miller Lite?  Are their drinkers just hen-pecked?  Seriously, I’m curious to see if the Bud Light boycott success can be duplicated with Target.  I think the effect will be much smaller.  But with the current economy maybe even a small downturn might be significant.

Matt Walsh Asks, “Can We Give Target the Bud Light Treatment?”

Walsh admits that it will take a little more effort to boycott Target but they deserve it even more and he makes the case that it could be done.  Something to think about.

Bud Light Revenue drops 17%. Sucks to be the CEO of Anheuser Busch

The Perfect Boycott

News that Anheuser Busch has replaced the woke harpy who was their VP of Marketing for Bud Light was a nice little surprise today but it doesn’t mean much.  In fact, it’s just window dressing.  The interesting thing will be to see if the beer drinking public perseveres in their desire to punish Anheuser Busch for the slap in the face, they gave them.

Now, Anheuser Busch is not a normal case.  It’s possible that the majority of people who drink Bud Light are non-leftists.  That means that a serious boycott of their product by the Right would have very serious consequences for the company.  Potentially it could get so bad that the CEO might be willing to give a real apology.  You know grovel and say exactly how infuriating and stupid it was for them to allow some elitist shrew to lecture her customers about the need to stop acting like men and act more like a mental case who dresses and acts as if he’s Audrey Hepburn.  Now that would be worth seeing and hearing.

As I said Anheuser Busch is a very unusual case.  Most companies have shown they can get away with insulting their conservative patrons.  Look at the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL.  Now the last of those is still resisting a little.  Some of the players refuse to wear the rainbow jersey.  And good for them.  But the rest of them have adopted the woke mantras without a fight.  That’s not to say it hasn’t cost them some money.  Before I stopped caring all together, I noticed that NFL stadiums were looking pretty empty after the BLM takeover and the famous kneeling campaign during the national anthem.  And I see that ESPN is losing a lot of money.  So much so that Disney is trying to spin it off.  I take these as partly the economic consequences of them disrespecting a goodly chunk of their fans.  But basically, these companies have embraced the woke agenda and it hasn’t been fatal.

And that’s what makes the Anheuser Busch situation so exciting.  Finally, we might be looking at a corporation that has no choice but to admit its mistake and change course.  After all this is not a good market right now.  Inflation is taking a huge chunk out of everyone’s paychecks and there are no woke customers who will be taking the place of the current Bud Light drinkers.  The Millennials and Zoomers drink craft beers.  Bud’s not their thing.  Losing out on the summer beer drinking season would be disastrous for the company.  So maybe this will be a very good “teachable moment.”

The only thing that hasn’t been thought about is what would qualify as an adequate reparation.  Without a doubt it requires an apology that includes the words, “We apologize for insulting our customers and we promise not to tell you how you should think and feel.”  In addition, they should do actual market research to find out what their present customer base enjoys in Bud Light advertising.  Who knows, maybe they actually enjoyed the stupid frog commercials from twenty years ago.  Or maybe they liked the beach commercials with the girls in skimpy bathing suits.  But whatever it is they should think about finding out what people like before telling them what they should like.

But what I really hope is that the boycott is permanent.  Some other beer company makes a play for the Bud Light customers using traditional American advertising themes like summer fun and actual women and men.  Anheuser Bush deserves to be made an example and allowed to crash and burn as a testament to what stupid marketing can cause.

So, let’s see what happens.  If the boycott fails it’ll be one more shovel of dirt in our grave.  One more sign that the new America is a hopeless place to live.  But let’s wait.  It’s worth finding out.  Maybe there’s a little bit of hope left.

Putting Things in Perspective

The latest outrage of the day is some young black woman named Simone Biles who withdrew from Olympic competition on the US women’s gymnastics team after having a bad performance on one of the events.  Apparently underperforming crushed her spirit and she couldn’t go on.  Right now, the commentary is split between the Left declaring her a hero for stepping aside for her team and attending to her own mental health and the Right declaring her a coward for letting a bruised ego destroy her team’s chances of competing.

My take is, “There are still Olympics?

If we live in a time when the NFL, MLB and NBA have made it a point of honor to disrespect the flag and anthem, why would we bother watching supposed amateurs prepping for their futures by disrespecting the flag and anthem on the international stage.  I understand that there are young people who spend their entire youths training and competing to be able to make it to the Olympic Games.  And if they had a separate team just for people who still loved their country then I would be interested in cheering them on.

But as it stands, listening to how some lesbian soccer player or some angry black sprinter is spitting on the flag just doesn’t interest me anymore.  I’m much more interested in my grandsons playing baseball or soccer or tennis.  I’ll go way out of my way to see them playing hard and enjoying the games.  In fact, I’m even more interested in the next time they come over and want to have a baseball catch.  Then even I can pretend to be athletic, at least from the shoulder to the finger tips.

I wonder if I’m alone on this?  I used to watch both the winter and summer games.  In the summer games the boxing and the track events were the interesting things for me.  Sure, I’d watch the swimming a little if we had a heavy hitter in the action.  But I couldn’t really get too excited by women’s gymnastics.  I think the scoring looked too rigged.  In the winter games I’d watch the various skiing events and the speed skating.  The figure skating suffered from the same problem as gymnastics.  The scoring was too arbitrary.  And the male figure skaters were just too obviously light in the loafers or skates as the case may be.  But it was fun to watch how well the United States did in the medal count and the feeling of competition was infectious.  And other than those black activists in 1968 for the most part the American Olympic athletes displayed heartwarming patriotism.

Well, that was then.  This is now.  My present attitude is, “I’ll care about professional sports and Olympic competition and poor immigrants and third world poverty and transgender adolescent mental health as soon as my government apologizes to me for adopting Critical Race Theory and jails the Antifa and BLM criminals who burned down the cities of America in 2020.

Until then enjoy your Olympics and professional sports and Hollyweird movies and anything you want me to help with “for the children.”  I’ve got better things to do.

A Vulnerable Enemies List

Now that the Democrats have virtual control of all three branches of the United States federal government, many of the reform goals that we knew were necessary have become impossible for the foreseeable future.  The Justice Department isn’t going to rein in Google or Facebook or Twitter and force them to stop discriminating against conservatives.  In fact, as we’ve seen Silicon Valley is forming a cartel that will try to eliminate any internet entity that doesn’t keep in perfect lock step with every dictate of the Woke Culture.  And the other corporate entities are using the COVID and BLM disasters to harass and harangue their employees into submission.  So, for many people their existence is hemmed in by all the Leftist institutions and entities that they are forced to use without any possibility of avoidance.

But there are areas where we can effectively have a choice.  Sometimes it’s only the choice of refraining all together from participating in an event or industry.  But in many cases that is the reasonable or at least emotionally satisfying decision.

I’ll start with the easiest.  Sports.  I don’t know of a single sport that has resisted the BLM kneelers.  I used to watch baseball and football.  When football caved in to Kaepernick and company I completely ceased watching it.  I think it was last summer that baseball also caved to the kneelers.  And I have sworn that until the league publicly apologizes for defaming the National Anthem, I will never watch another minute of their sport in my home.  If a minor league team maintains a respectful attitude toward our heritage and honors the National Anthem then I’ll go to their games but I’m guessing that even these teams are polluted by BLMism.

So, there is the first place you can make a difference.  Don’t watch sports.  Don’t buy cable or satellite packages to follow these sports.  Don’t watch ESPN or any of the other sports stations at all either.  They are all woke as hell.  And for pity’s sake don’t watch the Super Bowl.  Don’t watch the game and don’t watch the commercials.  That’s just like paying the executioner.  Don’t do it.  Repurpose Super Bowl Sunday to something that is actually healthy like spending some time with your kids and grandkids doing something they like.  If the weather allows take them outside and have a baseball or football catch.

If all 150 million of us stopped watching their crap it would either disappear altogether or at the very least become a pale shadow of what it once was.  All those kneeling millionaires would be a lot poorer than they currently are.  And Disney will probably close ESPN down and turn it into a porn site to prop up their bottom line.

Next thing we have complete control of is what movies we go to.  I used to bring my grandkids to all the Marvel and Star Wars movies as soon as they came out.  Now I first read up on what the content and message of the movie is before even considering bringing them.  If there is even the slightest hint of wokism, if there is any celebration of female empowerment or multicultural celebration or any anti-white sentiment I stay home.  Let them find childless blue-haired scolds to pay for their movies.  I have better things to spend my precious dollars on.

And as far as internet news, I go way, way out of my way to do all I can to never click on a left-wing news site.  And they must be getting smarter because they hide their site name as well as they can and try to make the article’s title sound less leftist.  I always hover over the links and make sure that I’m not providing clicks to the Times or the Post or Politico.  Nowadays I even avoid Fox.  I make an exception for Tucker or a few others there but the news desk is now infiltrated with creepy leftists.  So, do yourself a favor and go to sources you trust.  Full disclosure, I get a lot of help from Whatfinger by the links to my posts they put up on their site.  But going to Whatfinger is how you can avoid helping the Left.  And there are other excellent sites out there too.  I’ll be putting together a Friday list of links to good articles I’ve found during the week.  At this point there is just no excuse for going to the Left for news or entertainment.

And how about those social media giants?  Well, we’re probably not going to kill off Google, Facebook or Twitter anytime soon.  But you can do your part.  I use DuckDuckGo for my search engine, Brave as my browser and I have a web page on Gab instead of Twitter.  My own website is what I use instead of Facebook and I hope someday something like Gab becomes strong enough to become a commercial replacement for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  Admittedly that is a long-term thing but that makes it even more important for people to step up and start making that future happen.

And finally, there are all the other things that we do.  The books we buy and the services we use.  I make it a point to pass along to any of my contacts whatever I can about people on our side of the fence who we can support.  I write book and movie reviews to highlight good things that can be substituted for the poison that the Left controls.  And if you know of an electrician or a mechanic that has a Trump bumper sticker or who you know is on our side then give him a plug to your friends.  Every little bit helps.

And that, right now, is about all we can do to hit back at our enemies.  We can hurt the sports leagues and entertainment companies and the movie studios that hate our guts.  And we can start helping to build the social media and news companies that we want to thrive and provide us with the platforms where we can talk and listen to the messages we’re looking for.  Right now, that’s all we can do.  So, let’s do it.