Sixth Circuit Appellate Court Upholds Ban on Pediatric Trans-Affirming Medicine

The Appellate Court upheld Kentucky’s and Tennessee’s laws that ban “gender-affirming” medicines and surgeries from being prescribed or performed on minors.  Watch Walsh’s video and you’ll hear just how total a defeat this was for the trans-lobby.  This was not a narrow decision but a refutation of the legitimacy of gender-affirming medicine and all the allegations that it was beneficial for minors.

Walsh is right that this victory should give us hope that other than in hopelessly benighted areas like the West Coast and the Northeast, judges will allow state governments to protect their children from this barbaric and criminal medical malpractice.

I’ve stated before that this cause, stopping this madness, is a politically powerful and morally obvious winner of a fight.  Most people see clearly how outrageous this whole trans-movement is.  The idea that an explosion of children are confused about whether they are boys or girls is a dangerous situation that should be remedied not embraced.

Eliminating the profit motive from this racket is an important first step.  The next step is to look at doctors who perform these procedures on adults and investigate whether they do more harm than good to the patients who come to them for such radical and dangerous procedures that at best produce cosmetic changes and at worst ruin the health and sometimes kill the patients involved.

At the very least, laws should be put in place allowing class-action suits to be brought against physicians and medical centers that practice these horrendously risky procedures that provide no meaningful benefit to the mentally unstable people who seek out these treatments.

I think if the Republicans in red states have half a brain they would ride this horse right through to the 2024 elections.  Even some of the blue states would probably be fertile grounds to attack the trans-medical-industrial complex and expose the money being raked in and the lives being destroyed by this supposedly humane approach to confused children.  I think enough horror stories are already available to educate people out there to the realities of all of this and use the resulting outrage to flush many politicians and mental health officials out of office.

But the stupid party is just that.  Stupid.

House Democrats Stick Their Fingers in Their Ears

Or is it their heads up their butts.

Pediatric gender reassignment is too horrible for Democrat Congresscritters to watch or hear about but just fine for children to live with.

08JUL2023 – This is Horrifying

Beyond child abuse.  Approaching psychopathic evil.

If This Goes On … Then What? – Part 2

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Left’s agenda is their devotion to deviant sexuality.  The so-called LGBTQ agenda has become the most important cause for the global elites around the world.  And the extremes to which this agenda will go to silence dissent knows no bounds.  Currently deviating from the new rules on “pronouns” can get you fired from your job, thrown off the internet and in certain states hauled into court.

Worse still, in places like California there are laws that will allow the state to sexually mutilate your children against your will.  Pediatric transitioning is a multi-billion-dollar industry that is based on the premise that pre-teens can know that they need to be changed into members of the opposite sex based on an innate feeling that they were born into the wrong body.  So, kids who aren’t assumed to be responsible enough to drink beer or get a tattoo somehow know what it will be like to be an adult of the opposite sex and can judge that the horrific surgeries needed to simulate this transition and the pain and suffering that they will experience for the rest of their lives, will be a reasonable course of action.

Needless to say, this is a revolutionary movement that flies in the face of sanity, decency and the rock bottom human instinct to preserve children from harm.  And finally, a reaction against it is beginning to appear around the country, most powerfully in Florida where Governor Ron DeSantis has led the charge against grammar school teachers and school board members grooming children for acceptance of the LGBTQ madness.  And Florida and some other states are even outlawing so-called “gender-affirming medical procedures” or more accurately, puberty blocking drugs, trans-sex hormones and sexual mutilation of children.

So, there is some hope.  Things could turn around and other aspects of the LGBTQ agenda could be reversed.  One possibility for this involves the Supreme Court reversing the gay marriage decision and even reversing the finding for a constitutional right to homosexual behavior.  But none of these things are clear one way or the other.  Once again, we are in a gray zone where things can go either way.  What are the possible outcomes?

The worse case scenario is the complete victory of the LGBTQ movement with pediatric transitioning becoming the law of the land and even pedophilia decriminalized.  This is the eventual victory that the deviants have been working toward all along.  This would render America an abomination that would cry out for the biblical reckoning that Sodom earned.

I think the middle scenario is the establishment in certain states of laws protecting children from the LGBTQ agenda.  The banning of pediatric transitioning and the strengthening of parental rights to prevent schools and other surrogates from proselytizing children into these deviant lifestyles would represent a specific line in the sand that could provide some sort of brake on the race to the bottom that we currently see going on in our society.

The best-case scenario would be a combination of several fortunate occurrences.  If the Supreme Court were to reverse the decisions on gay marriage and the constitutional protection for homosexual behavior this would provide the red states with the basis for rolling back a whole host of problems that plague our current society.  For me one of the best results would be not having to see the acronym LGBTQIA used everywhere I look.  Also, the term drag queen story hour would disappear from the lexicon except among weirdos in places like California and New York.  In other words, life would become a little like a paradise, relatively speaking.

Alright, here’s the moment of truth.  Which future do I think most likely?

Once again, I think the middle path most likely.  Protecting children is a pretty basic instinct.  I think in most places it will put a stop to the worst excesses of the sexual revolution.  At least that’s my guess.

Which one do you think will happen?

How Will the LGBTQ Culture War Be Resolved?

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The Trans Backlash

The Trans Backlash is real.  Multiple signs show that most people think that the trans-movement is an unhealthy mindset that is especially dangerous for children to become involved in.  Even authorities in such hopelessly progressive countries as Sweden and England are admitting that allowing children to decide if they should be subjected to genital mutilation and hormone treatments is insanity and should be considered child abuse.  Even homosexuals are coming forward and saying that transitioning children is madness.

Only the ultra-insane authorities in California and Oregon are doubling down on pediatric transitioning.  But it seems that we are seeing a large segment of the American population saying they’re fed up with the LGBTQ movement and their allies in corporate America foisting “pride” on the population and children in particular.

I find this extremely encouraging.  Not because I think that we’ve won anything yet.  I’m just enheartened to see that there’s any fight at all left in this country.  Just seeing Anheuser Busch getting buried with expired beer is reason to celebrate.  There are still enough normal people who are willing to take a tiny stand and throw the finger at our tormentors and their corporate lackeys.

Now, where does it go from here?  I guess the first real victory would be if Anheuser Busch cries uncle and provides a real apology and promises to completely forsake identity politics.  That would be a win.  And it wouldn’t hurt if they put out a few bikini bimbo ad campaigns to show their hearts are with their main customer demographic.

After that I’d say that the 2024 elections should be a referendum about electing state and federal officials who will pledge to make transitioning children illegal nationwide.  That would be a remarkable achievement.  That would hit these doctors and drug companies in their bottom lines.  And after that I think the federal and state governments have to root out the individuals and organizations that allow our grammar schools to be hotbeds for this gender dysphoria contagion.  Specifically, the organizations like GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign need to be investigated and exposed for their part in shaking down corporations and proselytizing children with harmful delusions about their bodies.

Well, so there’s my dream outcome.  What will really happen?  Who knows.  Americans are very hard to motivate.  Boycotts require focus, determination and cooperation.  And Americans have none of these things.  We’re lazy.  But maybe, just maybe, the idea of children being mutilated elicits enough primal survival reflex that even lazy Americans will get up off their recliners and vote for their elected officials or motivate them to drive an extra ten minutes to avoid buying crap from a company that wants their kids turned into sterile monsters.

We’ll see.  I won’t speculate where the smart money is on this question.  You already know.  But at least right now I’m enjoying the spectacle of Anheuser Busch and Target and North Face finding themselves on the wrong side of a public that is sick to death of hearing about how proud we all are of sodomy.  I’ll start with that.

28APR2023 – Summing Up the Week

It’s been quite a week.  Joe Biden announced his plan for re-election.  Another large bank is failing.  Stagflation was declared by a few economists.  The city of Bakhmut has been almost completely erased from the map.  The US government has vowed to turn our military into a joke driving clown cars and “electric” ships.  Tucker Carlson eclipsed all of cable news by sending out a “stay tuned” message on his next gig.  And we all groaned or laughed depending on how far along we are in the grieving process.

For myself, personally, I have a bunch of stuff coming up in the next two weeks that will keep me hopping.  I even have to attend a work-related event tomorrow (Saturday!) so I won’t be able to lavish as much time as I’d like on complaining about the horrors of civilizational disintegration or mocking the disgusting degenerates who make up most of our federal government.  But I’ll be there in spirit.

It’s a funny thing.  For the last month or so when people talk to me about the 2024 election, I tell them I don’t think the Republicans can overcome the vote-by-mail scam the Democrats have introduced into swing states like Pennsylvania and Michigan.  At first, they seem at a loss what to say but after a few seconds they nod their heads and agree.  I think they are surprised that I’ve given up the fight.  But then they look at the substance and have to agree.

And that acceptance makes all the rest easier.  The idea that an absurd walking corpse like Joe Biden, whose tenure up to this point has been an unmitigated disaster for this country and who would be 86 if he somehow survives to the end of a second term, will be re-elected to the presidency of the United States of America should be an outrage and an impossibility.  But it is now talked about in the political columns as the most likely outcome of the election.  A year ago, I would have been apoplectic about this situation.  Now I see it as the status quo and my job is to find the actions that I can take to limit my exposure to the consequences of this reality.

And because of the enshrined insanity that the Biden administration produces as its stock in trade (e.g., pediatric transgender surgery and medications), I look at this status quo as the perfect laboratory to measure the strength and determination of the more normal states like Florida to revolt against this mess when it becomes unbearable.

And this laboratory is important to me.  I’m looking to see if the strength exists to defy the federal government on important issues like the anti-trans legislation and illegal immigrant policy.  It’s going to be over something very polarizing and I feel that the trans-movement is the likeliest vehicle that could trigger a revolt.  And it’s an issue that produces such a visceral response in normal people that I think it might provide just the right combination of emotions to get a large number of people to take a stand.

As it is, more than ten states have signed on to forbidding doctors from “transitioning” children through either drugs or surgery.  And this is already causing Democrat judges to at least temporarily halt these laws.  But I could see this going further.  The whole idea of forcing people to pretend to believe that men are women is an affront to freedom of speech and more basically it’s an affront to sanity.  I can see a state making a stand and regardless of what the Supreme Court may rule just plain refusing to allow the charade to continue within their jurisdiction.

So regardless of the 2024 election I’m very excited by the swirling events all around us.  I’m pretty hopeful that some kind of alternative media may be hatching among the journalists that have been cast off or ignored by the main stream media.  Tucker Carlson is only the latest (and possibly the bravest) to begin setting up shop outside of the walls of the approved organs of the press or as the ZMan calls them the “stenographers of the regime.”  My hopes may be a bit unrealistic.  I secretly wish for Elon Musk to cobble together a commercial operation that would allow the likes of Carlson, Taibbi, Greenwald and several other reporters and commentators to set up shop in a virtual newsroom that gets its public through Twitter.  It can be a multi-tiered operation with free components and also a paywall for the premium services.

So, you see, it’s not all doom and gloom.  With realistic expectations there’s still hope for some improvement to our horrendous plight.  Who knows, there might even be some kind of apocalyptic comeuppance for the Biden administration that even the Deep State will sign onto.  I mean even the CIA and the FBI must be kinda scared that if Joe Biden falls down the stairs to Air Force One that Kamala Harris will be the leader of the free world (sorta) and at that point some kind of quantum mechanical reaction could suck the planet into a wormhole.

So, I’ll be out of pocket all of tomorrow morning and maybe part of the afternoon.  Enjoy your Saturday and I’ll return later to moan and complain about life here in Dunwich.

03APR2023 – Transgender Horror Story for the Day

Here’s the story of a mother of a confused adolescent who fell into the clutches of the Washington University, Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and had to fight an uphill battle to save her son from the ravages that puberty blockers were causing to her son’s mind and body.

She was bullied into agreeing to the puberty blockers when the Center’s psychologist warned her that suicide was a common outcome for transgender children refused therapy.  This was a lie.  The actual statistic is 3 out of a thousand transgender children commit suicide.  So she gave her permission for the blockers.

After her son’s mental health deteriorated to the point where he was failing in school and he had begun to think about suicide his mother decided she’d had enough of the treatment”

“On June 9, Caroline had had enough. She decided it was time to get the blocker in her son’s arm removed. She sent this pointed and angry email to the clinic:

“Please be advised that I’m revoking my consent for this course of medical treatment. Grades have dropped, there’s been an in-patient behavioral health visit and now he’s on 5 different medications. Lexipro [sic], Trazadone [sic], Buspar, etc. [Casey] is a shell of his former self riddled with anxiety. Who knows if it’s because the hormone blockers or the other medications. I revoke my consent. I want the hormone blocker removed. Thank you.””

But the clinic ignored her demand because the boy’s father hadn’t revoked his approval.  The center knew better than his custodial parent and refused to end the treatment.

“Caroline hopes that her family can find the right help to undo the effects and side effects of the center’s treatment. She says, “My son needs the antidote to this whole therapy. I feel like he needs a licensed therapist, an endocrinologist, people who can see him through the recovery from this. It’s going to be physical and mental. And then we need family counseling, because this whole thing has torn us apart.””

All of this is disgusting and the opposite of medicine.  “Do no harm” is supposed to be the doctor’s creed.  Instead it’s let’s torture kids and create monsters.

Death Trap

In my post yesterday I said I would evaluate how to know whether it’s better to stay in your blue state or move to a red state or even emigrate to another country.  Well, all of that is a big bundle of work that I’ve just begun to work on.  But one thing doesn’t take much calculating is knowing when you’ve reached the point where you have to leave.  And current trends make that determination clear.  With the situation around “transitioning” children to the opposite sex we have reached that point.  The fact that an industry already exists to provide drugs and surgeries to ruin and mutilate children provides unmistakable proof that we’ve reached that threshold where if this outrage isn’t rejected strenuously and decisively by our elected representatives then we are clearly at the point where Americans need to find a place that does not allow such madness to exist.  Even if this place is poor and squalid and has many terrible things going on.  The fact that it defends its children from monsters makes it a better place to live than a rich, modern, cosmopolitan place that doesn’t.

Think about it for a second.  If you live in a place like California, a grade school teacher or a social worker can decide that your child is transgender and then authorize a transition of that child even against your strenuous objections.  And if you stand in the way of this process, they can take your child away from you to do it.  Now how is that any different from Nazi Germany or Maoist China or Stalin’s Soviet Union?  It might even be worse.  At least those places needed sexually intact citizens to provide the next generation to increase the glory of the Motherland or the Fatherland.  And I never heard of a dictator who tried to change the Motherland into the Fatherland or vice versa.

No, we’ve reached the tipping point.  If transgender transitioning of children holds up in our country then you will officially know you live in a doomed civilization and should flee as fast as you can to a place that hasn’t descended into madness and evil.  I often kid about cannibalism being the marker we can look for to show us we’ve hit bottom.  Well, cannibalism is enlightened compared to this.  That is, assuming they’re not cannibalizing their kids.  Adults, especially, women are supposed to be empathetic about their kids.  In the past there were stories of parents laying down their lives to save children, even other people’s kids.  It’s supposed to be bred into us to favor the small helpless hope of the future that we work so hard for and spend the best years of our lives raising.  If parents allow this madness to swallow up their children it’s proof that our civilization has lost the will to live.

The idea that we would allow the unspeakable harm that they euphemistically call “gender affirming treatment” to be committed against innocent children is beyond criminal.  It’s a crime against humanity.  It’s a blasphemy against everything we hold precious.  It’s monstrous.

So, pay attention to what’s going on.  Yesterday Joe Biden said that transgender Americans shape the soul of America.  This issue should be the rallying cry for every normal person running for office.  They should run on this issue alone.  They should call out anyone, Democrat or Republican who defends this horrific practice against children.  It should be banged like a drum, day and night.  This should be the rallying cry.

And if we lose this one don’t worry about figuring out whether you should stay in this country.  The answer will be to escape as fast as you can from this death trap.