2020 Choice – Stand or Grovel

This election will be the perfect indicator of whether or not we have been overwhelmed by the rot that has beset our institutions for the last hundred years.  A starker choice could not be imagined.  The foaming-at-the-mouth Left has dropped the mask completely.  They have embraced the mob in all its nihilistic rage and unleashed it on the citizens of the blue states and the blue cities.  Seattle has gone as far as setting up a killing zone in their capitol where the mob patrols with machine guns and doles out death to the black lives that supposedly they are representing.  It’s like something out of Pol Pot.

If the election does go to Biden you can argue whether voter fraud, or dislike of President Trump by white women or demographics was the deciding factor but what will be undeniable is that a new nation will be dominant inside the geographic boundaries of what used to be America.  The millennials will soon be the dominant cohort within the American demographic and if they decide that what is going on in the streets of our cities is acceptable then nothing will deflect us from the course that the Left is plotting.

So let’s take it one step further, even if President Trump wins this election but only just barely, that still tells me that we are changing for the worse.  What happened in 1968, the rioting and the arson, was still an aberration that shocked the country and galvanized the population to support a law and order candidate in President Nixon, to clean up the problem.  If we don’t see the same reaction to the even more disturbing violence and anarchy gripping our cities this year then it speaks of a loss of will.

Someone might say that it is the propaganda by the media and the kowtowing by the corporations that is misleading Americans.  That these normal people have been fooled by the narrative that the rioting is a reasonable reaction to systemic racism in the police and in American society.  But that is nonsense.  Only someone already brainwashed by the Left could mistake what is happening for reasonable.  Anyone with even a trace of self-respect and an iota of common sense would see what’s happening as an attack on the foundations of our identity and the symbols of the greatest and best country in the history of mankind.

If we do not see a resounding victory for the Right then we are heading down a road to serfdom.  It is possible that through the efforts of a Trump administration we can begin to change direction and change the institutions that have brought about this problem.  With the right Supreme Court and with legislation and enforcement by the DOJ many harmful practices could be suppressed.  But with the current slender majority in the Senate and the Democrat majority in the House and the unreliable nature of the Supreme Court it seems unlikely that much will be done.

So that is why I see this election as a barometer.  If President Trump wins a decisive victory and we pick up seats in the Senate and retake the majority in the House then I see a sliver of hope that there is still enough of the silent majority to allow us to try and turn this thing around together as the United States of America.  If that happens, we stand.  Anything else tells me that the future will require groveling and that is something I won’t stick around for.

Minnesota Wants Federal Money to Rebuild Minneapolis

Minnesota’s Governor Walz has requested President Trump to declare a national disaster and bail out Minnesota to the tune of $500 million for the damage which he himself caused when he allowed the rioting thugs to burn down Minneapolis.

I think the correct response is to respectfully ask Governor Walz to go pound sand where the sun don’t shine.  The first thing that should be done is to cut off all federal police funding to Minneapolis and institute a DOJ investigation into the civil rights violations inherent in a city knowingly allowing a mob to terrorize American citizens based on their racial identity.

What Are the Priorities for Us in the New America of Neil Gorsuch, BLM and Antifa?

So here we are, the newly minted super-conservative Justice Gorsuch finds transgender rights in the Constitution of the United States.  And under the reliably spineless leadership of John Roberts every major case from illegal immigrants to Second Amendment rights were dynamited against us.  And there was absolutely no fig leaf for any of these decisions.  The Supreme Court is a disaster.  I no longer expect any relief from that Court.

Add onto this problem that Antifa and BLM are now the official enforcement wing of the Democrat party.  In any jurisdiction federal, state or local where they have cover from Democrat elected officials, they are shown to be ready, willing and able to wage literal war up to and including murder and arson against their enemies.  Living in a blue state or even a blue city is tantamount to living in Mao’s Cultural Revolution.  At any time, you can be sucked into a purge or pogrom that really has no limits on what can happen.  Your rights in these jurisdictions do not exist as such.  They can be overridden with no notice and are subject to amendment whenever circumstances make the ruling coalition think they would benefit from it.

Those are the conditions on the ground.  Where does that leave us?

From my point of view that precludes certain strategies.  With the clarification of the role of the Supreme Court I would say any idea that unconstitutional actions will be struck down nationally and thereby benefit people living in blue states is sheer fantasy.  Nothing will be done to restrain places like California, New England, or New York.  They will just make things continually worse until you knuckle under and learn to love Big Brother or leave.

I suppose there are strategies to hide in plain sight in places like these.  I know people who say they can avoid the consequences of living under these regimes and still enjoy life.  I confess I do not possess the coping skills that must be needed to hide your feelings when living in the belly of the beast.  My daily interactions here in New England with the true believers involve mind boggling levels of cognitive dissonance.  It takes every ounce of self-control not to laugh in their faces or explain why the things being claimed are patently absurd.

The alternative then is to revolt against these laws.  Ignoring them or avoiding them by stealth is becoming harder and harder in these places.  Ultimately control over all aspects of life is becoming more stringent everywhere but especially in these blue states.  To the extent that it can be done I suppose that will be the strategy for conservatives living in these areas.  You will have to go underground.  And this means as far as raising children you’ll have to figure out how to work around the indoctrination of the schools and other social settings that the Left has taken over.  This is the Benedict Option that Rod Dreher has talked about.  Ultimately, it’s a temporary measure because eventually they will eliminate freedom of religion entirely.

But from my point of view, the best idea is to live in a deep red state where the political leaders have the means to craft laws that protect their citizens from the unconstitutional consequences of the Supreme Court.  They can make a law upholding the freedom of religion in the Bill of Rights and when the Supreme Court strikes it down the Governor can defy the Supreme Court and say he will protect any of his citizens from federal prosecution.  I could see blanket pardons being handed out on a rolling basis and the bureaucrats in Washington spinning out of control as the President refuses to step in.

A number of states following a plan like this would eventually produce a situation on the ground where essentially you would have two legal entities hidden within one name.  This is sort of like the situation we currently have with marijuana use.  At the federal level and in half of the states it is illegal but in states like California and Colorado it is big business.  The same thing should be pushed as hard as possible for as many different parts of the law as possible.  Just as things like sanctuary cities and legalization of drugs have been dispiriting for our side, freedom of religion would be very dispiriting for them.  It would even have an impact on migration of leftists into red states.  If there weren’t the lifestyle protections available to them, they would be much less likely to inhabit these areas.

So essentially what I am saying is that the deep red states are the only remaining points of resistance to the encroachment of Leftist control.  Everything else has already been conquered.  They will need to be the catalyst for change and that can only happen in conjunction with the four-year protection provided by the beginning of a conservative President’s term.

Hopefully a revolt at the state level will begin and President Trump’s second term will provide that needed protection.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine?

Well not exactly.  This morning I woke up feeling pretty bleak.  Antifa and BLM have flushed untold billions of dollars and thousands of American businesses down the drain with their orgy of theft and destruction.  Multiple lives have been lost in rioting to somehow make up for the single life that this was all supposed to be about.  Governors and Mayors in the blue states are passing this whole thing off as a justifiable reaction.  The usual suspects in the media are cheerleading the mayhem and somehow blaming everything on the President.  It sounds like I might have a reason to be down.

But I thought about it a little.  There is precious little other than blogging about it that I can do.  Nobody I know has been burned out of his home or business, so far, and the fallout from all this madness should result in the Democrats losing a bunch of elections in a bunch of places.  Possibly this will help to clarify in a lot of people’s minds what it means to put the far left in charge of your lives.  If it does maybe it will be a net positive for the country.  After all Donald Trump was elected partly as a reaction to the BLM atrocities under Obama.  So that gives me a reason to be patient while the madness plays out.  I can look forward to a change for the better.

And let’s play devil’s advocate and suppose that instead the country decides to knuckle under to Antifa and BLM and elects the whole leftist crew who then initiate the entire “destroy America agenda.”  Well as bad as that would be, and it indeed would be the end of the world as we know it, it would also clarify my place in the world completely.  It would essentially end the need for me to wait for things to improve.  After all, if you take freedom out of America, you remove the original advantage that everyone came here for in the first place.  Then my mission becomes relatively simple, find the place where I have the best chance of enjoying life.  Maybe it’ll be Oklahoma or Mississippi, Idaho or Wyoming.  I’ll be depending on local conditions to make life tolerable.  I can try to remove myself from as many of the systems that the government has built up to control us and try to find a community that thinks like I do.  At least in a place like that you might have some like-minded people around you.  Who knows, you might be able to join a rebellion of our own.

So yeah, there are a lot of scary things going on and faith in my fellow Americans is at an all time low.  But they have until November to restore my faith in them.  If they do the right thing and re-elect the President and toss out a bunch of commies who backed Antifa and BLM then we have a chance to straighten things out here.  It will still take decades to repair the damage that has already been done.  The American people have been sorely harmed by the policies that the Democrats and Republicans inflicted on us over the last fifty years.  But if the people choose wisely then we can get started.  If not, then I’ll take care me and mine and anyone else I find who feels he’s in the same boat.  I’ll look around and see where the deck isn’t stacked against me and I’ll shake off the dust of my feet and leave a place that doesn’t have a place for me.

So, I may not feel fine but I have plans for all eventualities.

I Suppose This is the Civil War

When all the major cities in your nation are burning and the police are under attack on the streets they are supposed to protect and the perpetrators are alleged citizens of your country then I guess you could call that civil war.

It’s a little hard to know because similar things have happened a number of times before and each time, we had some other name.  Unrest, outrage, protest.  And the actions of Antifa muddy the waters somewhat because they are anarchists and in a sense aren’t normal Americans (whatever that means today).  But with whatever caveats and reservations attached, there are now two groups in this country that cannot be reconciled to each other.  One group has allegiance to the American republic that existed before the 1960s and another one that wants to tear all that down.

The 2020 election will be a proxy for this clash.  We’ll see if the center can hold.  The danger is whether enough women will be cowed by the violence and capitulate.  Women (and millennials) are easily frightened and also easily manipulated by the media.  It plays on their emotions and elicits feelings of fear and guilt by confusing who is the victim and who is the perpetrator; what is reasonable and what is rash; what is justified and what is cruel.

I said the election is a proxy for the war but won’t end it either way.  If President Trump wins, which I think he will, the other side will get even crazier.  It’s hard to imagine how they’ll top this week but they will.  At this point I don’t think there is any action that is out of the question from their side.  And I mean that literally.

Now, if they win, I expect a combination of things.  There will be a lot of that talk about reaching across the aisle and reaching consensus as a smokescreen for a barrage of executive orders to consolidate control of the population.  This will involve first and second amendment curtailments.

So, either way the war will go on but I won’t pretend I don’t care who wins the election.  Winning it is the chance to act openly and stick it to our enemies.  Winning this election will finally win the Battle of the Supreme Court.  And I see that as the only avenue to finally liberate our side from the unconstitutional restrictions on free association and all the other infringements that the social justice regime has inflicted on us over the last fifty years.  Red States can write their own laws and an originalist Supreme Court can back their play and unchain the American people from virtual slavery.

Looking at the rioting and looting that has gone on in the last few days I think we may be looking at an inflection point.  New York came back from bankruptcy and anarchy in the late 80s by facing down the ancestors of the people who ripped it apart this week.  Back then they said to the criminals and losers that they wouldn’t allow lawlessness to destroy the life of the city.  But I don’t think that’s going to happen again.  The rich have coopted the neighborhoods that the middle class lived in.  They’ve filled the city with hipsters and other idiot relations of the rich.  Those people will fold like a cheap suit.  They will grovel in front of the underclass that just burned their city down.  But the major change now will be the nature of law enforcement in New York.  The cops’ hands were tied after the Black Lives Matter travesty during the Obama administration and they backed off and let crime blossom.  But that will be nothing compared to the new balance of power.  First off there will be a move to replace white men with women and minorities in a wholesale fashion in the NYPD.  And the new “more humane” laws will be a dream come true for criminals of all stripes.  But it will turn the city into a nightmare for businessmen and honest citizens in general.  I expect flight from New York to be a long term and possibly terminal event.

The rioting has done great damage to property and has demoralized the people living there.  But the event is an object lesson for anyone who is unsure of what each side stands for.  The Democrats will sacrifice the livelihood and even the lives of its citizens to appease a mob of irrational people who also happen to vote for them.  Appeasement is their stock in trade.  If you’d rather that the government protected and respected the honest hardworking people out there then you’ll have to join our side of the Civil War.

Does Raising a Family in a Large American City Make Any Possible Sense?

About 33 years ago I moved out of New York City.  Now I was born and bred there.  My family had lived there for four generations.  I liked the amenities that the City possessed.  I could take the kids to Central Park and to the American Museum of Natural History or the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We could go to a Yankee or Met game, go to the beach, go fishing out of Sheepshead Bay.  It was my home.  I liked my neighbors.  But this was in the mid-eighties and things had gotten steadily more dangerous even in a relatively “safe” neighborhood like the one I lived in.  Muggers had taken to getting off the expressways in “safe” neighborhoods early in the morning and mugging old ladies as they walked to Early Mass at church.  And they didn’t just get robbed they were often brutalized pretty badly.  Apparently, a baseball bat to the shoulder from behind is an excellent way to make an old lady drop her pocketbook.  And thinking about what it would cost to put my young children in good schools in New York just wasn’t in the cards for me at that time.  So, we moved out into the “country.”  Or so we called it.  Really it was outer suburbia in New England but there were farms and cows and so we told our kids they lived in the country.  Fast forward twenty-five years and we moved again out of the “country” because it became too crowded.

And that’s just what growth looks like.  Instead of 275 million people now there are 330 million people.  But moving from outer suburbia to a more rural area is a matter of choice and temperament, not a life or death decision.  I like more trees and fewer stop lights.  I want a quiet environment rather than a busy commercial strip.  But the next guy might like to live in a small town so he can walk to get his cup of coffee and doughnut.  He likes to have a French restaurant and a yoga studio a few blocks away.  Vive la différence.

But instead, let’s say you live in Minneapolis or Philadelphia or Baltimore or even my old home town of New York City.  For the sake of argument let’s say you live right outside of New York City in a very expensive suburb.  You pay an enormous amount of money to buy a house there and you pay taxes that are almost obscene.  Let’s say the schools are good and the amenities in your town are excellent.  Great restaurants and stores.  Good health clubs and a very nice golf course that you enjoy.  And crime is reasonable.  Sure, there are property crimes that happen, burglaries and car theft but violent crime while not unknown is infrequent because you have a good police force that prevents that sort of thing.  Your very nice gated community is a haven from the urban existence that you can see on the horizon.

But then something happens.  A cop in a city with a Democratic mayor kills a black man during an arrest.  And he does it in front of a video camera and it looks terrible.  People in this liberal city in this liberal state feel outraged.  The very liberal mayor fires the cops involved and says an investigation will judge whether the law was broken.  Nothing unusual there.  This has happened before.  But this mayor is extremely weak.  When the protests begin, he warns the police to back off.  They do.  And the protestors are heavily infiltrated by Antifa and anarchists and probably BLM.  They don’t just protest.  They riot, loot and burn down a sizable area of the downtown.  Does the mayor decide to put a stop to the violence after that?  Far from it.  He orders the police to abandon their precinct to the mob.  Now the devastation becomes extensive and drunk with the victory of the city’s capitulation they decide to extend their reign of terror and head out into the suburbs of the next city over.  And when the Democratic governor realizes that the Mayor is useless, he proves that he is equally useless and only sends a few hundred National Guardsmen in and mostly just to guard the electric power station and Federal Reserve Bank building.  So now the rioters are free to continue their arson and looting.

After this has gone on for a day or two the inner-city denizens and the local Antifa cohorts in every major city decide it’s time to set up a local chapter of burn everything down and steal whatever comes to hand.  So now it gets real for you.  You’re watching on tv as the metropolis that’s fifteen minutes away begins to go up in flames and the cops stand down at the behest of Bill de Blasio in order not to annoy his constituency while they enjoy their first amendment right to loot and burn other people’s life’s savings.  And in a video on social media you hear the rioters tell you, seemingly you in particular, that they’re headed out to your suburb to bring the same treatment to you and yours.

Well, that’s got to be an eye opener.  And the more you think about it the more you realize that there’s not a damn thing anyone is going to do to end this cycle.  This happens periodically.  First it happened in 1965, then in 1977.  In the late seventies through the early nineties it never really stopped.  The violence and crime were continuous.  Giuliani was a change in New York.  He was the last gasp of a majority that would allow the police to keep the criminal elements under strict control.  The nineties were peaceful and prosperous for New York.  But Giuliani was term limited out in 2001.  Bloomberg left the police in place but constantly railed against them in the press.  By the time Obama and de Blasio were in the White House and Gracie Mansion respectively, it was open season on the police and law and order too.  Eric Holder demonized the police and spawned Black Lives Matter.  Now you could say that President Trump is a reaction to Obama and the Ferguson scam that keeps being perpetrated on the people.  And he can do a lot to prevent this stuff spreading to red states.  But if you live in a blue state and especially if you live close to one of the big cities in them you are at ground zero for every wave of the roller coaster.

And that brings me to my point.


There’s no good reason to live there.  The bad reasons are that it’s your home.  And it’s where your family lives.  I don’t live near one of the big cities but I wish I were a thousand miles away in a red state.  But I have kids and grandkids that have roots here.  And every day I try to figure out how to get us all out.  But if you’re starting out now or are going to start a family, get out now.  Head south and west and look for a state that is run by normal people and isn’t filled with people who don’t have any stuff but want your stuff instead.  I assure you from sad experience, it’s no way to live.

By My Accounting Antifa Just Lost Biden the Election

So long COVID-19, hello domestic terrorist manhunt.  The electorate is a complicated jigsaw puzzle of competing priorities.  Race, ethnicity, age and sex factor into the calculations that parties and candidates have to make as to where to invest time and money trying to pick up votes and where not to bother.

As I mentioned yesterday, I think Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey just threw Minnesota firmly into the Trump camp.  Going beyond that I wouldn’t be surprised if we pick up a House seat or two.  I’ll explain why I said that.  President Trump has always had a difficult time garnering the votes of upper middle-class women.  The women I mean are office workers and middle managers who have families but also have feminist friends at work who constantly harangue them on the evils of President Trump.  And so even if they themselves are not man-hating harridans, they are sympathetic to the narrative of the evil patriarchy keeping down the virtuous and brilliant women of the world.

Because of this the President’s numbers have always been skewed toward men.  It is true that in 2016 he did win the white-woman-vote.  But in 2018 the republicans lost a number of seats because the white women’s vote turned sharply against them.  That was why so many women were in the 2020 Democrat Presidential field.  And that is why someone as crazy as Elizabeth warren is still in the running for Democrat VP.  Warrren is catnip to the angry woman’s vote.  I wouldn’t have been surprised at all if Warren was selected, although all things considered I still consider it more likely that another woman, Kamala Harris, will be the pick.  And that’s because Kamala also ticks off that exciting African-American box that is also so important to the Democrat coalition.  In this sense she’s a twofer.

And up until the COVID-19 debacle the Democrats had the added headache of an economy that was dropping African-American unemployment to all-time lows and boosting paychecks too.  Despite the recent public cases of celebrity African-Americans embracing President Trump such as Kanye West there is no danger of that vote shifting decisively to him.  But if there is no particular anger toward the President the danger for the Democrats is that the African American vote won’t show up in large numbers at all.  And that would more or less cook their goose.

But now we have a new wrinkle.  The rioting that Antifa has sparked after the death of George Floyd looks like it might cause the black vote to come out strongly for the Democrats.  But what it also will most probably do is push the white-woman-vote to the Republicans.  And the reason is quite simple.  No matter how you feel about President Trump’s relations with women if you’re a woman who works in a city or suburb seeing the rioters burning, looting and beating the inhabitants of your local metropolis and promising on social networks that they’re headed out to your suburb to finish the job you are probably plenty scared.  And since this is all going on without your local Democrat Mayor or Governor stopping it, you’re probably looking for a man who will.  And guess who that is?  That’s right, America’s most reviled patriarchal alpha male President Trump.  And all of a sudden, his strutting and posturing doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.  When that loser Mayor Jacob Frey abandoned the local police precinct to the looters and the arsonist and the area devolved into bedlam President Trump said that if the Governor didn’t bring in National Guard troops right away then he’d have to do it instead.  That probably sounds pretty reassuring to someone in St. Paul who hears that the rioters have crossed the river and will be in striking distance that night.  So that’s it in a nutshell.  The race riots will probably throw the black vote to Biden but it almost surely will throw the white-woman (and hispanic-woman) -vote to President Trump.  That’s a trade the Democrats can’t afford.

Combine that with the some of the revelations that are probably going to come out of the Russia-gate investigations and the improvements in the unemployment numbers that should begin to unfold in the third quarter and it looks difficult for Creepy Uncle Joe to keep up.  And one other thing should be interesting.  What will come out of the Antifa investigation?  Antifa is a guerilla organization that has been causing great harm but getting a free ride.  If some of their members are linked directly to the violence in Minneapolis that will make them Public Enemy Number One.  Antifa gets funding from Left-Wing sources such as George Soros.  If any of these sources turn out to be friends of Joe Biden or even Obama that would truly cook their goose.

The Long Hot Summer Begins

The riots, looting and arson in Minneapolis have spread to other Democrat cities.  It’s a tricky proposition for the mayors and governors in those jurisdictions in terms of how far they let it go.  The Mayor of Minneapolis was willing to let the closest police precinct burn to the ground along with all the stores and even banks in the area.  Now that the anarchy has spread to nearby St. Paul it’s probable that state officials are in a panic to put a stop to the chaos.  I don’t know enough about Minneapolis politics to know if the Mayor there is immune from voter outrage.  But even a city like New York back in the late eighties with a very large minority population finally reached a point where law and order problems created a backlash that brought in Rudy Giuliani.  Whether Minneapolis is simply too liberal to ever retreat from the appeasement of crime approach is about to be seen.

And all the usual suspects are on tv stirring the pot.  The Mayor of Chicago somehow blames the President.  It should be interesting to see whether Lori Lightfoot’s city ends up burning down too.  To her credit the Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Bottoms, addressed the senselessness and stupidity of the rioters destroying their own city.  In a small ironic twist, the rioters have smashed some parts of the CNN headquarters in Atlanta.

The manufactured nature of the riots is so blatant that even the left-wing press has acknowledged it.  The inner-city population is looting the stores but wherever the damage is worst you can see some blond-headed twenty something at the center smashing a store window or lighting a Molotov cocktail.  This is Antifa’s show.  They ignited it and they’re keeping it going.

The bigger picture is what will be the political fallout from a spasm of violence and lawlessness running through the cities of the United States during an election year.  President Trump has to very carefully choreograph his response to the events on the ground.  He’ll profess anger for the death of George Floyd but he’ll have to condemn in the strongest terms the evil madness of the rioters.  And if finally, the governor in Minnesota fails to take control of the chaos the President will have to step in.  Taken all together I think this chaos will hurt the Democrats.  It’s reminiscent of the street violence in 1968 that helped elect Richard Nixon president.  Even voters in Democrat controlled states fear the violence and destruction that a mob unleashes when it riots.  It wouldn’t surprise me if this increases President Trump’s margin when he flips Minnesota in November.  And looking down the road it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that both Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey get the boot in a few years when they’re up for re-election.

And one last consequence of this madness is what it will do to the COVID-19 situation.  I predict that we’re going to hear a lot less about the “pandemic.”  I noticed that a lot of the rioters weren’t social distancing as they looted the various stores and offices and I assume that when you’re running from a mob or a National Guard riot squad that a face mask will be too hard to breathe through.  A lot of citizens may figure if it’s good enough for the mob it’s good enough for them.

Republican Senators Introduce a Motion to Censure Chuck Schumer for Threatening Supreme Court Justices

Sen. Josh Hawley, Missouri Republican, sponsored the motion and it already has fourteen senators joining in.  This sounds like a good idea.  Allowing the minority leader of the Senate to threaten judges without consequences is weak.  He should be slapped down.  Basically he is encouraging madmen like antifa to target the court.  The Supreme Court has a number of important cases this year.  Hopefully Roberts doesn’t make himself the spoiler an we get some progress on these issues.