Taking a Stand

All of the awful things that are happening in the United States can be chalked up to the culture of the so-called elite portion of the American population.  These are people who are in the top 1% of income earners.  They went to the best schools and work in professions and institutions that control the various important aspects of life in this country.

And there’s nothing unusual about this situation.  In every culture throughout history the elites control and lead the culture and decide how it changes.  For this reason, I guess what we are waiting for is to see if the elites spawn a movement that attempts to restore the culture to a less toxic mode.

Trump, I think, is the first manifestation of this movement.  Of course, Donald Trump is a very old man and it’s the youth that has to take the lead in influencing change in the culture.  But Trump’s revolt against the elite consensus was the beginning and now we have begun to see small cracks in the monolithic leftist culture.  Someone like Elon Musk buying Twitter to allow a place for dissenting speech and Chris Rufo attacking leftist DEI and critical race theory at colleges and universities and Ron DeSantis pushing back against LGBTQ dogma being embedded in grade school teaching are all very promising signs for some kind of movement to challenge the direction of the culture and provide a rallying point for the very large number of Americans who abhor the Left’s vision of how we should live.

But I’m not convinced that this “movement” has the momentum to rollback enough of the woke culture to provide a lasting beachhead.  I would say that the jury is definitely still out on the counterrevolution.  Much of what has been done is dependent on a few states where a few leaders have stepped forward.  And at the moment, the Supreme Court justices have the numbers it takes to protect conservatives against federal judges and the bureaucracy that is intent on attacking any progress that has been made.  But that could change at any time.  Clarence Thomas is a very old man and Democrats can just as easily stack it with leftists if they get the majority in the Congress.

So, what would convince me that we had reached a tipping point?  What would tell me that there was something real happening that wouldn’t just peter out?

I guess I’d call it a stand.  In other words, I am looking for a state or a group of states to say no to some policy that the federal government has taken.  To put their foot down.  A good example would be illegal immigrants.  Suppose Biden or his successor continues to allow the southern border to remain open.  The Supreme Court has already failed to help Texas and has said that the federal government has sole authority over the border.  Governor Abbott has already raised a challenge saying that the unchecked migrants represent an invading army and that Texas has the right and duty to defend itself against this invasion.

Taking a stand would be Texas arresting all illegal aliens and imprisoning them until they agree to leave.  The federal government would definitely threaten Texas officials with criminal charges for such a policy and might even move troops into place to stop such a policy.  So, if Texas were to go down that road and then come out victorious, I would call that a successful stand.  That would be the signal that something had changed.

And by the same token if some state begins to reverse some of the cultural degradation that has gone on in our culture; drugs, gambling, pornography; that would look like taking a stand.

So that’s my criteria.  Until things like these happen, we haven’t begun to win back the culture in any meaningful way.  All the histrionics and the gestures are window dressing.  As soon as something is done by the states it’s reversed by a federal court.  I’m looking for when the rubber meets the road and the feds blink.  When that happens I’ll begin to believe in the movement.

Abbott’s Declaration Revisited

One of the fellows on the site who lives in Texas asked a very interesting question about Governor Abbott’s declaration of an invasion and his authority under Article I, § 10, Clause 3 of the US Constitution to defend his state from this invasion.  He asked, “I wonder–why did Gov Abbott have to wait so long?”  It’s a good question.

Now, I’m not an expert on Texas or on Greg Abbott.  In fact, I’d love to get opinions from as many people from Texas as I can.  But in lieu of that I’ll speculate.

  • Abbott waited this long because this is an inherently risky action that he didn’t want to have to undertake.  But the crisis has gotten so much worse that it has become an existential threat to the whole state.
  • Maybe it has only recently become clear that such a rationale for taking over jurisdiction from the border patrol was justified under the Constitution. In fact, maybe someone outside of the Texas state government provided the justification.
  • Possibly the Supreme Court’s decision forced Abbott’s hand.
  • Maybe Abbott believes that illegal immigration has become such an unpopular issue that he doesn’t think that Biden will resist his efforts to put a halt to the problem.

But whatever the reason that he waited, the declaration is a very clear and strong stand to take against the federal government.  State military action is only warranted under this clause when war is actually underway at the border.  After what the Supreme Court recently ruled it’s entirely possible that they will side with Biden against what Abbott has declared.  This is a radical move.

I don’t mind saying that this action has captured my imagination.  This is the first time anyone has told the feds to pound sand that I can remember in my adult lifetime.  What if this is finally that revolt by the states that we’ve all been waiting for all these years?  If Abbott takes this moment to implement all the actions that are needed to purge Texas of illegal immigrants, he would galvanize the nation.  Other states might mimic what he is doing and I believe it would synergize with Donald Trump’s anti-immigration message.

I am aware that Biden has enormous resources to attack Abbott’s efforts.  He can declare authority over the Texas National Guard and order them to stand down.  Theoretically he can declare Texas to have committed an insurrection by blocking the Border Patrol from letting the illegal immigrants in.  Theoretically he can arrest Abbott and the whole Texas state administration.  Or he can back down.

This will play out over the next few days and weeks.  The question is who will blink.  I had always thought that Greg Abbott was a Bush Republican.  I assumed he would never revolt against the federal government.  But what I’ve seen here today “begs to differ.”

Well, I better go soak my head under some cold water.  I’m much too stirred up by all this unbridled enthusiasm.  It doesn’t contribute to my peace of mind.  But I do admit, it is fun.

The Tempo is Picking Up

The Left is right out in the open now.  Antifa and the sexual deviants that make up a good chunk of it are openly assaulting anyone who disagrees with them.  Some of them have jumped right off the deep end and are murdering children to bring attention to their hatred of normalcy.

We’re nowhere near any climax to this thing but they’ve definitely ratcheted up the action.  Things in Tennessee and in California speak to this.  Now, California is a joke and anyone who attempts to speak out there is just looking to be martyred.  But Tennessee might be a flashpoint where the Right might make a stand and accomplish something.  So are Texas and Florida.  Governor Abbott in Texas would be sending a powerful message if he pardoned Daniel Perry, the soldier who was convicted of murder in Austin for defending himself during a BLM riot.  If he doesn’t pardon Perry, I think it will diminish him greatly.

In each of these states a Republican majority needs to find ways to establish control over the blue cities and the street thugs that infest them.  Doing this effectively and finding a template to spread this to other states is the priority.  The legislatures need to make it easy to impeach any public official, whether a mayor, DA or judge, who is committing crimes against their constituents.  And this is especially important when there are places like Austin where the majority advocates for these crimes.  The fact that Daniel Perry was convicted shows there are areas where the law has been perverted due to the infestation of leftists.  Extreme measures will need to be enacted that allow the state to wrest criminal justice out of the hands of jurisdictions that consistently pervert justice.  And impeachment is probably the best mechanism for that.

The joker in all this is always the federal government.  They will swoop in and attack red state officials who attempt to prevent the Antifa goons and BLM rioters from having their way.  And now we’ve added in the trans-psychos as an open front in the war.  Maybe we are close to a confrontation between a red state and the feds.  That will be the acid test.  When a governor finally sticks his neck out and refuses to back down to the Justice Department will decide whether there will ever be any real progress against the Left.  That’s the Rubicon moment.

DeSantis in Florida, Abbott in Texas and Lee in Tennessee will eventually be pushed into a corner where they will either stand up to the feds or capitulate.  That’s the reality we are in.  When that will happen is not clear but it seems that things are moving faster now.  Maybe it has to do with the economy sputtering; inflation, recession and bank failures all at once are forcing Biden and his handlers to look to distract people with the street theater that is Antifa and the trans-madness.  All this may be completely contrived to panic the voters.  If so then it is an opportunity to take a stand and take control in those states where the Left isn’t dominant.

But that will require courage.  And courage is one of the scarcest of commodities.  As we’ve seen, the Left is completely without scruple or mercy.  They will destroy, literally destroy anyone who stands in their way.  It will take enormous courage and intelligence to beat them.  They’ve gotten their tentacles into every facet of our society and prying them loose is a herculean task.

And it will require coordination.  So far, we haven’t seen outward signs of red states coordinating their tactics and policies.  When we see that happening it will be a very good sign that intelligence is starting to appear on the Right.

So, will 2023 be the year of the confrontation?  Hard to say.  It really depends on whether there is a man with a plan out there to tackle the leftist goliath and strike a blow for our side.  I’d like to say it will happen soon but that’s just a hope.  What I will say is the Left is definitely getting crazier.  Maybe they will generate a little crazy on the right too.  Then maybe a spark might catch fire.

What I’m Looking for Out There Next

Having aligned myself with those who are looking for something beside the “red wave” to save me I’ve been considering what that something could be.

With ballot harvesting and other forms of electoral fraud rendering the Republicans incapable of capturing power in Washington I turn to the question of whether any of the Red States will attempt to organize amongst themselves to achieve some of their objectives.

What I would be looking for is whether states like Florida and Texas and several other of the safely conservative states start to plan together on policies that would amplify the results they can obtain individually.  For instance, let’s look at immigration.  At the least significant level we are already seeing Florida imitate Texas in bussing illegal immigrants to Blue States.  Currently this is more of a gesture than a policy but look at the publicity it has garnered and look at the morale boost it provides.

But imagine if much more effective actions were planned and coordinated.  Suppose these states began to combine their clout to coerce corporations into behaving as good citizens.  Imagine if they cracked down on companies employing illegals.  Imagine if they coordinated their policies with respect to buying school books only from book publishers who provided a clearly conservative option.  What if they formed a syndicate and empowered it to dictate terms with tech companies?  And how about if they pooled their law enforcement assets and went after some of the things that the feds have given up on; illegal aliens, drug cartels, inner city gangs, sex trafficking?  They might achieve substantial results.

Let’s face it.  The feds are employing selective enforcement of the law to punish the Red States.  The ZMan discusses this policy of anarcho-tyranny.  As an example the feds ignore things like a mob burning down a city and instead punish the guy trying to protect his life and property from the mob with a gun   It’s up to the areas of the country still under control of normal people to protect themselves and come up with effective countermeasures to neutralize the sabotage that Biden’s criminal enterprise perpetrates against the American people every single day.

As I say, I am looking for signs that the states will begin to act both single-handedly and in concert with each other to make a stand against the damage Washington is doing.  I am hopeful that there will be some action along these lines and others that I haven’t thought of.

But I am also aware that the federal government will fight against any actions like these tooth and nail.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Justice Department threaten states and individuals like governors and legislators personally with lawsuits and even criminal prosecutions.  Any effective actions by the states on these issues will powerfully undercut the damage caused by the selective enforcement of federal laws and policies.  Biden, Obama and their cronies are aware that if the states get the upper hand, it won’t be long before resistance against many of these evil policies will take hold across the length and breadth of this country.

Imagine if states began ignoring Washington’s insane dictates on the environment, energy, law enforcement, education and all the ways the feds have harmfully interfered in the way people live their lives.

Why before you know it, it might start feeling like a free country again.  Who knows, we might start being happy again.

Give the Left What It Says It Wants

The recent bus service from Texas to New York City and Washington DC that Governor Abbott initiated got me thinking.  It sort of aligns with the idea of acceleration that is popular with some on the Dissident Right.  The idea is to accelerate the crazy ideas that the Left favors in order to let reality crash the system sooner.  The thought is that hitting bottom is the only way to convince the stupid that their beliefs are irrational.

I have mixed feelings about the accelerationist theory.  Hitting bottom seems like a particularly dangerous place to be.  I’m not sure some of these “bottom” conditions can be reversed.  For instance, if Biden allows another fifty million illegal aliens to invade the country, I’m not sure it will be possible to repair that kind of damage short of some horrific violence that might finish the country off altogether.

But the example of the bus rides points to a different kind of acceleration.  If the damage can be restricted to blue states, then maybe the actions will serve a purpose.  Suppose the bus rides were extended to other groups that aren’t wanted in the Red States.  For instance, imagine if the homeless could be persuaded to move to California.  And the same could extend to prison inmates.  Their sentences could be commuted if they agreed to leave the red states permanently.  After all New York and California have been pioneering the concept of emptying the prisons and eliminating criminal convictions.  It only makes sense to send career criminals where their talents can be put to their best effect.

I haven’t gone through all the accelerationist scenarios that could be handled this way but I’m sure it could be quite interesting to play this thought experiment.  Maybe there could even be some kind of negotiations to get certain corporations to move out of state.  Or more realistically, provide a carrot and stick approach for companies (and universities) based on whether they engage in anti-social behavior like white guilt struggle sessions and EDI propaganda.  Hefty fines for each infraction would quickly make these companies weigh whether their policies were more important than relocating.  As a practical example, Ron DeSantis has recently tweaked Disney by eliminating their self-governing status in Florida.  It will be interesting to see if further “lessons” influence Disney’s propensity for condemning conservative laws and programs in Florida.  Changing their behavior would be a major victory.

Obviously, my poor efforts are woefully insufficient to evaluate just how many similar ideas could be identified.  Governors and legislatures are the right ones to do it.  Imagine if Washington DC could be inundated with a million illegal aliens and a hundred thousand freed felons.  Joe Biden would probably have to roll out the razor wire and call back the National Guard to keep his friends from defecating on his lawn, stealing the catalytic converter on his bomb proof limousine and spray painting, “Let’s Go Brandon” on the side of the West Wing.

Well anyway, that’s what I thought about this evening.  You see, I can be constructive if I try.  It doesn’t always have to be doom and gloom.  We can have fun once in a while too.

Hat Tip to Chemist for this Link. Red States Starting to Coordinate Their Interests

Here’s the beginning of a counterattack against the corporate thugs who carry water for the Marxists.  Hitting the banks where it hurts is a very good beginning.  They should do the same to the banks that cancel people for free speech.  It’s finally good to see some coordination getting started.





Who Will Be the Hero of the Story This Year?

Coming to the end of 2021 I think the most compelling story this year was Kyle Rittenhouse.  Here was a kid who had everything going against him going into his murder trial.  But against all odds every single thing broke in his favor and he was acquitted on all counts.  The moral of this story wasn’t charge into the lion’s den and fear no evil.  I guess message must be that God sometimes intervenes and saves the innocent from his own rash behavior.  Rittenhouse is a feel-good story but it isn’t representative of any plan for dealing with crime or civil unrest.  It’s more like one of those stories about a kitten being rescued from a very tall tree.  Heartwarming?  Surely.  But more of a cautionary tale than a blueprint.

But maybe this will be a year with a hero’s tale.  The wind has definitely shifted in our favor and with a little bit of luck we may get a big win for our side this year.  Maybe the Supreme Court steps up and decides the abortion case and the gun case in our favor.  That would be a big win.

A better case would be if in a couple of weeks, the Supreme Court permanently shuts down the vaccine mandate.  Now that would be a shot in the arm (no pun intended).  And while they’re at it, stop the mask nonsense too.  All of this COVID fascism is the worst kind of tyranny and letting it go on makes a mockery of our supposed freedoms.

But what I’d really like to see is some kind of Red State Convention where the leaders of these freer states sit down together and establish policies to allow them to coordinate their actions and effectively resist all of the federal programs and policies that victimize Americans.  The biggest thing would be to come up with an effective way to gather up the illegal aliens that Biden is dumping in the heartland and deliver them to Washington and New York and Boston and California and all the other sanctuary cities and states where they are allegedly so welcome.  They could coordinate policies around the Democrat controlled cities in their states to counteract the lawlessness and dysfunction that’s rampant in these jurisdictions.  And they can craft business policy to foster more manufacturing jobs from employers.  They can punish those companies that have gone offshore with their manufacturing jobs and reward those who bring new jobs here.  Tax policy can act as both a carrot and a stick.  Look for instance at how jobs from California are migrating to Texas and Florida.

So that’s where I’m hoping to see some things to cheer for this year.  Waiting for the midterms in November isn’t a very inspiring message.  That’s almost a whole year away and really is a limited accomplishment.  After all, it’s not as if it would be a veto proof majority that could legislate.  It only takes some of the weapons out of Dementia Joe’s feeble hands.

So that’s my New Year wish.  I’d love to see Governors DeSantis and Abbott and their colleagues sit down together and take the first steps to building a better world for their citizens.  Dream big.

DeSantis Addresses the Waukesha Attack

In the middle of a news conference on law enforcement and the latest COVID nonsense (at about the 5 minute mark) Governor DeSantis takes the national news agencies to task for pretending that the Waukesha attack was some kind of accident.  He’s the first government official who clearly states that the driver was probably committing the attack out of anti-white hatred.  That’s actually a very bold position.  It’s also very honest and will resonate with people who sense that the networks are trying to control the facts about the case.  And as DeSantis states the networks tailor their facts to suit their bias when it comes to who is attacking whom.

DeSantis is a powerful force in our country right now.  I hope he has a chance to help the rest of the country in addition to Florida.

Note: The video quality in this clip is awful.

DeSantis Begins His Re-Election Bid

DeSantis is the one bright light in the current debacle that is American politics.  He’s smart and articulate.  He isn’t mealy-mouthed and he has shown initiative and the willingness to act proactively instead waiting for his opponents to attack him unchallenged.

His court challenges to the Biden crime family’s unconstitutional executive actions have been by and large successful and the legislation that he has spear-headed in the Florida legislature have been bold and practical.  Granted not all of it will work and the feds have enormous power to make trouble for him but he’s shown that acting on a positive agenda can be the best way to combat the attacks of the Left.

In three years I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump anoints him his successor for the 2024 election.  His youth and energy make him a natural to attract support from all corners of the non-insane portion of the citizenry.  After four years of the Biden mess even some of the insane may see him as the more attractive path.  After all even the insane have to eat.

I wish Ron DeSantis all the good fortune he can get.  And I hope in a few years he’ll be running all fifty states and not just Florida.

Something Doesn’t Add Up

The recent headlines about Greg Gutfeld leading the Late-Night Comedy shows highlighted a phenomenon that has already shown up in the cable opinion shows.  In that race Tucker Carlson is leading his competitors consistently.  And this has led to the Left’s unrelenting hostility toward him.  They protest to get his sponsors to boycott him.  They’ve even attacked his home and family.

So here we see that huge numbers of Americans agree with the opinions that Gutfeld and Carlson represent and support their message as opposed to the message that is supported and pushed by virtually every center of power in the United States and most of the civilized world.  But this large group of Americans find that their opinions have absolutely no effect on the messages or behavior of organizations that supposedly are based on public opinion and preferences.  The media (other than Fox News to some extent) pretend that the great majority of Americans believe in the things that are the opposite of what Gutfeld and Carlson defend.  Obviously if giving the public what they want was important to these organizations they could do that easily and profitably.  They could have their own right-wing commenters competing head-to-head with Fox and providing them with some of the audience that Fox currently has all to itself.  And they could do this without losing their leftist viewers.  They could keep their Maddows and Scarboroughs.  All they would be doing is accommodating both sides of the aisle.

But they don’t.  Why?

Because it’s not about money.  It’s a religious war.  It’s a crusade against the infidel.  Our beliefs and even objective reality are anathema to their woke ideology.  At this point there is no more live and let live.  No matter how crazy they become we must acquiesce.  Gay marriage, transgender toddlers, white guilt, slave reparations, green new deal, guaranteed basic income, defund the police.  All of it.  There will be no end to this.  And regardless of whether we win elections or get the Supreme Court to agree that these things are unconstitutional they will not stop.  If all else fails they’ll send Antifa and BLM goons out into the streets to beat us into submission.

There’s only one way we escape this.  We have to organize directly against them.  We’re going to have to pay politicians their beloved PAC money to get them to do our bidding.  We’re going to have to organize effective boycotts of companies that don’t do what we want.  We’re going to need our own laws to punish them when they trespass against us.  We’ll have to find leaders who will be willing to punish criminals that attack us.  We’re going to have to become our own nation within this nation and build walls to protect ourselves from our enemies.

Or if that’s too much trouble then we might as well surrender and mouth their lies and lunacy.  Because if we’re not willing to do the work to defend ourselves then we will be forced to surrender.  They will crush us just as they will crush those poor fools who let themselves be led to the slaughter on January 6th.  There is no way for any of us to stand up to them individually.  We need an organization that is extremely well funded, represented by experienced lawyers, based in a jurisdiction that cannot be infiltrated by their legislative, judicial or executive branch representatives and well protected by a large, powerful police force loyal to that state.  The sooner we begin organizing against these thugs the sooner we get our lives back.

Or just give up and dig yourself a hole in the ground and jump in.