Sixth Circuit Appellate Court Upholds Ban on Pediatric Trans-Affirming Medicine

The Appellate Court upheld Kentucky’s and Tennessee’s laws that ban “gender-affirming” medicines and surgeries from being prescribed or performed on minors.  Watch Walsh’s video and you’ll hear just how total a defeat this was for the trans-lobby.  This was not a narrow decision but a refutation of the legitimacy of gender-affirming medicine and all the allegations that it was beneficial for minors.

Walsh is right that this victory should give us hope that other than in hopelessly benighted areas like the West Coast and the Northeast, judges will allow state governments to protect their children from this barbaric and criminal medical malpractice.

I’ve stated before that this cause, stopping this madness, is a politically powerful and morally obvious winner of a fight.  Most people see clearly how outrageous this whole trans-movement is.  The idea that an explosion of children are confused about whether they are boys or girls is a dangerous situation that should be remedied not embraced.

Eliminating the profit motive from this racket is an important first step.  The next step is to look at doctors who perform these procedures on adults and investigate whether they do more harm than good to the patients who come to them for such radical and dangerous procedures that at best produce cosmetic changes and at worst ruin the health and sometimes kill the patients involved.

At the very least, laws should be put in place allowing class-action suits to be brought against physicians and medical centers that practice these horrendously risky procedures that provide no meaningful benefit to the mentally unstable people who seek out these treatments.

I think if the Republicans in red states have half a brain they would ride this horse right through to the 2024 elections.  Even some of the blue states would probably be fertile grounds to attack the trans-medical-industrial complex and expose the money being raked in and the lives being destroyed by this supposedly humane approach to confused children.  I think enough horror stories are already available to educate people out there to the realities of all of this and use the resulting outrage to flush many politicians and mental health officials out of office.

But the stupid party is just that.  Stupid.

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