As the Nose on Your Face

Look at all the attention that the Bud Light and Target boycotts have gotten.  Even in blue states the uproar has hit a nerve with many people, especially parents of small children.  Look at the popularity of Matt Walsh’s movie “What Is a Woman?”  We seem to have finally reached a breaking point to what people will ignore.  Even the most lethargic or bovine parents have been triggered.  They can see that terrible things are being done to children and they’re afraid for their own children.  They’re looking for someone to fix this.

The transgender madness and more generally all of the grooming that is being done to kids in the public schools is the weapon of opportunity that any half-intelligent candidate running for president in 2024 should embrace whole-heartedly.  And obviously it is the one that gives Ron DeSantis his biggest advantage.  He has gone the farthest in words and actions to attack this visible target.

His work with the Florida legislature to outlaw grooming children in the lower grades and his attacks on Disney reinforce this reputation for defending parents’ rights against the LGBTQ coalition and their goal to indoctrinate small children into sexual deviance and confusion.  And if any issue has the potential to overcome the voter fraud machine that the Democrats have built it would be parental fear for their children’s welfare at the hands of the public schools.  Glenn Youngkin showed this in Virginia, a state that had long ago gone from purple to blue.  The fear that parents felt over the indoctrination of their kids by radical teachers overcame their social programming to vote Democrat.

Could such a thing happen on a national level.  I think it’s possible.  But it would have to be rolled out with a powerful message that transgender indoctrination was a nefarious and potentially fatal poison that threatened children.  And even though DeSantis and Youngkin are the ones that would primarily benefit from this strategy all of the Republicans could potentially get on board such a campaign.  In fact, any of them that stands against this strategy will be flattened in the wake of it.  Even Trump would be in trouble if he ignores the strength of its appeal.

But are any of them smart enough to grab onto this third rail and ride the lightning to the White House.  Well, Trump is obviously savvy enough but he also realizes that the issue favors his most dangerous rival, Ron DeSantis.  In fact, Trump’s come out against labelling things as woke.  He claims the expression is overused.  And it may be.  But in the case of transgender grooming, it doesn’t matter what you call it, but trying to ignore it is not a good play.

And as much as I want Trump to be the protest candidate in the phony elections we now have, I can see how DeSantis is the real strong horse if he has the brains and guts to play the transgender card for all its worth.  Impassioned rallies where he brings de-transitioned victims of the transgender medical industry out to speak and make their case against the insanity of transitioning children would be an enormously powerful platform.  Imagine that idiot Biden trying to defend all his rainbow nonsense in the face of something like that.

Well, for what it’s worth that’s my thought.  What actually happens is anybody’s guess.

Irrefutable Information

Scott Newgent is a woman who in her forties had sex reassignment treatments and surgery and now speaks out against the procedure but more specifically is warning against the harm that it does to minors.  Very powerful words.  Hard to deny her knowledge of the subject matter.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 02JUN2023 – Comments of Transgender Industry

The Transgender movement we currently see has the markers and characteristics of other historical fads-only with monumental life-altering effects for those who fall prey to its empty promises of making someone feel mentally compatible with their bodies. What is more sinister is the parade of doctors and self-described experts on the condition of gender dysmorphia who obscure even the slightest possibility of downsides to making the decision to alter the human body. The doctors make an incredible amount of profit on the surgeries performed, as well as the lifetime regime of Frankenstein medicines required to “live as one’s true self.” We can infer from the number of post-surgical patients who proclaim to be 100% happy that the pressure and influence not to express any regrets must be high. It is human nature to rationalize big life decisions such as buying a home, selection of a mate, or to invest heavily into something financially. It cannot be that different with the commitment to fully transgender. I would even compare it to the ‘sunken cost’ fallacy. Sadly, the impact of these decisions is not easily reversible, or have a margin of recovery for most. A rueful purchase of a home or vehicle can be amended, one can decide to divorce, while returning one’s body back to factory settings is practically impossible. The level of deception and subterfuge needed to mask the dangers and harm are plain to see by watching Walsh’s film. To push this ideology onto children is another level of evil and perversity in and of itself.

Walsh’s “What is a Woman?” Movie

I just finished watching Matt Walsh’s documentary on transgenderism.  He did a very good job highlighting the inaccurate information that the transgender industry presents and he interviewed people whose personal stories illustrated the irreversible harm associated with the chemical and surgical procedures called transitioning.

My takeaway is this.  We live in a society that has allowed medical professionals to become accomplices in allowing delusional people, even children, to have themselves sexually mutilated in the vain attempt to become the opposite sex.

This situation is so diseased that it risks our civilization’s very existence as a self-sustaining enterprise.  I found several of the “experts” that he interviewed to be borderline unhinged.  The fact that more than one of them were transgender is of course unsurprising.  The one I found the most disturbing was a medical doctor in Rhode Island who claimed repeatedly that puberty blockers were totally reversible and harmless.  Meanwhile several patients and doctors confirmed that women placed on puberty blockers were at very high risk of osteoporosis and that once puberty is missed it is impossible for the organism to develop into a normal adult.

But probably the most compelling testimony was from a woman who at 42 tried to transition into a man.  She admitted that although she outwardly might appear as a male she would never be one.  And she talked about the horrible side effects of her surgeries that cause her ongoing and excruciating pain and would ultimately shorten her life.  Because of this experience she has become a counselor to parents of gender dysphoric children. She does everything she can to help steer people away from the transgender medical industry.

Matt Walsh has done a service to society making this film.  It’s well made and effective.  It gives you a good sense of what’s going on out there.  Anyone with children or grandchildren should watch this film.  It’s usefully frightening.  And it once again provides a good reason to move out of blue states and all of Canada.

28MAY2023 – The First Stirrings of an Awakening

A beautiful Memorial Day weekend and plenty of yard work will keep me busy today and tomorrow.  I look through the headlines and see the usual mix of depressing, ridiculous and muddled.  All of the Left is breathlessly cheering on Team Trump vs Team DeSantis, hoping that they will injure each other mortally.  And the Target pride month news showcases just how far this country has fallen as our largest retailers capitalize on the destruction of a generation of children.

If I’m to find anything hopeful in all of this it’s that a critical mass seems to have been reached.  Finally, a large chunk of the American public is aware that really awful stuff is being normalized.  Between Bud Light and Target, we’re finally seeing the people who don’t pay attention to the news at all waking up to the fact that evil people are in charge of their whole world.  From the doctors and lawyers, to the mega-corporations, to the politicians who run the country; everyone is on board with the program to pervert and destroy children.

And I’m not saying that this awakening will solve the problem.  The lopsidedness of the fight is almost comical.  We struggle to even catch the attention of the powers that be.  Maybe we can destroy one product in the catalog of a multi-national beverage manufacturer that will still make billions around the world.  Maybe a major retailer will miss earnings forecast for one month.  Maybe.

That’s not much.  But it’s where you have to start.  Elon Musk has provided at least one platform where people can share ideas and hear both sides of the story.  That’s not a small thing.  It’s so important that the Left is apoplectic about it.  They’re doing everything in their power to destroy Twitter by trying to convince advertisers to boycott it.  And who knows, maybe they’ll be successful.  To be honest, I never understood how the business model for the social media sites could actually work.  I assumed that it was a government sponsored monopoly and without the blessing of the FBI and the CIA it wouldn’t be economically viable.  But he’s trying to make it happen and it’s a blooming miracle that it exists for us.  And so, Ron DeSantis has Twitter as a place to launch his campaign as opposed to going on one of the hostile cable news platforms where they’ll parse out sound bites that distort his message and weaken his appeal.  It’s not much but it’s a beginning.

It’s a beginning.  But it’s definitely not winning.  What would winning look like?  To my mind winning would be a corporation stepping forward and announcing publicly that they were on our side and wanted our business at the expense of the business from the Left.  It would be a beer company that said it didn’t support pride month because it didn’t celebrate what pride month stood for.  It would be a retailer that said it wouldn’t support BLM because it was anti-American.  Instead, it supports the police because they stand for law and order without which the store couldn’t exist.

Winning would look like red states beginning the long, slow, painful process of coordinating their policies to protect their citizens from the federal government.  They would cooperate to the extent of sharing data on illegal aliens and Antifa so that these menaces could be dealt with.  They would protect and indemnify their citizens who are attacked by the federal government; by the IRS and the FBI.  They would begin to crack down on crime in their big cities and force welfare addicts to work.  They would force reform of the public schools and eliminate objectionable content in the curriculum.

So, there’s no winning going on.  None of that stuff is happening.  All we have is the very beginnings of an awakening.  There’s my thought for today.

The Trans Backlash

The Trans Backlash is real.  Multiple signs show that most people think that the trans-movement is an unhealthy mindset that is especially dangerous for children to become involved in.  Even authorities in such hopelessly progressive countries as Sweden and England are admitting that allowing children to decide if they should be subjected to genital mutilation and hormone treatments is insanity and should be considered child abuse.  Even homosexuals are coming forward and saying that transitioning children is madness.

Only the ultra-insane authorities in California and Oregon are doubling down on pediatric transitioning.  But it seems that we are seeing a large segment of the American population saying they’re fed up with the LGBTQ movement and their allies in corporate America foisting “pride” on the population and children in particular.

I find this extremely encouraging.  Not because I think that we’ve won anything yet.  I’m just enheartened to see that there’s any fight at all left in this country.  Just seeing Anheuser Busch getting buried with expired beer is reason to celebrate.  There are still enough normal people who are willing to take a tiny stand and throw the finger at our tormentors and their corporate lackeys.

Now, where does it go from here?  I guess the first real victory would be if Anheuser Busch cries uncle and provides a real apology and promises to completely forsake identity politics.  That would be a win.  And it wouldn’t hurt if they put out a few bikini bimbo ad campaigns to show their hearts are with their main customer demographic.

After that I’d say that the 2024 elections should be a referendum about electing state and federal officials who will pledge to make transitioning children illegal nationwide.  That would be a remarkable achievement.  That would hit these doctors and drug companies in their bottom lines.  And after that I think the federal and state governments have to root out the individuals and organizations that allow our grammar schools to be hotbeds for this gender dysphoria contagion.  Specifically, the organizations like GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign need to be investigated and exposed for their part in shaking down corporations and proselytizing children with harmful delusions about their bodies.

Well, so there’s my dream outcome.  What will really happen?  Who knows.  Americans are very hard to motivate.  Boycotts require focus, determination and cooperation.  And Americans have none of these things.  We’re lazy.  But maybe, just maybe, the idea of children being mutilated elicits enough primal survival reflex that even lazy Americans will get up off their recliners and vote for their elected officials or motivate them to drive an extra ten minutes to avoid buying crap from a company that wants their kids turned into sterile monsters.

We’ll see.  I won’t speculate where the smart money is on this question.  You already know.  But at least right now I’m enjoying the spectacle of Anheuser Busch and Target and North Face finding themselves on the wrong side of a public that is sick to death of hearing about how proud we all are of sodomy.  I’ll start with that.

Backlash Against Trans is Scaring the Left

The boycott of Bud Light and the subsequent furor over Target has hit a nerve on the Left.  And Matt Walsh has been identified as the one spearheading the effort.  He has cheerlead the various reactions to the “pride” policies of the various woke corporations.  And he understands how doing this rattles these corporations by hitting them where it hurts; their bottom line.

““The goal is to make ‘pride’ toxic for brands. If they decide to shove this garbage in our face, they should know that they’ll pay a price. It won’t be worth whatever they think they’ll gain,” Walsh tweeted on Wednesday.”

And the deviant industrial complex has taken note:

“Drennen said that part of what is allowing Walsh to get traction is his increased national recognition in efforts to restrict transition-related medical care for minors. In February, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves invited Walsh to speak ahead of Reeves signing a bill to ban transition-related care for minors in the state. Earlier that month, NBC News reported that Walsh’s advocacy also influenced Tennessee’s decision to reject more than $8 million in federal funds to combat HIV.

“All of this is a coordinated attempt to make it untenable to be specifically trans in public,” Drennen said. “And one of the ways that they’ve attempted to do this is by removing any kind of political support, any kind of corporate support — just basically making it untenable to be an ally to the trans community. And I think that’s the real connective tissue between these.””

So good!  Keep up the effort Matt Walsh and good for everyone who is willing to give up a Bud Light or a trip to Target to send a message to these people who want to turn this world into a hellhole of mutilated children and depravity.

Tim Pool Clarifies the Commercial/Sexual Hierarchy

I suspected this but it’s good to have confirmation.  But what about Miller Lite?  Are their drinkers just hen-pecked?  Seriously, I’m curious to see if the Bud Light boycott success can be duplicated with Target.  I think the effect will be much smaller.  But with the current economy maybe even a small downturn might be significant.