A Reckoning

Watching the bizarre scenes from the various campus “protests,” I thought, what a strange point in American history.  America conquers the world and then tries to swallow the world.  But in the process, loses its soul.  Or maybe its identity.  Or more exactly its elites try to cast off the European based identity of the western world in order to fool the world into thinking the West equals the world.  And maybe it’s a brilliant ploy that would cement the entire world into eternal subservience to the elites.

But it also means that we, the regular people, become no one.  The New Testament (Mark 8:36) says, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”  And we’re not even the ones gaining the whole world.  We’re just losing the little bit we had.

These geniuses who run everything.  These billionaires playing ten-dimensional chess with artificial intelligence; pulverizing and homogenizing all the human bits of the world into a gray paste that they can sell back to us in a plastic bottle; have it all figured out.  TikTok is the new rock and roll.  They hypnotize the kids by selling them this vapid product by the minute or the fifteen second, whatever happens to be the attention span they’ve reduced their audience to.

And this is nothing completely new.  The mass culture has been selling this since the invention of the phonograph and the motion picture.  What’s new has been the removal of anything resembling the original American or even Western culture.  What’s left is pathetic.  Childish at best.  More like infantile.  Dysfunctional and ranging into deviance in multiple directions.  It’s as if the intention is to divert a whole generation into a dead end where they will be dependent on the government to keep them alive but completely helpless.

And I think they’ve been successful.  Most of the next generation are doomed to a marginal existence that will not include marriage, home ownership or children.  They are a termination.

So, the important question is how to pluck your own family and friends out of this dead end and put them on the path to life?  I guess you have to do it every day.  You have to preach the good word of normalcy.  Tell the kids that the real secret of life is to make yourself a useful, capable human being and then find a mate and build a family.  And try to encourage them to strive for the things that are hard to do.  And by all means provide moral and financial support and advice when you think you have information that they lack.

Watching those morons on the campuses act out their Che Guevera pantomime has been a fascinating reminder that since the Occupy Wall Street movement back in the Obama era we have been watching a lost generation demanding that the government pick them up off the playground floor and give them their pudding cup to soothe them for being complete losers.  They want Communism not because they think it’s just but because they’re too lazy and stupid to even try to live.

The red states are going to have to cut off welfare to the useless so that these people will retreat to the blue states where they can be stacked up in two by six cubicles, fed their daily ration of crickets and narcotized with porn and pot as they await the blessed release of death.  All of these people will have to be swept away.  They don’t want to live.  They just want to be plugged into their matrix.

There’s no way to keep this absurd thing going.  There has got to be a reckoning.

The Student Protests

The news has been full of accounts of students setting up tent cities on the grounds of Columbia University and other elite schools around the country.  They are protesting their universities’ failure to stop the Gaza war.  Well, of course that’s ridiculous.  How exactly would Columbia University stop the Israeli Defense Forces?  How many nuclear weapons can Columbia University field?  At last count I think it is still zero.  To be fair to the cretins in tents, what they want is for their university to divest of any Israeli stocks and any stocks of companies that make weapons that the US government provides to Israel.

All of this angst is reminiscent of the student protests in the 1960s and 1970s over the war in Vietnam.  The same tired playbook is being used.  The radicals are disrupting the education process and garnering as much attention in the media as they can and attempting to get the presidential race wrapped into their cause.

You know it’s a funny thing.  When I see these useless people and hear them speak about their confused take on the Gaza War, I despise them and wish that the police would drown them in pepper spray and tase them into submission, tie ropes around their feet and drag them away.

And in the red states that’s more or less what is happening.  In these states they want the colleges to educate their kids and there’s no room or time for Bolshevik Theatrics.  You can watch the state police drag the wannabe antifa players off to jail.  But in the People’s Republic they beg and plead with their toddlers to eat their vegetables and un-occupy the Bursar’s Office, pretty please.  And I guess we’re supposed to be upset if the mental patients are running the asylum.  “Something must be done!”

But when I think about it a little, I say, “Who cares?”  My family doesn’t go to Columbia, Harvard or Berkley.  We couldn’t afford to and we wouldn’t be accepted.  So why should I care that the type of people they do accept wants to put on this silly passion play?  I sure don’t.  In fact, I’d be thrilled if they burned Harvard, Yale, Columbia and the rest of the Ivy League right down to the ground.  I’d buy the DVD and watch it at Christmas.  It would be a job well done.

And why should I care if they lay siege to the Democratic National Convention?  Let them.  Let them occupy all of Chicago if they want (although I wonder if the gang-bangers will be intimidated by the Zoomer protesters).  For all I know this is like the Summer of George Floyd and will allow the Left to consolidate its hold on the youth vote.

But either way, what it makes me think is how little I have in common with these people who inhabit the Left.  The future I care about will not be decided by the students protesting at Columbia.  The uselessness of those students will lead nowhere.  They will not become leaders or anything else.  Most of them won’t even leave children after them.  The women are unlovable and the “men” are feeble children.

The young people I care about are the ones who are looking around themselves and trying to figure out a way to scratch out a normal life.  Learn a skill, get a job, find a wife, raise a family.  Real life.  Not sleeping in a tent on a college quadrangle and pretending to be a revolutionary while your parents pay that university a hundred thousand dollars a year.  Figuring out how to help these young people, in my case, my grandchildren, is the most important consideration any older person can have.

As for the Ivy League Intifada, honestly who cares?

Stupid in High and Low Places

Putting aside Trump (meaning his trials and the Supreme Court’s review of them and the various election stories) I guess the big story this week are all the campus protests for Gaza.    From what I can see, really lame leftists on various campuses across the country are building encampments and screaming obscenities about Israel in particular and the Jews and the military in general and demanding peace or death or both or neither for Palestinians, Israelis, College presidents, soldiers, Joe Biden or everybody.

I watched some pretty hilarious footage of what happens when Georgia, Indiana, Arizona, Illinois and Ohio state troopers are told to arrest really lame leftist protestors.  I tell you it does my heart good to hear these dopey kids screaming and crying and cursing at the police as they’re being slammed to the ground and zip-tied and dragged away.  Even some of the loopy leftist professors got into the act.  One dopey woman who said she was a professor slapped one of the cops in the head and got the deluxe treatment.

So, what can I make of all this?  Well, I’m guessing that anything that makes it less likely that Zoomers will vote for Joe Biden is a very good thing.  I also think that the Israelis had better decide whether they want to finish off the threat from Hamas in Gaza or not.  If they end the fight without taking complete control over Gaza they will be back where they started and can anticipate the same kinds of attacks in the future.  But I admit it’s a difficult situation when the whole world is accusing you of “genocide” and even your main supporter, the United States begins wavering.  My advice to Netanyahu is hurry up and finish the mission.  Of course, that’s easier said than done.  The Israelis are going to have to transfer the entire population of Gaza into a refugee camp and search each person and all their possessions one by one and then purge the Gaza strip of all weapons and contraband and then begin resettling them.  And then they’ll have to permanently patrol the whole enclave to prevent Hamas from returning to power.  That’s a daunting task.  But when you’re dealing with implacable hate, extreme measures are inevitable.

Jewish Americans are finding out how the Left treats their various constituencies.  You think that they’re your friends until some other more important cause or constituency comes between you and them and then they attack you as if you’re as evil as Trump himself.  They’ll attack you personally and vilify you in the public space and allow terrible people to say and do terrible things to you and your friends.  Well, that’s the reality.  We all have to pick sides in this extremely binary political system.  And if you vote for Democrats you can expect at some point to get more of this behavior.  This is what they are, up close and personal.

The talk is about whether the Democrat Convention will be under siege from the same protestors as the colleges.  I have to admit I’d find that immensely entertaining.  Can you imagine if they storm the convention floor and take Joe Biden captive?  Could he regale them with tales of Uncle Bosey and Corn Pop and how he spent thirty years in a South African prison before becoming Nelson Mandela?  It boggles the mind.  Joe Biden and the Gaza protestors in a struggle session.  That much stupid all concentrated in one place would threaten the very fabric of space-time and could trigger a moron supernova.  Sounds like a good time will be had by all this summer.

Chris Rufo Talks About the Anticipated Rioting for Election Season 2024

After the 2020 Summer of George Floyd color revolution I guess it makes sense to anticipate a return performance in 2024.  Chris Rufo has written an article to discuss the prospects and possibly the solution to a repeat performance next summer:

“Progressives are restless and ready. Left-wing activists have established a constellation of institutions to support public demonstrations. Protest NGOs, media entities, research centers, black-bloc networks, and bail funds are all finely tuned to mobilize mass movements.”

“Red-state governors should start preparing now. They should instruct state law enforcement to establish interagency task forces to monitor, infiltrate, and disrupt violent left-wing activist networks to the fullest extent permitted by law. If they uncover illegal activity, they should make arrests and prosecute offenders.”

“Republican officials must also shift incentives. Governors should pass legislation increasing penalties for rioting and train National Guard units in anti-riot tactics. After Floyd’s death, Florida governor Ron DeSantis demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach. In 2020, DeSantis activated the National Guard and declared “zero tolerance” for violence. As a result, Florida saw minimal rioting, looting, and destruction compared with many other states.”

Rufo thinks that rioting is now a standard part of the Left’s playbook for election season.  If he’s right then it’s important for red-state governors to be ready to handle violence in their blue cities when it breaks out.

FBI Batting a 1000 on Manufactured Threats, Batting 0 on Real Terrorist Attacks

Sharyl Attkisson details the litany of Muslim extremists that the FBI knew of but failed to stop from mass murdering Americans.  Then she speaks to a Congressional investigator who shows that the culture rewards manufacturing cases against right-wing targets but ignores actual Muslim, Antifa and BLM attackers.

Maybe someday a president will fire every FBI manager from top to bottom for incompetence and malfeasance.  Just a thought.





What Have We Learned from Kyle Rittenhouse?

The verdict just came in for this 18-year-old kid and like most everyone on our side I am greatly relieved that at least for now, this kid’s life has been given back to him.  It’s still possible that Merrick Garland and the rest of the vampires in the Biden Justice Department may still decide to persecute him under some bogus civil rights charade but maybe their plate is full right now persecuting the poor bastards from Jan. 6th and the school parents in Virginia.  But if he is free and clear what is the takeaway we have from this incident?

Well, for me the takeaway is that the Antifa/BLM organization is a paramilitary group that has weapons and tactics that can only be resisted by individuals armed and trained to do so.  Which tells me that the only way to avoid being subject to their attacks and harassment is to live in a jurisdiction where the police will arrest them if they riot.  That was Kyle Rittenhouse’s mistake.  He assumed that because he was heavily armed and fairly proficient with his weapon that he would be immune from harassment by the protestors.  That mistake could have cost him his life either at the scene or later in a court of law.  He was only saved by luck,  the copious video evidence of his actions being self-defense, the skill of his attorney to portray this evidence clearly and convincingly and the fact that he had an honest judge.

As far as I know, Florida is the only state that has passed laws to protect its citizens against municipal governments that decide to empower BLM rioters by handcuffing the police.  But that is the only way to prevent places like Atlanta, St. Louis, Houston and all the other blue cities in red states from harming red state citizens.  So, short of moving to Florida the strategy is living far enough from a blue city in a red state to avoid a barbarian invasion.

And honestly that’s the only lesson.  Anyone who attempts to do what Rittenhouse did will end up no better than he did and most probably a whole lot worse.  This problem can only be addressed by the united front of a whole community.  And that doesn’t exist in places like Wisconsin or Virginia and certainly not in New York or California.  In places like that BLM is the legitimate militia.  They are recognized to have the right to burn, loot and kill people who happen to be in the path of their swarm.  Maybe someday a counterforce will emerge on its own and challenge BLM and its protectors but that is far in the future.  That won’t happen until the people being attacked have nothing to lose and just rise up against their tormentors.  Maybe that’ll be in California.  Probably it’ll be the Hispanic people living in areas adjacent to the inner-city no-go zones.  When no one else will help them, they’ll pay protection money to the gangs and the gangs will handle the swarm by fighting fire with fire.

But that won’t be of any help to us.  Our lives are wrapped up in the fabric of civilized society and so we will have to live where that society still exists.  So that’s my takeaway from the Rittenhouse story.  Live where the majority of people will support the police protecting citizens from barbarians.  It’s a cautionary tale and an object lesson about where not to live.

Brilliant Leftist Journalists Reveal What’s Wrong with Dying Leftist Cities – Too Many Police!

In this pair of articles,

Minneapolis Is About to Vote on Whether to Dismantle the Police

The Past 2 Years Have Left Portland Reeling. What Kind of Recovery Comes Next?

written by leftist loons, we are educated by the authors on how it’s not the fifteen months of riots, murder, arson and robbery that have made their cities hellholes that tourists avoid and residents flee for safer places.  It’s actually the police that are the problem.  And remember these two cities, Portland and Minneapolis are governed by the most anti-police city governments in America.  Both cities are actively working to dismantle their police departments.  So effectively there is no policing going on in either city.  The police, such as they are, barely make their presence known.  They wait until the crimes have occurred and show up to record the details for police reports that can be used by the victims for insurance purposes and to direct the ambulance or morgue truck to the bodies, living or dead.  But the articles are clear that it is systemic racism that is killing these cities.  Although the Portland article is clear in telling us that Portland is safe and vibrant.  It’s only prejudice and racism that is spreading the false impression that the city is a dirty, abandoned shell of its former self, filled with homeless encampments and homicidal drug addicts.

These articles are very long so you might want to skim them.  Better advice is just skip them.  I’ve done the public service of reading this crap for you.  I think the take away I got from these articles is that even in the leftist bastions of Portland and Minneapolis it is getting difficult to sell people on the “defund the police” narrative.  They try, they really try.  We get thousands of words about policing being slave control and Jim Crow and blah, blah, blah.  But I think they’re trying to sell all this to people who just want their lives to go back to normal.  And not just white people.  Minneapolis has become very dangerous.  And that has been noticed by the black neighborhoods.  The change impacts everyone.  The white neighborhoods have seen an enormous increase in property crime but also things like carjackings.  But it’s in the black neighborhoods where things have gotten out of hand.  So, it will take a lot of talking in circles to convince the black population in Minnesota that they really want to get rid of the police.

Portland is one of the whitest big cities in America.  Their problem is the enormous homeless population.  Druggies come from far and wide to live in a place that reflects their values.  When there was a working police force, it could be kept under control.  Now that’s gone.  So, you have antifa and BLM rioting, the homeless defecating in the streets and addicts robbing you at knifepoint but Portland wants people to think it’s a “vibrant” and safe place to visit and live.  It turns out that’s a hard sell.

It will be interesting to me to see if these two cities are able to convince their residents to get rid of their police.  Maybe they can.  Leftists are very good at ignoring reality.  Maybe they can make it happen.  But if they do, I’d guess that the size of these cities will shrink way down.  Most people want to live in a place where they are safe.  And this goes double for families.  It takes a really hard-core leftist to be willing to let her kids be victims of street crime to prove a point.  But the writers of these articles sound like they just might be crazy enough to try.  It does indeed take all kinds.

So good luck to you folks in Portland, Minneapolis and of course Chicago and New York.  You’ve made your bed and now you get to sleep in it.  Enjoy.

Is the Left Ready for Civil War?

I used to think that the Left was in over their heads and were letting themselves be panicked into allowing their crazier allies run wild during the Trump administration in order to discredit him.  I’m no longer sure.  I’ve been thinking about whether maybe they want to push this thing to martial law and go all the way to a permanent coup.

They keep using the FBI to criminalize dissent and they are now unphased by the permanent anarchy in places like Portland and Chicago.  Maybe they intend to harass normal people endlessly until in desperation they turn to force to protect themselves and use this as an excuse to declare martial law.  I hadn’t considered this seriously before but now I did.  After all, even a half-assed US military is equipped with weapons that no private group or even a state militia could deal with.  Drones and tanks and attack helicopters don’t have to be controlled by the best and brightest to win the day.  I know this sound like lunacy but I would have said that about locking down the planet to deal with a bioweapon that when looked at objectively doesn’t exactly look like an extinction event.

Well, maybe it’s true.  Maybe they’d like to provoke a serious reaction.  They keep trying to gin up a militia attack on themselves.  They let antifa and BLM torture normal people at every turn.  It’s a cinch they want to use these things to go after gun rights and tighten the surveillance state powers they already have.

For the sake of argument let’s say that they’ve calculated the results of a martial law takeover and are now willing to change the government into a permanent autocracy and forego the charade of elections.  Should that make us change the way we act?  Should we be walking on eggshells to avoid giving them an excuse?  I don’t think so.

My way of thinking about it is that if they did decide to take over, they could easily manufacture whatever kind of incident they think they need to do it.  With complete control of all communications and the press they already can tell whatever story they want to.  In fact, they already do.  So, I don’t think they need any help.

But after a little thought I’ve decided they won’t do it.  But neither is this a panicky accident.  I think the threat is what they want to use.  They’ll attack individuals and they will use lawfare and they will ratchet up the controls to almost any lengths short of actually declaring a coup.  I think intimidation and psyops are what they think are their strong suit.  And with the antifa and BLM benefitting from selective enforcement of the law the damage they can do to their enemies is pretty impressive.

So, I don’t think the Left is prepared for war.  I think they know that if the armed forces were seen to be unleashed against the civilian population it would have a delegitimizing effect on their regime both nationally and internationally.  As it is Joe Biden has become a figure of ridicule.  The chants at football games and the general mockery he is receiving by anyone not completely in the tank for the Dems shows that the credibility of his administration has already been eroded.  It won’t take many more failures to convince the majority of Americans that his regime is a failure.

So, if the Left has a policy of rattling sabers but stopping short of actual war what should our policy be?  Well, I guess that depends on what we are trying to do.  If we still have a hope of regaining control of the federal government then the plan is to disassemble the deep state.  Fire an enormous percentage of the management of the intelligence bureaus and start pulling back their authority to intimidate Americans.

If we don’t have hope of getting the federal government back under control, we will need to start building up the autonomy and strength of the red states and coordinate their actions to resist tyrannical actions by the federal government.

Richest Man In Illinois Says Chicago Resembles Afghanistan

Ken Griffin is a hedge fund manager and he is thinking of getting his company out of Chicago.

“Billionaire Ken Griffin, founder and CEO of the hedge fund Citadel, hinted Monday that he might move his company’s headquarters from Chicago, saying the crime makes the city more akin to a war-torn country.

“It’s becoming ever more difficult to have this as our global headquarters, a city which has so much violence,” Griffin said. “I mean Chicago is like Afghanistan, on a good day, and that’s a problem.”

Griffin said he personally saw “25 bullet shots in the glass window of the retail space” in the building he lives in, adding that someone “tried to carjack the security detail” that sits outside his house.”

My favorite quotes,

“It just tells you like how deep crime runs in this city,” Griffin said. “There is nowhere, where you can feel safe today walking home at 9:30 at night and you worry about your kids coming to and from school.”  “That’s no way for our city to exist,” Griffin said.

The perception of crime has started making it difficult to recruit talent to Citadel’s Chicago campus, he said, and he can’t in good faith tell people the city is a good place to raise a family anymore.

Griffin didn’t say where he might consider moving his global headquarters to, but he was asked if New York City could serve as an “antidote to the dysfunction” of Chicago.  “You guys need some new medicine, too, because some of the same problems that we have faced is now unfolding in New York,” Griffin said. “The path New York is on is a scary path.”

It’s about time that these cloud people got their heads wrapped around what they’ve signed on for.  What did they think would happen when they bent the knee to BLM and allowed the police to be vilified?  Maybe if it were their children being terrified at school and their businesses being burned out they might not be so matter of fact about unleashing antifa on us.  Too bad a few of those bullets didn’t come a little closer to his face.